All About Losar Festival Nepal 2077: Tamu, Sherpa, Tibetan, Gyalpo, Sonam Lhosar 2020-2021

This post is detail information about Losar festival Nepal 2020-2021 relates to Tamu Losar, Sherpa Losarl, Gyalpo Losar, Sonam Losar, etc. Losar is often referred to as pure Nepali festival.

Losar is of strong Nepali Hindus traditional festival. Losar festival is the Mongolian Nepali festival. Losar festival Nepal 2020 and 2021. Gyalpo Losar 2020 Nepal. Sherpa Losar in Nepal. Tamu Losar in Nepal.

There are more than 100 festivals in the Nepal celebrated every year. Some different religious festivals take place every year form an important part of life in Nepal. Nepalese people employ the Nepali calendar or Bikram Samvat.

Festival in Nepal lies according to Nepali calendar. For your kind information, the Nepali calendar is running according to the cycle of the moon. Nepali calendar does not exactly tally with the Christian calendar.

So, it is very difficult to give the precise equivalent date of any Nepali festival, celebrated in Nepal. So the festivals of Nepal have been arranged according to the month they may fall in.

There are different kinds of loser celebrated every year. An example of Some loser is Losar festival Nepal 2077, Gyalpo Losar 2077 BS Nepal, Sherpa Losar in Nepal and Tamu Losar in Nepal.

Losar is also one of the popular festivals in Nepal. People get a vacation at this Sonam Losar festival. Losar is the festival of Nepal. Sonam Losar is the national festival of Nepal. It is celebrated by the Mongolian Nepali people or Tibetan-Nepali people. There are some other kinds of Losar festival celebrated in Nepal. Sonam Losar is the typical Nepali festival.


It is the main festival of the Sherpa, Tamang, Gurung, and Thakali. It is a Buddhist festival. The term Lhosar is derived from two words ‘Lho’ means year and ‘sar’ means new. Lhosar, thus basically is a New Year festival. There are three types of Lhosar.

The Gurung’s have Tamu Lhosar, the Tamangs celebrate Sonam Lhosar and Sherpa observe Gyalmo Lhosar. Lhosar is a festival of a feast, joy, and dance. People draw swastika symbols of peace and with a good future in their homes.

Losar is the Tibetan word for “new year”. lo holds the semantic field “year, age”; sar holds the semantic field “new, fresh”. Losar is the most important holiday in Tibet, Nepal, and the Kingdom of Bhutan. Losar is also called Sonam Losar. So, Losar means Tibetan New year.

Losar is celebrated for 15 days. The main celebration of Losar is in the first three days. On the first day of Losar, a beverage called changkol is made from chhaang (a Tibetan cousin of beer). The second day of Losar is known as King’s Losar (gyalpo Losar).

Losar festival in Nepal occurs near or on the same day as the Chinese New Year and the Mongolian New Year. The Losar festival in Nepal is also celebrated by Yolmo, Sherpa, Tamang, Gurung, Lama, and Bhutia. Losar festival is also celebrated by Tibetan Buddhists Worldwide.

The date of Sonam Losar falls in either in January or February each year, depending on the cycle of the moon. According to the Nepali calendar, it falls in mid-Magh or early Falgun month. The Sonam Losar festival runs for one day only.

All About Losar Festival Nepal 2077: Tamu, Sherpa, Tibetan, Gyalpo, Sonam Lhosar 2020-2021

Tamu Losar Festival in Nepal. Sherpa Losar Festival in Nepal. Sonam Losar Festival in Nepal. Gyalpo Losar Festival in Nepal.

All About Sonam Losar Festival

The initial word “Lho” stands for the year and the second word “Sar” stands for new. The word Losar means New Year or the beginning of a new era. Tamang always celebrates their new year on the very first day of the new moon.

When is Sonam Losar?

Previous year Sonam Losar was on Magh 22, 2076 as per the Bikram Sambat calendar and was on February 5, 2020, according to the English Calendar.

This year Sonam Losar is on Magh 11, 2077 as per the Bikram Sambat Calendar and is on January 25, 2021, according to the English Calendar. Next year Sonam Losar is on Magh 30, 2077 as per the Bikram Sambat Calendar and is on February 12, 2021, according to the English Calendar.

This year it is 2848th year of Tamang’s New Year celebration. However, the days of celebration differs in different Tibeto-Burman communities. Sonam Losar falls on specific dates every year in Bikram Sambat and English calendar. This calendar is a historical Tibetan lunar calendar. the new year generally falls on the second new moon, which is on Magh Shukla Pratipada.

Tamang has a culture of counting year with the affiliation of symbols of 12 exclusive animals. It starts evolved with Rat and ends on Boar. It is shown below: –

List Of 12 Animals Names of The Tamang Years with Tamang New yr.’s begin date: –

Tamang word English word Nepali word New yr. start Dates

  1. जिवा Rat मुसा 25-Jan-2021
  2. लङ Ox साँढे 12-Feb-2021
  3. तक Tiger बाघ 1-Feb-2022
  4. हे Rabbit खरायो 22-Jan-2023
  5. डुक Dragon गरुँढ 10-Feb-2024
  6. डुल Snake सर्प 29-Jan-2025
  7. ता Horse घोडा 17-Feb-2026
  8. लुक Sheep भेडा 7-Feb-2027
  9. टे Monkey बाँदर 27-Jan-2028
  10. च्या, ज्या poultry कुखुरा 13-Feb-2029
  11. खि canine कुकुर 3-Feb-2030
  12. फक Boar सुंगुर 23-Jan-2031

How do people celebrate Sonam Losar?

The final day of 12th month of the yr. is a time to clean and put together a welcoming atmosphere for new yr. The monasteries perform a special ritual with masks dance to expel negative forces. the brand new 12 months birthday party varies. human beings go to Monasteries, Stupas and Chaityas and perform ceremonial rituals there.

They purchase new dresses and enhance their houses consistent with their living standards. subculture is there each family member thoroughly cleans their residence to comb away any bad fortune in hopes to make manner for proper incoming luck.

windows and doors are embellished with colorful papers and cloths and couplets with popular topics of “good fortune” or “happiness”, “wealth”, and “durability”. humans get collectively and have dinner with families. The feasts include gadgets as pigs, ducks, hen, and sweet desserts.

Musical programs are carried out with Tamang Selo within the beat of Damphu. Nowadays Tamang in Kathmandu and nearby collect in Tundikhel to have the fun of Sonam Losar. They organized one-of-a-kind programs there. The attractions are commonly pooja, Lok Dohari competitions, food festivals, Dramas, and so on.


Tamangs are seen in their dress attire. The Tundikhel is full with the gang with Losar celebrations. girls and girls wear their clothes and jewelry and most of them put on a traditional hat. Losar conveys happiness to all the Tamang community and all the Nepali as a whole. Tamang and their records in short.

Tamang is one in every of the most important groups in Nepal. Tamang is approximately 8% of the overall population of Nepal. Tamang is the very historic tribe of Nepal and are the unique humans of Yambu.

Tamang is made from two words, Ta is Horse and Mang is Rider. it’s far assumed that they have been linked with the business of horse buying and selling or driving, a few views it in another way and that they recollect Tamang as Horse warriors.

large numbers of Tamang people stay within the center hilly vicinity to a Himalayan variety of Nepal inclusive of Capital town Kathmandu. Tamang has commonly been lived in districts of Rasuwa, Nuwakot, Dhading, Makwanpur, Chitwan, Sindhupalchowk, Kavrepalanchok, Dolakha, Ramechhap in addition to in Sindhuli. however, they’re now all over Nepal, or even in so many nations around the arena.

some of them are migrated specifically to Darjeeling, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Asham, Nagaland, and Guhati, on the way to Bhutan and Burma. Tamangs have their very own song.

Their musical device is known as Damphu. it’s miles a small round drum where one aspect of the circular wood is included by using the skin of a goat and is joined with thirty and two small bamboo pencil-like portions.

Tamang used to move from places to places for food and shelters. They live on wild results, yams and animals’ meat. They used to seek for the meals all day long and share food with the human beings residing together within the temporary shelters.

once it came about, a pacesetter of a set named Peng Dorjay went for searching food together with a few individuals, they have been empty hands for the day. within the evening they have been returning without meals, the leader noticed a goat grazing on an excessive cliff.

He aimed his arrow on the goat and killed the goat. He skinned off the goat and dried the pores and skin on the under the solar. As soon the pores and skin went dry, he made a small, round drum and started playing it, thanking God for meals. The identical drum is called Damphu.

Tamang songs are also known as Tamang Selo. There are songs of humor and wit, philosophical thoughts, and of life’s joys and sorrows. Tamang Selo has exceeded the boundaries of language, social as well as common limits.

Sonam Losar Date 2021 : Sonam Losar Date 2077

Sonam Losar 2021 dates fall on the 25th January 2021, Saturday. It means Sonam Losar 2077 BS is on the 11st Magh, 2077. According to Nepali month, Sonam Losar 2021 is on the Saturday, 11st of Magh month. It means Sonam Losar 2077 dates is in the 11th Magh, Saturday.

All About Gyalpo Losar Festival

In Tibet, the festival is also called “Gyalpo Losar” meaning the king’s New Year. In our country Nepal, this festival is called Losar and is celebrated eight weeks before the Tibetan Losar.

Gyalpo Losar is also known as Tibetan New Year that starts near the end of the year on the Tibetan Calendar. Gyalpo Losar is celebrated for two weeks by the people of Sherpa, Hylmo, and Bhotiya communities.

But the very first three days are significant and the second day is the main day of Gyalpo Losar. In case, if you are living in Kathmandu then you can see the Gyalpo Losar celebration in Tundikhel where Sherpa, Bhotiya, Hylmo communities people get united and celebrate their Gyalpo Losar.

When is Gyalpo Losar celebrated? :-

Losar is well known to mark the start of a Tibetan New yr. Tibetan Buddhists follow a lunisolar calendar, wherein every 12 months has both 12 or thirteen lunar months. every month begins and ends with a new moon.

Losar in 2020 started on Tuesday, fifth February and concluded on Thursday, 7th February. inside the yr. coming year i.e. in 2021 Losar may be celebrated from Tuesday, twenty-fifth February 2021 to Thursday, 25th February 2021.

History of Gyalpo Losar: –

The roots of the Losar are traced to the duration long earlier than the advent of Buddhism in Tibet. The festival is believed to have evolved from Bon faith’s incense burning ritual in wintry weather. there may be a small story that states the beginning of Losar.

The incident dates back to the reign of King Jam yang Namgyal, who was a seventeenth-century Namgyal dynasty king of Ladakh, India. once, the king was commencing on a day trip in opposition to the Bali stan forces, in the course of wintry weather. however, his courtiers advised him to no longer depart before New yr.

The king turned into adamant to move at the excursion and neither desired to push aside the advice. He got here out with a viable answer of celebrating the new 12 months, two days before the actual date. this practice is observed until these days and Losar is celebrated on 1st through the third day of the first lunar month of the Tibetan calendar.

When Tibet became underneath the rule of 9th ruler King Gungyal a festival of incense burning become determined in the course of the winters.

This competition is thought to have merged with the most important harvest festival, which was being celebrated due to the fact Namgyal dynasty. the two galas mixed collectively to take the shape of an annual Buddhist festival came to be known as “Losar”.

How is Gyalpo Losar celebrated: –

Losar is mainly a three days birthday celebration, with the primary two days being the last two days of the last month, while the 0.33 and remaining day being the primary day of the first month.

The arrangements begin plenty in advance to the actual date. humans start cleansing and decorating their homes with fragrant plant life and colorful auspicious signs. human beings do not forget it a good time of the 12 months to settle debts and remedy disputes.

New garments are bought and festival meals are prepared. Chang, a Tibetan opportunity of beer, crafted from barley may be very popular all through the pageant. Buddhists go to their nearby monasteries and make non-secular services to their deities.

On the first day of Losar, a drink chang is prepared, which is a Tibetan replacement for a lager. every other pageant delicacy is Guthuk, which is a soup prepared from meat, potato, wheat, cheese, pepper, etc. big processions are taken out with artists wearing masks and dressed like various characters and animals.

Artists perform level fights and hearth dances to entertain locals and vacationers. all through the night, locals make torches out of straws and burn hearth crackers, to thrust back evil spirits and ghosts.

On the second day of the pageant, humans visit monasteries to worship the deities and donate cash and different articles to the clergymen. elements to make festival dishes are offered on this day. The region of worship inner every Tibetan house is obtainable goat head, green barley shoots, dry result, and many others.

On the final day, a complete circle of relatives gets up early inside the morning and wears new garments after taking tub; and then, the family gathers at the vicinity of worship to hope collectively.

Replicas of animals and demons made from local dough are presented to the deity. during the day the own family sits together to devour. humans visit monasteries and tie prayer flags.

Celebration of Gyalpo Losar in historic time: –

ancient birthday celebration of Losar befell at some stage in the winter solstice. It turned into greater a non-secular pastime missing modern-day day’s extravagance. offerings had been made to the local deities and those visited water resources to thank the deities who supposedly allow the water to be had.

It turned into essentially determined as an incense festival to venerate neighborhood deities. Later, in the direction of time, this festival merged with a first-rate harvest festival celebrated around the identical time of the yr. earlier than, China occupied Tibet in 1950; Losar becomes celebrated as a morning ritual at Namgyal Monastery.

Importance of Gyalpo Losar: –

Losar is the most important holiday celebrated in Tibet. It marks the beginning of a new year and celebrates a good harvest. The festival is celebrated as symbolic of the victory of good over evil.

People discard their hard feelings for each other, if any, and begin a new year filled with happiness and prosperity. They pay their debts and clear other pending dues. The festival gives people a chance to introspect on their religious, cultural heritage at the same time taking time to enjoy the fruits of harvest and longer sunny days.

Gyalpo Losar Date 2021 : Gyalpo Losar Date 2077

Gyalpo Losar 2021 dates fall on the 25th January 2021, Saturday. It means Gyalpo Losar 2077 BS is on the 11st Magh, 2077. According to Nepali month, Gyalpo Losar 2021 is on the Saturday, 11st of Magh month. It means Gyalpo Losar 2077 dates is in the 11th Magh, Saturday.

All About Tamu Losar Festival of Nepal

Tamu is the alternative name of the Nepalese Gurung civilization of Nepal and the word “Losar” symbolizes the New Year. Tamu Losar is a celebration of Gurung’s New Year. Tamu Losar indicates the starting of the new Tamu Sambat as well as the commencement of the new Gurung Calendar Year.

When do Gurungs celebrate Tamu Losar? :-

Tamu Losar is celebrated on 15th of Poush every year based on the Nepali calendar (either in December or in January). This year i.e. Losar is on 30th of December on Monday.

How do peoples celebrate Tamu Losar? :-

Losar is the time when own family contributors of all generations get collectively and trade love and greetings. In huge cities, Gurungs come collectively to have a good time Tamu Losar (Gurung’s New 12 months) at a not unusual area and have fun in various cultural processions, feasting, and greetings.

They gather in the courtyards to have a good time in Losar. In Kathmandu, Losar is well known in Tundikhel floor on the city middle vibrant with colorful stalls and those flooding inner on Poush 15 underneath Nepali Bikram Sambat Calendar. Push 15 marks the give up of wintry weather and the start of spring that also brings warmth and charm to Tamu Losar.

Gurungs all across the world rejoice Tamu Losar via organizing rallies in traditional attires and cultural packages. also, they go to Buddhist shrines on that day. the days in Losar and the events are the possibilities for Nepal visitors to witness cultural heritages of the Gurung network.

Gurungs (Tamu) are the indigenous population of west-critical components of Nepal and some stay east of Kathmandu. there are numerous clans of Gurungs, the participants of that are all widely recognized for his or her bravery and cultural wealth.

Their warm welcome and hospitality at the Losar party were obtrusive from the plates with sel roti (Nepali Bread) and Achaar (Nepali pickles) being served in the competition.

Gurungs divide time into cycles of 12 years. To every yr. of which a unique call is given, which is called the. Losar additionally heralds the change in ‘Lho’. in line with the oriental astrological device, there are 12 who–garuda, serpent, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken, canine, deer, mouse, cow, tiger and cat. therefore, each year is marked with the aid of a selected animal and they’re organized in an unmarried circle (on paper), closely following the Tibetan calendar with its’ 12 animals.

In the early days, when there has been no calendar machine in Nepal, the 12-rotation machine becomes used to calculate peoples’ ages. As Poush 15 marks the give up of winter and start of spring, Losar is traditionally celebrated for 3 days doing picnics too.

What do Gurung wear in Losar? :-

Gurung men put on Bhangra, a white fabric blouse-like clothing tied throughout the chest and open like a bag at the returned (for sporting matters), and a Kachhad, like a short sarong or kilt.

At this festival, Gurung girls wear their own maroon velvet Ghalek i.e. blouses, large gold rings as well as stone necklaces. on this grand occasion, many stalls selling forms of cuisine are installation with the aid of human beings from exclusive areas, families or people in the common gathering location to have fun Losar.

Read Also: – Everything You May Want To Know About Gurung Dress of Nepal For Male, Female, Children, Boys & Girls

Appropriate mood meals, accurate agency, and track are the essences of top instances. humans in small and huge corporations sat at the floor taking part in scrumptious Gurung dishes. People carry out conventional and cultural dancing. Domestic-made raksi (alcohol) also are being served.

Gurungs are very rich in the way of life and culture. Rodhighar, Chudka, Sorathi, Ghantu, and Dohori are a number of their superb that are the contribution of Gurung culture to Nepal. Gurungs have their very own language, cultural, gala’s, rituals, traditional, however, they are consistence with Nepali culture and values.

History of Gurungs: –

In 1958, Bernard Pignede, a French student of anthropology came to Nepal to observe Gurungs. He spent seven months in a Gurung village Mohoriya (Kaski, Gandaki) and traveled through many neighboring Gurung villages to do his studies.


He learned to talk Gurung dialect and documented quite a great deal everything approximately the Gurungs – their social structure, subculture, faith, records, occupations, legends, and myths. He translated Pae, a ritual and non-secular practice that one Gurung technology has handed all the way down to every other for hundreds of years.

Pae conveys the oral records of Gurungs and is considered very sacred. Sadly, Pignede died unfortunately at the age of 29, in the year 1961. After his loss of life, Professor Louis Dumont posted Pegnede’s work in 1966. The book was straight away identified as a major contribution to the anthropology of the Himalayas.

Later, two stated anthropologists – Sarah Harrison and Alan Macfarlane translated it in English and posted the primary English version in 1993. Harrison and Macfarlane did also look at Gurungs and added extra to Pegnede’s work. The English model of the book is called “The Gurungs”, which is probably the maximum acclaimed studies on Gurungs up to now.

An excerpt taken from Bernard Pegnede’s book “The Gurungs” consists of a quick record of the Gurungs as compiled by using Bhovar Palje Tamu and Yarjung Kromchhe Tamu based totally upon the Pae. “The Tamu (Gurung) Pye refers back to the very starting of civilization, extra than eight or nine thousand years ago.

They tell the origin of humans and of the substances that they used. Tamu priests still use a number of those primitive utensils in their rituals. Tamu Pye tells how the first human beings lived in Cho (Tso) Nasa, a lakeside village, in which they planted the primary grain, barley.

Then they dispersed to different locations such as Sa Nasa, Dwo Nasa, Si Nasa, and Kro Nasa, the latter being in the south, warm and fertile. different Tamu villages evolved in step with their proximity to the northern and southern ends.

When is Tamu Losar Date 2020 : When is Tamu Losar Date 2077

Tamu Losar 2020 dates in Nepal falls in the 31st December, Tuesday. It means Tamu Losar 2077 BS is on the 15th Push, Tuesday. According to Nepali month, Tamu Losar 2020 is on the 31st of December 2077, Tuesday. It means Tamu Losar 2077 dates is in the 15th Poush, 2077, Tuesday.

Sherpa Losar Date 2020 : Sherpa Losar Date 2077

Sherpa Losar 2021 dates in Nepal falls in the Feb 29th, 2021, Saturday. It means Sherpa Losar 2077 BS is on the 17th Falgun, Saturday. According to Nepali month, Sherpa Losar 2021 is in the Falgun 17, 2077, Saturday. It means Sherpa Losar 2077 dates is in the 29 February 2021, Saturday.

Losar Festival Nepal 2024: Tamu, Sherpa: Gyalpo Losar 2024 Nepal

When is Sonam Losar in 2020 (2076 B.S.)? or Sonam Losar Dates in 2075 BS?
When is Sonam Losar in 2021 (2077 B.S.)? or Sonam Losar Dates in 2076 BS?
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When is Sonam Losar in 2024 (2080 B.S.)? or Sonam Losar Dates in 2080 BS?
When is Sonam Losar in 2025 (2081 B.S.)? or Sonam Losar Dates in 2081 BS?

Losar Festival Nepal 2024: Tamu, Sherpa: Gyalpo Losar 2024

When is Gyalpo Losar in 2020 (2076 B.S.)? or Gyalpo Losar Dates in 2075 BS?
When is Gyalpo Losar in 2021 (2077 B.S.)? or Gyalpo Losar Dates in 2076 BS?
When is Gyalpo Losar in 2021 (2077 B.S.)? or Gyalpo Losar Dates in 2077 BS?
When is Gyalpo Losar in 2022 (2078 B.S.)? or Gyalpo Losar Dates in 2078 BS?
When is Gyalpo Losar in 2023 (2079 B.S.)? or Gyalpo Losar Dates in 2079 BS?
When is Gyalpo Losar in 2024 (2080 B.S.)? or Gyalpo Losar Dates in 2080 BS?
When is Gyalpo Losar in 2025 (2081 B.S.)? or Gyalpo Losar Dates in 2081 BS?
Losar Festival Nepal 2024: Tamu, Sherpa: Gyalpo Losar 2024

Losar Festival Nepal 2024: Tamu, Sherpa: Gyalpo Losar 2024

When is Tamu Losar in 2020 (2076 B.S.)? or Tamu Losar Dates in 2075 BS?
When is Tamu Losar in 2021 (2077 B.S.)? or Tamu Losar Dates in 2076 BS?
When is Tamu Losar in 2021 (2077 B.S.)? or Tamu Losar Dates in 2077 BS?
When is Tamu Losar in 2022 (2078 B.S.)? or Tamu Losar Dates in 2078 BS?
When is Tamu Losar in 2023 (2079 B.S.)? or Tamu Losar Dates in 2079 BS?
When is Tamu Losar in 2024 (2080 B.S.)? or Tamu Losar Dates in 2080 BS?
When is Tamu Losar in 2025 (2081 B.S.)? or Tamu Losar Dates in 2081 BS?

Losar Festival Nepal 2024: Tamu, Sherpa: Gyalpo Losar 2024

When is Sherpa Losar in 2020 (2076 B.S.)? or Sherpa Losar Dates in 2075 BS?
When is Sherpa Losar in 2021 (2077 B.S.)? or Sherpa Losar Dates in 2076 BS?
When is Sherpa Losar in 2021 (2078 B.S.)? or Sherpa Losar Dates in 2077 BS?
When is Sherpa Losar in 2022 (2079 B.S.)? or Sherpa Losar Dates in 2078 BS?
When is Sherpa Losar in 2023 (2080 B.S.)? or Sherpa Losar Dates in 2079 BS?
When is Sherpa Losar in 2024 (2081 B.S.)? or Sherpa Losar Dates in 2080 BS?
When is Sherpa Losar in 2025 (2077 B.S.)? or Sherpa Losar Dates in 2081 BS?

Losar Festival Nepal 2020 -2021 : Tamu, Sherpa: Gyalpo Losar 2077 Nepal

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