999 Long Distance Friendship Messages, Status, Quotes For Girlfriend (Her) From Boyfriend

My dear best friend, they are great the moments we spent together and we have fun with them doing crazy things. But we are also together when we have difficulty and always give us the hand. That is why I consider that it is a great blessing to meet you.

The best gift I made myself to me to give me the opportunity to get to know you. Thank you, sister of life, because with you I have learned what friendship means.

A person who comes to help me without calling her. That tells me the truth in front, although it can bother me, that’s a really friend.

We may not see us all the time we would like. But I know that in you I can trust, as well as you trust me. Thanks for letting me grow to your side, our friendship will forever live, in my heart.

Message of Friendship For GirlFriend From Boyfriend

Your friendship is that coat that warms me when it’s cold. It’s the breeze that refreshes me when the sun hugs. It is the handkerchief where I shed my tears.

Friends are inhearted with the truth to not destroy with lies. Our friendship is like the sea. It has seen the beginning but not the end.

Although sometimes we have our differences, I know that time can not separate us. Because we have found us to laugh and cry together without regard to what happens.

Friendship Day Wishes For My GirlFriend

It’s the way you have to comfort myself, the one who teaches me that I still have hopes to move forward.

If friendship serves us with excuse, we try to follow all life all friends. Friendship, a word that never engages to take meanings.

My best friend is like an investment in the bank. The longer the passage, the most value have.

With you I do not need agendas or notifications, because true friends always remember with the heart and at all times of the day.

Hypocrisy buy appearances, but does not buy friendships. Friends often frequently are thieves of our time.

Just as you smile at me when I feel sad, I promise to smile. Every time I feel that I do not have encouragement. You get up to keep going to walk with me after failing.

For me, there is no one that is just like you. With each of your defects and your virtues and the things you know how to make me feel great.


Thank you for being my best friend. Friend is a word which signifies limitless of unforgettable moments and delightful memories.

Laughing is the best way to live this life and with friendships like yours are always reasons to do it.

Although there are parts of you that do not like, a friend will accept you as you are. A friend is one that when the good comes, and for the bad things, they do it without being called.

Friendship Day Wishes For My GirlFriend

The biggest gift you have ever granted to me is your friendship. Never stop being my friend.

Friendship is like love, it is blind. It is not allowed to be carried away by physical appearance but by what dictates the heart.

The most pleasant in our friendship is to recover each other and a thousand times as if time had not elapsed between us.

Your friendship gives me the pleasure of walking next to you in a dark night under the moon and the stars.

Only a good friend is one who you know you can count on any circumstances of your life.

Our friendship is the union of two lives that follow parallel roads.

Good friends last for life. So they are living in different places, they are always missing and rented with the same love forever.

The love of two good friends is the same that exists between two sisters.

Anyone can be compared when something bad happens to us but only a good friend will be happy to see that you are outlined in your life.

Friendship Day Wishes For My GirlFriend

A life without friends is like living on a desert island, without water, without food, without light and without nobody.

A true friend is someone able to touch your heart from the other side of the world.

An honest response is a sign of a true friendship.

Many people enter and leave their life over the years. But only the true friends leave traces in their heart.

Friendship is like health: we never realize their true value until we lose it.

Unconditional and smiling, this is my best friend and how she is not another equal. No matter what tests us to put life because I know that she will always be able to be trusted.

With you I learned that a friendship remains intact despite time and distances.

You are always going to be my friend. We are since we were children and we will be so late death. Because our friendship is to try everything.

I have the fortune to meet you, that you will call me friend, that you always have words of encouragement for me. Thank you, friend, for being in my life, to do it all easier.

Friendship Day Wishes For My GirlFriend

You know that the world is a better place thanks to you, for being a wonderful person, who always helps others. I’m proud to call me your friend.

Thank God that he put an angel in my life so that when I felt without strength to continue. I can get ahead with your help. I love you, a friend of my soul.

There are no words to thank you how much you do for all. May God will take care of you and your family, friend, because he knows the good person you are.

The love I have you is the most sincere and great in the world, friend. That’s why you never doubt that you are an important part of the majority in my life.

I wish to tell you once again you can always count on me at all times. Even when you are thousands of kilometers away. I will always be grateful with you for providing your sincere friendship.

A good friendship is the magic of knowing that, even if you do not see a certain person. You know that they take you in the heart.

There is no true friendship if there is no willingness to forgive the other’s faults.

Friendship always illuminates the life of a friend, especially in times of greatest darkness.

Friendship Day Wishes For My GirlFriend

True friendship does not lie in the number of hours we are together. But in being able to be apart with mile of distance between us without anything changing.

To be happy you do not need gold or money but love, friendship and inner light.

Friendship is a well of water that fills up drop by drop, hopefully ours will fill, bounce and overflow, but never run out.

Friendship improves happiness and reduces sadness, because through friendship, joys are doubled and problems are divided.

Friendship is the light, the root and the soul of life. If friendship is lacking life goes out, dries up and dies.

Friendship is that affection that downplays any defect in human beings.

True friendship is not about being inseparable, but about being separated and that nothing changes and everything remains the same.
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