You are wished all the happiness that two hearts could ever share and all the love that a union can bring, celebrate the promise that unites you both today and the love that will carry you through a lifetime of beautiful tomorrows. Congratulations to the special couple.

Here wishing you beautiful moments, never ending trust, fulfilled promises and a warm companionship that a happy marriage brings. May the love in your heart grow more and more with every passing day. Many more congratulations on your wedding.

It is a perfect time to celebrate your love and look forward to the beautiful life you will share together. I am sending my warm wishes and hoping that your life together will be full of everything that you ever dreamed of. Wishing you a happy life forward.

Wedding day wishes

It is the beginning of your life together, a time of promises of dreams and hopes, long after this wedding day is over, its magic will still remain in memories you keep and the love you share as husband and wife. Congratulations on your wedding.

Hoping you know how wonderful it to share your joy, as you begin this journey of togetherness. Here’s wishing you both a lifetime of happiness, laughter, and love. Congratulations on your new life ahead.

Marriage wishes sms

For a beautiful beginning of a lifetime of togetherness, your wedding is one of those magical days that will stay forever in your hearts and that you will fondly cherish each day that follows. Wishing you a happily ever after.

On your special day, wishing both of you togetherness forever. Together, may you see all your dreams coming true. Forever, may the love you share bring joy to you. Wishing you both a beautiful wedding day and a lifetime of happiness. May more congratulations on your wedding, my friend.

You are entering the new chapter of life. This is a very special time, a time of new joys and new beginnings. I wish may your marriage be as wonderful as your love is now. Congratulations my friend.

Love is finding your once-in-a-lifetime, happily-ever-after dream come true. Congratulations on your wedding and the beautiful future ahead of you.

May your hearts always know the joy of togetherness the warmth of love and the contentment of a happy home. Many more congratulations on your wedding, my friend.

As you start your life together always remember to make the most of the moments you share, and yet always give each other room enough to grow pay attention to the little things, because they really are the big things help each other find humor. Many more congratulations.

Never fail to bring out the best in each other say you’re sorry when it’s the right thing to do. (it’s always the right thing to do) give each other your time and attention, and not just what’s left over at the end of a busy day, listen with an open mind and love with a full heart. Wishing you a lifetime of love and friendship that grows stronger with each passing day and deeper with each passing year. Congratulations on your wedding.

Happy married life Messages

A wedding blessing for a special couple. Smile on this couple, Lord, as side by side they stand – promising to live and love together hand in hand fill their hearts with laughter and their souls with understanding, touch them with Your gentle strength for times when life’s demanding… Warm them in the light of truth and wisdom’s precious gold. Then bless their friendship, Lord, with all the love two hearts can hold. God bless you both with a wonderful marriage.

Somewhere along the way from meeting each other to this special day, you looked into one another’s eyes and you knew – you two were meant to be. Congratulations on your wedding.

My best wishes to you on your wedding day. That you can treasure the love that you have found in each one always. Our congratulations to a wonderful couple as you two begin their lives in marriage.

Make each day a celebration of your marriage. The ordinary times when you’re talking, laughing or sitting side by side. Life’s difficult times when your love gives you strength, hope, and courage.  Heartiest congratulations on your wedding.

Wedding day wishes

Quiet times when a gentle touch is all that’s needed to express the way you feel. We hope your wedding day is just the beautiful beginning of your life celebration of love. Congratulations, my friend.

Your marriage is a new beginning. You are entering in the new chapter of your life and may all your wishes come true.  I am always wishing you great happiness as you both share this special joy and day together. Congratulations and best wishes.

Marriage is a choice that two people make and a promise that lasts a lifetime. Wishing you happiness, love, and togetherness today and always.

Wishing you love, Love in the joys of your wedding today, love in your marriage, each step of the way. Love in the sharing and good times you’ll know, love in wherever you’re planning to go. Congratulations on your wedding.

Marriage wishes sms

Love is forever, day after beautiful day. When you share your life with someone you love, you don’t just grow old together, you grow happier, too. Wishing you a lifetime of living and loving together as one.

Your love is a fairy-tale romance, a story you will tell again and again of where you met and how you fell in love and all the wonderful adventures you had along the way. Your life together will be a beautiful journey, and we’re so happy to see you on your way. Congratulations on the newly married life, my friend.

For the happy couple. Something old, something new, better than a dream-come-true. Flowers, laughter, music played, hugs and toasts and memories made. Something joyful, something real, something both your hearts can feel. Lasting love that’s shared by two, that’s this wedding wish for you. Congratulations, my friend.

When you spend every day with your closest friend. When your hearts are filled with happiness that grows even more beautiful as time goes by, You know you’ve discovered your lifetime love. Wishing you both a future filled with happiness, and hoping you know how wonderful it is to share in your joy. Congratulations.

On your wedding day, the most important thing isn’t the dress or the tux or the rings or the shoes or the flowers or the music or the cake. The most important thing is the love – the love between you, the love being wished for you, the love for a lifetime of happiness together. Best wishes always.

Happy married life Messages

Cherish the love that you’ve felt from the start, belief in each other with all of your heart. Hold hands and share kisses, laugh every day, be each other’s best friend every step of the way. Be thoughtful and attentive in everything you do, and you will love all your life! Congratulations and best wishes.

To the happy newlyweds. Congrats! Wishing you a marriage filled with smile after smile as you keep discovering even more beautiful reasons to love one another. Congratulations you two!

What a gift it is to find the perfect person to share your life with, What a joy it is to have your love grow into something so strong. What an honor it is to witness the beginning of your happily ever after. Best wishes for a wonderful marriage.

Only the two of you know the memories that make you smile most, the things you’d never change about each other, and the dreams you hope will come true. Many more congratulations on your wedding.

I know something special when I see it. You’ve got that amazing connection of two people who belong together, and that’s really something to celebrate. Congratulations on your wedding.

Wedding day wishes

When you look back on this day, may you always remember how deeply you’re loved by your family and friends, and how much it means to share your happiness? When you look back on this day, may your beautiful memories be only a part of all the joy your heart will know forever. Congratulations.

Promise each other to always take care of your love – and hold onto the laughter and smiles you’ve created in your hearts… Look beyond the little things that may come between you, so that nothing can stand in the way of your happiness. Many more congratulations.

Always remember your quiet times, when just being in each other’s arms feels so right… Because nothing in this world matters more than the special love you two share. Wishing you a wonderful life together.

What a special person you are, what a beautiful bride you’ll be! Sending my best and warm wishes filled with all the love and happiness your heart can hold. Congratulations on your wedding.

Your wedding. A dream come true. Love comes in its own time and its own wonderful, surprising way. Love makes you believe in what can be. Love changes your heart and your world forever. How beautiful that love has brought you two together. Congratulations, my friend.

Marriage wishes sms

Destiny is finding the person who fits so perfectly into your life that it feels like they’ve always been there. Happiness is knowing you always will be. Congratulations on your marriage.

You two share so much love and laughter, that you cannot help but touch everyone around you. It is wonderful to be part of their lives and see how happy you are doing.  It is even more wonderful to celebrate your special day with you and wish you all the happiness that married life can provide. With love and my best wishes.

When they connect in a deep, meaningful way and support each other through the good times and the bad. When they believe in shared dreams and bring out the best in each other. It’s truly a marriage worth celebrating. Best wishes for a very happy future.

Life is a promise, a gift, a journey. Love is sharing it all, the ups and downs, the silly and serious, the strong and tender. Love is this moment and forever. May each moment you spend together be a celebration of your love. Congratulations.

God bless you on your wedding day. May your lives be touched with the gifts of faith, kindness, patience, happiness, understanding, hope and love. Congratulations and best wishes, my friend.

Sometimes God brings just the right person into our lives and something amazing happens – a friendship forms, a love grows, and two lives become one. Celebrating the love that makes you so good together, and wishing you even more happiness to share. Congratulations on your marriage.

Happy married life Messages

A marvelous marriage is having someone at your side and in your heart to make good times better, hard times easier and life sweeter. Wishing both of you love so beautiful that it turns everyday things into a life of happiness. Congratulations on your wedding.

What a wonderful thing for both of you to know that you have found each other not only with the love of your life but with the best friend of your heart. Wishing you a beautiful life together. Congratulations from both of you.

. Love is patient; love is kind to Take all things, believe all things, wait for all things, support all things. Love never ends. Congratulations on your wedding.

May you continue to love with your whole heart with tenderness, affection, and togetherness and joy. Congratulations on Your Marriage.

May the two of you enjoy one wonderful life together, filled with all the blessings that only the Lord can give! With Joyful Prayers on Your Wedding.

Wedding day wishes

May the happy memories you make on your wedding day be just the beginning of countless more to come. Congratulations and Best Wishes to You Both.

May the happy memories you make on your wedding day be just the beginning of countless more to come. Congratulations and Best Wishes to You Both.

May love and understanding be the best gifts of your life as you face each new tomorrow as Husband and as Wife. May you share a deep commitment as you travel life together with an ever-deepening love that brings joy to you forever. Congratulations and Best Wishes.

Congratulations on your Wedding. May all the joys of married life be yours to have and hold, and may your wishes find fulfillment, as future years unfold.

Marriage wishes sms

The most wonderful journey begins with “I do. You were meant to walk together and discover what awaits you, with the love that starts with ” I do” and follows you every step of the way. Congratulations.

May all the love you both feel for each other carry you through the years and bring many happy moments because of two people as nice as you deserve all of life’s very best! Congratulations.

Thinking of both of you with the very best wishes as you embark on the adventure of a lifetime of love! Congratulations, my friend.

A brand-new beginning, a “first” in your life, of the many you’ll have as a husband and wife! Congratulations and Best Wishes, my friend.