552 Sweet Love SMS Shayari for Girlfriend in Hindi to Make Her Happy


Get her sweet love sms for girlfriend in Hindi language. We have here 552 cute love shayari, messages for girlfriend in Hindi language. You can get here these lines free. You are free to download these lovely quotes images and download text to share with your gf / girlfriend / lover. Make you gf happy with these cute romantic lines.

Love is one of the part of our life .congratulating your love ones is important .so, you can use those message to congratulate your love ones.

52 Sweet Love SMS Shayari for Girlfriend in Hindi to Make Her Happy

1. sweet words for girlfriend in hindi


Samajho to ehshash,

dekho to rishataa.

Qaho to lafaz.

chaaho to jindgi,


kerloh to ibaadat.

nivaao to wadey,

Toot jaaye to mukkadder.

per mill jaaye to.jananat

2. sweet love sms for girlfriend in Hindi. Facebook

Dooriyon kee na parwa keeziye

Dil jvi pookaare bulaa leeziye

Ham zyaada door nahee aapse

Bus apani aankho ko palako se milaa lijiye!!

3. sweet love sms for girlfriend in Hindi 140 words

Joh Jitanaa Door Hotaa hei Najaro Se,

Utana Hi Woh Dil k Pash Hotaa Hei,

Mushkeel Se vi Jisakee ik Jalaak Dekhane Ko Na Mile,

Wahee Jindagi mein Sabase Khaash Hotaa Hei…

4.  short sweet love poem in hindi for girlfriend

Kaeise kahe kee ap kitanee khubasoorat hei,

Kaeise kahe kee ham ap per marate hei,

Ye to sirph meraa dil hi jaanataa hei,

qi ham ap se kitanaa pyar karate hei..

Chupke Sse Joh Mangee Hei,

Un Duwao mein Tumm Ko Paanaa Hei,


5. sweet love sms for gf in hindi language. facebook

Tumm Ruth k Mujhse Na Jaao,

Mujhe Sath Tummhera Paanaa Hei,

Tumm Lout k Waapish Aa jaao,

Mujhe “Humsgaphar” Tummhe Banana Hei

Get here Hindi Love Shayari SMS for Girlfriend. You can get here top best hindi love shayari sms in Hindi language. There are romantic love shayari as well sad love sms messages in Hindi language. Get closer to your gf or girlfriend or lover by sharing these quotes, messages, text msg via facebook, whatapp, google plus, twitter etc. Make here happy. 

6. sweet love quotes for girlfriend in hindi language

Dil kee Bat Chhupaanaa Ata Nahi,

Kishi kaa Dil Dookhana Ata Nahi,

Ap Sochate Hei Ham Vul Gaye Aapko,

Par Kuchh Achhe Doshto Ko Vulaanaa Hamko Ata Nahee

7. sweet love shayari in hindi for girlfriend

Tum yad nahee karate ham vulaa nahee sakate,

Tum hasaa nahee sakate ham Rulaa nahee sakate.

Doshati itani khubashurat hei hamaari,

Tum jaan nahee sakate or ham bataa nahee sakate.

I love you my baby. I hope one day that I can be as kind as you are and as pure as you are. You are my soul and the window to my happiness.

Being with you and loving you has taught me to be strong, beautiful and honest and grounded. You make me feel special in so many different ways. I love you so much my darling love!

10. sweet love letter to my girlfriend in hindi language

teraa saath hei to muze kyaa kami hei,

teree her mushkaan se mili muze khushi hei,

muskoorate rahanaa isi tarah humesaa,

qyo kee teree is mushkaan mein merii jan basi hei.

All my days with you are days’ worth living. I’ve overlooked what it feels like to be distant from everyone else. Exactly when I believed that I couldn’t be any more joyful, I see you, and that all progressions by and by.

You are my feed when the sun sparkles, my night stars when dimness calls. You are certain my with everything taken into account. Goodnight my affection.

In my grasp is this heart. I need you to have it, since I’m so ungainly, so I’m anxious I’ll lose it or effortlessly offer it to another person


I see you in each individual I see. I feel you in anything I however. Pitiful my day will end again without you in it. How I wish you are here.

Find and get here in this post top love lines for girlfriend in Hindi language. Here in this post, you can get love sms, messages, shayari in Hindi language for your girlfriend. You can share these quotes, shayari with your girlfriend or lover or gf in Facebook status, Google plus or whatapp, where you are. She may be happy after reading such shayari or sms from your side. so, boys, get ready and share your feeling with her.

11. sweet love letter for girlfriend in hindi

Dil Se Leekhi Bate Dil ko Chhu jatee hei,

Yah aqsar unkahee bat kah jatee hei,

kuchh log doshati ke mayne badal dete hei,

Or kuchh logon kee doshati se duneeyaa badal jatee hei………

12. sweet love messages for girlfriend in hindi language

Woh kahate hein k saari rat

ap hame sone nahee dete,

ham kahate hei k aapakaa nur hee aeisa hei

ke ap hamaari rat hone he nahee dete

13. sweet love msg for gf in hindi language

Aasiq hei terey sadiyo se ham….

itani mohabat kisne kee hei sanam….

hadd se jyaada chahaa hei tummko hamne….

maange tuo jan vi to pichhe hatenge na kavi mere qadam

14. hindi sweet love sms for girlfriend. facebook

Mere Pyar Ko Woh Samajhh Nahi Paayaa

Rothey They Jab Tanahaa To Koii Pass Nahi Aaya

Mitaa Diyaa Khoodko Kishi ke Pyar Me

To vi Log Kahate hei Muze Pyar Kranaa Nahi Aaya..

15. hindi sweet love sms for girlfriend

pyar dareeyaa hei jiskaa saheel nahi hotaa,

her dil mohabat ke kaabil nahi hotaa,

rotaa woh vi hei joh doobaa he pyar me. . . .


rotaa woh vi hei jisse pyar hashil na hotaa;

With each beat of my heart, I cherish you to an ever increasing extent. You’re the musicality that keeps me enduring on the walk through life.

Shakespeare would have been correct in the event that he at any point stated, “An existence without genuine romance will be hopeless!” Without you, I am only vacant nothing. A debt of gratitude is in order for being mine. I adore you.

I need to be your boldness when things turn out badly and the verses to your heart when it lost sentimental rhythms. Wouldn’t you let me? I adore you. Words can’t express all that you intend to me. May you some way or another simply realize what I can’t clarify.

Your affection has vanquished me. Presently I have a place with you. I am your property so deal with me. I cherish you with the breath, the grins and the tears for my entire life.

16.  sweet lines for girlfriend in hindi language

Luve se tb tak luve na qaro jb tk luve aapse luve na kre ..

jb love aapse luve kre to luve se itanaa luve qaro kee love kishi or se luve na kare

17. sweet lines for gf in hindi language. facebook

Pyar Sabdoh kaa Mohataaj Nahi Hotaa

Dilme Har Kishi ke Raz Nahi Hotaa

qyo Intajar Karate Hei Svi Valentine Day Kaa

Kyaa Saal kaa Har Din Pyar kaa Haqdaar Nahi Hotaa

18. sweet love sms for girlfriend in hindi language

Jindgi Ful si Mushkurati rhe

Her Khooshi aapke daman mein jagmagaatee rhe

vagwaan se duwa hei to bash itanee,

Kee Sms k bahane aapko hamaari yad aatee rhe

All I want to say is thank you for always being the person to always be there for me whenever I need someone. I just want to tell you that I love you really very much.

You are awesome just the way you are. Please do not change just because the society might say something cruel. You are and have always been awesome.

My life is brimming with wander off in fantasy land. I endeavored to quit contemplating you however I bombed each time. I require you here my affection. I miss you. You’re still a little cat that takes a gander at my eyes, needing love in this chilly world.

I quit being on edge of tomorrow when I perceived how brilliant my yesterday was and how heavenly my today shows up with you. It’s your adoration the distance! Once in a while, I thump on the entryways of your heart, just to ensure despite everything I live there.


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