999 Happy Maha Shivaratri Wishes, Messages, SMS, Facebook Status in English Language

You and your family have been a blessing and have brought us so much happiness. Hope this festival brings prosperity and good fortune, your way and makes the coming year beautiful for you in every way. Happy MahaShivaratri.

You make this auspicious occasion brighter with your smile beautiful with your love, blessed with care. The sweetness of cherries, the warmth of embraces and the grandness of the celebrations are made even more special because I get to share them with you. May the Shiva’s grace be with you today and always.

As the moon is sighted cherish the moments. Savor the prasad and embrace your dear ones. As we share food, love, and warmth with the humble prayers. I pray that these moments of festivity bring to you, peace and contentment and may God bless you and fill your heart with all the happiness in the world.

Happy Shivratri Greetings in English Language

On this auspicious occasion, I want to let you know that you are ever so special. So, here’s wishing you all my heart’s love and contentment to fill your life with happiness.

Today is for a grateful prayer and to share prasad and spread joy. As the celebrations begin, here’s wishing you the gift of prosperity which would light up your home. The gift of love, to forever bind your family and the gift of happiness to count your blessings and find peace in Shiva’s grace. Happy MahaShivaratri.

Here’s hoping that you enjoy this auspicious occasion with you, loved ones, and joy fills your life making everything around you bright and beautiful. Happy MahaShivaratri.

As you say your prayers to Shiva, remember and rejoice the true meaning of Shivaratri. Share all that the god has bestowed on you, see the everyday happiness and count all your blessings. Happy MahaShivaratri.


As you cherish the festivities and exchange prasad and warm wishes. May all your prayers are answered and Shiva’s grace surrounds you forever. here’s hoping that this Shivaratri is one of a kind. Be blessed this Shivaratri.

Happy Shivratri Greetings in English Language

Fortunate is the time blessed is the occasion, happy is the feeling. May your life to be showered with blessing in abundance and the days ahead bring to you immense luck and hoy. Wishing you Happy MahaShivaratri.

With every smile, with every warm hug, in every get-together, and in every wish. I pray that all your hopes realize and the year ahead is more fulfilling for you. Enjoy the MahaShivatri.

MahaShivaratri is a special time for wishes, Prasad and grand celebrations. May your plate of life be full of sweet cherries, mixed with the love of near and dear ones, topped with a world of happiness to warm your heart through and through. Have a happy Shivaratri.

To wish that the blessings of Shiva be your guiding light, always. Have a wonderful festival. May this occasion bring you lots of joy and shower you with life’s choicest gifts. Have a wonderful celebration.

Warm MahaShivaratri wishes especially for you and your family. May the happy memories and the sweetness of this festival stay all year through.

Happy Shivratri Greetings in English Language

Thinking of you and letting you know you are wished a Shivaratri more special in many ways. You always had a special way of bringing happiness to others. Hope your Shivaratri is filled with everything that makes you happy.

The sky is full of stars, mouth full of cherries, heart full of joy and house with bhajans. May this Shivaratri be full of sweet moments, joy and all the best things. Have a wonderful Shivaratri.


Bhajan in the temple stars in the sky, Shivaratri is here again with its fun and special joy. Everything is lit with unfading beauty of the occasion. So, let’s celebrate and savor the sweet traditions. Happy MahaShivaratri.

Shivaratri reminds us that the happiness we share is the best gift we can ever receive. Let the spark of this special occasion brighter your heart and home with lasting joy. Have a prosperous Shivaratri.

With the fragrance of flowers, purity of Bel leaves, the sound of bhajans and cherries as a prasad. As you celebrate the joyous occasion, wishing you happiness and the best thing come to you today and always. Happy MahaShivaratri.

Happy MahaShivaratri. May the day that you light today in front of Lord Shiva bring double joy and happiness making the coming days more successful for you.

Happy Shivratri Greetings in English Language

It’s time to light diyo of happiness, celebrate and enjoy the timeless treasures of Shivaratri, with a warmth of home and love of friends and family. Have a joyous MahaShivaratri.

It’s a time of the year again when the home is bright, hearts are happy and the bhajans fill the heart. With the warmth of open arms and the light of friendly smiles, welcome home the joy of this festive season. Enjoy this special occasion.

Lord Shiva is the most inspiring of all the Hindu God as he motivates us to act and act right, to fight with courage and to aim for the victory. Let us offer our prayers to Lord Shiva and seek his immense blessings on the occasion of Shivaratri.

I wish that the celebrations of Shivaratri are infused with great enthusiasm and vigor. May you enjoy this festive occasion with your family and friends with feast and fun. Happy MahaShivaratri to you.

Happy Shivratri Greetings in English Language

Maheshwar is the epitome of strength, truth, and energy. He is the source of motivation for each one of us. Let us offer our prayers to him and seek his blessings for a successful and prosperous year ahead. Happy MahaShivaratri.

May God bless you and your family with happiness, health, wealth and success throughout the year. Best wishes on the occasion of MahaShivaratri.


Let us pray for the guidance and blessings of Maheshwar. May he always protect us from the wrong. Wishing you and your family Happy Shivaratri.

May Maheshwor always shower you and your family with his divine blessings. Best wishes to you on the occasion of MahaShivaratri.

I pray to Maheshwor to protect you and guide you at every step in your life and lead your way to success and prosperity. Wishing you Happy MahaShivaratri.

May Lord Shiva shower his blessings on you. I pray to him to give you strength in everything you do. Warm wishes on MahaShivaratri to you and your family.

Happy Shivratri Greetings in English Language

I wish that we are blessed with a year brightened with blessings of Maheshwar. May the celebrations of this auspicious day spread new energies in our lives. Best wishes on MahaShivaratri to you my dear.

To the love of my life, I wish you a very warm and Happy MahaShivaratri. May you are always blessed with all the happiness of the world. May your problems and tensions are destroyed in the fire of Dhuni!!!

Sending lovely wishes on the occasion of MahaShivaratri to my love. I wish you a year full of happiness and smiles, success and glory, positivity and great energy. May we are blessed with wonderful memories.

Dear love, sending heartfelt MahaShivaratri wishes for you through this text. I hope this MahaShivaratri makes the bond of our friendship more deeper and stronger Lord Shiva shower his blessings.

To dear love, this text carries happy MahaShivaratri wishes for you and your family. I hope you are having a lovely time witnessing the sound of bhajan and the effigy burning of Dhuni.

Happy Shivratri Greetings in English Language

For my dearest love, sending good wishes and happy MahaShivaratri greetings for you. As a gift for the occasion, I send you the beautiful wishes you always wanted and hope you would love it.

For my love, heartiest MahaShivaratri wishes for you. I would meet you soon at the ground for witnessing the effigy burning of Dhuni and spend some quality time with you.

For sweet love, happy MahaShivaratri wishes for you. I also send you beautiful gifts for the celebration and I hope you love them.

I wish the festival of MahaShivaratri illuminate your life with happiness and success. May you be blessed with victories that fill your life with glory. Sending the best wishes in MahaShivaratri to the most amazing family!

May Maheshwor bless your life with sweet pleasures. May this MahaShivaratri bring more reasons to be happy. May we all celebrate this auspicious day with hopes for a brighter year in our hearts. Happy MahaShivaratri to all.

Happy Shivratri Greetings in English Language

I pray that all prayers will be answered on the occasion of MahaShivaratri. I wish we were united with more love, more affection, and more memories together. I am sending my best wishes in Shivaratri to the craziest family!

This text brings happy wishes of MahaShivaratri to my good family with love. Let this festival bring a lot of love and happiness in our hearts and bring our family closer to each other.

Dear family, wishing everyone a happy celebration of MahaShivaratri. Let us celebrate this auspicious festival with good cheer and share our love and good for each other by burning evil.

To my dear family, sending love and happy MahaShivaratri the best wishes through this text. I send beautiful gifts to all the members of the family and I hope you love them.

To my lovely family, wishing a happy celebration of MahaShivaratri. I hope everyone is enjoying new clothes and festivity everywhere and I send you sweets for all of you.

Happy Shivratri Greetings in English Language

Here’s hoping that this auspicious occasion of Shivaratri, brings joy to your life making everything around bright and beautiful – May you enjoy all the blessings that it brings along today and always.

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