Maha Shivaratri SMS in Nepali : Happy Shivratri

Maha Shivaratri SMS in Nepali : Happy Shivratri 2019 (2075)

This post is dedicated to Maha Shivaratri SMS in Nepali language for wishing Happy Shivratri 2019 or Happy Shivratri 2075 B.S. The Maha Shivratri is a Hindu  festival widely celebrated by all Hindus in all over the Nepal. Not only in Nepal, Maha Shivratri festival is celebrated by all Hindus in all the states of India.

On this holy festival Maha Shivratri we need some wishing Maha Shivratri SMS in Nepali or Mahashivratri greeting messages in Nepali or Happy Nepali Shivratri Sms or Shivratri Nepali SMS or Nepali SMS for Shivaratri festival to wish our family members, relatives, friend and beloved one.

For wishing happy Maha Shivaratri 2019 or Happy Maha Shivaratri 2075 B.S., we have collected a lots of Maha Shivratri SMS in Nepali or Maha Shivratri Messages in Nepali language for you. Some people need these Maha shivratri sms in Nepali so that we have Nepali Mahashivratri sms too. We have Maha Shivaratri SMS in Hindi as well. You can check Maha Shivaratri message in English language as well.

Read our collected Mahashivratri Sms, messages and greeting wishes in Nepali language. Pick some Nepali Messages and wishes and send it as a Mahashivratri Wishes to your relatives.

Maha Shivaratri SMS in Nepali: Happy Shivratri 2019 (2075): No. 1

Safalta Ko Bahar Milos,
Maha Shivratri ko Pavan Avsar Ma,
Tapai ko Jindagi Ko Euta Ramro Naya Shuravat Milos,
Happy Maha Shivratri 2075 B.S.!
Happy Shivratri 2019!

Happy mahashivratri Greeting Cards wallpapers quotes images pictures photos wishes message Nepali
Happy mahashivratri Nepali Greeting Cards
Maha Shivaratri SMS in Nepali : Happy Shivratri 2019 (2075): No. 2

Kahile raat ma tara garner hernu…
Jati tapai ganna saknu vayo uti tapai malai miss garnu hunchha…
aur jati bachnechha uti ma tapai lai yaad garchhu…
Happy Maha Shivratri 2075 B.S.!
Happy Shivratri 2019!

Maha Shivaratri SMS in Nepali : Happy Shivratri 2019 (2075): No. 3

Bhakti ma 6 shakti sathi,
shakti ma nai sansar 6,
Trilok ma 6 jasko charcha
ti shiv ji ko aaj parwa 6.
Om nama shivay.
Happy Maha Shiaratri 2075 B.S.!
Happy Mahashivratri 2019!

Maha Shivaratri SMS in Nepali : Happy Shivratri 2019 (2075): No. 4

Bhole baba ko aashirwad milos tapai laiUnko prarathana ko parsad milo tapai lai
Tapai aafno jindagi ma garnu yati sambriddhi
Harek ko pyar milos tapai lai
Jai Bhole Baba Pashupatinath ki Jay
Happy Maha Shivratri 2075 B.S.!
Happy Maha Shivratri 2019!

Maha Shivaratri SMS in Nepali: Happy Shivratri 2019 (2075): No. 5

Shiva ko leela ma malai doobi jan deu
Shiv ko charan ma ma shir jhukauna deu
Aaj ho Maha Shivratri mero bhole baba ko din
Aaj ko din malai bhole ko bhajan gauna deu
Happy Maha Shivratri 2075 B.S.!
Happy Maha Shivratri 2019!

The staggering shimmer of fulfillment that lives with you for the scope of the occasions to return. Have a fulfilled and prosperous Shivaratri !!

I search for the top notch after you. Have a shocking time this Shivaratri. Have an extravagant Shivaratri

The best time of Nepal is here and that I wish you have a stunning time together with your mates and assurance family. May you are making it’s commonly ridiculous. Wishing you a particularly have an impressive Shivaratri

A dear accomplice, on this bubbly length of the tunnel I requiring for you to be excited and make all individuals fulfilled. Groups of love. Have an in decent spirits Shivaratri my embellishment and I evidently need a high measure for you and your buoy of relatives. I need everyone in all you to be peppy.

Shivaratri is legitimate here my sidekick and I am insufficient as for you on this best bubbly season. Request that God Shiva help you to do uncommonly in each and every development of your ways of life.

License the light all through your ways of life and put off a large portion of your harms. Have a crucial time. Have a sporty Shivaratri

Most revered accomplice, we may be isolated from each phenomenal on this stupefying occasion, regardless, our hearts are identified with one another. Have awe-inspiring Shivaratri my extra, may God Shiva wash some reverence to you and your buoy of relatives. Remain cheerful. I reject you.

My dear mother, I wish you an exceedingly buoyant Shivaratri. I can be everlastingly grateful to your fondness and help. To have a splendid mother like are you starting now a present. I respect you to such a whole. Have a fulfilled and prosperous Shivaratri mother.

I’m so satisfied to have a dad, for example, you. You have interminably kept up. I regularly wish you on your extraordinary. Shivaratri is immaculate here and I trust God Shiva showers a few shine to you, my most revered mother. Have a fulfilled and prosperous Shivaratri

Favored dad, I am checking for the eminent and achievement once you in each unmarried advancement of your ways of life. Most respected family; you have continually strengthened me and helped me to vanquish what I require. An odious part obliged to you for the greater part of the assistance. Have a prosperous Mahashivratri 2019!

Shivaratri is an event to motivate the opportunity to remember each other with your family. I am longing for you have a to an uncommon degree mind-boggling time celebrating with your family. The best bubbly season is reasonable here and that I think of you as have a brilliant time on this Shivaratri. Have a prosperous Mahashivratri 2019.

Shivaratri has reliably been the best bit of a year. May this Shivratri pass on you bunches of fulfillment and euphoria. My favored partner. I disregard you and I love you to such a degree. May this Shivratri be the most elevated purpose of the line Shivaratri a regular procedure to date. I am yearning for you an extraordinarily Have a cheerful Mahashivratri 2019.

The wonderful time is here and that I am throbbing for you to have the most elevated purpose of the line time ever to your reality. Conceding delight to your friends and family is the thing that Shivaratri is about. I think of you as have a dazzling time and catch each moment near to your critical ones. Wishing you a particularly enthusiastic Shivaratri. Have a tremendous proportion of fun.

Rejection each and every one of the tears and fears and highlights a top notch time this Shivaratri. Have a tremendous proportion of a laugh. I am longing for you unfathomably enchanted Shivaratri.

Much equal to the full track spilling sizeable all round in the midst of Shivaratri, I required for your reality to be melodic in light of the Shivaratri melodic tune. The best bubbly time is here and that I perceive as significant with you have the most noteworthy purpose of the line an essential time. Have an awesome Shivaratri.

May you remain long closeness without contaminations. May your handwork lead you to accomplishment. It’s far the impeccable upbeat time of Hindu in Nepal. Have a chuckle, basically relax up out. Have an unbelievable and better than standard Shivaratri celebration.


In spite of how troublesome your day goes, continually consider that God Shiva is endless with you and the general population love’s character reasonable close you. All the one’s astounding recollections that we shared together I’m grateful to you. Grants lauded this superb event with a broad impact. Have an in decent spirits Shivaratri love.

Every d, dependable, reliably I have to put by a strategy for your point. My hearts scan for you and recollect that you are with me I in a general sense treasure it. I stretched out to fulfill you and after I meet you I fundamentally would slant toward not to remove you. I requirement for the eminent God Shiva to help us near to her support and love. Bright Shivaratri dear.

Your shining eyes, the ones treat grins are what make my life so worth remaining. I’m glad to the point that I can discover the chance to spend this Shivratri by techniques for your edge as one liberal family. Have an eager Shivaratri dear.

I am centered around you as you’re to me. I’m yours as you are mine. I am hurting for you to get all the delight, fulfillment, lightness, happiness, liveliness, ecstasy, mind-boggling spirits, achievement, satisfaction, and the majority of the focal points that you can manage. I ask for to god for the splendid God Shiva to give her support on continually and ever. Have a euphoric Shivaratri, my affection.

Over the long haul, our love for each striking is making all around requested. Our adoration is getting progressively outrageous reliably. We are a fit made in paradise. We had been proposed to be collected. May all your cruelty and the majority of the issues, troubles, bugs, and nerves dissipate in a flicker of an eye.

You came and filled my void coronary heart with all your affection and warmth. Not the littlest piece felt what I feel while I am around you. It’s the enchanting slants inside the world and I am so thankful to you. I’m so perky to look by your component and that I feel so glad when you name me yours. Without a doubt, I’m just yours. Have a dapper Shivaratri sweetheart.

I was given you as my support. You are my best and a gigantic gift. I beseech with the inspiration to get the best part in the present as I did. I requirement for the vast majority of the pleasure and elation, fulfillment, quality, delight, quickness, joy, remarkable spirits, flourishing, satisfaction, to incorporate you. Have a prosperous Mahashivratri 2019 love.

I respect your glow, warm temperature, and pleasure, fulfillment, energy, happiness, delicacy, imperativeness, mind-boggling spirits, thriving, enchant; you have stuffed my ways of life with elation, fulfillment, gladness, satisfaction, cheer, charm, remarkable spirits, achievement, euphoria, and love. May you be respected with fortune, cash, and flourishing. Have a bright Shivaratri love.

Kid if two or three years in the past somebody had said I’d be charmed by an individual I may have rejected it. Regardless, by and by it has come veritable. I’m essentially in so love that I need to spend the relaxing up of my reality with you. You’re all I need and all I require. May you have the vast majority of the delight, fulfillment, liveliness, phenomenal flourishing, inner concordance, imperativeness, rapture, mind-blowing spirits, achievement, satisfaction, and love. Have awe-inspiring Shivaratri dear.

I am tormented because of reality I won’t be able to encounter this Shivratri with you any way I am furthermore fulfilled that I can be eating up releasing up of my time on earth with the connection to my reality. I am longing for you to have an incredible Shivaratri. I’m set up to see you rapidly. Have a happy Shivaratri!!

I am so grateful which you met up in my ways of life. You essentially completely changed me. You gave me an immense measure of friendship and help. Additionally, it just influences me to need to give you much additional accordingly paying little respect to the way in which that you state I’m satisfactory. You displayed me I was defending love and arranged to regard. You are my glow, my capacity, and my aggregate. Have a fulfilled and prosperous Shivaratri !!

May the Shiva Goddess Parvati get ready to power and braveness to your spirit to go confronting the majority of the hardships. I will ordinarily be there for you. I’m so chipper to consider you mine. Have a prosperous Mahashivratri 2019 love.

This message is for this man who acknowledges me additional than I used to be acknowledged for. This message is for you my love. I need you a ton of cash the life and need to urge you that I can when in doubt is there for you through all thick and pitiful. I incredibly like you so a ton. Have a prosperous Mahashivratri 2019!nectar.

I need this happy season to pass on your parts and a huge amount of joy, fulfillment, gleam, happiness, bliss, essentialness, fantastic spirits, achievement, delight, and satisfaction for your ways of life. May you flourish wherever. Each minute continued with you and each memory shared will dependably be prized. Have a fulfilled and prosperous Shivaratri love.

A large portion of your hardships has gone to an over the top. You worked day and night and with the majority of your spirits. Pro has verifiable you. It’s far the best and fitting second so get you’re most revered out of your seniors and Shiva and begin new things and new pages of your life. Have a fulfilled and prosperous Shivaratri

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