List of Top Manpower Recruitment Agencies & Consultancy in Nepal for Foreign Job Placement

Get here list of top manpower recruitment agencies in Nepal for foreign employment and job. We have enlisted here top and best ranked manpower agencies in Nepal for foreign employment. Read here top manpower agencies in Nepal who provides job placement in abroad countries and which provides services and job recruitment.

List of Top Manpower Recruitment Agencies & Consultancy in Nepal for Foreign Job Placement

Information about the employment can be obtained from various sources. For getting information about foreign employment, introduction book and information board of various organizations working under ministry of labor can be used. The booklets, magazines etc. of the organizations related to manpower or people related to these organizations, websites and training institutes are also the sources of information. The information on employment can be also obtained from radio, FM, T.V, newspapers, advertisement and conferences. The methods of getting information about foreign employment after determining the sources are as follows:-

List of Top Manpower Recruitment Agencies & Consultancy in Nepal for Foreign Job Placement

1) Information Board

Every foreign employment company has information board near its front door. On these boards, the following details demanded by foreign company are stitched:-

Country’s Name:Company’s namePost:Numbers required:
Minimum QualificationMonthly wage:Dura­tion:Services and facilities

2) Log book:-

In these books of employment agencies, organizations and counseling centers, necessary vacancies are announced. The qualification, skills, capacity, training etc. required for the post are clearly mentioned in detail. It is also a reliable method of acquiring information.


3) Organizations under ministry of labor:-

Foreign companies’ contacts with the governmental agencies working in the sector of foreign employment. They submit the request of necessary manpower] demanded. The interested person can obtain information from this also.

4) Manpower agencies and related people:-

Interested person can directly contact with the manpower agencies and! the related peoples which act as mediator and provide information about] employment.

5) Booklets of Training institutions-

The information can be also obtained from them. This is an effective medium of getting information.

6) Websites-

Websites and internet can be used to obtain information about foreign employment. A person with good computer knowledge can apply through websites and internet. Websites and internet can be used to conduct the other
procedure of approving employment.


7) Newspapers:-

Various newspapers are published on local, national and international scale. Such daily, weekly and monthly newspapers have information and advertisement about foreign employment. Information is included in that advertisement which is approved by Nepal government.

8) Radio, EM, and television:-

1116 topographical diversity has increased the level of difficulty in Nepal, so, in rural areas, radio, T.V., and EM. are the important sources of information. In the places where newspapers can’t be reached easily, radio and EM. can be used to spread information about foreign employment. The challenges, opportunities, accidents, precautions in the foreign employment can be also transmitted through these media.

9) Public relationship

In Nepal, manpower companies, training institutes and counseling agencies are involved in the sector of foreign employment. They conduct various types of seminars, meetings, conferences directly or indirectly and establish contact with people. They give information about foreign companies and employment opportunities in abroad.

List of Top Manpower Recruitment Agencies & Consultancy in Nepal for Foreign Job Placement

Business Development Service
Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Manpower Agency Nepal
Employment Agency
New Baneshwar, P.O. Box. 13708
01-4460679 ext. 4492920
Open until 5:00 PM

Pyramid International Employment Service Pvt. Ltd.
Annapurna Marga
Open until 7:00 PM

Landmark Manpower Solution Pvt. Ltd
Human Resource Consulting


Gulf Overseas Consultant
Employment Agency
Gaa Hiti Rd
Open until 6:00 PM


Landmark HR Consultant
Employment Agency
Open until 7:00 PM


Alliance Human Resources Pvt. Ltd.
Human Resource Consulting
Sinamangal Rd
Open until 5:00 PM

Landmark Recruitment Agency
Open until 4:30 PM

MBK Overseas Pvt. Ltd.
Employment Agency
Tokha Rd
Open until 5:00 PM

Middle Orbit Overseas Pvt. Ltd.
Employment Agency
Open until 5:00 PM

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