Mahashivratri SMS in Hindi Language : Message for Shivratri

On this hallowed occasion of Maha Shivaratri, various welcome to all of you. May Lord Shiva give his blessings on you delight, achievement, and agreement.

As you offer your supplications on Maha Shivaratri … may master Shiva oust all blocks and make your wants work out not surprisingly. Maha Shivaratri!

Om Namah Shivaya … wishing on Maha Shivaratri, that you be advanced with Lord Shiva’s blessings of intensity, knowledge, and satisfaction!

On this sacrosanct occasion of Maha Shivaratri, I wish that your petitions are answered and you be respected with great fortunes and favorable circumstances!

On this great night of Maha Shivaratri… may you be showered with fulfillment nearby the heavenly endowments of Lord Shiva!

May Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati shower their enrichments to everyone. Wish every one of you an amazingly upbeat Shivaratri.

May the power and knowledge of Lord Shiva … help you achieve every one of your destinations for the duration of regular day to day existence. Happy Shivaratri!


May the blessings of Lord Shiva are with you… sending you my warm wishes on this Maha Shivaratri!

May you supported with advancement, achievement, and delight … and Namah Shivaya … may the blessings of Lord Shiva constantly be with you … upbeat Shivaratri!

A see of having a tendency to is proportionate to an hour of talk. The vernacular of the heart is each day. Affectability is essentially expected to get and talk with it. Showing up at your own special extraordinary brightness looks like harming yourself with a killing. Have a cheerful Mahashivratri 2020.

While one regards his reality is nothing, he will wrap up being the proprietor of another’s. Have a Have a prosperous Mahashivratri 2020!

No day is basically unreasonably long for the crucial who works. An average accomplice is an ideal masterpiece in two area assertion. I anticipate that you should have an amazing Shivaratri. I will see you rapidly. I am appreciative for the point which you arrived into my reality. You fundamentally altered my life. Your charity, smile the hard and fast is so intoxicating. I’m totally struck through your unbelievability. Have a fulfilled and prosperous Shivaratri

Love isn’t endlessly something that we can mean unequivocally. It shifts from people to individuals. I requirement for you have a few legitimate points of reference this Shivaratri. Have a unbelievable Shivaratri love. I wish you cheerful Shivaratri amidst the cutting edge months and all the coming years love. May our concurrence cherished with a Goddess Parvati!

I perceive as authentic with the sense of this Shivratri will enlighten your life and fill it with all of its gifts. May you have the effortlessness and fortunes to get and fulfill your unattempt wishes! May God Shiva be with you in every improvement of your life! Have a prosperous Shivaratri.

May your reality be heaped up with adoration, achievement, and joy! May the brilliance and prospering tail you wherever you go! Shivaratri is a length of joy and vigorous festival. I am so honored to have met you. I dismiss your smile, your snicker, and your precarious voice.


My sentiments are genuine, and it’s my craving for you on the event of Shivaratri. May you have breathtaking celebrations! I long to satisfy you and after I meet you I most likely would pick not to misdirect you. Your shimmering eyes, the ones sweet smiles are what make my reality so worth standing.

I am focused on you as you’re to me. I am yours as you are mine. I am longing for you to get all the fulfillment and all of the blessings that you can cross confronting. Over the long haul, our adoration for one another is measuring up by the review. Our warmth is getting more grounded little by close nothing. We are a match made in heaven.

We were relied upon to be as one. May all your stress and issues vanish in a squint of an eye settled! You arrived and squeezed my void heart with all your reverence and warmth. I by no mean at all felt what I feel while I am around you. It is the most noteworthy purpose of the line emotions on earth and I’m so grateful to you.

I got you like my help. You are my reasons and the most elevated purpose of the line present. I staggeringly like your friendship, warmth, and rapture. You have stuffed my reality with satisfaction and love. Youth if some time returned anybody had said I’d be enchanted with somebody I may have gotten over it.

In any case, directly it has risen. I’m certain in so love that I have to spend anything is left of my reality with you. You’re all I need and all I need. May you have all the delight and love! Have a prosperous Mahashivratri 2020 is generally dear. I’m dispiriting considering I won’t very likely experience this Shivratri with you.

I am furthermore vivacious that I can eat up whatever remains of my opportunity on earth with the gleam for my ways of life. Have a prosperous Mahashivratri 2020!

He who can’t shield quiet can’t give. Everyone ensures his quiet and is a hostage to his verification. Have a Have an energetic Shivaratri.

.this Shivaratri, may you be respected with right fortune, may this blissful season be the harbinger of satisfaction and flourishing, as the heavenly occasion of Shivaratri is correct here,& the air is piled up with the soul of merriment and love, in a perfect world this celebration could be dazzling for u. I am hurting for you splendid Shivaratri.

.this Shivaratri, may you be respected with magnificent fortune, may this bubbly season be the harbinger of delight and thriving, as the favored event of Shivaratri is correct here,& the surroundings are piled up with the soul of cheer and love, preferably this happy season will be chosen for you. Wish you Have an energetic Shivaratri.

Today is the focal Shivaratri. May God Shiva supply prosperous to you and on your family. May her focal centers be unsurprising with you.


I need this Shivratri will pass on all of your fulfillment, fulfillment, liveliness, joy, mind-blowing flourishing, internal congruity, vitality, brilliance, flourishing, happiness, satisfaction as for this world. May you and your family be always regarded by techniques for the brilliant nearness of Shiva. Happy Shivaratri!

May this event be the harbinger of delight and accomplishment. As the hallowed event of Shivaratri is here and the earth is piled up with the soul of elation and love, in a perfect world, this celebration will be enormous for you!

May your ways of life end up awesome with the shades of otherworldly quality and religion. Esteem every portrayal of these hailing nine evenings of Hinduism!

May the God Shiva usher your reality with bliss, fulfillment, lightness, satisfaction, phenomenal flourishing, interior congruity, vitality, spruceness, flourishing, elation, pleasure, amicability, and positivism for the length of the year. Have a monstrous Shivaratri! Experience the event close-by your own family and mates!

With masses of amicability and thriving. May your life be piled up with the pleasure, fulfillment, cheer, joy, sprightliness, bliss, unprecedented spirits, flourishing, enchant, on this promising event of Shivaratri, have an upbeat Shivaratri!

May this Shivratri course fulfillment, sullying and besides sources to you. Unfathomable requirements for a euphoric Shivaratri, with masses of congruity and flourishing. It’s Shivaratri nowadays! I don’t have anything bounty to state at any rate for the pro to help your bearing. Mother Shiva orchestrates everything being equal and mutilations. Have a prosperous Mahashivratri 2020!!

Ruler Shiva favors she who is extraordinary to achieve chipper Shivaratri!!! Mother Shiva expels all hindrances and disfigurements. Have a fulfilled and prosperous Shivaratri

May master bolster you with fulfillment, fulfillment, liveliness, it would be ideal if you spruceness, enchant, exceptional spirits, achievement, joy, the majority of the months through! Wishing you a have an in decent spirits Shivaratri.

God Shiva Mata gives the inward or splendid cash of excellencies or famous attributes. Commit yourself to the day’s event of the loving Goddess Parvati’ fulfilled Shivaratri!!! This happy season gets various shades in our lives. May excited shades request for your reality. Have a cheerful Shivaratri! Engage your private home to flood with the cheerful soul of this mind-blowing occasion.

Merry fun this Shivratri season. You discover the chance to celebrate for a huge time length. Experience it less all potential hindrances. May the event of Shivaratri pass on satisfaction and flourishing to your life have a splendid Shivaratri. Glad Shivaratri.

May the bubbly time of Shivaratri accelerate euphoria and thriving your reality, have an in decent spirits Shivaratri. May the celebration of lighting foundations resuscitate you and your significant ones lives? Have a prosperous Mahashivratri 2020.

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