You’ll be showered with blessings that come from above. There shall be showers of blessing as the Lord joins your hearts in His beautiful LOVE! Congratulations and Blessings!

Many more congratulations on your wedding. Wishing you a wonderful future together filled with love and prosperity.

Anyone who knows you can see how amazing your love is. You two show what it means to truly love someone to be their steady support and biggest fan, and to want nothing more than their happiness. It’s a beautiful thing to find that kind of love, and it’s a joy to share in your celebration.

Marriage wishes sms

As the days leading up to the big moment, you’ve been waiting and preparing for, hope you know how exciting it is to celebrate this happy time with you. Congratulations, my friend at your wedding.

Something pink, something frilly, something useful, something silly. It’s officially time to put sindoor in Siudo a bride needs especially love and happy wishes from all of us who are so thrilled for you!

Your wedding day will be such a happy occasion for the family and is another chance to share in your celebration and to wish you happiness.

A day as beautiful as love itself, as bright as all your tomorrows. Hope your day is every kind of happy. Happy wedding my dear friend.

May your hearts grow closer day by day, grow deeper in love in every way as you share this wonderful gift this once-in-a-lifetime love. Congratulations my friend on your wedding.

When we all put our love TOGETHER something beautiful happens: FAMILY. So lucky you found each other. So lucky we get to celebrate this special occasion together. My heartiest congratulations.

Happy married life Messages

You’re wished nothing but the best, much laughter, hope, and happiness. In this special day, a life of love and dreams come true and I am very happy for you. Congratulations on being married, my friend.

The love between the two of you is a joy for the whole family. Thanks for giving us so much to celebrate! Congratulations to a Wonderful friend.

A beautiful marriage is a little bit of heaven set down right here on earth. Your marriage is the living, loving proof that all it takes is the union of two beautiful souls to uplift an entire village. Congratulations.

Wishing you all the best as you embark on the adventure that is married life! May you be blessed in all you do, may your lives together be filled with love and laughter!

This wish comes your way to hope the love you are sharing will grow deeper day by day. Wishing you a beautiful wedding day, a day of hope and promise turning into a cherished memory.

Wedding day wishes

Wishing you an exciting year of growing closer, starting your own traditions and discovering the joy of marriage, wishing you a lifetime of continuing love, fulfillment, and happiness. Congratulations and best wishes.

Wishing you a marriage filled with smile after smile as you keep discovering even more beautiful reasons to love one another. Many more congratulations, my friend.

Smile on the face of the couple, as side by side you stand, promising to live and love together hand in hand fill their heart with laughter and their souls with understanding, touch them with gentle strength for times when life’s demanding. My heartiest congratulations to you, my friend.

Every day of your life together, may you smile often, share deeply and fall even more wonderfully in love. Best wishes. Showering you with wishes for a life filled with all the love and happiness, the heart can hold.

Marriage wishes sms

Wishing you a love that never stops growing, that always becomes more wonderful, and stays fresh and new throughout your lives. Many more congratulations my friend on your wedding.

May the bangles bring a sound as sweet as love, may the Mehendi be darker than the night sky above, may you be knotted in a bond of trust forever, wishing you a life full of happiness together. Congratulations On Your Big Day! Many more congratulations to you, my friend.

May love to join you, inspire you, and be your happiness from this day forward.  Congratulations on stepping in another chapter of life.

Wishes for Your Marriage, that you would be best friends to each other, share all challenges and concerns, and end every day with a good-night kiss. Have faith in the love that brought you to this day. Take care of it, and it will take care of you through every triumph, every trial, and every wonderful year yet to come. Congratulations, my friend.

Happy married life Messages

A Wish for Wedding Joy, Think of all the things you’ll share in the years ahead, the life you’ll build, the things that you’ll discover together. Think of all the happiness you’ve yet to find and imagine that one day, the memory of this celebration will make you smile and feel so lucky, so loved.

Love is the bubbly feeling that makes a marriage sparkle! Wishing you both more love and happiness than you know what to do with.

How sweet it is that the first steps you take into your new life together will be set to music and happiness and the joyous applause of everyone who loves and honors you. Wishing you many more years of the same. Congratulations.

Today is just the beginning! Wishing you a life full of love with the love of your life. Congratulations and Best Wishes. As a beautiful day becomes a beautiful life, may happiness go with you, always?

Marriage wishes sms

The two of you are on your way to a lifetime of happiness and love. Celebrating your commitment to one another, the special love you share, and all the happiness that lies ahead of you. Congratulations my friend. Enjoy the journey!

You’re wished nothing but the best, Much laughter, hope, and happiness, A special day for both of you, A life of love and dreams come true. Congratulations my friend.

Here’s to the two of you as you begin your life together… Here’s to laughter, love, and every good thing in life from this day forward!

Believe love is forever and you’ll be forever in love. As you begin your life together, we hope each day of love brings you new memories. Memories as precious as the gold of a wedding ring, as warm as the wishes of all those who love you, as bright as the promise the future holds for you. Memories that you will cherish more and more each year. Many more congratulations to you, my friend.

Think of all the lives that will now touch because you two have joined yours. What you create together gives new meaning to the word “family” and new possibilities for the word “love.” Congratulations my friend.

In the Lord’s perfect timing, He sends us the one other soul in this world who completes us, creating an everlasting circle of love. And the two are united into one. From this moment, from this day, from now on you are blessed, you are complete, you are one. May God Bless You.

Two people can tie together many strands of family and friendship when their love for each other is deep and their circle of love is wide. Today and always, I wish you the happiness of a strong marriage full of love and care and surrounded by family, friends and loved ones. Congratulations, my dear friend.

Happy married life Messages

The love between the two of you is a joy for the whole family. Thanks for giving us so much to celebrate! Congratulations to a Wonderful friend.

Your Wedding Is An Auspicious Time, It is the union of two souls and two hearts that’ll beat for one another from now on to forever. As your married life brings in a lot of delight and colors your lives with a love as deep as Mehendi, may your bond be as sacred as the fire that witnessed your nuptials. Congratulations With All My Heart.

As the two of you join your lives today. Wishing you a little joy in every day, a sweet memory in every small moment, and enough love to fill a lifetime. Congratulations my friend.

Seeing you so happy now knowing that something you’ve hoped for is coming true brings me so much joy. You are a good friend of mine, and you deserve a lifetime of dreams come true. Congratulations.

Wedding day wishes

When you’ve found the one who touches your soul, who fills your life and makes you whole, then you have found true love.” May you be blessed with a marriage where there is love in every day. Best Wishes.

You two make such a beautiful couple. It’s obvious that you two have something so special.  It’s especially good to celebrate it with you. Congratulations my friend.

Here’s to love that grows stronger, hearts that grow closer, and joy that grows deeper, year after beautiful year. Here’s to you! My heartiest congratulations to you, my friend.

I wish you many years of peace, love, and care as a couple. That you can know each other and love each other deeply and honestly. Thank you for allowing me to share the most special day of your wedding.

Marriage wishes sms

Here is all the happiness ahead of you. Love that grows stronger, hearts that come closer, and joy that grows more deeply, year after year beautiful. My warm congratulations to you, my friend.

That the two always greet the life of the hand, clinging to the days that do not go as planned, fall in love each year you share and always be grateful that you are half a pair. Congratulations my friend.

 That life brings you more to dream, more to laugh at more ways to feel blessed, more moments you will never forget, more resilience, more grace, more joy in the smallest things and always more LOVE. Congratulations my friend.

There were two people who dedicated themselves to their daily lives, each with their own stories and dreams, without realizing the beautiful future that was waiting around the corner. And then it happened. Love appeared in an unpredictable way, and little by little, the lines faded and softened until there was only one story, one love, one dream that comes true today. I’m very happy for you.

Happy married life Messages

Let them always listen to each other with their hearts, treat each other’s feelings as their own and take time to see the beauty of life and of others. Congratulations my friend.

 “When you have found the one who touches your soul, who fills your life and completes you, then you have found true love.” May you be blessed with a marriage where there is love every day. Best wishes.

And so you start your new life and I could not be more proud of you. I wish you so many things, but above all that the love you share with your new husband is like your wedding ring: endless. Congratulations, dear friend, have a long and happy marriage!

With love for you two on your wedding day. May you always be together in good and bad times and loving each other. I love you, dear.

With our best wishes to start a new life together. Since you are no longer two but one, let no one separate them, because God has united them. May the bond of faith and love that united you be blessed and strengthened every year. And discover more and more to love each other with each day that passes. Congratulations my friend.