10 Reasons Why Should To Visit Lukla, Nepal

Lukla Nepal:- Lukla is a beautiful town in the northeastern region of Nepal, Solukhumbu District of the Sagarmatha Region. It is located at 2,860 meters inside the Khumbu territory. It is a well-known spot for tourists to reach Mount Everest in the Himalayas. Regardless of how Lukla infers place with various goats and sheep, few are found in the area nowadays.

Lukla includes a small airport ( rather called the scariest airport across the world that provides for one of the most dangerous landings) serving the area and several shops and lodges, taking into account visitors and trekkers’ meals the western style and trail supplies.

The town likewise brags of having two costly and up-scale places where visitors can remain and appreciate extravagances, for example, hot tubs in the laps of the Himalayas. From Lukla, adventurers will take two days to show up at the town Namche Bazaar, a tallness acclimatization stop for those advancing. 

It also includes the Pasang Lhamu Nicole-Nicky Hospital, built in honor of the first Nepalese women to scale Mount Everest, Pasang Lhamu Sherpa, and Nichole Nicky, Swiss mountain guide.

Lukla to Everest Basecamp Trek Route
Lukla to Everest Basecamp Trek Route on Google Map

Hence, previously a small cultivating society has now become a colossal adventurers’ town. Since the air terminal, Lukla houses are the locale’s sole air terminal. Consequently, all travelers who visit the area enter and exit from this town as it were.

What are the top ten Reasons to visit Lukla Nepal?

1) Lukla Airport

It is referred to as the Tenzing-Hillary Airport. It gained overall popularity as the air terminal was ranked by the program named Most Extreme Airports as the most unsafe air terminal on the planet for over 20 years. The airport is well known because climbers hoping to ascend Everest are considered the main port of entry and exit.

The steep, mountainous landscape surrounds the airport. On minimal in excess of a mountain shelf, the short runway is perched. There is a wall at one end and a steep drop into the valley below at the other end.

Lukla Airports Nepal Tenzing Hillary Image
Lukla Airport in Nepal

Unfortunately, the airport runway is extremely short (1,729 feet long) for pilots landing at Lukla. Runways are in excess of 10,000 feet in length at many of the world’s international air terminals.


Lukla’s runway is short to the point that it slopes uphill with an inclination of almost 12 percent to help planes stoppage as expected. To exacerbate the situation due to the encompassing mountains, there is no place for a missed methodology that there are off-limits around systems.

2. Access to remote backcountry…and civilization

In the Khumbu zone, Lukla is the central center point for all traffic. In case you are hoping to discover the remote backcountry of the Himalayas. First, you will need to wade through a bit of civilization. Every significant journey climbs, expeditions, excursions, etc., start and end in this principal Khumbu region Lukla.

3. Gateway to the entire Khumbu region

4. Starbucks, food, and gear

That is to say, Lukla is a major metropolitan area. It is not. But it does have a Starbucks, great wifi, western food choices, and it has great shopping experiences when it comes to trekking and hiking. Contingent upon the season, on the off chance that you need that additional pair of shades or that downpour coat that you left at home, you can get it here.

5. Construction supplies, food supplies, etc.

The principal center for all building materials, food supplies, cooking supplies such as kerosene, etc., in Lukla, the gateway to the Khumbu region. Most Khumbu lodge operators would send porters to Lukla to purchase supplies to pack them up in the valley.

There are a couple of different choices for buying equipment and supplies up the valley. However, the further you go up the mountain, the more costly the thing becomes.

By growing their food such as onions, carrots, lettuce, potatoes, and so on, lodge operators will regularly supplement their food supplies. Yet the heft of the food they sell (Snickers, Fanta, alcohol, eggs, bread, Pringles, and so on.) comes from Kathmandu, brought on a plane to Lukla.

6. Tibetan Buddhist Monastery at Lukla

In case you are fortunate, you may get an opportunity to observe Tibetan Buddhist ceremonies inside one of the most delightful monasteries in the nation in case you are lucky and have time.

There is no question that they may seem a little elusive to Westerners who did not grow up with these ancient and complex customs and rituals; however, whenever given the opportunity, the powerful mystical aura of Buddhist practices can greatly affect the soul.

The tones, sounds, scents, and tastes (indeed, flavors) are rich and plentiful. Lukla monastery offers a vivid social encounter regardless of whether it’s drinking tea or smelling the fragrance of burning incense.

7. Sherpa Culture:

Another most significant reason for visiting Lukla is to get an insight into the Sherpa’s wonderful culture. They have their language, costumes, and practices of religion, traditional homes, and society’s laws.

Various features of the Sherpa draw cultural vultures from all nations. The best spot to know and find about the Sherpa and their civilization, along with their way of living, is here. They will flabbergast you with the best hospitality, which you won’t discover elsewhere on the planet.

8. Art and Architecture

The vibrant art and architecture you will experience is another good reason. In these Tibetan inspired villages, monasteries, gompas, mani walls, and so forth, you can see unique art and architecture.

9. Dramatically Improved Safety and Infrastructure

10. Big-Hearted People

You will encounter a plain, innocent, and friendly Sherpa along your voyage. The best hospitality that you won’t discover anywhere else in the world would astonish you.

In the Himalayas, they are not exclusively their geniuses, yet they are also typically content and easygoing individuals. As they are calm, truthful, and persistent, they become a close acquaintance with everyone.