999 Happy Maha Shivaratri Wishes, Messages, SMS, Facebook Status in English Language

May there always be all good things that this happy season brings- Hope, peace, love and a whole lot of magic to bless your lives, heart, and home in a way only this festive season can. I am sending you best wishes on the special occasion of Shivaratri.

Hoping this Shivaratri bring you as much happiness as you bring to everyone who loves you. Have a wonderful celebration.

Thank you, teacher, for giving me the gift of wisdom and knowledge. Hope this Shivaratri brings more joy, warmth and happy things for your loved ones. Wishing you Happy MahaShivaratri.

Happy Shivratri Greetings in English Language

Wishing that the sweet magic of Shivaratri not only fills your heart and life with love but also brings you the joy that stays with you forever. Best wishes to the festival of happiness.

You are wished much hope, peace, and luck on this occasion. May this festival of Shivaratri remain your most cherished memory throughout the coming year. Happy MahaShivaratri.

There’s something special about the Shivaratri. Everything looks so bright and lively, hope you enjoy all the fun coming your way! Have a wonderful Shivaratri!!

Wishing You A Happy Shivaratri May this festival bring you lots of pleasant memories and each day be filled with joys that remind you of the giver of all.


Though the days are turning colder now, hearts are being warmed as people everywhere reach out to one another with fond wishes for the festival. Many more wishes from my side.

Happy Shivratri Greetings in English Language

MahaShivaratri reminds us so sweetly each year, of what really matters and why we are here and as you remember it all, may your heart overflow with gratitude and joy that inspires and blesses you with that warm Shivaratri glow. Hope you have a blessed Shivaratri.

Shivaratri is the time To Celebrate. Let the occasion bring immense joy. Shivaratri is just the right time to reflect on some sweet memories, share happiness with your loved ones and look ahead to peace and prosperity. Happy Shivaratri.

May this Shivaratri be the onset of love, happiness, prosperity and sweet remembrances that linger in your heart, forever. Happy Shivaratri.

There is something about the holy radiance of Shivaratri that reflects warmth and love. May the joys that this festive season brings, May this festival fill your world with beauty, grace, laughter, and love. Have a beautiful celebration.

Hope this festive season brings immense joy, more pleasures laughter, and smiles in big measures. May God bless you with love, togetherness with family and friends. Celebrate this special season with happiness and joy.

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Praise Lord Shiva for his goodness and for his wonderful deeds. Have a blessed and beautiful Shivaratri.

Shivaratri is here with the bounty of spring to remind us of the Lord’s love. Here’s praying that his love does miracles for you and all your days shine bright like a light on Shivaratri and always.


May the blessings of Lord Shiva be with you at Shivaratri and always, to guide you and lift your soul with joy. Wishing you the best celebration of Shivaratri with cherries and prasad.

Happy MahaShivaratri!! May the beauty of spring and occasion of the saving of earth by Lord Shiva inspire your inner belief and fill your heart and life with endless joy. Have a wonderful celebration.

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May the power of Lord Shiva who saved our world fill your heart with joy and the blessings of our Lord Shiva’s grace be with you at Shivaratri and always. Have a blessed Shivaratri.

Shivaratri is here with brightly decorated temples and pretty flowers too. This is a special wish for many joy-filled hours and a happy Shivaratri for you.

May your Shivaratri be filled with happiness and blessings the whole day through, and may it be a wonderful start of a fruitful spring for you.

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God sends his love in the form of sun and heat. He fills our lives with new hopes and spirits. Wishing a very happy MahaShivaratri for you. May your life always be blessed with the best festivities and parties.

Remembering this beautiful occasion is the best you can do. We may not catch up very often, but I will always remember to send you and your loved ones cordial wishes for you. You may have a blessed Shivaratri.

It’s time to enjoy bhajans with the people you love. Call your neighbors and invite your friends. Enjoy the prasad of god. It’s time to wish you, my dear friend. Wishing you happy MahaShivaratri.

Wishing eternal peace and harmony in your life. Wishing the best moment to your loved ones on this sacred day. Wishing Shivaratri the friend that means a lot to me!

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Nothing can compensate for the love and blessings of Shiva, pray and fast with our body, mind, and soul to seeking his blessings and affection. Shivaratri my dear.


I wish happiness to knock on your door and bring you good health and great success in this beautiful festival. We wish you and your loved ones Happy MahaShivaratri. May God bless you.

Today is the day to thank Bholenath for spilling his blessings on our friendship and making it a beautiful association of love and faith. On the occasion of Shivaratri, I pray that you will be blessed with great success and a wonderful year with new opportunities. I wish you a very happy MahaShivaratri, my friend.

May the sacred day of Shivaratri become the sweetest memory of life. Wishing you a wonderful time of fasting and partying with your loved ones. Happy MahaShivaratri for you, my friend !!

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May the year bring you sweet fruits of success. I wish you to walk the path of prosperity and glory. Happy Shivaratri for you, my friend.

The wishes of Shivaratri are incomplete without the blessings of Bholenath, I wish you were bathed with special moments of joy to treasure forever. The warm MahaShivaratri wishes you, dear. I want our house to be full of joy, prosperity, and success. I wish my lovely Happy MahaShivaratri family on the auspicious occasion of MahaShivaratri.

MahaShivaratri is the time to offer prayers to Bholenath and seek his blessings and guidance so that their loved ones have a life always protected and blessed by the Lord. Wishing a very happy MahaShivaratri to all the members of the family.

Text Msg For Happy Shivratri Greeting Cards design

May Bholenath illuminate the darkest corners of our lives with his love and his blessings. May he always be there to guide us in our ways. May he fill our hearts with love and kindness. Happy MahaShivaratri.

May Bholenath illuminate your days and nights with hope and happiness, peace and prosperity, Happy MahaShivaratri for all of you!

The most blessed time of the year has arrived. Let us repent for our sins and seek the forgiveness of Lord Shiva. Pray for the happiness and harmony of our family. Have a blessed Shivaratri celebration.

105. Maha Shivaratri Facebook Status in Nepali

Happy “SHIVRATRI” with Family in advance

106. Maha Shivaratri Facebook Status in Nepali

महान शिवरात्री को पर्व मा देश तथा बिदेश मा बस्ने सम्पुर्ण नेपाली दाजु भाइ मा हर्दिक मंगल्मये सुभकामना। भगवान शिव ले सब को कल्याण गरून्।

Maha Shivaratri Facebook Status in Nepali

Mahana sivaratri ko Parva ma Desa tatha bidesa ma basne sampurna Nepali daju bha’i ma hardika maṅgalmaye subhakamana. Bhagavana Siva le saba ko Kalyana garun.

107. Funny Maha Shivaratri Facebook Status in Nepali
च्याखुरी हरु तिज मा शिव जस्तो पति
पाउ भनेर ब्रत बस्दा रैछन र पो केटा हरु
शिवरात्री मा गाजा र भाङ्ग खादा रैछन

सोझा केटा हरु बिगार्ने त यिनै केटि हरु
पो रैछन…

108. Maha Shivaratri Facebook Status in Nepali

महा शिवरात्री को सबैलाई शुभ कामन!!! जय शम्भो!!!
Maha sivaratri ko sabaila’i subha kamana!!! Jaya sambho!!!

109. Maha Shivaratri Facebook Status in Nepali

महा शिवरात्री पर्वको पावन अवसरमा देश तथा बिदेशमा रहनु हुने सम्पूर्ण हिन्दू धर्मालम्बीहरुमा सुख शान्ति , सु-स्वास्थय , दिर्धायु तथा उत्तरोत्तर प्रगतिको कामना गर्दछु ।
i wish you HAPPY MAHA SHIVA RATRI to my all my respected friends .

110. funny Maha Shivaratri Facebook Status in Nepali
शिवरात्री उखानs:
• बिहेमा बाजा बजाउनु शिवरात्रीमा गाँजा मगाउनु
• तरुनी चिन्नु, फूल प्रसाद किन्नु
• हुने बिरुवाको चिल्लो पात, गाँज मिच्नेको गन्हाउने हात
• महादेवलाई पार्वती, हामीलाई केइ न केइ

111. Maha Shivaratri Facebook Status in Nepali
happy महा शिवरात्री :- भगवान शिवले नेपालका नेताहरु लाई स्वबिबेक प्रयोग गर्न सक्ने शक्ति प्रदान गरुन । ॐ नमः शिवाय ।

112. Maha Shivaratri Facebook Status in Nepali
Happy शिवरात्री पर्व 2 the nepalese people……..enjoy the holiday!!!!

113. Maha Shivaratri Facebook Status in Nepali
शिवरात्री आउनु भन्दा अघाडी पशुपतिमा ” कुत्ता र जुत्ता ” …..हाई अलर्ट राख्ने होला …

114. Maha Shivaratri Facebook Status in Nepali

जय शिव शम्भो। हर हर महादेव। ॐ नम शिवय। ॐ नम शिवय। जय बम भोले ..
हिन्दूहरुको महान चाड शिवरात्री को पावन अबसरमा हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना।
पशुपतीनाथले सबैलाई रक्षा गरुन।

jay shiv shambhoo. har har mahaadev. om namah shivaay. om nam shivay. jay bam bhole ..
hindooharuko mahaan chaad shivaraatree ko paavan abasarama haardik mangalamay shubhakaamana.
pashupateenaathale sabailaee raksha garun.

115. Maha Shivaratri Facebook Status in Nepali
शिवरात्री को वरपर राजधानीमा चिसो बढ्छ भन्थे ठ्याक्कै मिल्यो त !! पशुपती मा निर्माण कार्य शुरु भइ सकेको छ शिवरात्रीका लागी !!

116. Maha Shivaratri Facebook SMS in Nepali

आजैबाट आफ्ना धुम्रपान सम्बन्धित सम्पुर्ण कुलत छोड्ने प्रण गरौ।।say no to drugs।।
महा शिवरात्री को हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना।।
जय शम्भो।।।।।।।।।

Ajaibaṭa aphna dhumrapana sambandhita sampurna kulata choḍne prana garau..Say no to drugs..
Maha sivaratri ko hardika maṅgalamaya subhakamana..
Jaya sambho………

117. funny Maha Shivaratri Facebook Status in Nepali

भोलेको दर्शन गर्न पशुपती जाऔ
गाजा भाङ्ग ख़ान हाम्रो इनरुवा आऔ….
महान चाड शिवरात्री को मंगलमय शुभ कामना जय जय भोले….

118. Maha Shivaratri Facebook SMS in Nepali

शिवरात्री को सबैलाई शुभकामना
महान शिवरात्री को अबसरमा सम्पुर्ण मेरा फेसबुक मित्र
तथा सम्पुर्ण नेपाली हरुलाई धेरै धेरै शुभकामना ।
Sivaratri ko sabaila’i subhakamana
mahana sivaratri ko abasarama sampurna mera phesabuka mitra
tatha sampurna nepali harula’i dherai dherai subhakamana.

119. Maha Shivaratri Facebook SMS in Nepali

बिन्दास शिव, शंभोको सम्झना गाँजा, भाङ, धतुरो चाखेरमात्र होइन तिनको उदार र सामाजवादी स्वभावको सिको गरेर पनि गर्न सकिन्छ ! जय शिवरात्री !

Bindasa siva, sambhoko samjhana gam̐ja, bhaṅa, dhaturo cakheramatra ho’ina tinako udara ra samajavadi svabhavako siko garera pani garna sakincha! Jaya sivaratri!

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120. Maha Shivaratri Facebook SMS in Nepali

ॐ नम: शिवाय ! शिवरात्री पर्वको शुभ उपलक्ष्यमा म आफ्नो साथीहरुलाई सत्य शिव को कृपा प्राप्त होस भनी शुभकामना दिन चाहन्छु । ॐ जय जय जय महादेव ॐ

‘Om nama: Sivaya! Sivaratri parvako subha upalakṣyama ma aphno sathiharula’i satya siva ko kr̥pa prapta hosa bhani subhakamana dina cahanchu. ‘Om jaya jaya jaya mahadeva’om.

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