Top 10 Makeup Artists in Nepal Who Are Very Famous Among Nepali

Top Makeup Artists of Nepal:- Makeup has become an important part of human life with civilization and development. Makeup is like magic to be beautiful. It is the magic which makes us attractive. An ugly person can become a beautiful one with the help of makeup. If we are going to the party, programs, fashion shows, and ceremony, all where we need is makeup. For the woman, makeup is like a precious thing.

I think, more than jewelry. In marriage, it is said to be that, the bride should be beautiful and ya, if she is ugly but on that day, she can look pretty by this magic, makeup. Everything is changing with time. The preference, hobbies of people are different and it’s going changing.

In movies, we see a beautiful actor and actress and we felt intense beauty in them. Ya, actors and actress are beautiful but the biggest credit goes to makeup. In this present world, people are more attracted by a vision i.e. the facial attraction matters much in a person’s life.

Nepal also can’t remain separate from the world of fashions. Many Nepalese people, celebrities, and renowned persons are also attracted by fashion. With time, the quality of Nepali movie is also changing. Among the change, we can conclude the makeup, dresses of the actors. For a good and better makeup, there is a need for good makeup skills and techniques. Not many people are granted by such skills.

Makeup artists are ruling in the fashion industry. Make-up artists are one of the fundamental needs in the world of Fashion and glamour however, they are usually left behind and the spotlight generally goes to the designers and the models. Being on the backstage, the make-up artists are responsible for creating the beauty out of the models that we look at in amazement. A make-up artist needs to make themselves known for which they require to have connections with the photographers, ad agencies, event managers and good self-promotion and networking skills. A make-up

the artist must have the courage to stand up for themselves and ask for the money they earn as sometimes, the people try to take advantage in many ways and often avoid paying for certain events. Most of the people do not consider it as a real job but it is a job which becomes profitable and beneficial when one enters and masters it.

The payment depends on the events and varies in amount from photo shoot to fashion shows. In Nepal, there are also some of the makeup artists who are successful and improving themselves to be better. Today, we are going to talk about the top and successful makeup artists of Nepal. Hoping, it will help you to make the magic of makeup true by such make up artists;

1. Sakeel Kunwar;

Sakeel Kunwar is one of the best and youngest make-up artist in Nepal. He is 22 years old. He is residing in Kathmandu, the capital of the country. He got his first training when he was 15, it was a short crash course for a few weeks. He had come to Kathmandu during the end of the year holiday from Singapore. He requested his parents to finance this as part of my co-curricular activity for the holidays.

A year later after his“O” levels he moved to Delhi and lived on his own to get a formal training + internship from VLCC Delhi for six months but the actual course duration is a year before coming to Kathmandu for high school. He graduated his high school from Rato Bangala School. From VLCC, New Delhi and Hair City and Guides (UK), Sakeel completed Diploma in Hair and Design.

He has been working professionally in Nepal since the age of 16. Though he only started getting paid jobs at the age of 17, things were getting mundane. When he was 21, he was at a dilemma to either leave for bigger opportunities or create his own opportunities in Nepal.

Sakeel always believes in possibilities in which he used to see growth and development coming along in this country. He wanted to be a part of this and establish an institution to anchor his place firmly in this country in however little ways he can.

Every girl in town wants him to paint them pretty on their wedding day. Sakil always dreams of becoming a beauty pageant trainer. He has worked as a make-up artist for a few commercials, media houses, Levish weddings, Photo shoots, fashion shows and also as a personal beauty trainer for Miss Nepal Jenisha Moktan during one of the Miss World pageants.

Sakeel also mentors the 20 contestants of the Miss Nepal Pageant took place recently in 2017.  According to Sakeel, a beauty pageant is a platform where young girls are transformed into all-around individuals with full attention and discipline rather than ladies parading on a stage. A make-up artist has an important responsibility in transforming the ladies into a beauty queen. When Sakeel realized that beauty queens are not born but are groomed, then he wanted to join the industry of beauty and glamour.

Sakeel’s father is Ex-Gurkha officer. His family always supports him for everything he did. His father even assists him to go to India for a makeup course. He has done great makeup of celebrities, models, and brides. Besides making brides happy on their wedding day, Sakeel also freelances as a stylist. Recently, he styled Odhani boutique’s collection for the TGIF fashion week. He has a weekly column in M&S.

Sakeel also worked with Miss Nepal 2011 Shristi Shrestha, who became the first to make it reach the top 30 at the Miss World pageant. Sakeel is loud, opinionated, and extremely critical of everything in front of his eyes. Recently, Sakeel has opened the bliss in Durbar Marg which is located in Ghantaghar, Kathmandu. The colorful logo and bright lights of the new makeup store attract anyone.

2. Promise Tamang;

Promise Tamang is the best and top make up artist of Nepal. She is popular for her transformative makeup techniques. She has transformed herself to look like several Hollywood celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Kate Middleton, Johnny Depp, Scarlett Johansson, Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, and Adriana Lima. She was born on 29th July 1989. She is 28 years old. She is 5’7’’ in height. She follows Christianity. Her real name is Pratigya Tamang. She was born in Kathmandu, a capital city. She spent her childhood with her parents.

At the age of 15, she moved to the United States. In Nepal, she completed her school level studies and continued her further studies in the USA. In the USA, She changed her name from Pratigya to Promise, just to make it more Western and easier to pronounce. Since her childhood, she was more passionate about makeup.

Promise Married to the American Nepali Journalist, Mr. Steve Phan. Promise revealed that Steve approached her after seeing the Avatar make up video and they become friends and now they are a couple. Promise spends most of her time in California, USA. She is fully supported by her husband for her success. The couple has no baby yet. The promise is busier in trying for more business in her career.

In an interview, she said that she enjoys the peacefulness of Nepal. She has kept a monkey at once but now she has petted bat. In youtube, she first uploaded the video of her dancing in Nepali song. She is a lover of Nepali culture dance. After watching the international blockbuster movie Avatar of James Cameroon, She gave a try with Avatar Naa’vi makeup. She posted the video in youtube on 12th January 2010 which became an instant hit. Since then, she has done makeup transformations of dozens of o celebrities.

As of April, Makeup transformation is her full-time job. She isn’t employed anywhere. The promise is titled as YOUTUBE MAKEUP GURU by her you tubers fans. On her Angelina Jolie makeup video, she has got over 16 million views. She is famous in various countries such as UK, India, Germany, France etc.

As of October 2016, Youtube channel of Promise has nearly 4.5 million subscribers and she has a million followers on Facebook. She also posts regular updates on Twitter. She also posts her make-up photos on her Instagram account, which is followed by almost a million people. She has been featured extensively in international media outlets, including the Huffington Post and The Daily Mail UK. She has also been a guest on ABC’s Good Morning America. She said that she used her face as a canvass.  An online portal named Famous Birthdays featuring famous people’s birthdays, listed her as the most popular person born in Nepal.

3. Sneh Rana;

Sneh Rana is the top most popular makeup artist of Nepal. She has been successful in the field of glamour and Fashion. She is progressively maintaining her charm and elegance even in her 40S. She is 38 years old. No one would believe that she is the mother of two children. She is residing in Kathmandu.


Sneh started her career as a professional make-up artist. She is also a successful model, a piano player, and a singer. The Nepalese fashion world is undoubtedly blessed to have such a multi-talented lady. She was born on 14th March in Nepal. Sneh lived in Kathmandu and later pursued her career as a make-up artist. It’s been 5 years of her marriage and she is blessed with a son Parakram Rana and daughter Sunaina Rana. Her daughter has been the yoga teacher at Isha Foundation in Coimbatore south India and her son, Prarakram has done his internship with Vogue India.

Nepali Makeup artist Sneh Rana
Nepali Makeup artist Sneh Rana

Sneh Rana is not only known for her pretty face but also for her innovative make- up skills. During Miss Nepal 2003, she was the make up artist. In the peasant, she came into the spotlight and she was noticed by people. When Sneh got the approachment from the Laakme India fashion week, then she got a big break in her profession. She has been the leading make- up artists in the leading shows of Nepal like The Himalayan TGIF Nepal Fashion Week.

The glamorous and talented Sneh had sung the song “ Samjhi Samjhi” with Kamal Man Singh. Sneh also has a make-up studio in Kupondole, Lalitpur, named as Sneh Studio. The studio provides all the services for bridal look including the hairstyling and make-up. Sneh always makes an effort to make the brides beautiful and look elegant in one of the biggest days of their lives. A glamorous make artist Sneh has achieved the first position in an online poll of “Asian countries with the most beautiful women”. She leaves behind the beautiful Bollywood Actress Aishwarya.

Sneha Rana is a perfect characterization of beauty with the brain. She only hasn’t only a virtuous face and pretty smile but also a beautiful heart. She is kind and gorgeous inside out. The pretty Sneh has been an idol in the industry of glamour with enrichment of makeup skills. Her charm never fades away. Being a strong person, but there is some weakness inside every person and the beautiful Sneh has a phobia of crossing the roads.

She called her passion as a complete faith in God. In the interview, she revealed the Secret behind her freshness and beauty as Great genes, green tea, and stress-free life. The capacity to do more than the situation requires is the quality she dislikes most. The biggest dream yet to achieve by Sneh is to go to Milan and do makeup on all the top models there.

4. Shardha Thapa Maskey;

The makeup artist Shradha is a phenomenal artist who is a flawless creative and beautiful lady. She design and art in the form of makeup. She is an extraordinary lady. She is the older sister of elegant model Silpa Maskey. She is a self-taught makeup artist who does the creative, bold and beautiful art on a human face. She is a creative and versatile artist.

Whenever she see paintings, masks, or even simply color combinations in everyday surroundings, she is curious to see what it would look like on the human face. She used to draw a lot when she was a kid. She used to lie in bed and let her imagination flow, and she would see the images that she would immediately get up and draw.

Even now after she put her little son to sleep, she lights up the two shoe boxes I have at home and experiment with makeup on her. She was interested in makeup from her childhood. She used to do the makeup of her sister and her friends for the participation of dance programs. She learned most of the makeup techniques from youtube tutorials. She moved to London and peruse the heaps of fashion magazines. Later, she started posting the work of her own online and the Parcha productions of London approached her to work in some of their fashion photo shoots.

In one of the most anticipated annual events among the Nepali Diaspora in Uk, the Parcha fashion show, she was featured as Makeup artist. In last year, she gave birth to a baby and she took the break from her work. Now, she is busy with her works.  She has worked with many models and photographers from various backgrounds in London and Kathmandu. Her proudest project up to date is ‘Divine Apathy’, which is a collaboration with photographer Sanjog Rai, which portrays the actress-model Jharana Bajracharya as a regal goddess. The stunning image undeniably shows harmonious chemistry and the creativity between the talented team members.

Her phenomenal act has been published in countless magazines such as ECS Living, M&S in Nepal, FHM in Pakistan, Sikkim-India and plenty others in the UK.

She enjoyed working with Anmol KC on his portfolio. One of the concepts was to present him as the Mad Hatter (Alice in Wonderland) for which they didn’t have any materials whatsoever. On that condition, she and her team members made the hat from chart paper collected her little sister’s hair clips and extensions. Currently, she is doing research in Lakhe (a demon in Nepali folklore) for a fashion editorial with designer

Ashok Awal, which assured to be another visual indulgence as she increasingly finds inspiration from her traditional roots. In Nepal, makeup is limited to commercial and

glamour work so, Sharadha would like to spread the idea of makeup as an art-form, and change attitudes towards it. She says, “Wearing makeup is sometimes assumed to be vanity; people say they would much rather ‘be a natural’. But makeup is not about concealing yourself or wearing a facade. It is a way of expressing your own identity, enhancing your unique features. She feels more like herself when she is wearing makeup and sense a huge difference in the way people approach her.

5. Lemi Tamang;

Lemi Tamang is another top makeup artist of Nepal. She is a well established and famous makeup artist in Nepal. She was born on 15th November in Kathmandu. She holds the makeup brush as a magic stick. Ya, her makeup skills are phenomenal. She was passionate about makeup and glamour from her childhood days.

IN her school days, she was more passionate about art and crafts. She completed the study of Fashion design from IEC School of Art and Fashion. She has her own makeup studio in Bhatkeko pool, Kathmandu. In her studio, she usually does the bridal makeup. Many brides want her to do makeup in their marriage but due to her busy schedule, she cannot attend all. She is also a part-time blogger as well as a member of NGO. She has a busy schedule. She is also busy in fine arts in college. She runs the makeup classes in the morning.

Then she gets busy in makeup appointments. Sometimes, she also attends meetings there are any. She maintains her health by exercising every day in the Gym and she gives special care on her diet. Her daily schedule also includes the works like working on her blog, social media sites and college assignments at home. She was always very passionate about the arts. She used to sketch and paint a lot during her teens.

Once she reached the age when her mum allowed her to wear makeup, she started experimenting with it. She tried things out on herself and anyone who’d let her try on them. That’s when it started her more passion for makeup. When she started the makeup, she wasn’t focused on the glamour industry. She thinks herself as an artist at heart and she considers makeup as an expression of art.

So, she just did what she loved. When she started posting makeup pictures on Instagram, people liked it and she started taking appointments when she was asked. Things started picking up soon enough. Her biggest inspiration is her mom who motivates her to work hard, inspires her and supports her in every way possible. Her unbeatable passion for art to sketch women’s faces and eventually experiment with makeup, blending and playing with colors is the special thing about her. She is more inspired by beauty. She loves to be far away amidst a natural setting, with a quiet serenity and a beautiful view.

The incredible work of lemii is influenced by the person’s work, story, and nature. When not busy beautifying someone, she delves into Thangka painting. She is currently doing research on Thangka painting and wants to take it up professionally. She loves her journey so far and is motivated to work harder. She is more active on Instagram, facebook, and youtube. Se has 55K subscribers in youtube, 87K followers in facebook. She has worked with celebrities of the Nepali Film Industry. In youtube, she uploaded the video of the makeup of Reecha Sharma, Namrata Shrestha. Many high profile persons and celebrities praise her work and are satisfied with her job.

6. Sophhie Sunuwar;

Sophie Sunuwar is the successful makeup and hair artist of Nepal. She is so successful and popular makeup artist of Nepal for a number of years. She was more interested in makeup during her childhood days. Sophie, a young boy showed a passion for makeup and used to play with her mother’s cosmetics. Like other transgender people in Nepal, she was teased by her friends, teachers and felt guilty and ashamed of how she felt inside. It’s not always easy to Transitioning to be a woman. It was also a difficult task to learn how to do the basics of hair and makeup.

Makeup2makeup’s workshop motivates and gives her the confidence to express herself as a young woman. During the workshop, she realized that she wanted to become a renowned and successful makeup and hair professional. She has been in the makeup industry for a long time. She enters and wins the competitions.

From the start of her journey in this industry, she believes that every single moment in the field of make-up has been exciting and at the same time, every new opportunity has come with new challenges. Today, Sophie is a popular and successful makeup and hair expert. She is working for some of the top fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazines in Nepal. She has been the official makeup artist of Miss Nepal Peagant of 2015 and 2016. In Miss Nepal, there were several events.

In such events, being the head of the makeup team, she had to do hair and makeup within a limited time of all the contestants of Miss Nepal. Sophie has been involved in Miss Nepal since 2009. But she established as a top makeup artist in Miss Nepal Peagant 2016 with a highly dedicated team. Miss Nepal is a great platform for a glamour industry which takes place once a year which gives a boost to creativity and gives them chance to prove themselves.

Sophie and her team members carried on working with the Miss Nepal contestants to train the winners for international peasant after the huge achievement with Miss Nepal 2016. She with her teams declares a future plan will include the involvement in conducting makeup seminars at the local level and national level under the name of “Reveal”. For the coming seminars, her team has begun the preparations.

At an early time, she used to give herself a makeover and tried a different look which in turn burns her passion and motivates her to achieve the skills. She wasn’t focused on becoming a professional makeup artist but she had a passion for art and due to her dedication, she has worked in many music videos, big events, and Tv. She reveals that transformation from a personal experiment wasn’t the easy transition to become involved in Miss Nepal Peagant as a makeup artist.

Sophie and her team have started a hair, beauty and makeup studio in Nag Pokhari, Kathmandu. Sophie used top brand makeup and maintains her standard which is the reason of her satisfied customers. Sophie is recently being awarded Best Makeup for Bridal Makeup. She got confidence in her abilities and believes she is good at what she does. She has done the makeup of many famous celebrities of Nepal and she worked as a makeup artist in Nepali movie. She is called for makeup in many photo shoots and events. Many people compliment in her makeup sense and skills and her professional attitude.

Sophie is happy in the industry of fashion and glamour as all respects her job and accepts what she is. Obviously, the family of Sophie is proud of her success.

7. Swastika Raj Bhandari;

The swastika is a topmost makeup artist of Nepal. She is a Kathmandu based makeup artist. She is residing in Kathmandu, a capital city of Nepal. She is also a model, actor, and choreographer. She has been working in the Nepali film industry being a makeup artist.

She has worked as a makeup artist in many movies, music videos. In the recent movie, “Dui Rupaiya”, she worked as a makeup artist in “Kutu ma kutu” song. She is busy nowadays in Movies. She has opened the hair and Makeup studio in Kupandol, Kathmandu. She also does the bridal makeup. There is magic in her brush.

8. Seema Gurung;

Seema Gurung is the topmost and renowned makeup artist of Nepal. She has been working makeup artists in many music videos and movies. The famous professional makeup artist Seema is busy nowadays in working as a makeup artist in new movies. She finds the makeup is a movie is easier than the makeup in music videos. She is giving quality time to her family and job as having a busy schedule.

Talking about her personal life, she wakes up late in the morning but she is health conscious. She has many fan followers and she updated her many life going things in social media. In Facebook, she has an account named Seema’s makeup studio where she shares her makeup styles.

9. Rash mee;

Rash mee is the topmost makeup artist of Nepal. She is the Kathmandu based makeup artist. She has been working officially as a makeup artist in Miss Nepal Peagant 2017. Many people praised her work.

She is more active on social sites. She shared most of the pictures of models, brides of whom she does the makeup. She is a bridal makeup artist. She is a professional makeup artist who has been working in Music videos, Photoshoots, and Magazines. She is working hard to improve her skills.

10; Mareena Dalee;

Marina Dalee is also the topmost makeup artist of Nepal. She has been working in various Photo shoots, fashion shows, and Nepali movies as well. She has many followers in Instagram where she shares many pictures of celebrities and model, done makeup by her. She has been nominated as the best makeup artist for the movie in the award show.

In Nepal, many makeup artists are getting a perfect platform which shows their skills and promotes their talent.

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