I look at both of you and I see love pure and simple. Just what the world needs most. And that is very worth celebrating on your anniversary and every day.

It has always been you. It will always be. Happy Anniversary.

Our anniversary means more than just celebrating another year together. It means celebrating 365 more days and a million small moments in which you have made me so happy.

Happy anniversary to a wonderful couple. You have shared love and laughter, struggles and tears, beautiful moments and wonderful years. And every day you show incredible strength, a bond that has been strengthened and a joy that will last with the love that will last a lifetime. Congratulations My best wishes.

You are my coffee in the morning, you are my sun when you are near. You can be my perfect angel or slight pain in the rear. You are the one who always helps, the best part of each day. You are the moon and you are the stars  You are simply my everything. For this and the many more to come  Happy anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Another year sharing the sweet and amazing song of life  Depending on each of the stations as it progresses. Another year of giving and receiving, growing, sharing dreams  And showing, day by day, what a happy marriage means. Happy Anniversary.

How beautiful is love that is renewed over and over again through the years? As you both renew your vows, you want the same love that has made their marriage an inspiration to others. Congratulations.


Our love is beautiful. Very happy to have made that commitment, once. We were young and in love and just happy together. Something like now  Something like forever. Happy Anniversary.

I am grateful that you are my wife. I would do it all again: fall in love with you, get married, have our family, share this life and this love. But in my remodeling, I would treasure even more the moments we have shared. I would notice more, I would give more, I would say more thanks. And I would make sure to tell you what I did not tell you enough how grateful I am that you are my wife. Happy Anniversary

Happy anniversary mom and dad. Here is the good life that grows by sharing the journey and making love last. You have shown us what is most important in life by living your beautiful example of love every day.

True love is to spend a day marrying you and the rest of your life feeling happy to have done it. You two make marriage look like the most beautiful thing that could happen to two people. Happy Anniversary

Love has little to do with the light of the moon and the balconies, and everything related to patience, acceptance, and patience. Love cannot always move mountains or change the world overnight. But you can open your arms at the end of a long and bad day and welcome your home to true belonging. Wishing you a happy wedding anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Love brings beautiful totality. Nothing else compares with the sense of integrity that comes from sharing that special person with one’s whole life. Congratulations on your anniversary.

An anniversary wishes for beloved parents. This is a special day to celebrate the years your lives together in our family. Happy anniversary, mom and dad. Very grateful for the two of you.

It has been an incredible journey to this place where we are. We begin, like many, with nothing but dreams in our pockets and stars in our eyes. On the way, we find our share of obstacles. But with love as a guide, we have always enjoyed the adventure. And now here we are, many miles and memories later more deeply in love and stronger for the trip. I know we are right where we have always belonged together. Happy Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary. Your anniversary is a day to celebrate all the beautiful memories you have made together, the things you have learned along the way and the wonderful love that promises to bring you many more years of joy.

Enjoy this day. It’s your moment to remember. Feel good about where you are and where you have been. Celebrate the adventure that is your life. Be happy together Happy wedding anniversary.

On the day of your wedding, you promised to love yourself for good and for bad, to be richer and to be poorer, in sickness and in health. And after sixty years, you have fulfilled your promises. Seeing you together through all that life has brought you is truly an inspiration. Happy Anniversary.

The love you have found together extends beyond yourself and touches everyone who knows you. That is why your anniversary means a lot to everyone, and that is why today we are looking forward to such joy.

You will always be the man for me. I cannot imagine sharing the journey of life with anyone but you. Happy Anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

The history of our family is made up of many things, from silly jokes to goodnight kisses, from nicknames to summer vacations, from farewells to happier parties. The history of our family is made of love, time and memory all the things that really matter. And in the heart of our history, you will always be both of you. Happy Anniversary.

My today, my morning, my smile, my song. The one that is proof that I am where I belong. My comfort, my refuge, my “yes”, my “I do”. By now, the forever the dream of my heart come true. Happy anniversary to the wonderful woman with whom I got married. Happy wedding anniversary.

You love each other in a way that has been seen and admired by all who know him  He’s lucky to have each other and we’re lucky to have you both. Happy Anniversary.

You are a beautiful person, whose smile illuminates my world, the woman I met from the beginning would marry me. Even though life has changed and we have changed too, one thing remains the same: Am I so in love with you? Yes very. Happy Anniversary.

We are a happy couple, a perfect couple! We are an extraordinary husband and wife! Happy Anniversary.


True love is more than finding someone’s hand to hold it, it is to take it by the hand and never let it go. Happy Anniversary.

Today is the anniversary of the day we made it official, but our love was real and true long before. And I celebrate everything, not only our great day but all the small days before and after, all the joys, all the laughter all this time I have had the luck to love and be loved by you.

Baby, the time has shown us what true love is. It is a love that is maintained and held strong through all the unpolished truths of our lives. It is a love that we refine with time. It’s our love, You and me and no one else’s love. And, baby, I cannot imagine sharing this life, this love with anyone but you. Happy Anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Happy anniversary for us. They say that all you need is love. It has taken much more than love to get us where we are today. But here we are. We have overcome it a lot. We have stayed together, we have supported each other and we have made a good life. And you know what? I’m proud of us. So, on our anniversary, let’s sit back and enjoy what we have together, which is why we’ve worked so hard for our marriage.

I am glad that there is a day like today to celebrate the love we share, to tell you that you are at the heart of everything I do and to remind you how much I love being in love with you. Happy Anniversary my love.

Our love is true love, crazy love for you, a bond that is strengthened with everything we share. It is a unique love, a love lucky to find. A love with which we have been blessed, so rich and so rare. Happy Anniversary.

You two were really made for each other. Or maybe you just picked up the strange habits of the other? Any. Happy Anniversary!

You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. I cannot help but feel grateful for your kindness and your gentle manners. I cannot imagine not being with you today and tomorrow and every morning beyond that. I love you more than I can tell you, and I want to spend my life trying to be the best thing that ever happened to you. Happy Anniversary.

Our love is a beautiful gift. I can be who I am and I know I will be loved by it. That is forever. That is real. That’s why I really love sharing life with you. Happy Anniversary my love.

I am so happy to have trusted in my heart and fall in love with you. And every year that we share makes me love you more. Happy wedding anniversary, honey.

You are my friend and you have shown that friendship with your patience, support, and understanding. You are my love  I still feel a lot of desire for you every time I hold you in my arms. You keep romance in my life. You are my wife and no man could ask for a better partner. Whatever happens, I know you will be by my side. Happy Anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

I have the love of a good man. I have the love of a good man  A sweet man who fills my days with “I love you” and my nights with “I love you”. A tender man who is not afraid to show me how he feels about the little things he says and the great things he does. A kind man who works harder to make our life together easier. I’m lucky to have you, and your love means everything to me.

Thinking about the life we ​​have built together, remembering the ups and downs we have overcome, feeling proud of the family we have created. Every day I feel very fortunate to spend my life with you. You are not only the love of my life  You are also my best and most trusted friend. And today, I want to thank you for filling my days with such happiness  Because the most important things in my life are all the things I share with you: our home, our family and our love. Happy wedding anniversary.

Love is simply not a big enough word. The word “love” is a perfectly fine word but it does not tell the whole story. Not for you and me. It does not speak of the fun that we had at the beginning or of the friendship and the association in which we have become. Happy wedding anniversary, my love.

Love does not count the difficult times for which we help each other or the dreams we dream together and that we have seen come true. We have been in this enough time so that what we share is a real connection. What we have is love and much more. And I am very grateful.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

The more I love you, the more beautiful you are. You still surprise me, inspire me and surprise me in so many ways. There is nothing I want more than another year of you. Wishing you a happy marriage anniversary.

You are my dream come true and my happy forever. So grateful to share this fairytale life with you. Happy anniversary, my wife.

I’m lucky you know me so well and you can read my heart like you. Because I’m not a boy who can always say the right thing in the right and romantic way. But I am the type that will love you to the ends of the earth and will return, happiness or high water will come. I know you already know and that’s just one of the many reasons why I love you.

I’m so lucky to have you to love. I know that’s not something I tell you every day, but it’s something I always feel. You mean a lot to me, and even after all this time, I never get tired of being close to you, of hearing you laugh or of being with you after a long day. You are warm, considerate, understanding and so beautiful. And loving you for a lifetime is one of the easiest things I will do. Happy Anniversary.

When I fell in love with you, my heart knew that I wanted to be yours forever. So I promised to be the best man I could be to love you with everything I have to give you everything you deserve. Happy wedding anniversary.

My heart was fine, you’re the best man I’ve ever met. And I am so happy to be able to love you with everything I have forever. Wishing you a happy wedding anniversary.

With each anniversary, I fall in love with you again  I fall in love with the important things like your values ​​and your character, and the little things like the touch of your hand and the flash of your smile. I fall in love with your constant loyalty to our life together and how you are always finding new ways to make our love grow. Happy wedding anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

With each anniversary, I am more grateful to have found my soulmate, my lifelong love, every desire of my heart in you. I love you so much. Happy wedding anniversary, my love.

Baby, you are the best part of my life. My days are full of kindness and laughter thanks to you. My nights bring the kind of love and tenderness that a man can only find with a good woman, and that is sure of who you are. And I just want you to know that I will always try to be the man you want me to be, the husband you deserve. Because you are the best thing that has happened to me, and I love you. I really do it Happy anniversary.

You are strong and sexy, sweet and generous, fun and tender, everything a man wants your husband to be. You have given me so much of you and such an amazing love that I will always want to give you my everything too. Happy Anniversary.


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