Maghe Sankranti Festival Nepal 2077 : Maghe Sankranti 2021

Maghe Sankranti Festival Nepal:- What religion is in Nepal? Nepal is the world’s Hindu country and has been conquered by several cultures over the centuries. Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, and even Sikhism and have interwoven their threads over the past thousand years.

Nepal is a country of extremes: it is the country to become independent, the highest altitude nation, the most populous and the lowest elevation nation. In short Nepal has a lot going for itself and the diversity within the country is what makes Nepal the most interesting destination for an Indian tour.

Nepal is also a country where you can practice any religion as you please. The most popular religions practiced in Nepal are Hinduism, Buddhism, Muslim, Jainism and Sikhism.

Of these, Hinduism and Buddhism are the oldest and the least influenced religions in Nepal. Although all three have attained public acceptance, the Nepalese are still largely conservative about their religious beliefs and practices.


Perhaps the most significant religion in Nepal is Hinduism. While it is not the largest religion in Nepal, it is the most widespread. It has over 80% of the population in Nepal and is the state religion.

Most Nepalese are Hindus and the religion has hardly been affected by global events. The faith is easy to understand and people tend to be very friendly and helpful.

Buddhism are another group that has gained popularity in Nepal as they are seen as a religious elite. Buddhism are a religious. They are also accepted widely in mainstream Nepalese society. There are numerous Buddhist temples in the cities of Nepal where you can pay your respects to Buddha.

Hinduism is the most popular religion in Nepal, although there are numbers of Nepalese who follow other faiths. Hinduism preaches the ‘astraya siddhi’, which translates literally as ‘no gain without work’.

In contrast to Buddhism and Sikhism, Hinduism does not tolerate non-vegetarians or non-devotees. Muslims are the largest community of the Nepalese but Islam is spreading fast in other areas of Nepal such as the Darjeeling and Assam.

There is no doubt that Nepal is a country with various religions influencing its social, cultural and political fabric. There is a possibility that the country will continue along the path of diversity as more religions spread and grow in popularity in the country. Whether it will become a secular country or retain its Hindu- Buddhist polity will be decided after the next census.

Majority of the Nepalese population follows the Hindu religion and is quite happy with the way in which the religion is being practiced. On the other hand, some parts of the country, especially in the southern part of the country where Muslims form the majority, wish to follow their own religious practices.

Maghe Sankranti is one of the most the popular festival among Hindu people. Let’s talk about Maghe Sankranti festival of Nepal.

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Maghe Sankranti Festival Nepal 2077 : Maghe Sankranti 2021

This post is about to Maghe Sankranti Festival Nepal 2077 or Maghe Sankranti 2021. Maghe Sankranti माघे सङ्क्रान्ति  is the beginning of the holy month of Magh (Nepali calendar), usually the mid of January month (Christian Calendar). The festival Maghe Sankranti is special to Nepal and Nepali. Maghe Sankranti is perhaps one of the most exciting and frenetic of all the major public festivals.

Maghe Sankranti lies in the 1st day of Magh, 10th month of Nepal, according to Nepali calendar. For your kind information, here in Nepal coutry, Nepali calendar is running. Nepali calendar is only running in Nepal. Now, according to Nepali calendar, 2077 B.S. (Bikram Samvat) is running. It is ahead of Christian Calendar. So, here in Nepal, Maghe Sankranti 2077 will be celebrated.

Maghe Sankranti 2021 or Maghe Sankranti 2077 BS or Maghi festival Nepal
Maghe Maghi sankranti laddoo Til Ko Laddo Chiura Murahi ko laddoo festival hindu Nepal Images

a boy is eating Til ko Laddoo in the day Maghi Sankranti


The many different religious festivals that take place every year form an important part of life in Nepal. As the Nepalese employ the Nepalese calendar or Bikram Samvat which does not exactly tally with the Christian calendar, it is very difficult to give the precise equivalent date, so the festivals have been arranged according to the month they may fall in.

Sankranti means first day of the month. Magh is the name of month. So, Maghe Sankranti is the fisrst day of the month Magh. Maghe Sankranti is also called Maghi Sankranti. Maghe Sankranti is also known as Maghi Parwa. Maghe Sankranti is also known as Gheu Chaku Salhu घ्यःचाकु संल्हु in Newari language.

On this holy day, there are Mela in all over the country Nepal on the holy banks of rivers. People take bath in the holy rivers. One of the greatest Mela is organized on the Barah Chhetra, bank of Holy River. Another greatest Mela is organized on the Shankmul, near to Kathmandu valley.

In this year 2077, starting day of Swasthani Brat Katha is in the Maghe Sankranti.

During the January – February, Maghe Sankranti festival is one of the major festivals of Nepal. It is the national festival of Nepal. People of Nepal get public holidays on this holy festival.

The Maghe Sankranti, the first day of the month Math, the sun enters that part of the zodiac which is symbolized by Capricorn. It starts on its northward journey in its heavenly course on this Maghi Parwa day.

Maghi Parwa or Maghe Sankranti announces informally the commencement of the Uttarayan. The Nepalese people belief this Maghe Sankranti day marks the division of the winter and Summer solstice. Bathing in holy rivers is prescribed for all Nepali in this holy day.

happy maghe sankranti greetings cards images pictures wishes messages sms quotes status photos Hindu Wallpapers Animation animated gif

Happy Maghe Sankranti Greetings Cards

Sankranti is the beginning of the holy month of Magh, usually fall in the mid of January or sometime it goes to 1st week of last week of February. It brings an end to the ill-omened month of Poush, 9th month of Nepal (mid-december) when all religious ceremonies are forbidden.

Maghi festival Nepal : Maghe Sankranti 2021

Maghi Parwa is considered the coldest day of the year. People take holy bath on the Sankhamole, on the banks of the holy Bagmati river. Sankhamole is located below Patan, is thought to be amongst the most sacred sites for this purpose, taking holy bath on this Maghe Sankranti.

Although there has been a decline in the fulfillment of this ritual in the recent years because of water pollution in the river. But Nepali people still go in the wee hours of dawn just to sprinkle themselves with the water. They pay homage to various deities specially the temple of Red Machindranath and Agima Ta.

Maghe Maghi sankranti laddoo Til Ko Laddo Chiura Murahi ko laddoo festival hindu Nepal Images

Maghe Maghi sankranti laddoo Til Ko Laddo Chiura Murahi ko laddoo festival hindu Nepal Images

Maghe Sankranti Foods: Maghe Sankranti 2021 Foods

Maghe Sankranti Foods is famous in the all over the Nepal. Feasting with rich food of special preparation is common in all Nepali family. Feasting with special food is allowed and prepared for this day. There are some food or recipes for this holy day, Maghe Sankranti. Maghe Sankranti Food or Festive foods of Maghi Parwa are laddoo, ghee and sweet potatoes.

Maghe Sankranti Wishes / Maghe Sankranti Messages / Maghe Sankranti 2021 Wishes

Maghi Parwa marks the coming of warmer weather and better days of health and fortune. This day, 1st day of the month Magh, is said to be the most significant day for holy bathing despite the weather. This ritual usually takes place at the union of sacred rivers and streams. The mother of each household wishes good health to all family members.

Maghe Maghi sankranti laddoo Til Ko Laddo Chiura ko laddoo Murahi ko laddoo festival hindu Nepal Image

Maghi Sankranti laddoo


Holy Rivers and places for Maghi Sankranti or Maghi Parwa / Maghe Sankranti 2021

There are more 6000 rivers in Nepal. There is big Mela for celebrating Maghe Sankranti festival Nepal. Some of famous rivers for Maghe Sankranti Mela and for taking a bath are Sankhamul, banks of Bagmati river, Gandaki River, Narayani River, Koshi river, Sun Koshi River, Kamala Rives, Triveni, Devghat near Chitwan Valley, Kali Gandaki river, Dolalghat etc.



Happy Maghe Sankranti 2021.

Best wishes for Maghe Sankranti 2021

Shubha Maghe Sankranti 2021

Happy Maghe Sankranti Festival Nepal 2021.

Maghe Sankranti Festival Nepal 2077 v: Maghe Sankranti 20219

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