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We want open doors here on Earth, but God wants to open doors for us in heaven. It is of no use our hands raised in adoration if during the week our life is associated with the sin.

Death is established not at the end of life, but at the end of faith. The pain of surrender will never be greater than the joy of what you will live with God after the renunciation.

Our best inheritance is not in this world – it awaits us in heaven. Do not wait for the manifestation of God until you take the first step.

Lord Shiva may not give you what you want when you want, but He always comes at the right time. May Lord Shiva make your greatest defect your greatest ministry.

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Maha Shivratri every time you smile and whenever you remain silent to listen to another; every time you turn your back to the principles to make room for people. Every time you hope with those who suffer; whenever you know your limits and your weakness with humility. Every time you allow the Lord to love others through you …

What a wonderful warm air, sweet emotions that can cheer the hearts of those who gather to celebrate the day of Shiva.

The night of Shivratri lit a new light comes on full of hope that I hope will always illuminate your steps.


I wish you to experience real emotions and a lot of joy in your heart because this is Maha Shivratri.

One of the special joys of the day of Lord Shiva is being able to tell others how important they are to us. God who is capable to ingest the most toxic poison and place it in the neck forever can do everything.

God never gives us a gift that we are not able to receive. If he gives us a present, it is because we have the ability to understand and receive it. Lord Mahadev is the star that guides you along the desert of the present life.

Some suggestions for this day of Lord Shiva. Forgive your enemy. To your opponent give tolerance. To a friend give your heart. To a customer provide the service. To all give charity. To every child be a good example. To yourself give respect.

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At Shivratri, many dreams come true and many others do not, but it does not matter. Dreams, whether they come true or not, are the most beautiful thing we have … And no one can ever take them away.

May the night of Shivratri shine for you with light, grace, and love.

I always thought of Maha Shivratri as a beautiful moment. A kind, charitable moment, pleasant, glorious, joyful and dedicated to forgiveness. The only time I know, in the long year, in which men and women seem to open their hearts, usually closed, consensually and freely.

The most beautiful things in life are not to look at each other but feel with the heart. A warm wish for a happy Shivratri.


The night of Shivratri moves a magic wand on the world and everything becomes sweeter, bright, sparkling, stunning, warm and more beautiful.

What is Shivratri? It is tenderness for the bygone, strength and power for the present, hope for the future. It is the burning desire that every cup can overflow with rich and eternal blessings and that each path can lead to peace.

It’s the best time to make every dream come true. Be joyful, positive and happy. I wish you only the best!

I hope that life will flow for you but not too much to bore you; that has the right emotions but not too much to make you suffer. That has the right suffering to make you grow but not too much to destroy you and that there is all possible love that is never too much.

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I will honor, praise and worship Lord Shiva in my heart and I will try to keep him with me all year long.

If the time has crosses when miracles happened, there remained at least one magical day when anything can happen.

The great achievements of life are not achieved in one day. Life is won with love, courage, and perseverance. May your Shivratri be filled with peace, happiness, and joy.

Love, peace, and solidarity: the three gifts that we should distribute to everyone on Maha Shivratri.

May the true spirit of Shivratri soon spread throughout the day of the year. When this happens, we will have a more just, fraternal, supportive and peaceful society.

And even with all the obstacles that life prepares for us, we can overcome the barriers and move on to another year that will surely be better.


May the beauty and tenderness of Shivratri and all that this date invoke become part of your life today and forever.

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Shivratri is the time of year when our hearts are more receptive and harmonious and our hopes are renewed.

The best Shivratri message is the one that comes out in silence from our hearts and gently warms the hearts of those who accompany us in our journey through life.

Over time we discover that we are part of two families, the first is the genetic family, the one where we are born and grow. The other family is that which is composed of the people with whom we create the bonds of true friendship and call them to live within our heart.

Let’s celebrate Shivratri, rescuing its real meaning: love of neighbor and faith in Lord Mahadev.

May we warm our hearts with the Shivratri mood and transmit this love to everyone around us.

Shivratri brings people closer together, crossing borders and forming new bonds of peace and friendship.

I wish your Shivratri to be bright with joy, enlightened with love, full of harmony and full of peace!

It’s great to have someone as special as you, someone I can tell whenever I need you to give me affection and attention, you’re all I need. Happy Shivratri.

May this Shivratri be with loved ones, living moments of peace, love, and joy.

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Even if other things are lost over the years, let’s keep Shivratri bright. Let us return to our infantile faith.

Shivratri is a time of year when people of all religions are together to worship Lord Shiva.

Shivratri as bright as possible, a dream of warm winter, quiet with loved ones, good news from the magicians! The holy Shivratri night leaves aside worries and annoyances. Open your heart and receive a drop of the blessing that flows over the world this night!

Enjoy peace, light, dazzling merriment and warmth with your dear ones. Give it all the heart and open your soul fully to receive love and happiness. Let your soul reborn and live every day as an invaluable gift.

This is a special night, where you can meet a special person! It’s about the kid you were. Forget the worries for one night and experience the miracle of Lord Shiva.

Learn to collect from each Shivratri holiness, joy, light that you can share with your loved ones all year long! Fill on Shivratri night with fulfilled dreams! Learn to dream, go beyond the real, Lord Shiva is doing miracles!

Faith, hope, a new beginning, love, gifts, true friends … Are just some of the things you want to have in Shivratri.

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Be happy to remember all the accomplishments, with the melancholy of all the beautiful moments and with the confidence of all that you have not done … Be proud to have the same warm soul.

Your soul to vibrate in harmony and peace, love to receive you in your arms full of warmth and gentleness, and luck to follow you anywhere …

Shivratri is the time to forget about worries and uproar, to forgive and to love and to remember that we are never alone!

The light of Lord Shiva extends from one house to another, from one heart to another, and the warmth and joy of Shivratri bring us all closer!

Belief does everything possible, hope gives us the strength to continue, love makes everything beautiful. For Shivratri, I wish you had all of them!

I wish you on this Shivratri to bring you health and happiness, fulfilling all the desires and health of your loved ones. May Lord Shiva bring you, joy in the homes, good luck, and health alongside your loved ones.

The brilliance of the Lord Mahadev illuminate your hearts, and in your souls to mirror the warm light of the warm fire.

The charm of the Shivratri to enliven you and to enlighten your whole being! Enjoy the true significance of this celebration with everyone you love! The greatest gift that Lord Shiva can bring us is a happy family and dear friends.

One of the joys of Shivratri is to think about the special people alive and you are one of those wonderful people!

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A good thought, a clean heart, a smile on your face, words of spirit and peace in the soul is all that I want you to celebrate in this coming Shivratri festival.

MY FRIEND, THANK YOU for being by my side even in the most ADVERSE moments. FRIENDS like YOU make LIFE more beautiful and delightful and I THANK you from HEART your sincere friendship.

Your FRIENDSHIP is for me a GIFT from GOD SHIVA, THANK YOU for being my FRIEND in the GOOD and in the BAD.

Despite the differences, you may have with them, never forget to thank your parents for everything they do for you. Best wishes on Shivratri.

Despite the difficult times I am going through, I have many reasons to THANK GOD. To all the people that make me HAPPY. THANK YOU for being part of my LIFE.

FRIEND, thank you for your beautiful, honest, loyal and sincere friendship. Do not ever change. Love you very much. Greetings for Shivratri.

Always thanks to the hand that you tend to cross a puddle, you never know how deep it can become. Every day I THANK the LORD for having put people like YOU in my LIFE.

Every morning when you wake up, give THANK YOU to GOD for the gift he gives you every day: LIFE. When you drink water, remember the source.

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When you give thanks to living, you are transforming the DIFFICULTIES and PROBLEMS into BALANCE and TRANQUILITY for your LIFE. When you RISE each MORNING remember to give THANKS for LIFE, for everything that surrounds you and allows you to ENJOY LIFE every DAY.

When you live CUTE moments give THANKS to the LIFE when you live BAD MOMENTS remember all the GOOD MOMENTS that you have LIVED. The more you THANK LIFE, the more reasons LIFE will give you to be THANKFUL.

Nothing resists the time, everything is finished, only the things that we keep next to God they remain forever.

I have the greatest treasures, the most beautiful jewels. They are prayers that life has brought me to sculpt the happiness of having God in my ways.

To speak of God is very easy, to see it in everyday life even easier. It is difficult to believe that there are blind people and they do not see Him in the fabric of life.

I have nothing beyond what all people have. The only difference between me and others is that I believe in the presence of God in my life and always put it ahead of my actions.

No matter what people think of you, they may err and condemn you for your actions. But if you are acting right, God knows your steps and will show you the way. God does not want to see you sad, unhappy and not to see you crying, He wants every day that his children have the peace and wisdom to overcome themselves and achieve success!

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The reason for my joy is the certainty that God is by my side and nothing can change my steps while making Him my direction.

God, in the greatness of your presence in my life, I follow my road giving value to my achievements and thanking you for being part of them all.

May the world and people want their evil and conspire against you, but if you trust in God nothing will hinder your achievements. Whoever has God in heart and soul is not afraid of anything, for there is no envy nor evil that can survive under the light of His eyes.

May the hands of God protect you and fill you with many blessings of health! Watch the time, think of the time, accept the time and thank the time, since time resumes every day and all of us, with the blessing of God …

Enlightened Person, I desire You Much Peace, Much Tenderness, Light and a life full of blessings filled with Love …

May God bless and enlighten our present, for the past is only longing and remembrance and the future a great mystery. Your affection softens my pain Your words are musical notes. Gently touching my heart Your friendship, a valuable gift.

God … There are so many requests! But on this day take a look at the home of this wonderful person who is reading this message and pour many blessings.

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Trust … Things happen on time. Exactly when they should happen! Happy moment praise God. Difficult time to seek God. It is from the mounds of affliction that God takes his best soldiers. The proofs of life are not meant to destroy us, but to build.

God asks us to have confidence Never get discouraged in the midst of the struggles. Go ahead, for God said: Tell the weak that I am strong.

God delivers on time … Everything that belongs to you Do not worry, do not be surprised. If he’s late … Remember he’s the only one!

Trust in God! Those who trust in the Lord always receive new strength. They fly on high like eagles, they run and they do not get tired, they walk and they do not fatigue.

Do you know what’s beautiful? To be able to look at the sky every day and in the midst of problems, there is a reason to smile …

Fear not, do not worry. The world can tell you that it does not give and that everything is over, but God tells you yes and ends only when he says it’s the end. With sun or rain, each day give God a prayer of thanks for the new opportunity for spiritual growth.

Miracles happen! They are part of the life of those who know God. Whoever lives in communion with God, sees miracles every day! Shelter Whatever is on the road, God will protect you. In times of joy, ask God for balance. In times of trial, take refuge in God.

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May the wisdom of God instruct you. May God’s eye watch over you. Let the ear of God hear you. May the word of God speak to you softly. God, who is within you, discovers Himself more to you, reveals Himself and produces effects if He shows Himself to Him … Believe more in God.

Thank you for this great moment of unique light. For the beauties that I failed to see, for the words that I refused to listen to, and for everything I saw, heard and felt. The times I got up, and when I fell. For all that I’ve got, and for the moments that I failed.

Thank you for the moments of doubt and the problems solved. Because you were with me in the coldest hours and the warmest, never leaving me alone. I am especially grateful for the freedom to think, to wish, to love and to choose. Of being nothing, but of being able to have become who I really am…

We thank Him who gifted us with the most precious good we could ever receive, life, and with it the ability to think, love and fight for the achievement of our ideals.

Many were the struggles, the greater the victories, and that because the Lord was always present, turning a weakness into strength and defeat into victory. We recognize that all the time the Lord has loved us and that without His merciful grace and intervention none of this would be possible.

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We are no longer the same. We mature when facing various obstacles, but now everything is happy because we reach our target. Today, we are sure that His company was the basis for this victory.

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