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Every day God Shiva gives us a moment where it is possible to change everything that makes us unhappy and sad. The magic moment is the one when a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ can change our whole existence and be.

And when I seemed to crumble, the hands of the one who created the world held me.

When you feel that you are one with God, you will feel that you are one with all things.

There are people who only trust in God when He does what they expect.

Thank God for another year of life and especially for the opportunity to be happy!

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By depositing your faith in God you are seeking a friendly shoulder to help withstand the greatest adversities.

No one will love us the way Lord Shiva loves us.


Lord Shiva, give us the grace to pray for our indifference, for the cruelty that exists in the world and in us.

Lord Shiva, I do not want to ask for anything today, because I’ve asked for so much and so much has been given to me. I just want to thank you very much.

God Shiva, thank you for not allowing us to lose our balance when we know that countless forces want us to fall.

My God, there are few words that express my gratitude for all the blessings you give me.

May God bless you and all the people who are important in your life.

Besides the conquests and tests surpassed, I thank You, my God, for another year of life with whom I love the most.

May God has prepared for us a bright, happy and blessed journey. Happy Shivratri.

Text For Happy Maha Shivratri Greeting Cards Design

To follow the ways of God is to achieve an indescribably rewarding inner peace.


Dear God Shiva, on your hands I place my worries, cares, and problems. In your wisdom, I set my path, my journey, my directions, and my goals. In your love, I lay my life!

Trust and hope in God, and he will not forsake you. Many have God as an option. May you have God as a priority!

As long as God Shiva is in your life I know that nothing will be lacking for you. And there will be no difficulty impossible to overcome!

God will give you everything you need if you just make the choice to live for Him.

When God wants to give victory, no one can stop it. It changes the course of history when he wants to act. Make the weak one strong, the giant comes to the ground. When the believer is praying, then comes the angel with the blessing in his hand.

No one overthrows whom God raises. No one knocks whom God protects. No one curses whom God chooses to bless.

Text For Happy Maha Shivratri Greeting Cards Design

Every man who does not have God as his strength is frightened by giants. Never cross your arms to a problem, for the greatest man in the world died with open arms.

For all that you have surpassed and reached in life thank God, Shiva. If God tossed you a rope, go up with your strength and do not ask him to pull.

Faith is the confirmed foundation of things hoped for, and the evidence of things we do not see with our eyes.

Thank you, my God, for never leaving me and in the worst moments you gave me the strength to continue. From the heights, the Eternal sees the depths. No matter the distance and the gap, He knows everything about us.


When prayers rise the miracles descend. Be grateful! With his redeeming sacrifice, Lord Shiva proved his true love for humanity.

God does not punish, God teaches. God does not take away, God does. God does not delay, he is capricious! My Lord … Lead you on the best path leading your steps. It strengthens your strength and teaches you to wait for your time.

Be free, have freedom with yourself and do not live what others will think. Because in life there will always be people to criticize, but be yourself and live the way you feel good. And instead of thinking about what people will think, think of what God will think!

To think that the world does not have a creator is to say that a dictionary is the result of an explosion in typography. Faith takes you to where the impossible becomes real.

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Faith in God Shiva was the path I chose to be happy and every day I thank the Lord for the gift of my choice. As long as God Shiva is my ground, There is no one that existed who can overthrow me.

God does not abandon anyone, but many lives distracted and are unable to see Him even when He is by His side.

Get ready! The day of Lord Shiva is near. Never forget the wonders that God does. When God opens a door, no one has the power to close that door. Have faith in God and feel His power in your life!

If God called you to be a light, do not complain if he put you in a dark place. It was not faith that conquered your faults, but without it, you would not have reached them.

I thank You, my God, for in Your word I find the courage I need to continue walking. God Shiva does not love us for who we are, God loves us for what He is! God Mahadev is love.

May God be in your hearts tonight and bless your dreams. Put God at the beginning and he will take care of the end …Faith is not to think that God will do everything you want. Faith is believing that He will do what is best for you. Therefore submit yourselves to God.

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I call virtue to worship God, to help and love all our fellow men, and to seek and do good wherever possible. I touch the sky when my knees touch the ground and my hand raises in the air.

It is God who helps me solve my problems and sometimes even those of others. Dear God, help me to be wise and willing to obey you.

If such a limited human mind were to peruse the mysteries of God, then he would not be God. God is in charge, but in order for Him to lead us to the path of happiness, we must have faith. May God Mahadev always be with you, but above all, may you always be with God Shiva.

God gives us, every day, a page of new life in the book of time. What we put in it, runs on our own. I will look for words of gratitude and expressions of praise, just to thank you, my God, for another day of life.

Regardless of the darkness of the night, of the silence and fears of life, those who have faith in God fear nothing. The righteousness of God is not slow for those who expect it with faith in their hearts. When faith is put forward, all problems are left behind.

Faith in God Shiva is like a plant that needs to be watered every day to stand. But when that which is perfect comes, then that which is imperfect will disappear. If the world tries to overthrow me, my faith in God will make me fly.

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Even in the greatest tribulation, my breathing is quiet because God cares for me. I know God is taking care of every detail. My comfort is in the words of God and my strength lies in my faith.

The source of love and truth has one name: God Shiva. Ask God Mahadev to bless your plans and they will work for sure. God is just a prayer away.

To be sure that my God Shiva always looks for me makes my life incredibly happy and joyful. Trust in your care to the Lord Mahadev and he will sustain you; he will never allow the righteous to be shaken.

Peace does not mean the absence of affliction and criticism, but the presence of God. Whatever you do, walk where you walk, Lord Shiva will always love you. There are things that God Shiva gives us to learn. And there are things that God Mahadev only gives when we learn.

Pray to God Shiva, not asking for lighter loads but stronger shoulders. The easy is done soon, the difficult takes a little, the impossible surrender in the hands of God, because everything is possible for Him.

Grant me Lord Shiva your faithful love by day; in the night with me is your song. It is my prayer to God who gives me life.

Worry is a sign that you are acting alone because when you trust that God is with you, anxiety is gone. The will of God is good, perfect, and pleasing, and is always better than our will.

Text For Happy Maha Shivratri Greeting Cards Design

We rejected God and chose sin, but God rejected our sin and chose us. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: the foolish despise wisdom and instruction.

God is an expert in handling what has no way. If your holiness diminishes your neighbor you are not holy, because true holiness serves the other and helps you to become a better human being.

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