Everything You Want to Know About Madhav Prasad Ghimire, National Poet (Rashtrakabi) Of Nepali Literature

Celebration of its centenary.

What is it like to live long enough to live for generations and see how the country evolves from a Panchayat system to a Democratic Republic? To see how it goes from the era of postal mail to the era of social networks, in which each piece of information is just a touch away? What is it like to be one of the most famous national writers who has reached 100 years?

Madhav Prasad Ghimire was born in 1976 in Bahun Danda of Lamjung on 6 Asoj. As a grandfather of 41 grandchildren, he found his way in literature with Gyan Pushpa in 1992, writing more than two dozen literary works in his career for eight decades. His latest creation ‘Rhitambhara’ is about to be completed. Artists from the Lamgunj district performed unique dances and songs during the event.

If there is a man who has the answer, it is our own Rastra Kavi Madhav Prasad Ghimire. Rastrakavi Madhav Prasad Ghimire celebrated his 100th birthday last September. President Bidya Devi Bhandari has granted Rastrakavi’s birthday wishes by visiting his residence in Lainchaur.

On this occasion, President Bhandari wanted good health, a long life and a creative life of Rastrakavi. Ghimire, former chancellor of the Academy of Nepal, is one of the most beloved figures in Nepal. Number of people who visited Rastrakavi to wish him good health. Ghimire, a well-known laureate with over a hundred poems and songs, said he has nothing to regret in his life.

“I am happy and satisfied with my life. I was ambitious with certain things, but not with that height. I expected people to recognize me as a poet, but I never dreamed of being a winning poet. People and the nation deserved the title. The poet Ghimire celebrates his 100th birthday which is a truly wonderful milestone, which requires a special celebration.

On September 23, 2018, Sunday, Ghimire turned 100, and at least a few thousand fans and supporters of the laureate poet went to Kathmandu to attend the Lainchaur banquet. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has celebrated the national poet Madhav Prasad Ghimire in a program.

In a program organized by the 100th Anniversary Celebration Committee and Sunday of Marshyangdi Bangmaya Pratishthan in the Nepal Academy Hall, Ms. Oli praised the extraordinary contribution of the national poet Ghimire to Nepal and Nepalis through literature.

Prime Minister Oli praised: “We can find Nepali in Ghimire’s literary creations, we also find the poet’s heart and poetic qualities, and he has made a great contribution to strengthening nationalism.”

Oli explained that Ghimire uses many metaphors and parables in his literary creations: “When Ghimire talks about mountains, he talks about the natural limit and we can find ‘nepotism’ in his creations in abundance.”

The Prime Minister, who wished all the best to the centenary poet, said that Ghimire and historian Satya Mohan Joshi are a source of inspiration for us.

Oli expressed confidence that Ghimire would not get infections and diseases and argued that the government and the public loved him.

Remembering his childhood when he read Ghimire’s literary creations, Prime Minister Oli said he had read “Gauri” by Ghimire, an elegy, twice because he found her “touching,” he said.

Likewise, the leader of the Nepalese Congress, Ram Chandra Poudel, declared that Ghimire was the ruler of the Nepalese through his literary works of art. He praised Ghimire for raising his pride in his creations.

Ghimire was brought from his residence in Lainchaur in a Buggy with traditional musical instruments at Nepal Academy Hall.

On the occasions, several writers had recited the poems of Ghimire and the poems about Ghimire. Ghimire was always so radiant that he always entertained his readers. On his hundredth birthday he had the widest smile and with his good humor he opened his arms for all the love and gratitude that his guests had to offer.

Among the supporters was the experienced writer Satya Mohan Joshi, who is only two years after her 100th birthday. Ghimire’s 84-year-old life partner, Mahakali Ghimire, sat beside him as if she had been with him all those years. Mahakali believes that her husband will be at least 110 years old. In a poem that Ghimire wrote on his birthday, he places special emphasis on time.

“Today I will be one hundred years old and that means that new things and new lessons await me,” he writes. Do not hesitate for a fraction of a second to affirm that life is a blessing and, regardless of your age, you should make the most of it.

Ghimire also believes that living to celebrate his centenary is not the greatest feat. If you live that time, you should be able to give something back to society, he says. “Only then can you die in peace,” he says. “Only then do 100 years deserve the celebration.”

His Personal Health

He suffered from heart, kidney and liver diseases. The national poet Madhav Prasad Ghimire, who was treated at the Medanta Hospital in Gurgaon, Delhi, India. Ghimire, a non-alternative poet, was taken to Delhi on May 23, 2017, after not recovering from internal bleeding. He was treated in the hospital with endoscopy, colonoscopy and endoscopic capsule technology.

Before arriving in Delhi, Ghimire was 99 years old and was admitted to the Great Hospital in Dhapasi to be treated for chronic gastritis and high blood pressure.

The government had then promised to pay for all medical treatment for Rastrakabi Madhav Prasad Ghimire. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, who visited the poet at the Grande International Hospital in Toka, said the government will pay all the costs of his treatment.

The Prime Minister also agreed to send Ghimire abroad for treatment, if necessary at the expense of the government. “Prime Minister Oli instructed doctors and hospital authorities not to leave any stone intact for Ghimire’s treatment, and asked the poet to maintain the willpower,” Prime Minister press coordinator Chetan Adhikari reported. . He was treated for internal bleeding in the hospital intensive care unit.

Important honor events of Madhav Prasad Ghimire

Honor as Rastra Kabi (national poet)

He was announced as Rastrakabi and praised his dedication to the land. He has written a series of poems and songs that express the love of his land. Recalling the time when Rastra Kabi was called, he said: “… receiving such an honor is definitely comforting.

Rastra Kabi Ghimire, in his own words, has advised aspiring writers to “broaden their thinking.” It is an era of technology where creations can gain worldwide recognition.

Think and always improve the quality of your creation, he added. “Expressing one’s feelings in this day and age is very simple, since writers now enjoy the freedom of expression that did not exist at the time of the Panchayat system and the Frog regime.”


Honor for Nepalese Literature Faternity

The Brotherhood of Literature of Nepal celebrated the 206th birthday of Bhanu Bhakta Acharya, Bhanu Jayanti, in 2018, the first poet of the Nepalese language. On this occasion, several programs were organized in Kathmandu and other parts of the country.

In the capital, the Academy of Nepal organized a special event in honor of Rastrakavi Madhav Prasad Ghimire, 100 years old. Ghimire and his wife Mahalaxmi were boarded and taken on a city tour this morning. He then received a letter of thanks, which glorified his contribution to Nepali literature.

The frame of the letter was as tall as Ghimire’s body. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, Ishwar Pokharel, presented the document. Several other literary organizations and institutions have honored Ghimire on this occasion.

Honor of the Nepalese army as general brigadier.

The national poet Madhav Prasad Ghimire was satisfied with the recent decision of the government to grant him the honorary title on Brigadier General of the Nepalese Army. The meeting of the Council of Ministers had decided on this.

The Nepalese army will grant him the title in a special ceremony. “The Nepalese army has played an important role in the creation of peace and stability in the nation, and he was very satisfied with the title granted to him by the army. Rastrakavi Ghimire was mentioned in Rastriya Samachar Samiti. He also urged everyone to work together to protect the dignity of the nation.

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