999 Long Distance Friendship Messages, Status, Quotes For Girlfriend (Her) From Boyfriend

Being a friend is interpreting looks, understanding silences, understanding, forgiving mistakes, keeping secrets, preventing falls and drying out tears.

Friendship, word that designates various feelings that can not be exchanged for mere material things. It should be kept and conserved in the heart.

Whoever has a friend, even one, no matter where he is, will never suffer from loneliness. You may die of longing and desire, but you will not be alone.

The glory and the image of friendship is not the outstretched hand, not the tender smile, not even the delight of the company. It is the spiritual inspiration and encouragement that comes when you discover that someone believes and trusts you.

When we meet a legal person at a time we already know how much it is worth to have. The friendship of someone, for our experience, teaches us who can make us important.

People who have friendship for someone can show up to the world like true human beings. Painting life with helpful gesture that enchant the days of the other.

A good friend will be by your side when you make mistakes and will not make your firewood on the fallen tree. On the contrary, it will give you encouragement and show your fault so that it does not happen again.

A true friend is someone who knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accompanies you in your achievements and your failures, celebrates your joys, shares your pain and never judges you for your mistakes.

Message of Friendship For GirlFriend From Boyfriend

If you had never crossed my path another would have been my destiny. But our luck was already written and definitely, you are my soul mate and therefore we will always be great friends.

I lead a somewhat disordered life but there is always a helping hand that gives me stability. Every time I turn aside, I know that you are by my side to advise me and make me reconsider. Thanks for your friendship.

Since we were little we have sworn to be the best friends and I can proudly say that we are still firm in that decision. We are always worried about each other and we form a team that has no comparison. Thank you for this beautiful friendship.

For many I can be something strange or a difficult person to deal with. But you saw in me virtues that I did not know and you gave me the strength I needed to go out into the world to triumph. You are the best friend life could give me.

I already lost count of all the years we have been best friends because they are many but we still have a lifetime to fulfill more. We can imagine counting the wrinkles and drinking tea while we remember all the anecdotes that the youth gave us. Forever together.

My friend, thank you for being by my side in every moment and place. Sometimes I can be a very insecure person but with you, I feel that I am able to face the world. And I will do my best to give you the same support you give me. I love you so much, my super friend.

Maybe I have not won the lottery and the four-leaf clovers do not bloom in my garden. But I consider myself very lucky to have you as a friend because with each of your crazy things you make me very happy. Thank you, my friend.


Message of Friendship For GirlFriend From Boyfriend

I will not find another friend like you because we both enjoy our company and although many people would like to see us separated. They will not succeed because our true friendship is proof that we love each other like two sisters.

Excuse me if I am very jealous of you but I love you so much, my friend. I just want you to spend time with me and with anyone else. Thank you for being the friendliest, most understanding, fun and helpful person I know. God gave me the best gift of all by letting me know you. I hope we are good friends for a lifetime because I would love that even being old ladies we meet to talk about the old days.

Dear friend, I thank you for always giving me your hand when I need it. I try to remember all the important moments of my life and I realize that you do not miss anything. You have always been with me. I love you so much, my best friend. You are an angel that God sent to Earth to take care of me always. Sometimes I wonder what would become of my life if I had not met you, but I quickly get that idea out of my head because I get very sad just thinking about it.

In these lines I thank you, dear friend, for having been by my side in my difficult moments because you have never left me alone. I want you to know that I will never leave you, that I will support you in everything you need, I will protect you and more. You are an excellent person that I love very much.

If I had to choose the best person in the world as a friend, I would not hesitate to re-elect you. You are the star that illuminates me when everything goes dark when I feel that things are terrible and all I want is a hug. Thanks for being my friend.

I want to tell you one more time you can always count on me at all times, even when you are thousands of miles away. I will always be grateful to you for giving me your sincere friendship.

If you understand me, even if everyone is against me, I can count on you by my side. That’s why I consider you the best of all my friends. Remember that as you support me I will also support you in everything you need.

Message of Friendship For GirlFriend From Boyfriend

In today’s world it is increasingly difficult to find a true friend and that is why I want to tell you that I am very lucky to have your friendship. Thank you for being who you are and for being by my side at all times.

They say that a friend is worth more than a treasure and with you, I have been able to prove it because the happiness I feel at your side is invaluable. Thank you for being an unconditional friend and do not have the slightest doubt that I will also help you when you need it.

Every time I do well and succeed in some important work you are by my side to celebrate with me. And when I go wrong and failure, you also accompany me. You give me your comfort and your unconditional support. Thanks for being a true friend.

If at some point you are going through great difficulties. Remember that you can count on me so do not wait until the last moment to ask for my help. After all, you have also supported me in my difficult moments.

You can not imagine how happy I am to have friends like you in my world. People who every day have given me all their support, love, good advice and more. I feel a very lucky person and awarded for life. They will always be my best friends.

True friends as we are are not born from one day to the next. It is a love that is grown a few, are shared moments, laughter, tears, among others. I feel that having met you has been the best thing that has happened to me. I never tire of telling you how much I appreciate you cute little friend.

I am happy to share moments of my life with your friend because those moments strengthen our friendly relationship. We learn experiences, we share experiences and many things that make the love that we have to continue to grow. Having you as a friend makes me a very happy person.

Sometimes I think how fortunate I am to have found a friend like you, a unique, good, sincere, correct, loyal and with many values, that day to day show me. I have no doubt that our love affection will keep us together for life.

Message of Friendship For GirlFriend From Boyfriend

Life puts many obstacles on the road but our friendship has always come out. We have had certain differences of opinion but true friends like us will never be separated. I am very grateful to you, my friend, for being in my life.

We have shared this magical love of a lifetime. I still remember when we went to school together, we shared the same folder and more. You do not know how much I miss those moments. I want you to know who you are and you will always be my best friend.

Our friendship began as a game one day you visited me and the next day I visit you. The time was passing and we were sharing wonderful times, we supported each other, we protected and more. As is life now we are the best friends in the world.

To truly love someone, you must first give them the opportunity to fail. If your love survives, it will become stronger than ever. The distance is just proof of this and if we overcome it, our love will be eternal.

Our love is like a rose, full of beautiful moments like its petals, Some moments were dangerous, like its thorns. However, unlike the rose, our love and friendship will never wither or die.

A true friend shouts you like your father, worrying like your mother, annoyed as a brother, you defend it as a sister and loves you more than your boyfriend.

Being a good friend is to play glances, understand the silences, forgive mistakes, keep secrets, prevent falls and dry tears. A hard task and still have them make it heart.

Message of Friendship For GirlFriend From Boyfriend

A true friend is someone who comes when everyone else goes, and stays when everyone else has disappeared.

If for things of destiny you would have to choose between a million dollars and the best friend in the world. Choosing the million dollars, of course, because the best friend of the world I already have it and you are.

Friendship is the pleasure of knowing that we can be ourselves. And that we have sincere someone who makes us free and listens to us.

We are in difficult moments of our lives and thanks to our friendship, we knew how to overcome all the problems. I thank God for having found you and I ask you to always take care of you.

When I am with you I feel a sense of peace and tranquility that makes me think that God exists in your life. Because you have such a heavenly air that radiates a very positive aura between people. I feel so comfortable sharing this bond of friendship.

No matter how bad my day is, you are always there to be happy. No matter how far we might be, our friendship will always prevail no matter the distance. This is the meaning of a true bond formed between us. Thank you, dear friend, for the beautiful days provided.

I have always asked God to put good people on my path and to teach me how to love my neighbor. I thank you for your friendship and desire for us that we are always like two good sisters that we have a lot of affection and appreciation.

Let me always be the person you turn to when you’re wrong when you feel like dying. Because here in my heart there is only space for you, my friend. Thank you for being my sister I never had and my best friend. Thank you for letting me be part of your precious life.

How hard is this to live, right? But, the truth, best friend, is that with your jokes always everything becomes easier. I love you very much because you always give life to our lives.

Friendship Day Wishes For My GirlFriend

Dear friend, today I want to tell you that I love you with all my heart. You’re my best friend and the sister I never had, but I did not even have to because from childhood I always gave you all your friendship.

We have to make friends from time to time so that they feel that we love them and that we value their presence in our lives. Sometimes, time is not enough for this, but we can always give small details. Such as a phone call, a letter, or a text message.

It is true that we all have our faults, but it would not make sense to concentrate on that. You are a great friend and you always want the best for me, that is why I want to thank you for giving me always help me. Do not doubt for a moment that you can also count on me.

The friendship that unites us is true and that is why you can rest assured that for the rest of our lives we will continue to be good friends. Regardless of whether even distance separates us at some point.
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