21 Best Ways To Solve The Issues Of Madhesh, Nepal


21 Best Ways To Solve The Issues Of Madhesh, Nepal

Madhesi is the largest region of Nepal. When the meant come the largest, then there should be the fastest solution to the issues. But its totally opposite. The government of Nepal is sleeping like the fraud sleeper. When you delay in the solution of Madhesi by showing dilemma, then the mistakes a disuse is expanding its size.  After all these action and agitation, also, the government does not look serious about it. The day even gets change, the thoughts of people even get change. t that is why, when people of Madhesh gets angry, then there will happen the great human destruction. But the solution will come out from the together meeting and discussion. When people sink in water, then they may come out if they try to come out.

The most used and spoken saying, where there are problems there is a way. The same thing should be penetrated for searching the solution of Madhesh issues. If we think the good for others then we will get good by others, if we show our negativity to others, then it will also return to us. That is the saying and improvement of the theory are what you give that you receive. So, that if the government fo Nepal postponed the issues of Madhesh, it will become the great volcano internally in Madhesh and when it comes out, maybe it will destroy the entire country.

A government should also show their activeness to solve the Madhesi issues. If they are conscious of the solution, then the country will blossom more in speed because of common thoughts and common feeling. Now internally and due to political abuses, even Madhesi are not feeling as the Nepalese. They do not have such love that they do with their own native land Madhesh. that is why also, from some ground, there started to cut the slogan of one Madhesh, free Madhesh. Madhesi are also active and have read all the history and they are also demanding the single country that is Madhesh.

They have thought and even known by reading The history, Madhesh is the slaves of Nepal. In the past, Madhesh were single country but by manipulation, they have joined on their wings. If the government really want to free from the problems of Madhesi issues, the representative from all parties and Madhesh should discuss on the table directly and takes the decision beneficial on the behalf of both Nepal and Madhesh. Here are the ways that will become positive protocol and diameter to solve the issues of Madhesh.

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The solution to any problem can be done by knowing the main demands of the opponent first. The Madhesi have several demands if you touch all the topics and wants to solve it then it will not crash the view. Here will not collide with view and vision, as well as feeling to both parties. The following measurable points are the solution stone will help to  crack the issues of Madhesh by compromising:

21 Best Ways To Solve The Issues Of Madhesh, Nepal

1) Provision of equal participation:Way To Solve The Issues Of Madhesh

This is also the main issues of Madhesi which they demanding to solve. If we visit any offices, the most faces belong from the hill, Himalayan region and mostly the Pahadi people and only as representing the Madhesi are there. This shows the unequal participation in official sectors. There must equal participation of Madhesi in every sector from personnel to the prime minister. We can also see the number of ministers, there is mostly minister from Pahadi community and only two to three are from Madhesi society. This also the problem which has made Madhesi aggressive. Where the people live in the largest number have less representative from office to minister palaces. So, the government should make the provision of equal participation in every sector according to the number and size of groups.

2) Giving high budget:Way To Solve The Issues Of Madhesh

What we give to you should be again expended on ourselves in the actual portion. The main demand of Madhesi people is that the earning of Madhesh should be expended and budgeted to develop the Madhesi projects and parameters. But the government distribute even not equal but less than the revenue collected from the Madhesh region. Madhesi is the greatest hub of collecting region because of expansion of trade and having great coverage of an area. So, the Madhesh should also receive the high budget in compare to revenue contribution entirely in economic.


If there is an equal distribution of the budget in the country, to all the region, then they’re easy to develop and build a large project. In Madhesh, many large projects even get scarce of money because the government does not differentiate the actual amount for the bigger project.  So, this should also be solved by providing the high budget according to the project to develop great ideas and dream and makes the Madhesh so great.

3) Establishment of the university:

Madhesh is also lacking the great university and education networks. Mostly the student travels to the hilly or central region for taking the higher studies because of unavailable of such degree and education in Madhesh. All the big college and university are situated in their own region even the government does not give permission to open the university in Madhesh. So, when there comes the matter of education, all the Nepalese should get equal levels of education and there should be studying college and universities to cut off the expenses and stress of student.

Madhesh have not engineering and medical college which makes the student obliged to study such professional course in other region or in the foreign country rises the levels of expenses. When there establish medical and engineering along with other courses also, then most of the students will not travel to other regions which will increase the standard and development of Madhesh. Madhesi students have to tackle many problems like family and wealth as well as financial problems. When it becomes available in Madhesh then it will also reduce the cost of courses.  Even the poor student gets the chance to study through scholarship, low cost and expenses, and many other services.

4) The increment in reservation:


This has also made the angry and unsatisfied to Madhesi because of its nepotism and ration of reservation. As we know that Madhesi is total 55% of the population. In such a high ratio, the government has given only 22% of reservation and highest ratio goes on their credit. They have differentiated the ratio according to population and highly portion is differentiated according to free competition titling open seats. If we see and analyze in any vacancy recruitment, the title called open vacancy contains a large number of seats in which mostly the Pahadi or white people are recruited. And rest are differentiated in the quota system according to the size of the population.


This has also become one of the crises in Madhesh and demanding for an equal particle in government offices. Many national level offices from branches to head offices everywhere the same system as applied.  While checking the copy of written, the checker even recognizes it by the language of writing style because speaking Nepal even varies from Madhesh to Pahadi. This gives the sensation to know where the students belong from. The ratio of reservation should be e enlarged to 55%  to stop the dispute among each other.

5) Best sanitation:Way To Solve The Issues Of Madhesh

There must be good sanitation facilitated in Madhesh. There are many rivers which flow across the Madhesh. even the map of Nepal has been divided by the rivers mostly. So it also becomes easy to access the facilities of sanitation to every farming fields if you desire it strictly and shows your activeness. There are many farming lands which are in the way of an incision and some have even suffered from it due to lack of water and good chemical fertilizers.

If the Madehsh gets the facilities of sanitation, then there will be an increment in production which will help to reduce the business losses in the title of agriculture. The government should also give subsided to Madhesi farmers for encouraging them to keep intact in farming. Sanitation in Madhesh will truly make the golden Madhesh and greenery Madhesh. But now it is the only greenery for the name. this is the also main problems that should be solved as soon as possible.

6) Insurance and construction of grains and crops store:Way To Solve The Issues Of Madhesh

Farmers grow the grains and crops of great labors which is really admirable. Farmers are only the group who tackle many problems like, natural catastrophe, animals hazard, and grazing, dryness, losses in production due to not expected production. There are many problems which are making the farmers discourage and they are even not wanting to enter the agriculture sector.  For making the farmers and their investment safe, the government should bring the liberal policy like the insurance of seeds and grains, giving subsidy, prizing to specific farmers according to labor and production with nepotism, and constructing the great grains store of keeping safe the produced grains for a long time. If all these services should be available, then farmers of Madhesh will not hesitate and backward for farming. grains store of farmers will motivate and encourage because of getting the appropriate prices of their grans in season.

7) International airport:Way To Solve The Issues Of Madhesh

It is also the problem of Madhesh for which they are crying and doing agitation. Madhesi and people of even remote and poor are getting difficulties to go Kathmandu and then fly for foreign. Talking flight of foreign from Kathmandu increase the expenditure of Madhesh. Due to that, many people do not make their flight to maintain their expenses. When the facilities of the airport become in Madhesh, then it also becomes easy to travel foreign to manage their works and any other activities.  Airways is treated as fast transportation which saves the time of people. Many people who travel to the Gulf for employment, would not fall in more expenditure. International airport also increases the number of tourist in Madhesh. Now very few tourist visit Madhesh due to lack of good transportation and other extra infrastructure facilities. So it’s the establishment in Madhesh will solve one issue.

8) Services of ministry in Madhesh:

This is also the main issues which should be solved by giving its services in Madhesh by opening partial offices or branches offices. The ministry offices must be conducted in Madhesh to provide the services of Madhesi people only by targeting. Now, there is great difficulties and rule for taking any kinds of document and details.  Many people of Madhesh even travel to the Gulf for employment and they have to take permission and do registration in finance minister for traveling and doing work in a foreign country.

Similarly, the university certificate and even some of the small works are done by the University of Kathmandu that creates the burden to the student and pushes them in extra expenditure. When all the ministry offices start to give all the services and facilities in Madhesh by its branch, the problem will get to end. Presently all the ministry are situated in Kathmandu and the system is run and handled by there.

9) Great hospitals:Way To Solve The Issues Of Madhesh

The condition of hospitals in Madhesh is also very critical. many hospitals are even lacking the good doctors while some hospitals do not provide all the medicine to patients. Many hospitals even do not have basic treatment tools and equipment. The hospitals of hospitals are not looking like hospitals. They are looking for the guest house. Even some of the doctors are sent to Madhesh hospitals who only fulfill their duty by spending time in hospitals without doing anything.

The doctors of Madhesh does not even care the patients who come to hospitals but they take care most in their own clinic. There is great corruption in Madhesh hospitals. More than this, there is also not an establishment of great and well-facilitated hospitals which can serve all the patient and treat all the disease better. When there come serious patients, then they transfer to  Kathmandu, Dharan, Biratnagar or foreign. The patient who is in such serious situation mostly dies till reaching to hospital. This is also the great problems of Madhesh and this should be solved fastly to make the Madhesh healthy and economy stronger.

10) Great hotels:Way To Solve The Issues Of Madhesh

This is also one of the issues of Madhesh which should be solved fastly through the peace agreement. In Madhesh, there is also the problem of hotels which have luxurious services. All the five stars, three stars, and luxurious hotels and resorts are opened in  Kathmandu, and other big cities of Pahadi area but not in Madhesh. Due to that, the few visitors even does not get good accommodation while they spend a long time in Madhesh.   If the establishment of great and luxurious hotels and resorts is done then, the tourist across the world will visit and spend more time in Madhesh. But now due to accommodation and well services, they do not spend it long here. So, the government should also show initiative for construction of hotels in Madhesh to increase its will and welfare power too.


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