Who are Madhesi in Nepal?

Who are Madhesi in Nepal?

Who are Madhesi in Nepal? –  I want to earlier make you understand that Nepal geographical is divided into three regions, that are Himalayan, Hilly and Terai. The main things to know is, the Madhesi society mostly lives in Terai region which is treated as the region of Madhesh to. According to the government rule and decision and for office works, Madhes is considered and spoken as the Terai.  Madhes is the highly populated region of the country because the more than 50% of the population belongs to Madhesi.

The government have not any interest and making the sense and sentence redundant if any action and activities are attempted by the people of Madhesh and Madhesi people. The Madhesi people are obliged to stay and spend their life in obligation and in darkness. Madhesi are the largest content but even though they are treated as the fence and corns of the government. It is right that Madhesi are very stubborn and it is true to do so because if anyone does not give the rights, then you have to snatch from him.  A country is divided into three region but due to plain and fertile land, the people of the entire country want to live in Terai and day by day the ratio of migrating the people from Himalaya to Terai is increasing.

lifestyle in madhesh
lifestyle in madhesh

The plain lands, services of drinking water and easy and plain transport have added the meaning and many hopes to create and cultivate to grow and make the life more effective and valuable.  The Madhes is the largest terrain if the government show interest to develop and make it the new diamond because it contains all those ingredients and bases to come out with new shape and admiration definition.  There are many politicians who only think for themselves and their family for better and secured future with a comfortable life but they have no any tension about the entire population and countrymen about their future.

The two effects and two faces of politician have made Nepalese people in boredom and tension. There are no any even the single leaders who have vision and mission to create and build the nation in economic strength and countrymen prosperity. They are advanced for their own bolster and start to do corruption while reaching in government to fight for next election. With sorrow, it’s also the great mistake conducted by the Nepalese people at the time of voting.

They forget to vote and assessment the right candidate to vote gives the vote to whom who have given them money and given them the party. The voter is purchased by giving money, wine and many other greeds to make their government and adopt the position of the government. This show the plights of the country and black future of the countrymen who burns their own home by themselves. Taking decision at right times will only give you the right results.

The paddy will not grow if your plans and spray it’s seeded in winter, it has also the season and time to gives its production. Similarly, the man forgets about the future and upcoming day to spent their life and will arise the problem in bundles due to bad and worst candidates selection and victory. Entering in the real context, who are Madhesi in Nepal means and speaks the various facts about its identity. Madhesi are mostly the people living in Terai region and having their own cultures and identity and their own language. More in a discussion, following are the various fact and figures who tell and proves about the who are Madhesi in Nepal:


Terai people are almost the Madhesi and there is some of them who have descended from Himalayan and Hilly region in the search for comfortable and easy life. Due to various difficulties faced in the Himalayan  region, like landslides, flood, extreme waterfall, change in whether fast, hurricane storm etc that have their life struggle and drowsy in succession. People who are living abnormally is actual Maadhesi and there are many Himalayan and Hilly people who even like and say themselves as the Madhesi because of their habitat and permanent address. Therefore, we can concise and know that the people who live in Terai is Madhesi in Nepal and gives the answer to who is MADHESI in Nepal.

People who live in Terai are mostly Madhesi and who lives in Himalaya are the Himalayan defined by the great leader.  Terai has their own identity and indoctrinate because it is the most eyeing field sighted by many leaders for the production of many crops. But the projects stay and staled on paper only not and ever come in true. People who are living in Madhesi are really the  Madhesi because they have the specific proves and they are from the origin of its construction. In the early age, Madhes was the land only then after the people used to start here. It is said that many of the people had come from  India but it will be wrong to say them Indian in today sense and time. Their more than four two five and more generation has passed and served Nepal and have given their lives to equipped and develop Nepal. They have contributed many of the things, that may be support, mentality and physical help for the construction of many roads and rally and many other infrastructure developments. So in today period, we cannot blame them as the Indian.

Maithili speaker:

As  I have told you that the people of Madhes have their own catalogs of living and their own standard of life they survive. Madhesi have their own communicative language which they speak for their own identity permanency. Madhesi speaks Maithili and then there are many Madhesi who speaks  Bhojpuri mostly in western Nepal. And also there exist many  MADHESI who have their own language like as the people of Madhesh speak Maithili similarly the as the Madhesi of eater speaks their own language. In whole, we can conclude that Mikhail is the most spoken language by the Madhesi and it also denotes and says the language of king Janak and queen Sita, the god of Ram’s wife.  The language has several identification and mode you can modify it.

There are many Madhesi who even lives in Kathmandu and if they have been staying for a long time, then feels difficulty to speak their own language. Madhesi are even demonstrated and hated by the government due to the language because they think that this is the language of India and the Madhesi are from India. Their misconception has made them ruin even though they are in their own statement and conception which is totally wrong. Language is transferred from one place to another by the migration of people to one place to another. There are many hilly and Himalayan people who speak Maithali fluently due to the Maithili surrounding. People who have not reached in MAITHILI surrounding feels difficulty to speak this language. Therefore we can fearlessly say that the people who speak the  Maithili language are really the Madhesi because they have proven and adopted the Maithali which is their identity. This is also the perception of improvement who are Madhesi in Nepal.

 Black faces:

The word is full of black and white faces but the looking eyes are different according to the people. It does not always mean that the white people never do any mistakes and only black are the participator of illusion and errors. If we forward o the memory of light to the world history we can see and know that the black faces of society and people have faced much discrimination, passed with domination and struggled for their equality value. There are many big countries who have made their black people diminished and de-graduate for their sole regime and rulings. Same context and same controversy are going in Nepal too,  there huge groups of people and most in number that is Madhesi are of black faces and have passed through various governmental intervenes and disputes.

Madhesi are of blackface and the Indian are also mostly in black faces which have arisen the confusion and illusion in many of, minds that the Madhesi are  Indian. Thinking and believing of anything told by anyone too quickly is the matter of foolish. To make the controversy and context totally separated and cleared the right and wrong, we have deepened and entered inside the story of it. Be sure, Madhesi do not need any extra identification and temptation because they have their own platform and their own features and specification of life and society. Black faces are shaded by black identity and they represent their own identification. Intermediately, there are not all the  Madhesi who are of black color, exist many Madhesi who are in white color fresh black and grey-white.  Black faces of people who have the origin in Madheh and mostly looks in black color some are in white are the real Madhesi of Nepal. Who are the Madhesi in Nepal also clears the confusion of the real Madhesi by this all facts?


Madhesi are the people came from the forest as though by the government but it’s not true. The specific politician has made the unity of Nepalese distracted and divided for their own profit and selfish motifs. Madhesi are even on the road to the right of equality and equal participation and placement in every sector due to equal and more than 50% population of the country belongings. Madhesi have been doing the march and agitation and asking for the equal right but the government is acting like the deaf. There are many sons of Madhesh have given their lives for the equal rights and equal participation but their all blood and sacrifices have not adopted and shown any consequences and any results at the benefit side of Madhesi.

The government has not any mentality to make the Madhesi equal participative because they think that we will be descended and thrown away from the power. Thinking so, they are making away and increasing the gap between giving the rights even after the cryings and many sacrifices. So, Madhesi are struggling from many years more than fifty and hundred too said by many adults, even though the hope and happiness of sun have not risen for the Madhesi. They are even living under the reach of government, under the reach of services and under the rich of their indoctrinate and identity and position in the department of every ministry.

Thus, the Madhesi are treated as the extra players and counted as the only voter not the equator of government formation. These are the real Madhesi who is struggling for their rights also make you satisfied with who is the Madhesi in Nepal. Madhesi are much helping in nature and are laborious, that have made their life somehow standard. The helping images showed in the devastating earthquake, many and almost all the Madeshi have collected the fund sent to the victims and those who have not sent money have helped by giving the cereals and clothes according to their economic condition. This shows the Madhesi coherence and cooperative thought of Madhesi.

Own festival and folics:

Madhesi have their own festival celebrational rule and system that is the difference between the people living in Himalaya.  There are many festivals even not celebrated by the people of Himalayan and similarly the same by the people of Madhesh. Likewise, the Chhath is not celebrated by the Himalayan people. Madhesi celebrate Chhath with great joy and unlimited happiness. Nextly, the people of Holi celebrates according to the Indian calendar and Himalayan people celebrates one day before. There is much difference which shows that the Madhes and Madhesi are the full authorizer of the right.

There are many festivals which are celebrated by specific Madhesi castes. Festival and folic have also given the proof and speak about who are the Madhesi in Nepal form their own verification and clarification. Who are Madhesi in Nepal is the real facts has creates the confusion in many minds due to the protesting agitation is going in Nepal between government and Madhesi party.

Author: Dipak Sah


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