Air Quality of Lumbini World Heritage Site is Found Alarmingly Poor

Air Quality of Lumbini World Heritage Site is Found Alarmingly Poor

Air quality of Lumbini world heritage site is found alarmingly poor. Lumbini is one of the ten world heritage site in Nepal.  Air quality is checked by a team of scientists from Pune, India on this month November 2013. A team of scientists from Pune assigned to assess the air quality at Lumbini has come out with alarming pollution.

Lumbini world heritage site is the one of most sacred pilgrimage site for Buddhists of globe because of it is the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama, Lord Buddha in 623 BC.  Scientists have found alarming poor pollution atLumbini world heritage site touches an unhealthy level with Particulate Matter (PM) 2.5 (finer particles) recorded at 270 µg/m3 against the permissible level of 25 µg/m3.

air quality lumbini Nepal
air quality of Lumbini Nepal

According to report published, the first ever air quality reporting at Lumbini world heritage site has also found that the level of PM10 (bigger particles) is as high as 350 ug/m3, while the permissible limit is just 80 according to the WHO. The scientists from Pune were roped in by the WHO to assess the air quality in Lumbini.


Alarmingly poor quality of Lumbini may be caused by more than 57 factories in that region, 11 cement factories, two steel factories, one paper processing factory and one noodle producer and other factories as well. UNESCO found that the main reasons to be polluted air quality of UNESCO Site. Lumbini world heritage site are factories polluted environments. Hazardous air for the environment in terms of their production processes and pollutant emissions are found that is very bad for site and tourists. image source:

Air Quality of Lumbini World Heritage Site is Found Alarmingly Poor

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