The sweetest gifts are not those of your record. It is the happiness and love that are desired for you today. Happy wedding. Wishing you a wedding full of romance, a marriage full of love and a life full of happiness. Congratulations.

Life is too short and our warmest words are too few to thank those whose consideration illuminates our day and touches our hearts. Congratulations my friend. I hope you know how warmly you have thought and how much we appreciate you for everything you do.

Happy married life Messages

Wishing you both like to celebrate today, wonderful dreams to share tomorrow, and happy memories to always appreciate.

Believe in yourselves as individuals and as a couple. Protect the dreams of others and be kind to the hearts of others. Smile. Laughter. Enjoy. Your wedding is a beautiful day and the beginning of an incredible life together. Congratulations.

 What do you get when Mr. Right and Mr. Perfect fall in love? You have a partner that is perfectly fine together! We wish you all the best.

Congratulations, my friend for entering the beautiful phase of life. The life of hope fills you with small joys and surprises that make love grow and that make marriage marvelous.

We wish you a lifetime of sharing hopes and dreams, creating beautiful memories and celebrating the faithfulness of God through the years. I know God showers blessing of joy and a lifetime of love in your marriage. Your roots will grow in God’s love and will keep you strong.

Wedding day wishes

Life becomes so sweet, rich and complete. From this day forward, both will have a hand to hold, a heart to appreciate, a friend to love. What a wonderful reason to celebrate. We wish you both the best.

Together you both start a beautiful life. Together you can fulfill the beautiful dream of true love. Congratulations, my friend.

By joining your lives, the union of two hearts, the union of two lives. What a wonderful reason to celebrate! May your marriage be filled with new discoveries, treasured memories and all the beauty that life has to offer. Congratulations.

When two hearts meet and choose to share a life that is love. May this long-awaited day be as beautiful and unique as the love that beats in your hearts. May you always feel the love of family and friends around you. Congratulations my friend.

Love is not about being perfect, it is about being perfect for each other. Wishing a happy married life to two people who did the one for the other. With much love and many congratulations.

Marriage wishes sms

This brings many wishes and congratulations too. Hope that this special time brings you happiness. Every wish for you is full of loving thoughts to say, enjoy the celebrations while you share your wedding day. Many congratulations more.

Big smiles, lots of laughter. It’s a lovely time to celebrate a special time. Sharing in all your happiness and wishing you even more in the future, now and always you are loved very much. Congratulations.

Memories are as beautiful as the love that draws you close and as warm as smiles for those who share happiness today. Memories are as bright as the promise the future holds for you, memories that you will cherish more and more with each year of love you share.  Many more congratulations.

Wishing you both enough happiness to keep you smiling, enough friends to keep you laughing and enough love to make every day of your marriage a wonderful one. Many more congratulations.

Marriage is two hearts with one love that grows stronger through the years. Wishing you the marriage that grows deeper, closer, stronger and more treasurable with every year you share. Many more congratulations on your wedding, my friend.

Marriage wishes sms

Love is eternal! Stay close, and the love you share today will protect your hearts forever. Congratulations on your wedding, my friend!

Words can have many meanings. Today, your vows were full of love. Let it remain so while you enjoy your life together.

Marriage can be fun, crazy and unpredictable, so tie up and enjoy the ups and downs of this roller coaster. Congratulations on your marriage!

You have been blessed to find such a strong soul to love. Today is just the beginning of your married life together, may your love continue to grow.

Happy married life Messages

I am really happy that you have met because none of you would be so happy without the other half of your soul. Congratulations!

Watching you on your wedding day brings me pure joy. I’ve never seen a happier couple, and I hope you’re still happy forever.

I cannot believe that you two get married today. You both look really happy. Hope I can see the smiles in your face always. Now, life is going to be more interesting, dear.

They say smiles are contagious, and I cannot help smiling when I see you marrying your soul mate today. May your bond only be strengthened.

Being married is like experiencing the seasons of the year. Each day is different, but you enjoy each one because it is full of love.

Wedding day wishes

Marriage is full of love and laughter, but their mutual trust is what will strengthen your relationship and make it last.

Today, you are promising that you will live with each other; you will support each other, love each other and enjoy spending their lives together. Congratulations!

℘ Be as happy in thirty years as you are today. Communication, empathy, and understanding will help you to overcome anything together.

Marriage is not just a way to start your own family; It is the beginning of an endless adventure that you will appreciate every day.

There were many warm words full of love and tenderness that you said to each other. So, on the day of your wedding, I want to wish you never stop telling us words of love. Congratulations on your wedding!

Love, care, support, kindness, patience, and understanding are values that sustain a happy and healthy family. So, I am wishing you these things which will let you smoothen your married life. Let your family prosper and be a role model! Congratulations on your wedding!

Marriage wishes sms

What can be better than two beloved ones eager to confirm their feelings for each other? I wish you two that each year of your life your love would become stronger. And tackle the difficulties of life together and you two will build a closer bond between two of you. Congratulations!

Lies, distortions, indifference, and deception: may all these horrible words remain outside your home! You are a member of a family and may you enjoy every moment you spend with your new family.  Congratulations!

Today everything is new for you because it is the first day of your marriage. You are full of plans and hopes. But time flies and you’re starting to get used to it. Remember: love should never be taken for granted. It is a great gift and you have to honor and appreciate it every day of your life. Congratulations on your wedding!

We all need someone to love, care for and trust. I am really happy that my best friend has found this special person. Congratulations on your wedding and that your life together is an endless honeymoon!

I wish that feelings and words for each other are always as genuine as when making a vow. I wish that your faces always light up with joy, like today. And I want your life to be always as sweet as your honeymoon!

Marriage is a sacred union between people who want to dedicate their lives to each other. Family happiness depends on the ability to listen to one another and, most importantly, to listen. That’s why I want to wish you reach harmony through listening and hearing, attention and commitments. Congratulations!

Happy married life Messages

Today you will make a vow that says “for good and for evil, for the richer and for the poorer, in sickness and health, until death does us part”. And I hope these are not empty words. Do your best to keep the promise. I wish you together to spend together with each other today and always.

The family plays a very important role in our life. And now you will experience all the joys of being part of a new family. We always want the family to be blessed. Sometimes it is difficult to avoid conflicts and there is one thing that I want you to remember every time your anger overflows: never let it defeat love and respect for loved ones. Congratulations!

There is a precious thing that you can give to each other: love. As long as you have it in your hearts, everything will be fine. May your mutual love be eternal! Congratulations on your wedding!

You have started your own family: it is a happy event but at the same time quite responsible. We wish you an ideal spouse for your partner and a model father for your future children. Congratulations on your wedding!

Marriage wishes sms

This wonderful occasion marks the beginning of their wonderful lives together, I wish you good luck and joy, congratulations on your marriage!

The spark that you two have is simply incredible, you can feel it a mile away, I hope that spark will never leave you both, congratulations on this special occasion and good luck!

You two are human, and it’s okay to make mistakes, just make sure you take care of each other from now on, because you are married, good luck!

I must admit that you and your wife are the happiest couples i’ve ever seen in my life. I wish the two never stop bringing joy to all those around them through this incredible harmony and peace in which you live. Congratulations!

People should be jealous of your marriage because you are the most beautiful couple in the world and I am proud to call you friends, congratulations!

Wishing you always to find joy, peace and mutual support during all the ups and downs, You are a truly adorable couple, congratulations, dear friends!

Wishing you always find shelter in the other’s arms, The most cordial congratulations on your special day!

Marriage wishes sms

On this special day two people become a family, two hearts and souls come together, Have an incredible married life, my friends, you deserve it!