The wedding anniversary is one of the most special days of life. It is a day to celebrate the heavenly bond created between husband and wife through marriage. If you are close to a couple planning to celebrate your wedding anniversary in the near future, you should be prepared to wish them some special words for the special occasion.

You can also be the one who wishes to wish your partner a happy marriage anniversary! You do not always need an extraordinary set of words to impress couples. All you need is to take a look at the wedding anniversary wishes for a couple, the anniversary wishes for spouses or couples, the best wishes for anniversaries, the anniversary wishes and the anniversary wishes for parents. Check them out;

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Thinking of you today and wishing you happy memories to treasure, special moments to enjoy and many beautiful mornings to share together. Congratulations on your anniversary!

For my husband, Just a little love note to remind you how much I need you, how much I appreciate you and how much, much I love you. Happy Anniversary. Wishing you more memories to make, more joy to wait, more of all good things.

If I have not told you lately that you are an incredible husband, or that I am very grateful for you, and that I love you now more than ever, you are. And I am. And I do. I’m so happy and grateful to share this life with you. Happy Anniversary.

A marriage is greater than simply the sum of everything it has achieved and how far it has come and it is the people whose lives it has touched in some way and the values ​​that it defended and lived day to day. Wishing you both, happy marriage anniversary.

In our life together, we have come to a deeper understanding of what love really is. We have learned that it is more about being together than falling head over the head and that it is not so much about trying to be perfect as it is about giving ourselves up as we are. Thank you for sharing that trip with me and for the life we ​​have made along the way. You make it wonderful. You make it wonderful. Happy 50th anniversary.


Wedding Anniversary Wishes

You filled my heart and you still do it. The longer we are together, the more I realize how much I love you. Sometimes you just need a smile, a gesture of yours, a look or just feel at my side to fill my heart with love and my life with happiness. Every day with you only improves and improves.

Of millions of people, we find each other. Here we are building something out of opportunity, outside of destiny, of what was destined to unite our lives. It’s a miracle the way love happens. A miracle that I found you. Happy Anniversary.

Happy forever in love for you! It’s fun to see you two together, the way you laugh, have fun and treat each other with so much love. I hope you enjoy many more years of the same.

50 years A walk in the corridor is easy. It is walking through life, with its ups and downs and scenic roads, which makes a marriage one of the happiest and most rewarding adventures that exist. Happy golden anniversary

Your 25th anniversary is a day like no other. It’s a reminder of how right you were when you decided to spend the rest of your life together and a celebration of the wonderful people you are and the beautiful life you have built together. I hope you enjoy every moment.

When God reunited you more than fifty years ago, He gave your love, his blessing encouraged him to make your bond stronger. Throughout your journey, there were adventures that you planned, and during the twists and turns of life. And after fifty golden years of association and love, your life together is still blessed and guided from above. All the blessings of God for you on this special anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

You two have experienced a lot in your life together, you have overcome some changes and you have been blessed with great joy. And now you have reached your diamond anniversary. You have a lot to be proud of, so many memories to remember and many reasons to celebrate. Happy 60th anniversary.

Today, five years ago, I said “yes” to what I knew would be a lifetime of love and laughter. I said “Yes” because I knew that we would always find comfort and satisfaction together. I said “I do it” to love you forever, and today, I say “I do it” again with even more love than I ever thought possible. Happy fifth anniversary.

Wishing two wonderful people a beautiful day and an even brighter year to come. Happy Anniversary.

Happy anniversary to my husband. When I married you, my heart did a happy dance and the rest of me followed. Thanks for making my life so happy.

Happy 50th anniversary. The best kind of love is the one that shares the load, travels the distance and has fun on the road. Congratulations to the two on your fifty-year journey as a couple.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Just think of all the changes you’ve seen and all the big and small milestones you’ve marked along the way. Remember all the good times you have shared with friends and family in each new shift. Waiting to look back is a sweet and satisfying part of today’s celebration, and I hope that the road ahead has the same feeling of joy and adventure you knew when you started.

You two have something really special. Everything you share, all the little moments of giving, laughing and dreaming, adds to love great love. Today is about celebrating that love, your life together and joy in your trip.

It is a beautiful thing, this life that you are creating together and it is great to wish you another year of love and happiness. Happy Anniversary.

60 years together is about trust being together for good times, difficult times and all times in between. It’s about comfort sharing the small moments of the day and the great events that add to a life of coexistence. It’s about knowing no matter what, year after year, love is everything. Happy Anniversary.

My love, this is where I always want to be. With you. Together. This marriage This life. Because the best feelings I’ve felt, the most wonderful moments I’ve had have not only been with you but have been for you. As we celebrate our anniversary and begin another incredible year of our marriage, of us, I just want you to know that with you it is still where I want to be forever. Happy Anniversary.

There are times when our love is like spring because it brings us new discoveries to share and enjoy together. There are times when our love is like summer because nothing matters more than the moments when we have fun together. There are times when our love is like autumn, due to the memories we collect along the way. There are times when our love is like winter, so quiet, so magical. I love you.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

And today, as we celebrate another year together, I want to tell you how much I treasure each of the seasons of love that we have shared and all the joys that we have yet to share. Happy anniversary to the woman I love.


Happy 50th anniversary. You are one of those amazing couples who make those around you say: “Those two are really something together!” After fifty years, that is truer than ever. His love is shown in your family, his mutual care and also his legacy of faith. You are a blessing to many. Congratulations and God’s blessings to you.

Happy 25th anniversary. Celebrating the two for the wonderful people you are, as well as for the beautiful couple you have become. Wishing everyone the happiness you deserve so much.

To be together forever what a wonderful, life-changing decision. What reason to celebrate. Happy Anniversary.

A marriage is measured by the lessons it has learned, the examples it has established and the respect it has earned. It was forged in the balance that you two find in society, friendship and love, all combined. Happy Anniversary.

I am thinking of all the kind and loving moments that you have brought into my life and I am dreaming of all the loving memories that we still have to create. I hope you know that our life together means more than anything in the world because nothing sounds better to me than spending the rest of eternity with you.

Appreciate the love you have. Look at the world Dream about what is to come. Celebrating your togetherness yesterday, today and always. Have a wonderful anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Happy anniversary for my wife. If you knew how often I think of the kind of lucky person I am to have you for my wife, you would probably be surprised. I know I do not say everything and I probably never win a prize for being the most romantic man in the world.

All the more reason to tell you today with simple words what it means to me. You are my love, my life, the inspiration behind all the good things I do. You mean the world to me. And I love you more than ever.

A marriage is measured by more than just years, it is measured by life, by laughter and tears by the good times, the satisfaction and the dreams that come true and also by the difficult times that the love gives you Happy marriage anniversary, both.

LOVE IS IN THE SMALL THINGS. It’s all the little happy moments that make a marriage like this the best gift that two hearts can share. Happy Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary. As you celebrate another beautiful year of marriage, remember what you mean to all the people who love you. Congratulations.

It’s your anniversary! I hope it is full of wishes made for two! Congratulations.

Your anniversary reminds us of many good memories, not only of your wedding day but also of how you build your life together. Enjoy your anniversary knowing that you are appreciated by all the ways you bring happiness to this family. Never forget how much you are loved. Happy anniversary to a wonderful son and daughter-in-law.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Together, you have created the beautiful kind of life that only comes from putting love at the center of each day. So proud of you and of the life you are building together. Happy Anniversary.

We have been through many things together. You have seen me at my best, my worst and the first hour of the morning. We laugh, we kiss, we argue, we love and we hold hands. When I look back on this little “us” story, I realize that I am happier than ever. And all thanks to you. Happy Anniversary.

At the beginning or in our marriage, we had no idea what the years would bring or the clarity with which we would see the grace of God in the love he had given us. He has been with us every step of the way, nourishing, growing and strengthening this incredible gift of love for life. Happy wedding anniversary, my husband.

It feels good to travel through life with my best friend, a man I admire, respect and love more than anyone in the world. I know that good thing awaits us because God is with us and I hope to see the best of you with you. Happy Anniversary.

Forty years together is an achievement in itself. But your greatest achievements are the life you have made, the family you both have created and all the people whose lives you have touched along the way. If ever two people belonged together you two. Happy 40th anniversary.

After getting married, there is a point where both realize that no one is perfect, no one is right all the time, and no one is really a genius, except her. (That is the secret of eternal bliss.) Happy anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

You are the love of my life and the warmest part of my heart. Love is always in the air because you are a perfect match! Happy Anniversary.

Sometimes they knew what the other thought or felt or was going to say or do. It was not magic or hocus pocus. It was just one of the lovely side effects of a lifetime of love. Happy Anniversary.

Celebrating You two are an important part of our family, and we hope you know especially today that we love you. Happy anniversary of our wonderful son and daughter-in-law.

Here we have another year to have and hold on to what matters most to us. Happy Anniversary.

Happiness is two people who draw sunlight from one another. Happy Anniversary.

Wishing you a little time to relive your best memories, laugh at the surprises that life has brought and appreciate the things that you like most about each one. Happy Anniversary.

In spite of how busy life is, it can be difficult to find time to slow down and concentrate on one another. Waiting for today can be your day to eliminate distractions and celebrate with enthusiasm one of the best gifts you have received: God’s gift to you. Happy Anniversary.

Enjoy remembering everything you have shared the memories, the laughter, the blessings, the joys and the triumphs that have enriched your life in many ways. You are incredibly blessed and a blessing to many. I wish you the best of God on your anniversary.


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