I wish you health, happiness, and love. That life was filled with only happy moments. Happy Janmashtami 2020

Well, being, mutual understanding, kindness, health, happiness, and prosperity. Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2020.

Let love and joy, generosity and luck, prosperity and happiness, good and love come to this home with this holiday. Happy Janmashtami 2077 BS!

 I wish you never to feel hurt and lonely, I wish to gain great hope and faith in miracles. All the good and good health. Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2020.

 May everything is all right with you, close and dear people will be near you, and peace of mind will not leave you! Happy Janmashtami 2020!

May Lord Krishna bestow your house with grace and peace, and the Lord never ceases to protect! Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2020.

200 Quotes And Wishes Messages On Lord Krishna Happy Janmashtami

 I wish you all the best, a peaceful sky, friendliness and the best of works!


With all my heart I wish to kindle the fire of hope in my soul, to open the path to a dream for my heart. All good goods and true happiness, mutual love, and vivid miracles!

I wish peace and grace in this world, as well as a good life and daily joy in it. May everyone in the family is healthy, may there be joy and happiness in your heart.

Let a miracle come to your house. Let all your dreams come true, happiness, comfort, and love soar in the house.

Let the bells of Krishna temple fill your thoughts with purity, your soul with light and life with grace. Happy Janmashtami 2020!

 I wish grace in your peace and happiness in your heart. Live, love, dream and believe, hope, rejoice, give good and get good luck in return.

 I wish you health and strength, financial success, love, and prosperity in the house! Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2020.

May the Lord preserve and protect you. Let victories and discoveries come in easy steps. I wish peace and warmth. Happy Janmashtami 2077 BS!

Let the bright holiday bring peace, joy and the realization of dreams into your homes and hearts! May the angels protect your destinies.

 Let the closest people gather around the table, and kindness, luck, prosperity, luck, and happiness will knock on the door.

Let the bright holiday be inspired by life inspiration and notes of love, the air of happiness, and the warmth of loved ones. Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2020.

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Happy Krishna Janmashtami Picture

 Let your life be filled with unlimited happiness. Let luck be your best companion and ally.

 I wish peace and happiness, good and love. Let bright light of hope and good luck burn in your life.

It is customary to desire strong health, some more money, less sadness. Let everything go like days on the calendar!

 Let the guardian angel protect you and push only good deeds. Health to you and your children.

I wish peace and rainbow happiness, great love and strong faith, good miracles and full prosperity of all the blessings in life.

The birth of Krishna is a great holiday! I wish well-being and peace to your home! Live without quarrels and troubles! God bless you!

Messages On Lord Krishna Happy Janmashtami

I wish to revive bright thoughts and feelings inside me, open my heart to joy and love! Peace and health to all your family. Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2020.

I wish you health, peace, faith, happiness, hope, and love! Let this holiday for the heart will play the melody of consolation.

 May your love enrich you with strength and faith, may your kindness open before you the road to happiness and well-being.

 I wish to light a bright star of kindness and love in me and let it always shine. Peace and health to you and your dear people! Happy Janmashtami 2020!

 May life be full of love, prosperity, happiness, beauty, fun, and miracles. Peace and health to your family, goodness, and comfort in your home.

Let the flute of Krishna be a beacon in your life. And let the light of this lighthouse go happiness, prosperity, and success.

 Let happiness break into your home, swirl you in the intoxicating carousel and fill your souls with fun. Happy Janmashtami 2077 BS!

Let home smell delicious dishes and comfort, grace will be at heart, the family will be friendly and healthy, and the Lord will bring happiness and joy!

I wish you happy smiles from your family, a rich table, sincere words, sincere conversations, God’s grace, more kindness and bright people around!

I wish that the most ambitious wishes come true, made under the star, and life and magic filled with light.

With the birth of Krishna let grace, prosperity, well-being, stability, peace and joyful joy come to the house. Health to the whole family, success in business, steadfast faith in the soul!

May this holiday bring bright joy, cozy warmth, God’s grace, prosperity, and good mood to your home!

 With all my heart I wish not to know anxiety and poverty, to believe in love and miracles. Health to your family and happiness to your heart. Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2020.

I leave warm wishes for love, harmony, peace, and happiness. May hope always live in your heart, may life be full of wonders and kindness.

Enjoy life, and everything will be good at you. I wish you all good because this is the most important thing. And there will be health, there will be the strength, what to do and achieve something.

 I wish on this day to gather my big and friendly family. May each of you bring warmth, care, and love to your father’s house. Happy Janmashtami 2020!

May this miracle happen in your life, may there always be close people near you, may only happiness and love knock at your door!

 I hasten to say sincere words in honor of this bright holiday. Let the lights of love and happiness be lit in your hearts!

Let the blessing envelop your home. Let it be today the spirit of Janmashtami, the flavor of food and the joy of celebration. Happy Janmashtami 2077 BS!

I would like to wish a little: victories and luck, love and patience. May Krishna help in a difficult hour, let him not leave!

May he preserve and protect your home from evil misfortunes, from the evil eye and ill-being.

 I wish to always remain a man of strong faith, bright hope, even work, sincere love, worthy of respect and great happiness.

May success, well-being, joy, happiness, love, perspectives and inspiration be born in your life with Krishna.

On the feast of the Nativity of Krishna, I wish every day to meet with the new birth of hope, love, and joy. May peace and grace be in your life, and prosperity and happiness in your home. Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2020.

Miracles come on Janmashtami. Let the magician look in on you and conjure a carefree and merry life.

 Rejoice all, born Krishna. Let everything in your house be enough, the family will always be fed, warmed and happy.

 I wish to meet every day with the birth of new ideas and hopes. May there be peace and happiness in life, peace, and consolation. Happy Janmashtami 2020!

At Janmashtami I want to wish: not to sin, not to cry, not to live in misery. Let the divine atmosphere reign in your family. Let your relatives love and appreciate, support and help.

Let the Lord bless on good deeds. Let the holidays take place in a family and warm atmosphere.

I wish with all my heart bright good and good peace, faithful happiness and the incredible joy of the soul.

May the light of hope did not fade away, may happiness live in the house, and love always dwells in the heart.

 I wish to follow my lucky star, I wish you sincerely love and never leave aside your hope.

The grace of the Lord, the intercession and protection of the Savior that was born on this bright day. Health Peace Strong faith. Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2020.

 I wish sincere hope, good peace, undoubted good, true love, and great happiness. Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2020.

I sincerely wish a bright shimmer of happiness of the soul, the eternal shine of good hope, great and pure love in my heart. Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2020.

 I wish that this bright holiday would set good hope in my soul, and leave great happiness in the house. Happy Janmashtami 2020!

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Happy Krishna Janmashtami Card

 I wish at this hour to guess the most cherished, the most important, and it will come true. And the power of Krishna will help in this! Happy Janmashtami 2077 BS!

 Let your house be filled with comfort and a warm and friendly atmosphere! Well-being, mutual understanding, kindness, support, humanity, generosity in your hearts.

Let the star, which will certainly light up today in the sky for every believer, will lead you to health, peace, love, and happiness.

I sincerely wish honest words and good deeds in life, sincere joy and true happiness in my soul, bright hope and revelation in my heart.

From a pure heart, I wish true love, strong faith, and good hope to help turn back even the coolest mountains in life.

Congratulations from my heart. May the Nativity of Shree Krishna bring grace and joy in the house, send a bright light to the road of life. And open the heart and soul for good and sincere love.

Messages On Lord Krishna Happy Janmashtami

 May Krishna bring prudence and good fortune into your home!

Happy Krishna Janmashtami. Peaceful sky, happy holidays and loyal friends!

Congratulations to all of you very, very much. Let new victories be lit in the hearts. Let the soul sing with joy!

May peace and happiness come on this day. Let your relatives pray for you. I wish your friends to visit your house.

I wish this magical night to be visited not by a horned devil, but by a cute angel, and fill your home with joy, love, and kindness. Happy Janmashtami 2020!

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May this holiday be a sign of happiness and good in your life, even if, as soon as a star lights in the sky, a fire of love and joy will flare up in your heart. Happy Janmashtami 2077 BS!

 I wish you wonder and delight, the bliss of happiness and bliss of love, the prosperity of life and the bright hope of the heart. Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2020.

The star was lit in the sky and grace came to Earth, I congratulate you on Janmashtami. I wish good intentions of the heart and pure thoughts.

A strong family temple and peace in your home, I wish you good happiness and inextinguishable faith, bright hopes and indispensable health of body and soul.

From the bottom of my heart, I congratulate you on Happy Krishna Janmashtami. On this day, once a bright star lit up in the sky and gave the world a new light and true joy. The righteousness of the soul and the mercy of the heart. So let life to this day be filled with sincere goodness and grace, strong faith and inextinguishable hope, pure love and bright thoughts.

 May the Lord God bless you on a new day, and bring happiness, luck, and health.

 Let the guardian angel protect you and your loved ones and drive away from various evils from your home. I wish you kindness, humanity, honesty, and happiness.

I wish that faith and love reign in every heart, more good deeds were performed throughout the whole earth. Relatives and close people were always there, angels protected us with their presence.

 Let your life be joyful, bright, and it is illuminated by the Lord’s lantern. Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2020.

Let love warm the soul, and prosperity, health, happiness and grace in the house! Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2020.

May peace, love and prosperity reign in your home. I wish this bright holiday to bring you not only material but also spiritual ones: new thoughts, smartbooks, fascinating journeys, meetings with interesting people!

On this day, I want to wish everyone peace in the soul, peace in the heart and warmth in thoughts. Happy Janmashtami 2020!

Let only good be your adviser in difficult life situations, and faith instills hope in tomorrow! Happy Janmashtami 2077 BS!

I wish you a bright, good, God’s blessing on your true, long, gracious life journey.

May your heart be filled with love and hope, may the Lord grant you the right to live by faith and righteousness.

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 I wish you good health, make only good things and take care of your happiness.

Let the Lord give according to the deserts. Let no one leave in trouble. Let him help to cope with any difficulties and strengthen the holy faith in your hearts.

I wish this bright this Janmashtami holiday to bring good luck, kindness,  and light to your home, fill your life with love and prosperity.

The star’s lightguidese you along the right path, separating the evil from the good, and the dark from the bright. Be loved, healthy and kept by God.

May all sorrows, troubles and worries be left behind, for today is the bright feast of the birthday of Lord Krishna.

And may a miracle happen in life, as it once happened on this earth when our Savior was sent to us. Happy Janmashtami 2077 BS!

I wish to live righteously and honestly, happily and graciously, presenting my loved ones with love, as Shree Krishna illuminates all of us with the light of love. Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2020.

 I wish the house filled with happiness, faith strengthened and everything you dreamed about was surely fulfilled! Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2020.

May the grace of the Lord come upon you on this bright day, may the thoughts and impulses of the soul become pure. Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2020.

 May the Savior help you in all your endeavors. Health and happiness!

 I would like to wish you not for a moment to doubt your faith, not to leave your heart for a moment without hope and true love. Happy Janmashtami 2020!

 May the Lord be near in a difficult moment, may your good deeds allow the world to take the side of righteousness and get rid of indifference.

 May good happiness knock at your door, may the heart be opened for bright love, may the soul be free from agony and doubt.

 I wish to live safely and perform good deeds, I wish to live with faith and give faith to loved ones.

The birth of Krishna is salvation for all, He believed and gave faith to us. He walked the righteous path, and so we will follow this way.

 I wish always in my heart to leave room for the Lord, I wish never to lose strength and hope. I wish to love and live in good health in the light of good deeds.

On the holiday of true love and unbroken hope, on a bright day, when heaven sent the world Lord Krishna to us. When this light saw a bright star, which gave everyone the softness of the heart and the bounty of the soul

 I wish to follow my own path, not to do evil and go without sins, take care of loved ones and help the destitute, remain true to myself and my faith. Happy Janmashtami 2077 BS!

Our Savior was born, a happy star lit up in the sky. With all my heart I wish never to remain without faith and hope. Happy Janmashtami 2077 BS!

Live long and worthy of righteousness and good strength, do not leave the needy in distress and help people free from the shackles of evil who are in trouble.

 I wish to love this world and this life, my loved ones, and the Lord God, as Lord Krishna loved. Happy Janmashtami 2077 BS!

May life be graceful, may there be no limit to charity. May the soul be always ready to open the gates to happiness and extend a helping hand to those in need. I wish God’s blessings, pure love and unquenchable hope of the heart. Happy Janmashtami 2020!

We wish you good and positive emotions, purity in thoughts, warmth, and sincerity of relatives and close people. Happy Janmashtami 2020!

 Let the soul and body be filled with harmony, finding the desired happiness of your own!

 May the bright star of happiness in the sky indicate the kind and bright path to the heart. Give good and love, open true joy for your soul, fill your body with great forces for generous and good deeds.

I wish grace in the house, peace, and respect in the family, bright love in the heart, and delicious bread and salt on the table. May faith never fade away, and good hope will lead to true happiness.

Let the Janmashtami tale shower you with sparks of joy, let the firework of happiness give you and give the grace of the Holy Heaven. So that life will be filled with unforgettable moments.

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Let your Janmashtami be very fun, kind, happy, filled with magic, miracles and pleasant surprises.

Be happy in the circle of relatives, surrounded by loving hearts and loved ones. And may the mercy of the Lord be with you.

Messages On Lord Krishna Happy Janmashtami

May your friendship and love be as strong as the flute of Krishna is strong today. Let the Janmashtami lights sweep away all your problems and experiences.

 Let the most sincere wishes come true, even incredible expectations will come true. Let any of the bold ideas make it easy for you to realize!

 Let the gentle sunlight come down from heavens gently miracle, flashing in the rays of light with incredible lights of joy and hope, warming your soul. After all, only a miracle can revive faith, love and magical hope! Happy Janmashtami 2077 BS!

With the holiday – really beautiful, truly wonderful, incredibly kind, bright! Peace of mind, harmony, understanding the whole family! Happy Janmashtami 2020!

 Let the candles burn with hope and love today, the stars in the sky glow with happiness. And only sincere faith enters the house with frosty air, which brings wonders with it!

 Let the infinite mercy of God come down from heaven on this bright and wonderful day. And peace, good, and love reigns around. Happy Janmashtami 2077 BS!

On the day when billions of stars are born in the sky waiting for a miracle. I wish you justified expectations, fulfilled hopes and long-awaited magic! After all, happiness does not come just at the moments of waiting, but at the moments of absolute faith in it! Happy Janmashtami 2077 BS!

Like the reflections of a star, candles are burning quietly on this holy evening. Let the fire cleanse your house of all that is superfluous, leaving only a bright stream of joyful days in it.

Let your fate be as rich in good people and pleasant events as the Janmastami feast is rich in delicious dishes.

Let the star that burned in the sky light up your life path, and the Lord bless all good deeds!

I wish you to surround each other with warmth today, to bestow words of love! On this family holiday, we wish all your family joy, goodness and good health!

Let the light of Krishna touch a ray of your hearts on this bright holiday. And give birth to a new world, a love that doesn’t know the word I, and kindness that covers everything and everyone. And may the Savior of the world keep you under his cover. Happy Janmashtami 2020!

Let the candles of happiness burn, garlands of love sparkle, prosperity lights sparkle, and good health bells ring out loudly.

 Save this festive decoration and atmosphere of goodness and comfort for the whole year.

Let a wonderful Janmastami lavishly fill you with an endless succession of bright happy events. And your beautiful smile will shine as dazzlingly as a sparkling frost in inspiring and tender sunshine!

Let the Janmastami lights illuminate your life path, inspiring and filling you with hope. Let there be no obstacles in your path for success and goal achievement, for joy and dreams. You feel great, festive mood and unique happy moments!

Let happiness, which settled in the soul, kindle a smile on your face, have enough strength for all important things.

May fate gives you many reasons for fun, and people dear to your heart stay close, giving support and sharing success!

May the wonderful night of Janmastami bring harmony and inspiration, carelessness and happiness, fun and success to your destiny!

Let the holy holiday gather around you dear people and give a pleasant excuse for long-awaited meetings!

Good luck, longevity and happiness in relationships with loved ones and relatives! May the Lord protect you and your family, protect you from troubles and help in difficult life moments! Happy Janmashtami 2020!

I wish you wise and correct decisions, good mood, kindness, love and endless prosperity! Happy Janmashtami 2077 BS!

I wish you only joyful moments and God’s blessings on this wonderful holiday! May love always reign in your heart, peace in your soul, and comfort and warmth in your home!

 May the Lord help all of your most cherished wishes and dreams to come true.

Let the happy moments paint your life like golden sunshine paint the frost patterns. Let the cherished dreams come true faster than the snowflake melts in a warm palm.

Let this Janmashtami be filled with good magic, fabulous moments and home comfort!

 I wish that on this bright holiday the Lord would send you excellent health, pure love and a lot of money that will make it possible to realize the most unrealistic dreams!

May Krishna gives you winter cheerfulness and optimism, beat down all problems. And swirl you in a round dance of sincere smiles, tremulous excitement, pleasant surprises.

 Let your cherished desires be fulfilled, and always surround luck, friends and beloved people.

This Janmastami rings with freshness and sparkling purity, firm faith and incorruptible hope, and joyful laughter. Let your expectations be fulfilled, let love fill your hearts and thoughts, lead to success and dreams. I wish you health, optimism and great happiness!

The first star already gently flashed on the velvet dark sky, bringing to the world the glorious news of the birth of Krishna.

Let this holiday generously give you a wonderful mood and pleasant surprises, cheerful smiles of your family and a feeling of happiness in your soul!

Let your home be filled with sincerity and grace, happiness and mutual understanding! Happy Janmashtami 2077 BS!

 Let the cheerful laughter be always heard in it and harmonious relations prevail. I wish you good luck in all your endeavors and the reliable patronage of your guardian angel.

 I wish that on this day happiness, which leads by the hands of love and health, enters your home. Let this company settle in a dwelling and then, of course, wealth will join them. Happy Janmashtami 2020!

I wish you that your body, mind and soul live in unbreakable harmony and this balance always serves as a reliable support.

Let your way of being be infinitely joyful, let everything that surrounds you delight. And creative thoughts contribute to the growth of success in all matters.

 Let the Janmastami cheerfulness playfully, noisily and violently fill every cell of your body with teasing and exciting foreboding of unprecedented crazy happiness. And cozy days will tremble and gently respond to the most cherished dreams in your heart. Happy Janmashtami 2020!

May Lord Krishna come to you as a magical amazing fairy tale, and leaving will leave a tender, unforgettable and good mark on your soul.

I wish all earthly joys, unearthly bliss, reliable support of friends, understanding. And approval of relatives and the love of the most desired and necessary person in the world!

Let your Lord Krishna fill your house, let there be plenty in it: understanding, comfort, joy, goodness, pleasant surprises and tremulous excitement.

Let your health never fail you and luck do not betray, and the energy of a bright holiday remains in your soul the whole year!

Krishna Janmastami, the most long-awaited and beloved holiday of miracles! I wish your life to be like an endless kind fairy tale.

 Let your family and loving people, brave faithful friends and friendly cheerful companions accompany you on this magical journey.

Let the bright world of the Janmastami holiday bring warmth, joy and comfort to your home. Let all your wishes come true!

May good luck and happiness accompany you all year round and never pass by. Let health be strong, the mood – great, and love – eternal.

Let this Janmastami teach, Appreciate, forgive, love and believe … After all, there is in it the power of magic, Which cannot be measured.

Let the faith in the bright miracle be born in your heart on the birthday of the Lord Krishna. Let the welfare come to your home and warm the soul with radiant and sincere smiles of close people.

I wish you unforgettable Janmastami miracles and wonderful holidays, which even gentle summer evenings will want to remember. Let everlasting sparkles of happiness always shine on your heart.

Let the Janmastami night Span much happiness and love. And wealth, and health for years. As if in a good fairy tale you always live!

I wish you happy discoveries. Let Janmastami be a start for great achievements, as well as unprecedented creative and career takeoff. May the state of happiness be permanent!

Let the angel protect you, Preserve from all troubles, And the Lord let him send Happiness to you for the whole year! Happy Janmashtami 2077 BS!

Let hope always live in the soul, let love triumph, but faith never leaves! I wish that life is not often tested for strength and enclosed only good surprises. Happy Janmashtami 2077 BS!

I wish you success, happiness, faith, I wish you good, most loyal friends. Such that the soul and the doors and the door wide open, And let life smile upon you with your smile.

Best Wishes On Lord Krishna Happy Janmashtami

May Lord Krishna give you a never-ending warmly sincere happy relationship.  Let your most audacious dreams and daring plans come true.  Be cheerful and lucky, energetic and healthy!

 I wish you peace, kindness, love, family comfort.  Let the guardian angel keep you safe and secure you from all troubles and tribulations!

On this bright holiday, I would like to wish peace and tranquility in every home. May every home has goodness, mutual understanding, prosperity, love, happiness, emotional balance, success in all undertakings.

May you have joy, good health and all the best!  May all expectations come true and the most cherished dreams come true! Happy Janmashtami 2020!

 We wish everyone in the soul to have peace and tranquility, joy and warmth! 

May there be many good and welcome events that will make your life better!  Love, attention, only good news and beautiful holiday pastime!

 I want to wish to see only good things in the surrounding world. And find all the good in people, give hope to loved ones and realize their dreams.

May you sincerely believe and never forget about simple human happiness.  I wish to truly appreciate all that you have and enjoy every moment of your life.

I wish sincere love and happiness, great luck and good hope and peace.  May heaven give strong faith in the heart and give a real celebration for the soul. 

I wish prosperity in the house, inner and surrounding beauty, excellent health and mercy.

 I wish peace and goodness, love and happiness, well-being, success and good health.  Let the guardian angel protect you and your loved ones from all misfortunes, and faith, peace and grace will prevail in your soul.

Why every day can not be a Krishna Janmastami? Why on all other days you need to quarrel, get angry and hurt someone? Life is too short for one Janmastami in a year … Happy Janmashtami 2077 BS!

There are millions of flowers on this big planet that bring joy to people. You’re one of them! You are better, you bloom even at Janmastami.

 I wish you bright thoughts in your head, well-being in your family, success at work, comfort in your home, healthy body, good spirits and love in your heart! Happy Janmashtami 2077 BS!

Prosperity in the house and good, May the Lord bless, And save everyone from adversity!

May happiness come to your home. Let the hearts melt from love, Your eyes sparkle mischievously. God reward you with luck, Give you strength and inspiration.

Health to the closest people, Get more faith in magic! May the Miraculous celebration of Janmastami be infinitely kind!

Let on this auspicious night Wishes all come true, Let love reign in the house, And miracles happen!

Let it reward you with warmth, And the angel, coming down from the evening sky, Will bestow kindness and comfort on your home.

That there should be a success in your work. So that in the house there was prosperity, So that honey was only sweet, And without impurities bitter. So that you are happy more often, I wish you today. Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2020.

I sincerely congratulate you on this bright holiday! Let peace, love and understanding reign in the house, and avoid any bad weather! I wish you well and prosperity!

Let the guardian angel protect you and push only good deeds. Health to you and your children.

  I wish to follow your lucky star, I wish you sincerely love and never leave aside your hope.

I wish this magical night to be visited not by a horned devil, but by a cute angel, and fill your home with joy, love and kindness.

I wish you to meet this wonderful magical holiday with the closest people. God bless you all the bright and good! I wish love, well-being, prosperity and mutual understanding!

Janmastami is a celebration of eternal hope. May the Lord grant fulfillment of the most fantastic desires. May faith and love never leave you alone. Forgive and be forgiven. Happy Janmashtami 2020!

May there not be disappointments in your life, peace outside the window and bright happiness in the house. May Janmastami give bright hope, strong faith, a beautiful fairy tale and true love.

May the light of Janmastami protect you from the wiles of evil people and heavy thoughts. May comfort, warmth, happiness, love find a place in every corner of your home! I wish you bright emotions and simple solutions to life tasks!

May life be good to you, may a lot of bright, wonderful events await you. I wish that only good people meet on your way, so that each new day brings joy. Happy Janmashtami 2077 BS!

May this bright day bring harmony and joy, well-being and wealth, love and warmth to your home.

May Krishna protect your souls from temptations, envy, gloom and anger. Let him close you from misfortunes, grief and give you great joy and light. I wish that joyful laughter and words of love be always heard in your house.

May all your roads be light, because with faith we are not afraid of anything!


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