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Lord Brahma – Hindu God of Creation

Bramha, the god of creation, is one of the best powerful god in Hinduism and is the personification of Supreme Soul. Hence, the chief of the individual souls. However, he is sometimes thought to be the self created one. Nevertheless, his main job as one of the equals of the Hindu Triad is appropriately enough to create and keep creation going on.

A legend has it that Bramha, long before Shiva and Vishnu were born, created the universe and then the living beings. However another legend says that this four headed grand fatherly god was born of the thou­sand petalled lotus beautifully stemmed from the navel of Narayana, the Lord of water – when he was sleeping sound on his enormous snake bed called Ananta Shaiya.

Originally Bramha had only one head and later he had five. But soon he lost one and possessed only four. There is a very interesting story about how the number of his head increased from one into five and back into four again.

facts about God Lord Brahma - Hindu God of Creation

Bramha is said to have been hatched out of the golden cosmic egg. Ever since a great desire to create a new world for himself seized him. So he created the world accordingly but he found himself so lonely that he simply could not bear it any more. Then he immediately created a female partner out of his own substance with whom he fell in love very fast. This most beautiful fair sex who is sometimes identified with Savitri, and sometimes with Saraswati was awfully embarrassed by his most passionate look. Then helplessly trembling she moved around to escape his non-stop staring. Each direction she moved a new head sprang out with start­ing eyes. A head to her left, a head to her right, a head in front and a head in the back — there were heads all around. Thus she was entirely surrounded by the heads of Brahma from all four directions. And, at last, she rose into the sky to escape the fervent look of Bramha but in vain. Eventually Bramha grabbed her, who was his daughter as well as his wife and produced the human race. Another version says that Shiva cut off the fifth head of Bramha to punish him for foolishly indulging himself in the sinful affair with his so called wife-daughter.


Bramha in arts is depicted as having long beard, red skin and wearing the spotless white robes. His four arms symbolize Vedas namely: Rigveda, Yajurveda, Athar-vaveda, and Saamveda. Sometimes his four hands are shown instead holding a rosary, a water jar, a bow and (a spoon or) a scepter. He travels on the back of a goose whom he has chosen for his mount. Bramha, though originally regarded as the god of wisdom and spiritual vision, is not very popular with the followers of Hindu faith. As such he is not very enthusiastically worshipped by the Nepalese. May God bless the Nepalese family planners. Because Bramha is still against them !

Lord Brahma – Hindu God of Creation