999 Long Distance Friendship Messages, Status, Quotes For Girlfriend (Her) From Boyfriend

Friendship is smiling, crying, suffering, laughing. But above all, saying every day, count on me.

A person’s hatred is easily recognized, but true friendship only the good can distinguish and appreciate it.

To lack of friends is much more a consequence of the dryness of heart than the result of a superior soul force.

Friendships are made of pieces. Little pieces of time we live with each person. Every message that arrives is a little bit of you, of your emotional, causing the emotional awakening in me. Creating in this way a bond of friendship and affection that we gradually solidify through a keyboard that serves as a transmitter of both care and attention.

We do nothing alone, let alone good friendships. After all, I and you, friend, are together in this friendship of the walk of life.

Best Friendship Day Messages For GirlFriend

A friend is not the one who takes you to the hospital when you fall on a bicycle. And yes it’s the one that will not let you fall.

Do you want to know if your friendship is true? Come to the person and ask have you ever loved anyone? If she says no and because her friend was not true because friendship is one of the more beautiful ways to love.

I hate when people are getting into in my friendships, making guesses and opinions. Friendship is mine, so who decides is me.

True love is as a true friendship. Easy to start, Hard to keep up and finish and Impossible to forget.

Our friendship, My feelings come from daybreak. And it becomes a utopia, That becomes reality. The harmony that comes from within. It favors the happiness that I have. The bone of our friendship in me, I fall in love with life. Making me never forget your face.

Make friends with people like you but make a difference by being a great friend.

I am the simple and complex. The warrior friend. Simple in true friendship. Warrior in the complexity of everyday life. Fighting for happiness. One of the secrets of life.

Best Friendship Day Messages For GirlFriend

It is not that friendships come from one moment to another. The truth is that from time to time, I’ve been identifying with people a lot. It’s not that it’s friendship at the moment. The truth is that my identifications do not come from the eyes, they come from the heart. And with that it can not be for the moment, however often the heart fails.

Friendship is easy to start, but few can take it to the end and make it sincere and true.


I want to have someone to talk to. Someone who later does not misuse what I said against me. I want you my true friend.

I look at the time of our friendship and suddenly I do not care that my days already contain so much time like this.

True friendships do not always give you the right reason. Be wary of a friend who supports your mistakes, as he can support anyone who mistakes you in the future.

Life shines more brightly when we have a friend who recognizes the value of our friendship.

Best Friendship Day Messages For GirlFriend

Friendship, as it reveals itself and perpetuates itself as the best of loves. Diligent and Industrious Composes the regency and the structure of sublime relations. And as proof of its authentic excellence and magnitude Promotes the continuing evolution of mankind. Just as the unquestionable immortality of the soul.

When a friendship is true there is no end, there is always a fresh start, no matter in what form.

Affectionate kiss of words approaching the distant building bonds that solidify friendships.

Never let go of the few true friendships, because they will be the link of your past, present and future.

Thank you for being this friend. So cool that when I want to talk, You always listen to me. The friend I thank you for being this friend. So special that it took me a while to find. But I found …And that friend is you.

Oh if I could make friendships, embroidered a little truth in the people who surpass my fellowship. I live too long, of your friendship and of my selfishness, that one day made you, my best friend.

Message of Friendship For GirlFriend From Boyfriend

Cinema is better for health than popcorn. Conversation is better than the joke. Exercise is better than surgery. Humor is better than bitterness. The economy is better than debt. Question is better than doubt. Dreaming is better than nothing. Friends are better than influential people.

Friendship is the best pretext invented so that the individual intends to take part in the Happiness of the Other.

FRIENDSHIP is a Plant love to gather friendships. In the end is the amount of friends that counts.

Life brings us people we’ve never seen but we’ve learned to like never to forget. You’re one of those people that life has introduced me and I’ll never forget.

I judge people by attitudes and character, not by the physical and by the choices. I pick my friends by hand, I do not have many, but I have enough. I know they will follow me wherever I go, and help me whenever I need to.

What stops most from earning a good friend is the commitment to have many. Friendship wants to be old.

True friendship is like phosphorescence. It is best noted when everything has been dark.

Best Friendship Day Messages For GirlFriend

You know you’ve reached the pinnacle when you’ve made friends in the past, are focused on the present, and are optimistic about the future.

Message of Friendship For GirlFriend From Boyfriend

True friendship overcomes any challenge, overcomes any obstacle, bears no pain, never abandons you and makes hope like an oxygen for life.

Friendship is, to be honest with the friend. At the worst times always give support to the friend. Keep the friend. Respect him always. Never let any bullshit end the friendship. Always keep your friend in your heart.

Friendships may be in the background, but do not ignore the ideas that expand the opportunities for progress. With the couple, show what you feel.

Like a lighthouse that appears before a ship adrift, you appeared in my life when I needed it most. When I was lost and with no hope of finding the right way. I’m afraid to think of the person you could have turned me into if I did not know you. I do not know where I would be if you had not stretched out your arm in the midst of that storm. You’ve redefined my concept of friendship, so it’s no wonder you have the title of my best friend. I will never let you out of my heart.

Do not envy my friends, because you are also part of them.

It is in the daily struggles that we discover the best friendships and the best advice.

May the night come and bring me tastes of true friendships. May she make the sky very starry and my dreams come true. As if I emptied of myself, all the troubles and leave me sweet.

Overcoming indifference, The distances are shortened. Always putting two lives together, Not forgotten friendships.

The friendship of a single intelligent loyal and honest human being is better than the friendship of all fools.

Message of Friendship For GirlFriend From Boyfriend

No matter how small the number of your friendships. Well, know that with the minors also you get good qualities.

In a connection between two people, where friendship overlaps with all other feelings, nothing pleads or nothing begged. There is no room for charges. This is one of many points of my concept of friendship.

Friendship? There are many, many friendships. The real friend is the one who appears in bad times. To help you get back up where your friendships go, and then you can see who is worthy and deserves your dedication.

Friendships poetry does not die. Eternise in rains of letters, in a flaming sun of yellow leaves, in chunks of the ashes of the day. That gush verses and pity in twinkling pirouettes of phrases exposed to the wind, to the moon, to the happy end of a tale. That, once described, for always enchanted, forever, happy ending.

Do not change your friendships because of the opinion of others, what they think is their problem.

Blessed are those who suffer for friends, those who speak with their eyes. Because friend does not shut up, does not question, does not surrender.

Friendship is the result of the sum of two hearts intertwined for a single goal, that of being happy.

Friendship is a contract according to which we are committed to give small favors so that they repay us with great ones.

Message of Friendship For GirlFriend From Boyfriend

Everyone longs for friendship, but very few strive to achieve it. Friendship needs time. Time to settle down and time to keep.
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