Your wedding day was written in heaven. As you enter this holy state of marriage, you must know that God is with you, within you and around you. Many blessings and congratulations.

 That you always see the best of yourself reflected in the eyes of the other and that your love story never ends. Congratulations my friend.

Marriage is only the beginning, joy is the part and love is the heart of it. Just as your hearts have guided you to this day, your love can carry you through a lifetime of beautiful mornings. Congratulations, newlyweds!

When a marriage brings together two good people, love is immeasurable. And when a marriage combines two good families, love is unstoppable. Congratulations my friend for entering the new phase of life.

Wedding day wishes

May your hearts remember the joy you feel today, each day of their new life together. And may your hearts be filled with love and laughter as you create together a life of beautiful memories! Congratulations!

May the renewal of your vow bring you wonderful memories of that special day when you promised your mutual love, and that you both enjoy many more wonderful and happy years together. Congratulations to a wonderful and happy couple.

Happy married life Messages

Wishing you all the happiness of the world as you begin this incredible journey together today. May the coming years be filled with love and precious moments.

It is worth waiting for such a special day. Today your wait is over. Now together you have forever, to share every day again. With many congratulations!

 That you can embrace every moment of this special day because this is not a dream. Today, god is creating memories that you will appreciate all his life and will make new dreams for your future as husband and wife. Congratulations!

Real love is real life that begins after the bouquet has been thrown away. It is the concern and sharing what happens when life is full, bills must be paid and messages must be made. It’s laughing, making fun and working things. Is to learn and know what your partner needs, even without asking. There are little jokes that only you two understand. Real love is building a real life together, and there is simply nothing stronger or more rewarding than that. Congratulations my friend.

There are few things in life that are as wonderful as seeing you happy. That is what makes your wedding a joyful moment that we will never forget. The hope of happiness of this day is poured out in the days and years to come. And you always remember how much we mean to us, how proud we are and how much we love you. Congratulations my friend.

Marriage wishes sms

Happy day, happy life, happy, happy wife and wife. With sincere congratulations to two devout women who are making a beautiful life together. I wish you happiness now and always.

Today when celebrating this wedding, we celebrate your love. I hope you know how many good wishes surround you and how much happiness accompanies you. Congratulations!

So, now you start your new life and I could not be more proud of you. I wish you so many things, but above all that the love you share with your new husband is like your wedding ring: endless. Congratulations, dear friend, have a long and happy marriage!

I know how long you’ve dreamed of finding the “one” I’m happy for you and so happy with my friend! With all my love and good wishes Congratulations for your commitment!

We pray that God will guide you in your new adventure. We wish you the best while you share your life together. Congratulations!

Happy married life Messages

 Congratulations on joining their families with love and marriage! I hope that the day of your wedding was everything you dreamed about.

The moments are a gift from God, in happy moments, praise him. In busy times, bless him. In quiet moments, give thanks. In difficult times, trust Him. At all times in all of life. God will show you his kindness, his fidelity, and his love. God bless you abundantly in all the moments you share when you start your new life together.

There are few things in life that are as wonderful as seeing you happy. That is what makes your wedding a joyful moment that we will never forget. The hope of happiness of this day is poured out in the days and years to come. And you always remember how much we mean to us, how proud we are and how much we love you. Congratulations my friend.

Love, honor, love, laugh a lot, endure a lot, forgive a lot, carry the dreams of the other, pick up the socks of the other, take sides for the other, be kind, be true. We wish you the best since in general, you promise to support each other during the time you both live. Congratulations my friend!

Wedding day wishes

Friend, when you get married, there is simply more pride, hope and happiness in my heart than I can express. So I only know that when I smile, I give you a hug or I get a little tearful. I’m thinking about what a wonderful man you have become and how much I love you and I always will. Congratulations my friend.

Congratulations, my friend for your marriage. May the gift of love that you feel today be yours so that you share it in your mornings, and that it brings you all the happiness that two people in love can know.

 From the same pattern, God created two people and one day they would meet, and they would know they were made to be together. With the best wishes of a lifetime of happiness, and praying that the blessings of God be abundant in your home. Congratulations my friend.

Marriage wishes sms

Give thanks that God is so good. He has given you to each other and has given you the kind of love that will always endure. He sees in each one of you a special type of kindness to share with the other. It is giving both of you the opportunity to shape your happiness together, hand in hand and heart to heart. Many more congratulations;

God has blessed your love so that you can build your dreams through His divine guidance. He has given to each other to have and keep forever. Yes, God is so good. And your love is so blessed. May you have a wonderful married life.

May you feel the presence and blessing of the Lord at every moment of your marriage. May he fill their hearts with happiness as you both begin their life together. Congratulations my friend.

Happy married life Messages

 The trip begins. Go happy Wherever you go, go together, go in love. This is just the beginning of your life forever. Congratulations!

This is a joyful time. A time filled with excitement and dreams for a lovely future. A time for hugs and happy tears, and for those who are dear to your hearts to surround you with love. A time to celebrate your love story, to savor each twinkling moment. Most of all, this is a wonderful time because you have made a beautiful commitment to travel your paths together and share the journey ahead. This is your time, your turn for all the big blessings that come with forever love.

When two hearts find each other and choose to share a lifetime that’s love. May this long-awaited day be as beautiful and one-of-a-kind as the love that beats in your hearts. May you always feel the love of your life. Congratulations my friend for the wedding.

Marriage is the beauty of living out a promise every single day and keeping it forever. Wishing you the best in this wonderful new stage. Many more congratulations my friend.

Marriage wishes sms

Congratulations my friend for your wedding. The love you feel today, as wonderful as it is, is just a part of the joy you’ll share in all your days to come. There is so much happiness waiting for you both. Your forever is just beginning.

A wedding made in Heaven. May the love that God has given you continue to illuminate your path as the years go by. And may the hopes and dreams of your wedding day guide you throughout your life together. Best Wishes with love.

In life, everything beautiful starts with love. Wishing that you always feel love. That you love each other in the first light of dawn and in the last flicker of dusk. And that you love every chance to love and be loved. May all the love and happiness you two have found together go on and on forever. Congratulations, my friend.

Happy married life Messages

In body and spirit, in mind and soul. Today, as you exchange vows, you’re making a statement about the power and beauty of love. There’s not much in this world that’s more uplifting than seeing two good people make that promise. Best Wishes my friend.

Wishing that strength boosts your deepest commitment that begins with a promise to cherish with each other the wonders of love. May every day that unfolds bring you the deep fulfillment of an eternal promise of love. Congratulations on your wedding.

In the smiles of your loved ones, in the joy of your promises, in the love that exists in your eyes. May you feel the presence and the blessing of the Lord in every moment of your marriage. May he fill your hearts with happiness as you begin your life together. Congratulations, my friend.

Your wedding day is a perfect wish come true—a celebration of you as a couple. The union of two families in the company of their loved ones. A big party in which you’ll be surrounded with love and showered with blessings. As you journey down the aisle and on to a new life of promises and adventures, your commitment to the sacredness of love will always be your strength.

Wedding day wishes

Enjoy this love-filled moment and all the new experiences and sweet places you will go. Best Wishes.

Wishing you clear blue skies and smooth sailing as you begin your journey of a lifetime! Congratulations on your marriage!

Wishing you two meadows of alpine, exciting landscapes, good company and deeper love that lasts and grows more as you go together forward in life. Congratulations on the day of your wedding!

I am sending my warm wishes to the very special person of my life, my dear friend. May your journey of life be so smooth and easy. Congratulations!

May your days be filled with joy, love, and laughter when you begin the adventure that is married life! Congratulations to you and your wonderful new husband!

Marriage wishes sms

So happy for you! It’s a wonderful thing, a moment so wonderful that life can bring. Here is something you can surely use: a gift that you yourselves must choose! The warmest wishes of great happiness.

 Finding the person in life that makes every day beautiful is something to celebrate. Wishing them all the best by starting their lives together.

Congratulations on your marriage and let this be just a special memory of many, as you prepare to navigate life together! We wish you much joy, good health and a lot of love as you celebrate life together.

I hope that your wedding and the next few days are full of sweet and happy moments. My best wishes always, my friend.

A wedding is a special dream that requires two very special people to become a reality. May happiness and true love be with you every day of your life. My best wishes, my friend.

I hope you both like to celebrate today, wonderful dreams to share tomorrow, and happy memories to always appreciate. Congratulations, my friend for entering the new phase of life.

Marriage wishes sms

Believe in yourselves as individuals and as a couple. Protect the dreams of others and be kind to the hearts of others. Smile. Laughter. Enjoy. Your wedding is a beautiful day and the beginning of an incredible life together. Congratulations.

God blessed you with one another Be loving, devoted, patient and true. Be grateful and cheerful. Be happy, you two! Congratulations on your wedding.