Why Madhesi in Nepal is Treated as Indian, Not Nepalese Citizen?

Why Madhesi is treated as Indian not Nepalese

Madhesh income is the great part of country economy stability. As there more than 50% of revenue is received from the Madhesh. Madhesh is dependable factors that make the country momentum in the rapid process because the many industries are established and operated in Madhesh which is also known as Terai. But Madhesi is even though falls in the domination zone and level. They are even not being equally treated by the government.

beaten rice dhan agriculture in madhesh of Nepal
rice dhan agriculture in madhesh

The government itself see the people Nepalese with their two d eyes differently. Everything is in the hand of the white people who things themselves as the aboriginal Nepalese and hate or discriminate the people of Terai or Madhesh which seem in the black or gray-black face. It is too worst news that the government even not performs and visualizes the people of the entire country with their one eyes. There are many programs and developmental infrastructure which got losses and backward in the Madhesh.

madhesh movement in nepal
madhesh movement in Nepal


Due to a various politician who have adopted the thought of discrimination are making the people of the country in two side and they make and create the confliction between both groups to get their politics cushion and make their own government to mobilize and utilize their power and ownership in several industries. It will be bad if you say all the politician are of same intent and thought, there exist many politicians who have tension and thinks about the betterment of Nepal and Nepalese, not about any one groups and castes.

madhesh aandolan movement
madhesh aandolan movement

As it is sayings, one rotten apple spoils the whole is proved in Nepalese politics context. Madhesh have the largest platform of farming lands which is also known as the greenery of Nepal due to the unlimited production of cereals and grains. Madhesh is the land of production and establishing the industries which help to move the country in development race among another country. Everyone know about the Nepal, Nepal is rich in natural resources and artificial resources but due to nonseriousness and non-interest of politician and government, it is day by day going in decline and exploiting. Madhesh is the largest region having 55% of total population of Nepal but the government has even not given the equal participation in every sector of the country.

lifestyle in madhesh
lifestyle in madhesh

This is a matter of dismal which have makes the Madhesi aggressive and sometimes they agitate against the government and cry for their equal right but their crying becomes like a lost man crying in the forest where there is no one to listen. Due to various common features to India, many thinks that Madheshi are Indian and Bihari to. The reality and fact can’t be hidden. The Lord Gautam Buddha have told’’ the sun, the moon and the truth can’t be hidden’’. The same saying is proved if you visit the Madhesh and know about the history of Madhesh, what’s the right. The scandal can be fake and it is mostly the false. Therefore to believe in scandal and anyone’s saying will also make your rotten and foolish as you are a fool.

ladies program for awarness
program for awareness

The right should be treated as the right and false should be explained as the false. Madhesh is the great land and great region containing the largest population density, so it can’t be proved as the Indian. But due to partial knowledge and have partial history understanding about the Madhesh and Madhesi, is not the good affirmative to makes and treat Madhesh and Madhesi as the Indian and Bihari. The nationality is our one, either you live in Himalayan or in Madhesh, and we should have made and unite our hands to make the country more strong in the economy and bolster in development and allegation of poverty for better and best Nepal.

I love madhesh - Jay madhesh
I love madhesh – Jay madhesh

Why Madheshi is a treated as the Indian not Nepalese lots of more answer which are furnished below:

Why Madhesi is Treated as Indian Not Nepalese

Bihar border touching:

It is also the answer to one which says why Madhesi are treated as the Indian not Nepalese. Seeing and viewing the real fact and figures, we can easily conclude about the border facts which is touched with MADHESH and the people of largest number lives in Madhesh. Due to this confliction and confusion, also Madhesi is treated as the Indian not Nepalese.

nepal india bihar borders
nepal india( bihar) borders

About 50 % of Madhesh border is touched with Bihar, so we used to listen sometimes, and Madhesi is even called the Bihari somewhere. Giving the tag of the thief to the people which are near the thief will be wrong and you will be also treated as the fool. Because the educated only speaks and does their action by analyzing the fact to explore the real fact by reviewing the events. Nepal is 885 km long in distance and almost many of Madhesh border is connected with Bihar. So it, also gives them, signs to say Madhesi as the Bihari but it shows your understanding and knowledge what you deserves, if you do and says like this.

The real Nepalese will never say like this because they behave the people of an entire country as the family and brotherhood. And the Nepal will only uplift their backbone of development if all the people of Nepal will make their mentality of singular thought.

Matching face:

The matching face also creates the confusion why Madhesi is treated as the Indian not Nepalese. If we put our lights on the face of Indian, we can easily say that the Madhesi are also of the same category but the saying and treating all and everyone equal does not mean that they are both the same. Like as the win brother elder is criminal or offender and if anyone sees the small brother can say he is the offender but saying and treating them as the offender is not the right decision and right portfolio. So, you can only say offender to the elder’s brother not to the smaller brother even they have the same face. The same case and confusion have prorogated in the Nepalese territory and injected in some of the minds.

Madheshi people
Madheshi people

The Indian and Bihari have also similar face and they are also mostly the black and gray-black color. So, many people say, Madhesi are the Indian and treated as the Bihari because the face has similar occurrence and shape, color and looks the same. The matching face does not give you permission to say, anyone, the thief, and bandit if the bandit has the same face. similarly, the matching face does not make and allow you to blame and put the tag of Indian and Bihari to Nepalese Madhesi people. Madhesi are also the Nepalese having their own specification and cultures and their own presentation and placement in the country moment. The people of Terai of Madhesh are mostly looks and seen in Indian looks because they influenced by the Indian due to the connectivity of border but they hold the citizenship of Nepalese, so it will be totally the fool and describes your non-sense if you say, Madhesi as the Indian and Bihari.

You can also conclude from this reasons, why Madhesi is treated as the Indian not Nepalese. Madhesi are mostly in black in color and Indian are also of the same color which shows the similarity and it creates the confusion in the viewer and partially knowledgeable people to know the inside it the fact of fact.


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  1. Its fact of nepal.
    This type can be only removed by walking in da agenda of Uniting Madhesh and madheshi campaign

  2. Pahadi community people and their representatives in government know better about madhesh and madheshi. They are treating like discrimination, segregation and racial injustice intentionally. They are racist. Their thinking are deeply affected by racist schooling. So, their habits and behaviors are racist in nature. They think that Madheshis are rivals for them.

  3. you didn’t conclude or mention how government treated madhesi brothers as second class citizen .

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