Lumbini Nepal, Birthplace of Lord Buddha Is One Of The Place to Visit Before You Die


Lumbini Nepal, Birthplace of Lord Buddha – A Buddhist Pilgrimage Place to Visit Before You Die

This post dedicated to Lord Buddha, Lumbini Nepal, Buddha temple or Nepal Lumbini Buddhist temple. Nepal Lumbini Buddha temple is one of the places to visit in the world before you die. One of the places to visit, before you die, is Lumbini. Lumbini Nepal is the birthplace of Lord Buddha, the Shakya prince, the eventual Shakyamuni, the ultimate Buddha- the Enlightened One and the apostle of peace, and nonviolence.

Lumbini, in the South-Western Terai of Nepal, evokes a kind of holy sentiment to the millions of Buddhists all over the world, like Jerusalem to Christians and Mecca to Muslims. Lumbini is the hallowed cradle of Buddhism all over the world. Lumbini also has a museum and a research center for Buddhism. A Lumbini place to visit in Nepal must be the first priority. Lumbini is the places to visit before you die.

Nepal Lumbini is one of the places to visit before you die. Nepal Lumbini Buddha temple is situated about 22 km. from Bhairahawa (Siddharthanagar), below the Churia range, 24 km. south from the foothills of the Himalayas, on the western bank of Telar river in Rupandehi district of the Lumbini zone in Nepal.

Kapilvastu, Rupandehi and Nawalparasi Terai districts of Lumbini Zone are around Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, which is fertile and densely populated. It is about 34 km. from Naugarh Railway Station on the North-Eastern Railway of India. Nepal Lumbini Buddha temple is about 300 km. west of capital city Kathmandu. So, There is no doubt that Lumbini is placed to visit before you die.

Entrance Gate Of Lumini Nepal
Entrance Gate Of Lumini Nepal

Lumbini, the origin of Gautam Buddha, is situated in the Rupandehi District of Nepal. There are diverse religious communities and pagodas worked by various nations. Every Monastery has its own particular outline, hugeness, and significance. It’s growing quickly and part of religious communities, pagodas and exhibition hall are still under development.

Each time I visit the place I find an exceptional measure of changes. On the off chance that you truly need to investigate the place, I prescribe you to remain in Lumbini for no less than seven days. With no further due, here is the rundown of 5 things that you can do in Lumbini and make the most of your stay in Lumbini.

Prevalent things to do in Lumbini and the vacation spot of this imperative journey goals are numerous. Lumbini is the origination of Siddhartha Gautama who progresses toward becoming Gautama Buddha and established Buddhism.


Lumbini is the journey site Buddhist arranged Rupandehi region Nepal. Lumbini is one of four magnets for a journey that jumped up in places critical to the life of the Buddha, the others being at Kushinagar, Bodh Gaya, and Sarnath, the locales of his introduction to the world, Enlightenment, First Discourse, and passing. Every one of these occasions occurred outside in nature under trees.

Features of the Lumbini plant are Mayadevi Sanctuary and Puskarini or Holy Pond where the Buddha’s mom took the custom plunge preceding his introduction to the world and where he, as well, had his initial shower, and additionally the remaining parts of Kapilvastu royal residence. Lumbini has got its cause from the journey and in view of its wonderful nature all around the place has various spots to visit Nepal.

Lumbini has many new monasteries and stupas built by Buddhist communities from around the world. Besides the Nepal Buddha Temple and the Dharmaswami Buddhist monastery, many other countries like Japan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, France, Germany, and Burma, etc have built their own temples and monasteries. This birthplace of Lord Buddha has now been the places to visit before you die.

Nepal Lumbini Buddha temple is situated at the foothills of the Himalayas in modern Nepal. In the Buddha’s time, Lumbini was a beautiful garden full of green and shady Sal trees (Shorea). The garden and its tranquil environs were owned by both the Shakyas and Kolias clans. King Suddhodana, father of Gautama Buddha was of the Shakya dynasty belonging to the Kshatriya or the warrior caste.

Maya Devi, his mother, gave birth to the child on her way to her parent’s home in Devadaha while taking rest in Lumbini under a sal tree in the month of May in the year 642 B.C. The beauty of Lumbini is described in Pali and Sanskrit literature. Maya Devi, it is said was spellbound to see the natural grandeur of Lumbini.

While she was standing, she felt labor pains and catching hold of a drooping branch of a Sal tree, the baby, the future Buddha, was born. Visit Nepal Lumbini Buddha temple.

It is said in the Parinibbana Sutta that Buddha himself identified four places of future pilgrimage: the sites of his birth, Enlightenment, First Discourse, and death. All these events happened outside in nature under trees. There is no particular significance in this, other than it perhaps explains why Buddhists have always respected the environment and natural law.

Birthplace of Lord Buddha Lumbini Nepal PHotos
Birthplace of Lord Buddha Lumbini Nepal

Buddha, Known as the Lord of Asia, was born in Lumbini during the full moon day in the month of Baisakh in 623 BC. He was born under a sal (Shorea robusta) tree when Mayadevi was going to her maternal town on the occasion of delivery.

The birthplace of the Gautama Buddha, Lumbini, is the Mecca of every Buddhist, being one of the four holy places of Buddhism. It is said in the Parinibbana Sutta that Buddha himself identified four places of future pilgrimage: the sites of his birth, enlightenment, first discourse, and death. All of these events happened outside in nature under trees.

While there is not any particular significance in this, other than it perhaps explains why Buddhists have always respected the environment and natural law. So, Lumbini is one the place to visit in Nepal.

For centuries, Buddhists- all over the world, knew that Lumbini, where the Lord was born, is somewhere around. The descriptions of famous Chinese pilgrims (of ancient times) Huian Tsang and Faeihan indicated to this area saying “Lumbini-where the Lord was born is a piece of heaven on earth and one could see the snowy mountains amidst a splendid garden-embedded with stupas and monasteries!

However, the exact location remained uncertain and obscure until December the 1st 1886 when a wandering German archaeologist Dr. Alois A. Fuhrer came across a stone pillar and ascertained beyond doubt it is indeed the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

Lord Buddha

In the event that you have had the chance to visit Nepal, you are certain to have certain pictures in your mind that help you to remember your excursion to the Himalayan kingdom-it could be the snow-topped mountains, the terraced fields, sprinkling streams, Pagoda styled sanctuaries, lastly Gautam Buddha.

It is hard not to relate each Gautam Buddha picture, symbol, stupa or notices with Nepal as it is the origin of the most renowned evangelist of peace on the planet. Various aficionados and in addition generally slanted visitors visit Nepal consistently for the very reason for seeing the origin of Lord Buddha-Lumbini.

Arranged in the Terai belt of the country, Lumbini happens to be one of the celebrated visitor goals, a Mecca for the enthusiasts and devotees everywhere throughout the world. Lumbini is situated in the area of Kapilvastu, close to the Indian fringe.

Favored with the different locales, instruments and holy places of different phases of Buddha’s life, Lumbini offers an assortment of attractions identified with the distinctive events throughout Buddha’s life.

Lumbini is accepted to be where Queen Maya Devi brought forth the infant Buddha, Siddhartha Gautam. While there are different engravings, blocks and different confirmations of Lumbini being the origination and a position of love for the general population for a considerable length of time, it was rediscovered by Nepali archeologists in 1896.

The archeologists found the Ashokan column which affirmed the linkage of Lumbini with Buddha.  Recently, a few Buddhist nations have constructed a few delightful hallowed places in Lumbini. A global board of trustees has additionally been set up for the advancement of this consecrated chronicled put.


The visit to Lumbini, the origin of Buddha, the domain of the Shakya is for profound illumination as well as for comfort and fulfillment that one regularly gets in a quiet and serene place like it.

The main attraction of the city is the Sacred Garden, spread over 08 sq. Kms and possesses all the treasures of the historic area. In the gardens that surround the ruins, there is a bo tree where Siddhartha Gautama gained enlightenment and became Buddha.

To the west of the Mayadevi Temple, stands the Ashoka Pillar which was erected by Emperor Ashoka in 249 BC to commemorate his pilgrimage to the sacred site. The inscription on it in Brahmi script proves Lumbini as the place where the Buddha was born in 623 B.C.

Birthplace of Lord Buddha Lumbini Nepal
Birthplace of Lord Buddha Lumbini Nepal

To the south of the Pillar, one finds the sacred pond- Puskarni – the place where Queen Mayadevi took a bath just before giving birth to the Buddha. Lumbini: Place to Visit in Nepal. So, I think that it is the places to visit before you die.

The bas relief above depicts Maya Devi with her right hand holding onto a branch of a sal tree with a newborn child standing upright on a lotus petal, shedding an oval halo, around his head, while two celestial figures pour water and lotuses from vessels of heaven as indicated by the delineation of clouds. This nativity scene was installed by Malla Kings of the Naga dynasty from about the 11th to 15th Century in the Karnali zone of Nepal. Lumbini Place to Visit in Nepal.

In 249 BC, when Emperor Ashoka visited Lumbini it was a flourishing village. Ashoka constructed four stupas and a stone pillar with a figure of a horse on top.

The stone pillar bears an inscription which, in English translation, runs as follows: “King Piyadasi (Ashoka), beloved of devas, in the 20 years of the coronation, himself made a royal visit, Buddha Sakyamuni having been born here, a stone railing was built and a stone pillar erected to the Bhagavan having been born here, Lumbini village was taxed reduced and entitled to the eight-part (only)”. Lumbini Place to Visit in Nepal.

Lumbini Nepal Images Birthplace of Lord Buddha
Lumbini Nepal

 10 Reasons Why You Must Visit Lumbini Before you Die

Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Buddha. It is Buddha who signifies peace in the world. His teachings carried a message of peace that later on went on to create a religion in itself. Lumbini, which lies in Kapilvastu district is the birthplace of Buddha and although there have been various controversies regarding the place of his birth, Kapilvastu is the legitimate place.


Every scripture, every excavation, and every text have proved the legitimacy of this fact. Nowadays, this place has become the holy shrine among Buddhists all around the world.

Every year, millions of peace-loving individuals from all over the world come here in search of peace. Lumbini includes a huge stretch of land, which encompasses beautiful lakes, amazing Buddhist temples, and lush gardens. This peaceful abode is great for learning about Buddhism and also to learn about meditation and the Buddhist way of life.

Lumbini Nepal Pictures Birthplace of Lord Buddha
Lumbini Nepal

Lumbini is one of the world heritage sites in the world. That in itself proves the historical, religious and cultural importance of this place. We Nepalese are really proud of our heritage and take Buddha as a Lord from our soil.

So, to experience such reverence and to learn the teachings of Buddhism, do visit this place. Not only this, there are hundreds of other reasons you should visit Lumbini. Here in this article, we will be discussing ten of the major reasons for which you should definitely visit this place.

  1. It’s the birthplace of Lord Buddha

Lord Buddha who is the founder and the preacher of Buddhism is known as an angel of peace in the world. His name and the religion that he founded has now become synonymous with peace.

As a birthplace of such an influential religious leader, Lumbini is in itself a holy place to be. But, not only for Buddhists but to everyone else from every other religion can visit this place to understand the religious, cultural, traditional.

  1. It’s a pilgrimage for Buddhists from all around the world

As the birthplace of Buddha, it is a shrine. People come here for pilgrimage and to show reverence to the harbinger of peace and light in the world. The pond that is there in the temple in Lumbini is the spot where Mayavati, Buddha’s mother, gave birth to her son. The temple that now stands in this place and the tree that is there along with the pond has now become a pilgrimage site for Buddhists all around the world.

  1. Learn and practice meditation in beautiful monasteries

One thing that comes to mind when it comes to Buddhism is meditation. In Lumbini, there are various gardens and monasteries where meditation is taught and practiced. Tourists from all over the world come to Lumbini to practice meditation.

You can also opt for a course in meditation next time you are there in Lumbini. It will change your life for the best. Every morning and evenings, you can set out for any of the monasteries, gardens or any place inside the Lumbini area to sit down and meditate. Every place is meditation friendly and you will experience the utmost pleasure.

  1. Watch the Architectural marvels from different countries from the world

Since the time Lumbini was recognized as a World Heritage Site and the birthplace of Buddha, many Buddhist countries from all around the world started making their presence felt in this area. They constructed their own types of monasteries and temples that represent their own countries.

As a result, now in Lumbini, there are architectural marvels from various countries that include Korea, Cambodia, China, Vietnam, and the likes. Every temple has the specialty of their own. For those who are interested in architecture, Lumbini is heaven. They can learn a lot from the temples that are built there.

  1. Get some knowledge about Buddhism in the oldest library in Lumbini

Lumbini is also the place where Buddhism came to prominence and was spread far and wide in the world. In this World Heritage Site, there is also the oldest library which contains scriptures from hundreds of years old. This library has texts you can read to learn a great deal about the history and facts of the Buddhist religion. Many scholars from all over the world come to this library to learn about religion, about Buddha and the history of Buddhism that spread all over the world.

  1. Reflect on World Peace watching the Peace Flame which has been burning for years

In the enclosure of Lumbini, there is a Peace Flame. It is a flame that has been going on for years which has been burning continuously. It symbolizes the concept of peace that should be there in the world. It is a beautiful image to watch and internalize about.

This makes this concept a beautiful idea and it is there to remind us all about the importance of peace in the world. Buddhism is the only religion that is so peaceful that is why it means a lot for all the Buddhists and also to people belonging to any other religion from all over the world.

  1. Learn about ancient history through the Ruins that have been excavated from ancient times

The Mayadevi temple and the ruins that have been excavated have been there for thousands of years. As a tourist and a visitor, you can also go inside the enclosure of these excavations and look for yourselves the ruins of ancient temples in the place. It is a serene and holy place to be.

This holiness is the one thing that Buddhists find very convincing about the birth of Buddha in Nepal. These excavations are most popular among scientists and scholars who would want to learn about the ancient land and ancient architecture, ancient history and culture.

  1. Observe the beautiful murals and wall paintings on the walls of monasteries

In all of the monasteries that are present in the enclosure of Lumbini, there are beautiful wall paintings and murals. These paintings are part of Buddhist customs where life history and the teachings of Buddha are painted on the walls in a beautiful way. If you look at them closely, you will be able to see the life history of each and every painting.

These are really informative and you will learn a great deal about the life and teachings of Buddha and the religion Buddhism in itself. It will be a beautiful tribute to Buddhism. You should definitely watch out for the scriptures, the paintings and the idols placed all around the temples and the gardens in this place. It will be a good way of learning a great deal about religion, its history, teachings, and cultural and religious symbolism.

  1. It is a World Heritage Site

The most important of all of the reasons you should visit Lumbini is that it is a World Heritage Site. It being a World heritage site in itself is a reason enough to go and visit it. Only those places which are really important and stand for something great are included in the World Heritage Site. And that is the reason, this is a holy place for Buddhists and Hindus alike.

Lumbini Nepal Photos Birthplace of Lord Buddha
Lumbini Nepal Photo

Nepalese are all really proud of this place and would love to be here. The world heritage site makes us proud of the fact that we belong to the place where Buddha once set his foot and worked in the spreading of Buddhist teachings as a religion which later on made an impact in so many people. As a result, many people from all around the world converted to Buddhism and followed the Buddhist way of life.

  1. The Ashoka Pillar in Lumbini is proof that Emperor Ashoka visited it

Ashoka, who is a renowned emperor of India in 249 BC visited the Lumbini village of that time and erected this pillar as a testimony to his visit. Along with it, he also built four stupas with horse idol on top. This legitimizes Lumbini as the birthplace of Buddha. In the pillar, he has also written inscriptions that describe his visit and the importance of Lumbini as the birthplace of Buddha.

This pillar holds historical importance and significance. It is one of the major attractions of Lumbini. You definitely need to see this thousand of year old pillar to truly understand the beauty and significance of Lumbini.

There are many reasons why you should visit Lumbini. The ones given above are just a few of them. We will discuss the other ones in our new articles. For now, do make a point to visit Lumbini. It is a beautiful place filled with historic, cultural, religious and architectural importance.

It will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn about the Buddhist religion, its importance and everything you need to know about Buddhism in general. You will definitely not regret your decision to visit Lumbini. So, next time you have a vacation, do visit Lumbini!

10 Places to Visit while you are in Lumbini, Nepal

Lumbini, the holy place in the Terai region of Nepal, is probably one of the most famous tourist destinations for all Buddhist devotees all over the world. Apart from Buddhists devotees, its breathtaking beauty, peaceful environment, and the best Buddhist shrines have attracted thousands of regular tourists from every corner of the earth.

This UNESCO enlisted birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha has a lot of things to offer to its visitors- from shrines, monuments that reflect Buddhism to the beautiful gardens and ponds.

Spread over 4.8 Kilometers in length and 1.3 kilometers in width, the Lumbini heritage is in the monastic region where no monuments other than monasteries can be built.

Korean buddhist temple in lumbini Nepal Birthplace of Lord Buddha
Korean buddhist temple in lumbini Nepal

The building of any recreational objects is illegal in Lumbini this area. Within that area, there are lots of Buddhist shrines that worth visiting. So, if you are planning to visit Lumbini but have no knowledge about the places, here are 9 most important places in the Lumbini area that you must visit while you are in this region.

10 Places to Visit in Lumbini, Nepal

UNESCO enrolled the origin as a world legacy site because of its significance to the Hindu and Buddhist religious group and also the history and culture of the whole world. The Lumbini legacy site covers 4.8km long and 1.3 km in width and is expressed as a religious zone where no one but cloisters can be fabricated.

Working on any recreational structure in the zone is precluded and is isolated from the Eastern zone (with Theravadin cloisters) and the Western zone (Mahayana and Vajrayana religious communities). The significant attractions of Lumbini are as per the following.

  1. Maya Devi Temple / Maya Devi sanctuary

The temple of Maya Devi is the major attraction around Lumbini area. This temple is a building that protects the exact spot where Lord Buddha was believed to have been born. Along with that stone, it also has many bricks and structures from the time Buddha was born.

The Bondi Tree which is nearby the temple is the tree where Queen Maya Devi took rest while she was traveling. The temple is also accompanied by a pond where people believe that Buddha took his very first bath.

Maya Devi Temple in Lumbini, Nepal Birthplace of Lord Buddha
Maya Devi Temple in Lumbini, Nepal

The most noted and the vital sanctuary in the commence reveres the conventional area of Buddha’s introduction to the world. The Maya Devi sanctuary is one of the real attractions of Lumbini. The later sanctuary is a white building that secures the correct spot of Buddha’s introduction to the world, meant by a marker stone.

The Bodhi tree is evidently the tree where Maya Devi rested in the shade while she was voyaging. It was there that she started giving birth and took a custom plunge in the close-by lake, which is accepted to be where Buddha scrubbed down as well.

Notwithstanding the Ashokan Pillar, the other sanctum of significance is the base-help pictures of Maha Maya Debi-the Queen of King Suddhodan. Revered in a little pagoda-like structure, the picture demonstrates Maya Debi, the mother of Crown Prince Siddhartha Gautam. She is seen supporting herself by hanging on with her correct hand to a branch of a sal tree, with the recently conceived newborn child Buddha standing upright on a lotus platform on a level radiance.

Two other divine figures are portrayed in a demonstration of pouring sacred water and lotuses gave from paradise Earlier the picture was put in the well known white sanctuary of Maya Debi other than the column now completely disassembled to clear a path for the unearthings which uncovered the Sanctum Sanctorum, the correct spot where our Lord was conceived.

It is best for the general population who are intrigued to think about the historical backdrop of Nepal. They can know much data about the group of Lord Buddha. They likewise can know his adolescence way of life and the way he got salvation.


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