Wedding Anniversary Wishes

There is a certain spirit in the air when we are all together with a spirit of love, welcome, and connection. And you two have a lot to do with that. You have been part of so many wonderful memories and in the heart of so much love. That’s why your anniversary is an occasion to celebrate not only for what you mean for each other but for what you mean for all of us. Happy Anniversary.

So many reasons to love you. There are the everyday things that you take care of, not because you have to do it, but because you care. It’s the small kindnesses that surprise me again and again. It’s the time you take to lend a hand or a strong set of Somehow, shoulders, even the quietest things you do speak loud and clear love. And today, I just want you to know that I cannot ask for a more generous couple. I cannot wait for a more wonderful man to love for the rest of my life. Happy Anniversary.

Love supports all things, believes all things, expects all things, supports all things. Love never ends, God bless your anniversary. What a special celebration of the love you promised to each other, the faith that holds you two together and the promise that is found in all your mornings. Congratulations.

You are still the One and I am still in love with you. Happy Anniversary.

What really matters most to me in life is that we two share our lives, relive our memories, dream our dreams together. And our anniversary is the perfect time to celebrate the joy of our life together. Happy Anniversary.

You and me. Someday we will be one of those old and beautiful couples. Actually, you’ll be pretty. I will only be a lucky one. Happy Anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Love is long, quiet walks, honest talks, counted secrets and kept secrets. Love is the freedom to be oneself with another person and the simple, almost unnoticed acts of caring that happen day after day. And when two people are very, very lucky, love is forever. I hope that today is an opportunity to reflect on the happy moments shared and to look to the future in the coming years. Happy Anniversary.


You two get the best of each other. Waiting for your special day is a combination of all the best things of your best days. Happy Anniversary.

What makes a perfect couple? Association. Friendship. Laughter. Being in the corner of the other. It sounds like some people I know. Happy anniversary to a great couple.

Increasingly stronger love, Increasingly closer hearts, Increasingly deep joys. What you both have together continues to grow in beautiful ways. Happy Anniversary.

Our anniversary is a good day to look back. And, when I look back, I smile at the man who first won my heart, at the tenderness, love, and friendship we have shared since then

I smile for how far we have come, through trials and triumphs, tears and joys, to the closeness we share today. My love, my best friend, my husband, we celebrate with all my heart.

I’m lucky because I’m in love with my best friend. You make it easy to be happy, and there is no one with whom you prefer to share life than you do. Happy Anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

I love you because you see the real me. Because you have taken the time to really look at who I am and what I believe. A man who is as strong as a man needs to be, but who is not afraid to love his family with total affection, with his heart in his sleeve. And I love you because although we are not perfect people, we are perfect together. Happy Anniversary.

Happy anniversary to both. They are all side trips along the path of marriage that make it a great journey.

There have been laughter and love, trials and triumphs, friendship and forgiveness, and the endless adventure of this trip you shared. We love because God loves us first. That’s a lot to celebrate and to thank God because he helped you two to grow a marriage that reflects your love. Blessings on your anniversary.

Today is just for us, to remember our unique journey to celebrate the blessing of being loved, the joy of being known, the satisfaction of being together. You are my gift my blessing from God the desire of my heart my only true love. Sharing life with you the best that ever.

Congratulations, Lovebirds. That the two are always as happy and in love as you are today.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

It seems like yesterday newly married. We have shared together the blessings of God. Celebrating God’s incredible gift of our love and our life together. All my Love

You are the one I turn to when I need comfort or support. I love your quiet strength. You are with whom I count to raise my spirit and make me smile. I love your humor sense. You are the one who understands me and accepts me as I am. I love how you love me. On our anniversary, and every day, I love the man you are.

Happy anniversary to my beloved husband. There is no bond deeper than love or stronger than faith. And the happiness I feel at being your wife reminds me every day that we were destined to be together, that it is only with you that my soul knows true joy.

From side to side, only you and me, there is no place in the world where I prefer to be. Happy Anniversary.

It means a lot to have you two in the family. Enjoy your special day and all the love it brings. Happy Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary With God in your marriage and the devotion in your hearts, each year it becomes sweeter than the previous one. Celebrating with you today and wishing you many more happy and loving years together.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Children seldom understand the tests their parents face, the dreams postponed or the sacrifices made until one day, when they are adults, they also have adult options, and they realize the debt they cannot pay. Only you two know everything that has happened in your marriage or how many challenges you have faced. But I know how much I love you for everything you’ve done to be together. I love you. Happy wedding anniversary.


It could not have been easy to maintain your patience, your sense of humor, but you always surpassed it. And in the process, you taught me a lot about the power of commitment, the importance of the family and how to survive in a less than perfect world. I’m very proud of you for that. Happy Anniversary.

Thank you, Lord, for the hearts in love, those who know that their help comes from above, with the hand you have shared every day and have found true joy on the road. It is wonderful to see how God has blessed you with others. It is a pleasure to celebrate and ask you to continue with the blessings in the coming years. Happy Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary. Two people unite many strands of family and friendship when their mutual love is deep and their circle of love is wide. Those two of you and it’s such a wonderful gift.

It’s your 35th anniversary, congratulations. What an incredible journey you have made together. What a beautiful moment to look back at how far you have come and celebrated your happy mornings.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Love united you, love holds you together. Today is a day to celebrate love. Happy anniversary, you two.

Love is the wind, the tide, the waves, the sun. I am so thankful that you filled my life with so much love. Happy Anniversary.

Another year, and we still have not forgotten how to simply enjoy being together. We have something special and I want you to know that for me, everything is thanks to you, my wonderful man, who makes sharing life so sweet, that makes our love very good.

In a world that seems to have gone half crazy, you two are a breath of much needed fresh air. Your mutual love is so evident and so real that it blesses everyone around you. Thank you for being such a great example, for staying faithful and loving, and for giving a glimpse of the goodness and love of God through your life together. Best wishes on your anniversary

I appreciate you  Thanks for everything you do. I respect you  You’re a man I admire. I thank God for you  You are his gift.  With you as my husband, I am blessed and I know, so on our anniversary, I want to make sure you know it too. Thank you for being a man who gives my heart so many reasons to feel grateful and very loved.

Happy 25th anniversary. Celebrating the two today and the 25 years that you have filled with work and games, family and friendship, memories and laughter. We wish you many more wonderful years ahead!

The strength of the commitment you share blesses your family and those around you in ways you do not even know. You two mean a lot to our family. Happy Anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Happy 45th anniversary. All those yesterday captured in sweet memories like favorite photographs, love keeps them beautiful. All the warmth and gratitude that anniversaries bring, love makes them meaningful. Wishing you the perfect day to celebrate all that your 45 years have given you.

May your anniversary bring you many reminders of how much you both love each other, of which both are a family treasure. Happy Anniversary.

You are great together. You have shared decisions as husband and wife, such as which one will sleep on the left side for life. And you developed a real giving and receiving system. Well, maybe not when the remote control is in play. Happy wedding anniversary.

Your house is full of warmth that is second to none. And not because of who put the thermostat at the end. You are perfect together in all the right ways  We wish you many more wonderful days! Happy Anniversary!

Every time I think of you, I am full of good feelings about our life together, the way you love me, the warmth of your touch and your wonderful smile are so important to me. I realize how lucky I am to have found someone who is such a loving husband and such a good man it means a lot to me, to have you to love.

Its golden anniversary is a day to celebrate a love that has been formed through fifty wonderfully shared years. Your golden anniversary is a day to celebrate a beautifully kept promise to love, honor, and care for each other forever. Best wishes.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Your love illuminates all our lives. Celebrating how you both held hands and loved each other from heart to heart. Congratulations on your anniversary.

Love is the journey, the destination and every step on the road. It’s what we do, day by day, to make sure we stay on the road. And when I say that I will love you until the wheels are loose and some, you will know that it is true. It’s you and only you, for me, forever. Happy Anniversary.

You are the woman I love. You are the creator of beauty, the creator of joy, the wonderful love of my life. You are the woman who makes each anniversary we share more wonderful than the previous one. And I am the woman who adores you with all my heart and always will. Happy Anniversary.

So loved  This is how you make me feel. A quick tap on my shoulder says we’re connected through all of this. And a soft hand on my waist as you move through the room can say as much as a long kiss. Those little details always make me feel happy and just fine. That is the feeling I always want to give him, also, especially on our anniversary.

There are so many ways to share your love a smile, a kiss, a touch. For all you are, you say and do, I love you very much. Happy Anniversary.

The only thing better than falling in love is to stay there. Here there are many more years of love. Happy Anniversary.

The best thing that happened to me was the blessing of finding you. You make my life better, easier, more rewarding. Celebrate the victories with me, and soften the rough days of difficult days. You share funny stories and news with me and you listen to me when I need a sympathetic ear. I love you, honey. Happy Anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

You know when I want you to take my hand and I hope that when you embrace me, there is no other place in the world that I prefer to be. You are the best gift that my heart has known because you make my life the best it could be. Happy Anniversary my love.


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