999 Happy Maha Shivaratri Wishes, Messages, SMS, Facebook Status in English Language

Writing the name in the sand, the waves will erase it. You can’t write your name in the sky, the wind can shatter it. Write your name in the hearts of people so you can always stay there.

Forgive; But never forget, or you’ve hurt again. Forgiveness changes the point of view, forgetting the lesson you get.

People who have no dark points in their hearts and who never get confused in their hearts, how boring you are with your contradictory and shadowless lives and how little you are.

Mahashivratri Wishes in English

Our minds are limited, but we are surrounded by endless possibilities in the conditions of this limitation. The purpose of life is to understand as much as we can grasp from this eternity.

Record the words spoken by intelligent people and apply them to your everyday life. Live them, but do not read the memorization because what he said unceasingly repetitive one of the books on the back of a donkey is not different from the shot.

The thoughts that you spend in your life and not in your mind lead you to your dreams.

The initial foundation stone for balanced and perfect success is honesty, character, integrity, confidence, love, and loyalty.


May the sunshine of this holy day bring happiness to you. May Your morning be always good, your day intellectual, your home is blessed and peaceful.

Never be disturbed by negatives. Burn the candle; And let the darkness go by itself. Trying to fight with the dark. There is no way; Because darkness doesn’t exist, so how can you fight it? Burn only one candle, and let it go.

Mahashivratri Wishes in English

Like a sunflower, you will always turn to face the Sun. Your soul will be enlightened.

Successful people, regardless of their surroundings, continue to focus on the positive in their lives.

Remember that failure has two advantages. First; If you’re wrong, you’ll learn what’s not working. The second is; The failure gives you the opportunity to start a new one.

Everything that happens to you is a teacher who teaches you something new. The secret is to try to learn something, sitting at the feet of your own life. Everything that happens to you is the lesson, which will be either favor or favor that will teach you.

When you realize that the subconscious mind is outwardly manifested, whatever impulse was imposed on it, you understand the need to concentrate and repeat one suggestion.

The positive propositions that you say consciously and feel as real will show itself in your mind, in your body, and in your actions. Suggest good things and enjoy living.


You will see for yourself how things that are hampering us today will be useful for us.

Mahashivratri Wishes in English

Enthusiasm! There are so many reasons: Flowers open, birds sing, the sun shines in the sky, celebrate for them. You’re breathing and you’re alive, your consciousness is clear, you celebrate!

You can shine something with a natural interest. Because everything is interesting by nature until we have negative thoughts and beliefs on them.

If you realize how powerful your thoughts are, you wouldn’t have thought negative thoughts again.

If an external factor makes you sad, the pain you hear is not from that thing itself. But from the value that you give it, and you have the power to eliminate it at any time.

If you want to awaken all humanity, wake yourself up completely. If you want to end the pain in the world, eliminate the darkness and negative energy within you. In fact, the biggest gift you can give to the world is your own change.

Mahashivratri Wishes in English

If you fall into despair one day, never forget that one day only takes 24 hours!

Of course, you can’t chop chips through the saw. Because they are already chopped. The same goes for the past. If you’re upset about the things that have happened in the past, you’re chopping sawdust with saws.

A worry is a form of fear, and all forms of fear become tired. Someone who doesn’t feel fearful doesn’t have much daily fatigue.

No matter what happened to you in the past, you’re not your past. You have the skills and resources you have collected from the past. And this is the basis of all change.


Don’t believe your eyes show you. They only show their limits. When you look through your soul beyond what we already know, you will find the way to fly.

Tears are the most wonderful prayers. Don’t worry about analyzing them. Don’t interpret them. They are beyond analysis and interpretations. The words are never enough to say anything about tears. Tears come from a deeper source than words.

As you live in your mind the idea of being strong and useful, you will see that you are really starting to be. As you insist, there will be opportunities.

Sunlight is delicious, the rain regenerates, the wind revives us, the snow excites. There is no such thing as bad weather, only good weather varieties.

Maha Shivratri Facebook Status

Life is like a blanket coming short. Pull up, your toes rebel. If you pull down, your shoulders will shake; but still, cheerful people pull their knees to their bellies and sleep comfortably.

Smile every moment, never mind what you think. And let’s wonder what you’re laughing at, let’s laugh, why don’t you laugh?

Each obstacle is an opportunity. For frustration, to be happy; hate, to love; crime, for convergence; irresponsibility is an opportunity to be confined.

An important key to success is to trust yourself. The key to self-confidence is to prepare artwork.

When you start to understand the feeling of thought and thoughts in a real sense, you will also see how you create your own reality. The source of your independence and power is here.

They do notice the inactivity, suspect, and fear. If you want to be the proof of self-confidence and courage, do not sit at home and think about them. Go out and get yourself busy!

Maha Shivratri 2020 Wishes For friends

Peaceful days, all the beauties and sweetness in your heart are reflected in your life as friends. Have a good Shivratri.

Maha Shivratri Facebook Status

Life is not like a novel, which we can repeat from the first page whenever we wish. In real life, when a story is no longer fun, it starts to pain, we can’t repeat it or rewrite from the first page again. But that’s okay because we can always make new chapters, new pages, and new novels. Always can.

If you act how you always act, you will get what you always get.

If there is still someone who can make you happy or suffering, it’s a sign that the switch of your life is still held by others. A master holds his own switch.

Good things come to those who wait patiently, but better things come to those who set out on action and get them.

A good life is a consistent process, not a condition that exists by itself. Life itself is a direction for a path, not a goal.

To live a creative and original life, we must lose our fear of doing wrong or conducting some mistake.

Try not to be a successful person, but try to be a person of value and morals.

Everyone’s life ends in the same normal way. Only the details of how he lived, survived and how he met how to end that differentiate one person from another.

Maha Shivratri Facebook Status

What seems to us to be a bitter test is often a disguised blessing.

Live your days on the positive side of life, in harmony and in rhythm with your most valuable values. And at every minute you will have many things to go through.

Life is not created perfect from sacrifice or a big task. But is made of small things like smiles, kindness, and small obligations that have become habits that win and perpetuate the heart and guarantee pleasure.

Every second of life is like a picture that has never been seen, and a picture that will never appear again. Only grateful people are able to enjoy every sadness – the pain – as a precious moment.

If something you love does not happen then be happy what happens.

The highest value of life depends more on strength on awareness and reflection than on mere survival.

Affection, expression or the like, is important for the life of affection. If they are really limited, love will disappear to the root.

The reason most people never reach their goal is that they do not define themselves, or have ever considered it as something that can be trusted or can be achieved. Winners can tell you where they went, what they will do along the way, and who will share their adventures with them.

Maha Shivratri Facebook Status

I send you a message to wish you happy Shivratri. But it is not a message like everyone else: I want to tell you that you are the nicest person that exists. You help me, console me, comfort me, advise me. And this is precisely what makes you a different person: you are special and without you, I would never have overcome the difficulties and obstacles of life: thank you!

The most beautiful wish I can give you is that the joy of this day always remains within you.

May this holy day, so important, be a beacon of light for you that will illuminate your path forever.

The most affectionate greeting gains that the happiness of this moment, accompany you throughout life. A warm embrace.

May your future be as pure and candid as it is on this day.

With best wishes, so that you can protect yourself in time, bless this Holy Day.

Maha Shivratri Facebook Status

It is a pleasure to share the joy of this moment with you and your parents.

It is a date to remember so that you can always think of this day with joy.

That your meeting with Lord Shiva is forever, that he always keep you good and dear how you are now.

Let’s pray with you on this day because your heart becomes the house of the Lord.

With best wishes because it can overlook the blessing of this holy day over time.

Thank you for involving me in this holy celebration. And a pleasure divides with you and your parents the joy of this moment.

A thought and prayer also for us when Lord Shiva will fall into your heart.

You have received a precious good: please store in your heart forever, accompany you in a life full of joy.

The Holy Shiva guide your steps on the path of life. Today your soul receives the spirit of the Lord. Admire all that He has done for you, listen to his word, speak to you of peace, follow his example ….. You will not be mistaken, his light will guide you.

Maha Shivratri Facebook Status

From today God is with you, that his breath warms you on the path of life. Best wishes.

Remember that God lavishes His blessings who makes a vow to love Him and be His forever. My wish is that the light of Shiva’s faith always follows and enlightens you.

May the hand of the Lord has rested on your shoulder: accompany you for life and always protect you.

Your name is like that of many but you are a person like few others. Happy Shivratri.

For the world you are just a name, for me, your name is the whole world. Best wishes.

Your beauty, not only exterior but also and above all interior, makes you shining in the eyes of those lucky enough to be near you and those who love you.

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