Top 10 Maha Shivaratri Animated Greetings Cards Collection


On the propitious event of Maha Shivratri, I wish you to appreciate the best of festivities with your family and companions, to appreciate quick and gathering, music and move, delight and fun. Wishing an exceptionally cheerful Maha Shivratri.

The happy snapshot of the year has come when we as a whole plan to appeal to God for Lord Mahadev into our lives. We dress flawlessly, keep quick and get ready bel leaves to offer to Lord Shiva. Sending my all the best on the heavenly event of Maha Shivratri.

May Lord Mahadev dependably be there to favor you and your friends and family to fill your existence with satisfaction, achievement, and thriving. By sending you my all the best on the propitious event of Maha Shivratri.

Today is the day when Lord Mahadev spares our earth from the obliteration. Today is the pooja of the god who has the enchantment of winning hearts with his sweet visits and his warm heart. Give us a chance to appeal to him so he will dependably fill us with his gifts and love. We wish all of you a Very cheerful Maha Shivratri.

May Lord Mahadev enable you the quality and to cut down every one of mind-blowing afflictions! Cheerful Mahadev puja!

May you get every one of the prizes chosen by Lord Shiva! Let this Mahadev puja bring bliss for you and your family.

Discover this day with satisfaction and grasp this heavenly rapture of this warm welcome I send you today so you will discover achievement and gifts in an extraordinary assortment. Cheerful Mahadev puja!


Notwithstanding when the sky turns dim, I implore that the god favors your approach to give you solidarity to beat it and accomplish every one of your wants and objectives. Have a glad recognition of Mahadev puja.

Let the celestial endowments of the god Bhole flood into your life, this I wish you in Mahadev puja. Appreciate this extraordinary celebration!

Let the chipper soul of Mahadev puja spread today! From my home to yours, I want you to enjoy all that life has to offer!

I won’t lose the chance to send you this unique welcome. May Bholenath bring you endless heaps of sweet rewards! Upbeat Shivratri! Attempt the best triumphs since Shankar will give you these cheerful Shivratri!

I woke up well today Yahoo! It’s an exceptional day! Appreciate the Mahadev puja prasad while we revere the god with awe.

My all the best to you in Mahadev puja! I will send this welcome with a warm embrace. Appreciate the delightment of the merriments!

Look! A brilliant future is in front of you! This I go to Lord Shankar to favor you. Have a sweet day, this Mahadev puja!

In this Mahadev puja, dispose of every one of your stresses, since the solutions to your supplications are en route. Accept and never released them, that Lord will favor all that she does.

Keep the battling soul with you to neutralize the probabilities of this life. Get the good quality since he likewise needs to see you succeed at last.

Wishing you appreciate the prizes of Lord Shiva’s bliss, great wellbeing and flourishing will dependably stay with you. Welcome to a cheerful life!

Have a delightful Mahadev puja! Appreciate extraordinary minutes in this incredible celebration! Give this fun a chance to convey sweet delights to you and your family! Have a great time this Mahadev puja.

I want to be there to state this sweet welcome from my heart. Yet, I request that you appreciate this incredible celebration. Glad Mahadev puja!

May you discover fulfillment and accomplishment in the entirety of your endeavors! Considering and missing you a great deal in Shivratri.

How about we motivate together to adore Lord Shankar and get every one of the favors he will immerse our homes, an incredible festival for you!

Give us a chance to value this minute, to exploit this day as the fundamental demonstrations. Upbeat Shivratri!

Neighbor siblings and sisters and confidants Join turns in supplication and festivity, we appeal to God for favors with intense expectation. Glad Shivratri, companions!

May this day be as brilliant as the brilliant sun, to praise the Mahadev puja with comforting grins, twofold the enjoyment with energizing treats, as we take the gathering to the lanes.

May Lord Mahadev keep on ensuring you and your family! May his hand covers you generally! Endowments for you in Shivratri!


May your days and years be more splendid endowments and may the bounty for you be washed have numerous profits of the day! Glad Shivratri, companions.

Much obliged to you for sending me those warm wishes. That this Mahadev puja brings numerous triumphs. Appreciate and have a favored get-away!

Appreciate the rhythms of the bhajan that is suspended noticeable all around and fill the roads with great spirits, have an incredible day! Have an incredible Shivratri!

May the gifts of Lord Shankar sparkle on you and may every one of your petitions be allowed in this Mahadev puja! May your days be loaded up with thriving, bliss, and joy! Warm wishes on this day of Shivratri.

Shivratri is an honored time. Be satisfied with the brilliant qualities of Lord Shankar and commend every one of the endowments of the god with your companions, family, colleagues and friends and family.

A large number of weird dreams for a goal, a little obstruction can bring interferences. Keep confidence in Lord Shankar. May God favor you cheerfully all year! I wish you a cheerful Shivratri.

May Lord Shankar reinforce you to battle against all shades of malice. May he give you the bravery to confront every one of the disarranges! Glad Shivratri!

It’s the season to get together with the family, it’s the season to grin cheerfully. It is the season when Lord Shankar come in the earth to favor us. Sending warm wishes in Shivratri!

Much obliged to you! The desires have made my Shivratri a noteworthy one! May Lord Mahadev pulverize all the insidious that encompasses you and fill your existence with satisfaction and thriving! Upbeat Shivratri.


May the gift of God gives you the valor to handle the issues of life! Cheerful Shivratri! May Lord favor you with all the bliss of the world! Have the best Shivratri!
You are the main explanation behind all the delight and satisfaction. Glad Shivratri! May every one of your issues abandon you, Praise him today and dependable. Upbeat Shivratri.

The promising day of Maha Ashtami has arrived, the Shivratri quick has finished, appreciate the products of the soil. Celebrate. Cheerful Shivratri!

Master Shankar is here to add delight to our day, he is there to favor us all around. Cheerful Shivratri! Best respects to Shivratri. May Lord Shankar enable us to battle against all debasement.

This Shivratri, the sound of the bhajan is by all accounts out of musicality. Since you are not with me. Considering you and missing you. This time favorable. May bliss and concordance be yours, sending me all the best to you in this Shivratri.

I wish you the best for this unique religious day. Give us a chance to participate in the propitious day of Shivratri and copy the fun and feeling that touch the snapshots of the association. Upbeat Shivratri!

Give the favors of the Lord Mahadev a chance to flood into your life. Appreciate this extraordinary celebration. Have a favored Shivratri! May Lord Mahadev favor you with harmony, thriving, and achievement!

On this promising event of Shivratri, Lord Mahadev that removes every one of your stresses and favors you with wellbeing, riches and thriving! On the event of Maha Shivratri, May happiness, harmony, and fulfillment be with you and your family today and dependable!

It is the season when Lord Shankar spared our earth from decimation. May Lord Mahadev erase every one of your indecencies and bring you satisfaction and delight fill your life and success with warm wishes for Shivratri!

Lucky is he who has figured out how to appreciate, yet not to envy. Great wishes for frightened celebration Maha Shivratri, with much harmony and flourishing!

Give us a chance to join on the propitious day of Shivratri and copy the fun and energy that stroke the snapshots of the association!

I won’t lose the chance to send you this unique welcome. May Maheshwar bring you incalculable heaps of sweet rewards! Upbeat Shivratri.

Bowing our heads looking for the gift of Lord Shankar with loved ones among all satisfaction and euphoria in Shivratri. May this cheerful season light up your days and evenings! Cheerful Shivratri!

Perhaps I’ll get all the delight and fulfillment of today and proceed onward for every one of your mornings. Upbeat Shivratri!

Offer the cheerful soul the chance to comprehend you and your friends and family on this extraordinary occasion. I wish you a merry Maha Shivratri. May Lord Mahadev transmit delight to you, your loved ones! May the unfathomable favors of Lord Mahadev be with you when all is said in done!

May Lord Mahadev give you the mettle to battle against all shades of malice! Upbeat Maha Shivratri. May the merriments bring you everlasting harmony!

Life has high points and low points, some days can be troublesome, however, Lord Mahadev will enable you the boldness and be intense. Cheerful Maha Shivratri!

Appreciate the voyage of life, mile after mile. Ruler Mahadev will favor you, a great many smiles. Upbeat Maha Shivratri.

Maha Shivratri is an ideal time to tell you that you are uncommon to me, that Lord Mahadev is dependably close by and favor you to forever. Upbeat Maha Shivratri.

Regardless of whether you are far away. Here is a desire I sent to pass on that they are recalled today in the most profound piece of my heart. Upbeat Maha Shivratri. May the endowments of Lord Mahadev sparkle on you and may every one of your supplications be conceded in this Maha Shivratri!

On this promising day of Maha Shivratri, I welcome you, Happiness and improve at all dimensions for all, for all occasions, the accomplishment toward the finish of every one of your exercises in the most honest way.

May Lord Mahadev fortify you to battle against all disasters, give you the mettle to confront all issue. May Lord Mahadev satisfy every one of the fantasies you need, to satisfy them and take you increasingly elevated. May she enables you with name, distinction, and wellbeing, may he favor your existence with numerous wealth and wealth! Upbeat Maha Shivratri for you and your family…

Give the happy soul a chance to grasp you and your friends and family on this extraordinary event. I wish you an upbeat Maha Shivratri!

Send my all the best for a Maha Shivratri that brings you favorable luck and achievement. May Lord Mahadev fill his best endowments today and until the end of time. Upbeat Maha Shivratri !!

May this Puja be enlightened for you, the expectations of upbeat occasions, and the fantasies of a year brimming with grins. I wish you upbeat Maha Shivratri!

Those vacant spaces were my quiet supplications, asking Lord Mahadev to direct and ensure you generally in whatever you do and wherever you are! Cheerful Maha Shivratri !!!

May God favor you effectively on the propitious event of Shivratri and may you have the capacity to crush every one of amazing wrongs.

Give us a chance to praise the triumph of good over shrewdness, the triumph of humankind, the triumph of equity, the triumph of truth. I wish you an extremely upbeat Maha Shivratri!

It is the season when Lord Shankar favors our homes and gives us bravery. I wish you and your companions an exceptionally cheerful Maha Shivratri!

The intriguing sound of bhajan reminds all of us that Bholenath will come by and by. I wish you harmony, bliss, and satisfaction on this cheerful event of Maha Shivratri!

The days are cheerful, the mornings are progressively bright these days. Nature appears to have put another face as Lord Shankar is prepared to savor every one of us by and by. Upbeat Maha Shivratri!

Prepare for the greatest celebration on earth. Remember to make the same number of wishes as you can. Since, dear, everything is working out as expected! Glad Maha Shivratri!


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