999 Happy Maha Shivaratri Wishes, Messages, SMS, Facebook Status in English Language

A thousand affectionate thoughts and a wish of heart for a holy day full of happiness!

When I see you I’m happy when I talk to you I feel great, when I hear your name I always think of you. Wishes for a happy Shivratri.

The most beautiful things in life cannot be seen by looking at each other with EYES but they FEEL with the HEART and not just these days but ALWAYS. Warm wishes to you on this holy day.

Maha Shivratri 2020 Wishes For friends

The days, the weeks, the month’s pass, then finally we get to Maha Shivratri and as always the atmosphere becomes magical. There is a festive atmosphere, we think of friends and it is nice to exchange greetings.

A special greeting that comes from the heart, a heart in love that wants to scream in the sky how happy to spend this Shivratri by your side.

Maha Shivratri 2020 Wishes For friends

It is beautiful, on the morning of a festive day, knocking on the door of friends and bringing words of love to them.

My wish is that on this magical night you can see your most beautiful wish fulfilled … Happy Shivratri.


At Shivratri, give yourself something really special, something you’ve never tried, something you’ve never had … A brain.

God looks at us with eyes of infinite love… A heartfelt wish for love, peace, and serenity.

Let’s try to divide the joys of Shivratri with others and we will realize that even the least bright things will be illuminated by a different light

I will look for the most beautiful story and I will whisper it softly because you get to the heart and you bring my best wishes for happy Shivratri.

This night far away, the good God has been human. To save us down, on preventing love and not the war. He will be back your sins and you will be forgiven. And if you pray yet, you will have a happy month.

That tenderness, complicity and the effect that binds us, always remain in natural soils. In fact, a world of greeting and a great hug.

Maha Shivratri Facebook Status

May this Shivratri shine the light in the hearts of those who suffer, rekindle the dreams of those who are no longer able to dream, give strength and courage to anyone who needs them.

I hope that this Holy Day can remember the value that all of us, afflicted by daily problems, neglect: the FAMILY!


On this day we open our hearts to feel that we can hardly express at other times. Shivratri is LOVE because we rediscover more sensitiveness to the needs of others. It is a UNION, for all those who seek and want a strong and lasting bond.

LOVE, SERENITY, and RESPECT that we demonstrate to ourselves and others, can always accompany us, not only on this day but in the time to come.

This message is testimony that Shivratri must be yesterday, today, tomorrow. We are reborn every day with the desire to go all the way to the end. Best wishes

Maha Shivratri Facebook Status

Shivratri is harmony. Harmony begins with a smile. May you smile every day of your life. Best wishes

Never cut a tree in the winter. Making negative decisions when morale is broken. Wait, patience, the storm passes, again spring comes!

It is necessary to defeat pride in successes and to resist desperation in disasters.

Are you patient enough to reach the end of your path? It is said that the postage stamps are invaluable because they stick to the letter until they reach their destination. Be a postage stamp and finish what you started.

A wise man is superior to any insult to be directed at him, and the best answer to unbecoming actions is patience and moderation.

Do you have the patience to wait until the mud settles and the water becomes clear? Can you stay still until the right action turns out to be spontaneous?

The darker the night, the brighter the stars. The deeper the pain, the closer God is. Look at the situation and don’t worry, be patient; patience is bitter, but the fruit is sweet.


Be brave in the face of the great sorrows of life, and be patient with their little grief. And sleep peacefully when you finish your day. Don’t worry, God is awake!

Every dream begins with a dreamer. Remember that you have the power, patience, and passion to reach the stars to change the world.

Maha Shivratri 2020 Wishes For friends

Everything waits its time. Neither the rose opens ahead of time, nor the sun rises prematurely. Wait, who’s yours will come to you.

One can do anything that one can consciously think, safely wait and believe. The universe does not set boundaries; we limit ourselves with our beliefs.

You have to tell yourself: It seems to me that if I continue to work on it and want it enough, I can reach it. That’s called perseverance.

When you enter a bad period and when everything seems to be against you. Don’t give up when you feel like you can’t last a minute, because that’s the place and time the course will change.

Patience is not to stand and wait, but to be forward-thinking. What is patience? Looking at the thorn and looking at the night is to imagine the rose.

God, dare to change things that I can’t change, patience to accept things I can’t change and give the wisdom to understand the difference between the two.

The passenger, no way, you do the way. The road is your footsteps, don’t think of anything else. The passenger, no way. The path is the way you walk.

Timing, fortitude, and striving for 10 years will ultimately make you seem to be successful overnight.

Maha Shivratri 2020 Wishes For friends

There are things that will cause you to lose your mind or you have no mind to lose. An abnormal response to an abnormal condition is normal behavior.

A wise man does not desire more than he can win in a fair way, because he can use it unpretentiously. He can distribute with joy and can leave behind with peace.

Wisdom once settled in the soul, firstly manifests itself on the human face without hesitation. The inner peace is reflected in the external peace as the other organs of the body.

You must be humble to be open to the unknown. People should be aware of ignorance. You should know that there is always something unknown.

Never look back, buddy. Never look back. And then, without guilt, without hesitation, move forward. He lies in front of life, not behind you. You did what you did. You can’t modify it, But you can move on.

Let others be satisfied with small lives, do not be satisfied. Let others discuss small things, don’t join. Let others cry for their little pain, so don’t cry. Let others give their future in the hands of others, you do not give.

It is not a fear of failure, which prevents us from trying exciting things. Fear of the emergence of our failure. Fear of being seen as a failed person.

If you have the courage, you may be chasing enough to accomplish something. You could see it lasted two, three or four times longer than you thought.

Maha Shivratri 2020 Wishes For friends

Very few people are brave enough to find their way. Everyone has talent, but he chooses not to see it. To accept your talent and confront him is to face the world.

What you know your biggest fortune. You are always the risk of knowing what you are in the biggest risk, then learn how to manage risk instead of avoiding it.

In need of faith, it requires to be prepared to be breeding and to be blamed to be dangerous. Safety and security cannot be faithful.

As in the evolution of human societies and individual fate, the highest achievements in the life of life are obtained in the most avert danger.

If you want to be in full safety, look at the prison. Sees the people there, and they gave them medical care. The only missing, freedom.

One day we will release the energy of the atom. We will make interplanetary journeys. We will prolong life and cure cancer and tuberculosis. But we will never solve the secret of being governed by the lowest level.

Maha Shivratri 2020 Wishes For friends

The motivation with fear only takes effect in a short time. The long-term instrument that will motivate people is to be proud of itself. Because it is effective over a longer period of time, it allows for achieving better results.

Your subconscious mind is rich in ideas. There is an unlimited number of ideas ready to flow into the subconscious, and these can come in cash in a thousand ways.

What makes us strong is not what we eat, but our tastes. What makes us rich is not what we earn, but what we keep. The things we read are not what make us wise, they are the things we put in our minds.

Great opportunities do not come to your eyes. They appear in your mind. Most of those who cannot acquire wealth are those who have been deprived of financial education to recognize opportunities.

It is a common misperception that you need to work harder to earn more. As a result, your earnings will increase not when you change your way of thinking.

Maha Shivratri 2020 Wishes For friends

One of our strongest passions is the desire to gain the respect of oneself and respect of others. Nowadays appreciation and respect are heard against rich-looking people. This is the main reason why people want to be rich.

Life is weird. Here, sometimes kings are beggars, beggars are king. Don’t get an image. Look inside. The heart is rich when it throws with joy; The heart is rich in nature, in harmony with the ultimate law of life.

Evaluate every aspect of your life and see in any way whether you hold your victim identity in your subconscious. This is the first step of unlimited wealth!

All the opportunities we need in life await in your imagination. Imagination is a working workshop that transforms mental energy into success and richness.

The human wants to earn money to be happy, all his effort and the best part of his life to spend this money. Happiness is forgotten, vehicles replace the purpose.

One more year is about to be over, but don’t worry when it’s getting too fast. Remember, everyone’s going through the same thing. My wish is that all your wishes are real today. Every new day that will form its future is more beautiful than the previous day, and it will suit your wishes and make you happy.

God willing, the best of happiness, live the most beautiful, loves the most beautiful, you climb a ladder of success. You never lose your smile and the joy you deserve. I would like to congratulate you on your wish to unite in the night prayers when the palms are opened, the eyes live, the moment when the divine inspirations are caressing the hearts.

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