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I do not know much about other people, but for me I am friends with no validity and no expiry date.

If friendship was measured by the years, happiness by months. And companionship for days. Neither the sum and nor the multiplication of these factors could show in numbers the great privilege of being your friend.

Family is a base, friendship is affinity, understanding. A family may be friends. Friends can be familiar. Both are Eternal. Family members learn to like it and love even though. Friends: People choose and do not open.

At every moment, a moment, at an instant, an assertion. In each statement, a certainty that I would never take you from my heart.

Finishing a friendship for foolish reasons is undoubtedly the last card of one side. Of the sides of being seen from what he never existed. And if there was, it was not true.

When love or friendship is true hard forever, no matter what the distance, crises, and fights. One day, you will come to know that who is true and loyal will be on your side, even when you least deserve. True friendship is so: until death will separate us.

I always admire me when I think of our friendship because, despite anything that can move away, our friendship will. always be the same. And even if we were some time without seeing us, just one time takes a moment so my thinking finds you again. Our friendship has always been a very special part of my life, and I will always thank you for, and also because you exist.

We can not force anyone to be friends, but we must always fight to have good friendships. A good friendship, simple and true is a rare thing, as well as rare and pure are the diamonds.

I learned that no matter how painful your life is, how much sorrows you feel. Everyone needs a fun, bright, delightful and merry friend to take away the pain.

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A true friendship, do not break up one hour to another. It is too strong till death can break it.

Happiness is so in the simplest things of life lies in the most beautiful friendships.

I wanted to be an angel to hold the stronger desire for each of us. But as I’m not what I can offer you is my friendship. When you want to laugh, when you want to cry with me, I will be here for you.

We usually say that real friends are those who are by your side in difficult times … but no. True friends are those who support in your happiness. For in a difficult time anyone is approaching you. But your enemy would never bear your happiness.

I’ve learned that no matter how serious life demands of you, each of us needs a playful, bright and happy friend to have fun together.

Nowadays, people exchange love, dreams, friendships, feelings, as if they were flip-flops. That having had a defect are no longer useful. With this, people become increasingly empty, lonely and sad. Happiness is in simplicity, which can only be seen in the eyes of a true friend.


I could endure, though not without pain, that all my loves had died. But I would go mad if all my friends died. Some of them I do not look for, just know that they exist. This mere condition encourages me to move forward through life. But it is delightful that I know and feel that I adore them. Although I do not declare and always seek them.

Loves come and go like the waves of the sea. More true friendships are like shooting stars hard to find. Loves come to make certain important moments, friendships to make them eternal.

Friendship develops happiness and delight and reduces suffering and sorrows by duplicating our joy and sharing our pain.

Damn beast is the INTEREST, that makes emerge or disappear in moments a friendship. It’s amazing how people become so nice and considerate when they need you.

Our newborn friendship was just a baby. I hope she survives. I have a lot of love for her. A lot of gratitude and a lot of joy.

If you do not value your friends in the real world, what about friendships in the virtual world.

My smile is mirrored. In happiness, In the friendship of a kiss, In caress and in longing.

No matter how much time passes and difficulties may arise. I will always be strong and strong. Because I know I can count on you, I can have faith in you, the friend who has certainly been a gift in my life.

Friendship Text Messages For GirlFriend

Thank you for your friendship and for allowing me to call you a friend. I cut you out. I cut you out for real.

Space and time are determining in the continuity, or not, of the friendships. Those who resist are indeed profound, they will preach books and storybooks. While the others, these do not deserve another line in this thought.

When we give ourselves the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. We give ourselves another opportunity to be happy.

Confidence could be but it would be a lie, or a joke. So I just want to have your true friendship.

I have said countless times how grateful I am for the friends I have. Not only to give them an understanding of the fact but to establish this feeling which in time has become a sisterhood. I dare not say to be a good friend, but between being and non-being, I have tried every time to be the best.

Friendships are like flowers. Do not you care, do not cultivate, forget in a dark corner and still want to survive.

I lost twenty in twenty-nine friends, because of a stone in my hands. And at twenty-nine with a return of Saturn, I decided to start living.

Hi! How are you? All right? Despite nurturing a huge affection for her, friendship does not flow naturally. There are not enough subjects for a conversation beyond five minutes, there is nothing to be said.

The important thing about friendship is not to know your friend. But to know what is inside.

Hurting people is too bad and leave wounds. Now hurt a sincere and true friendship is the same as if you put a wound that will never heal.

No matter how far we are from our friendships. For when you are true, not even time and distance can erase this pure feeling.

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Having friendships is good. But doing everything your friends do and getting carried away by excitement. Disrespecting your parents in order to please your friends, will only make you screw up in life.

I am free to choose my friends. I respect all people, but I have not signed an exclusivity contract with anyone.

I realize that my enduring friends do not need words. But that the main link between us is thought, the emanation of good energies.

In friendship the sisterhood of souls of sister friends, united by the emotion of soul and heart. Regardless of color, blood, creed or religion. Friend is friend no matter the situation.

As a friend, I tell you. Better friendship is felt than just represented.

Friendship does not only require love and as they say simply to give. It’s merit.

Have a nice day, every day with the wonder of life blossoming. The true friendship would have missed you the most because we will always be together. That’s why we are friends.

Hard to find, it lasts a lifetime. It is made of emotion, affection, and joy. It has the sound of laughter, joy and merriment and the brightness of the stars. Nobody can live without FRIENDSHIP. This is the present that I want to give it to you. I’m sure that will last forever.

Even if there is social ascension, true friends never close the door to old and true friendships.

The charm of life depends solely on the good friendships we cultivate. Only God gives life but you can give the joy of living.

Friendship Text Messages For GirlFriend from Boyfriend

You are an invaluable pearl. Cultivate friendship. Correspond to kindnesses. You do not retreat or leave your friends. Get close. You do not lock, it opens. You are the friend of the hard times. Make a point of showing your friendship. Understand that not everyone is like you.

A true friend tolerate the faults of his friends. You have pure and disinterested friendship. You can not be a friend who does not love unconditionally.

True friendships are like precious stones. They are hard to find, but when you find them and obtain them. Take good care of them so you do not lose them or steal them.

A true friendship when it is sincere, acts with reason not with emotion. She give up her wishes to see your happy friend. Even though it deeply annoys you.

Never seek perfect friendships. Look for true friendships, friends that you can always count on.

Time wanted to return in time. Back to the sound. Back to the smell. Back to friendships. Back to the past, to understand the present and change the future.

I’ve never been a dumb-ass guy, who makes friends with several women to make his girlfriend jealous. I’m the kind that befriends his girlfriend so that the others are the ones who envy her.

May you cherish sincere, joyful and above all simple friendships and leave behind the superficialities of this life. I wish you friends who value your smile, your advice, your family and your presence any afternoon. That, in the end, you have an incredible feeling that God gave you wonderful gifts that you can call sister.

Friendship Text Messages For GirlFriend from Boyfriend

Her criticisms make me grow, and her sincere words make me believe that friendship is like the infinite horizon, but so real.

The older the wine, the better to taste … so are the true friendships.

The intensity of the deception is proportional to the friendship, affection, love and affection you have for who gave you such pain.

We need to invest more and dedicate ourselves to sincere friendships. Not everyone has a friend. A true friendship makes life even lighter.

Friendship is a seed we sow on the fertile soil of love. It needs to be taken care of day after day. Watered with prayers and treated with much affection. Sometimes we also need to prune dry branches so that they do not prevent this plant from growing and staying lush throughout our existence.

True friendship is the one that is with you at all times, whether they are happy or not.

Friendship comes when we learn to appreciate the qualities of a person who makes us grow and feel special with her presence.

From my Friendships I look for the most Humble. Because Money can represent a lot but a true Friendship goes beyond Money and materials.

Friendship grants generous long-term loans, while love charges debts, interest and still exclusivity.

A Certain Day so close to the dream and reality. I saw myself and I gave myself in the field of imagination and the magic of friendship. Surrounded by friends who were with me, sang the melodies bringing my days of childhood. That as a child grew with joy. So, today, I see myself more alive in me for the future. Tell my kids: kids! Friendship has no end.

Friendship Text Messages For GirlFriend from Boyfriend

Wherever we go and live, it is our friends who make up our world.

Distance does not disturb love, much less friendship. It is the lack of hope and trust that is in the way.

There were times when I needed to cry and scream, and you comforted me. There were times when I smiled, And you smiled with me. There were times when I fought, I questioned and you supported me. There were times when I dreamed, I fought, I believed and I lived intensely many emotions. And you, with your true friendship, was by my side, facing all obstacles, believing in me and my ideas.

There were times when I felt alone, but as a wonderful gift from God, you appeared in my life with your special way and his true friendship. And I’m not alone anymore, because I have you!

Do you know the relationship between your two beautiful eyes? They blink together, they move together, they shed tears together, they see things together and they sleep together. Although they never see each other. Friendship should be exactly like this.

Friendship is so precious that it helps to reap even spoiled fruits. To then replant them, and thus, to bear fruit to lift us up again.

Friendship, like the universal flood, is a phenomenon that everyone talks about. But no one has yet seen with their own eyes.

I just want to remind you how important and precious you are to me. Your friendship is imperative. Your indispensable company. Your love … needed. Your care protects me. Your affection heats me. Your smile enriches me!

Friendship: The most beautiful feeling that God created to unite strangers. Friendship works miracles, operates bruised hearts and cherishes the needy, is sublime, perfect.

Friendship Text Messages For GirlFriend from Boyfriend

Friendship brings together a series of values, feelings and actions of a noble nature. Such as altruism, solidarity, ethics, mutual trust, tolerance, respect, courage, love, affection and extreme dedication. Without these virtues, friendship simply ceases to exist.

To achieve the friendship of a worthy and trusty person we must develop within ourselves the qualities we admire in her. You do not know people, you know the parts they allow you to see. If there is one thing I know for sure in this life. It is that some people you can only love and love and love, no matter what.

A great Country is like a great friend even being, outside of it it will always be inside us.

What a true friendship can offer us best, after all, is a great love. And, worse, homesickness.

All this will pass, only the true friendships will continue. The false ones will only be remembered as useless.

Moments of Laughter, Joy, Weeping and Long Hours of Conversations is a true friendship.

Your friendship, It’s a valuable gift to me whose value can not be calculated, except for my heart. Thank God for you. I love you 10001 kisses, right?

The ideal life is to have good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience.

Friend, I want you to know something I’ve been meaning to tell you for a long time. Whenever you need a friendly shoulder to vent, count on me. When you want to tell something very important, count on me. When you are in trouble and you want opinions, count on me. You can always count on me because I am your friend who will always help you when you come.

Friendship Text Messages For GirlFriend from Boyfriend

In relationships, be it friendships or love, without the basics that is, trust and loyalty, it is impossible to flow.

Friends are those great trees that give us shade on hot days. It’s the wipes that wipe away our tears. It’s the true words that do not always make us laugh. They are simply FRIENDS.

Friendship word destined to an emergence of a special feeling among people. Something that even friends cannot distinguish. How it came about and how grew in our hearts this feeling of friendship. But having a friend and wonderful because we are never alone in our memories are kept these special people.

Friendship is like a guitar string. When broken, it can be tidied up, but it will not come out the same sound.

Much of the vitality of a friendship lies in respect for differences, not just in enjoying the similarities.

It is necessary that the differences do not diminish the friendship and that the friendship does not diminish the differences.

There is no loneliness sadder than that of a man without friends. The lack of true friends makes the world look like a desert.

This message is to cheer you up and give you the strength to face this phase, which is being so difficult to face. Make your thoughts the strength you need. Forget the bad and negative things and cleanse the mind by cultivating only good thoughts. Believe in total success and glory, do not imagine obstacles in your mind. Whatever a person is capable of planning, she is able to accomplish. Have faith, optimism, and action. Your life, it’s just you who live it. So enjoy more, believe more, and be happier. Try to plant seeds of love and optimism in your life, and you always reap wonderful fruits. I believe you.

Misunderstandings do not alienate true friends, good times never hold false ones.

Friendship…A flower can be compared to a rose because different are their qualities. Like friendship, that compared to love often lies. Because they are so close, complicit feelings who carry the magic of love.

I want to show you the immense affection I could create, the true and innocent friendship that I can give you. Come to think of it, I can not stop saying that because I would enter your life never to leave you.

Our life is a true miracle. The years go by and we leave behind rusty people. We have learned to conserve the precious and we know new ones that are worth gold.

Friendship Text Messages For GirlFriend from Boyfriend

Our friendship will be eternal. I’ve tried to lose nothing, but this is impossible since every day I lose 24 hours of my life. So I decided to take everything good that happened to me and to subtract for everything from bad. I can only tell you that our friendship will be eternal.

The desire to be friends is a fast process, but the friendship is a slow ripening fruit.

There is nothing that can serve to make the friendship and intimacy. And even the intimacy, of the laughter and tears, be born and firm. Those who have laughed, and especially those who once wept together, have a great deal of ease in making friends .

Only good feelings can unite us; interest never built stable friendships.

Some people criticize virtual friendships and loves. I prefer to continue to believe what teachers have taught me. Feelings are abstract nouns. So I do not need to touch them, just feel them.

Friendships are great when you know who your friends are and what they do behind you.

The charm of life depends solely on the good friendships we cultivate. Only God gives life but you can give the joy of living.

But difficult to live an eternity, is to find true friendships.

There were many fights. A disputed childhood, Where was the game. The best toys, The best embrace of our parents. The time has passed. And a true friendship was born Stuffed with sincerity. And that’s why I come through these simple words. To say how much I wish you complete happiness.

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Friendship is not about who comes first or who comes second or last. It’s about who comes and never leaves.

Meeting new people and making new friends is very easy. The difficult thing is to make them stay in our lives.

Friendship is when you meet a person who looks in the same direction as you, share life, Joy’s and sorrows with you and respects you as you are. A person with whom you do not need to hide secrets and who likes even your faults. Basically, it’s that person with whom you want to share the good times and the bad ones, too.

Friendship is a contract by which we commit ourselves to render small services to someone in order to render them great.

FRIEND…If being friends is to judge others to your liking, it’s better not to be. If you have a friend who offends you from behind, you better not have. FRIENDSHIP is a feeling to keep and not sell.

It is a level of friendship so beyond, that we can stay months without talking. That there is no charge, there is no hurt, no half words. There are only the novelty, the laughter and the certainty that there is no time nor distances for the friends that we conquer with the soul.

True friendship is the one that allows us to speak to our friend about all his faults and all our qualities.

Loves come and go like the waves of the sea, more true friendships are like shooting stars hard to find. Loves come to make certain important moments, friendships to make them eternal.

Best Friendship Day Messages For GirlFriend

A smile, just a smile. That’s all I need. Your charm brings peace and harmony to my life. In moments of discouragement, just remember your serenity. With your open and frank smile, everything changes. A smile is contagious. Finding you is not enough. Smile, because I am happy because you exist.

A dating can destroy a friendship, but a friendship does not destroy a love rather create it.

Friendships are eternal, they always make us laugh. Friends of all hours, always stay together.

Having bad friends is part of why if not we will never know when a good one appears.

Friendship is the longer page of life. Everything passes, everything happens but good friends, people will never forget.

Lessons from the best friend. If a dog were your teacher you would learn skills like this: When someone you love comes home, run to meet him. Do not bite if a growl resolves the situation. No matter how many times the other hurt you, come back and makeup.

Friendship, trust, smiles, tears. Simply obliged to be exactly as they are, without taking away or with, with all defects and qualities. I love you, without further ado, without conditions, without reasons. I just love, I love how I would love them if they were my sisters.

True FRIENDS overcomes any challenge, overcomes any obstacle, bears any pain … and never, never leaves you.

Best Friendship Day Messages For GirlFriend

Good friends are favored by the amusements because in these moments it is easy to show attitudes and gain support. To manifest and to expose, that is, that good exchange of ideas.

Why imaginary friends? When you have a dog licking your lips and demonstrating how important you are in his life.

Friendship cannot deceive, friendship is forever there is no escape. Keep your friend very well, just as you save your money in the bank. Friendship is worth more than any money. Money is over and working gets more. But when it ends it is not so easy to win back!

A good friendship is not built by effort and time, but by the trust placed in one another.

I do not keep objects, collect anything to not miss the past. I keep the sincere friendships, which I experienced that until today I carry in my heart wherever I go.

Friendship is a ship large enough to take two people with good weather, but only one with bad weather.

Take care of your friends as if it were a flower. Water them so they can grow and bloom. In order that she may become the most beautiful in the garden of life.

Friendship is not defined by words, but by feelings. It is not objective, but subjective and beautiful. A simple feeling but too complicated to be represented by mere graphic signs.

Do not walk before me. I may not accompany you. Do not walk behind me I can not guide you through the way. Walk on my side by side and be Simply MY FRIEND.

Best Friendship Day Messages For GirlFriend

FRIEND, so easy word to write and pronounce, but so difficult to have. FRIEND, it is the one that protects us in difficult times. It is the one who criticizes us in mistakes and weaknesses. It is her who does not deceive, who does not praise not to explore. FRIEND is the one who feels our absence and cry when we cry.

Making friends is not becoming vulnerable. It is building around you, stronger walls.

There are friendships, who gain our confidence, and disturb our lives. Friends are for all moments, not to make a guess, but to show the side that you did not want to see. If you do not know, hear, and see everything around you, you will lose something that is greater. The friend is Friend, plus there are rotten apples in each friend’s basket.

Friendship is a beautiful thing to be terrible, so it must be treated with great caution.

In every moment, an instant. In every moment, an affirmation. In every affirmation, a certainty that I would never take you from my heart.

Friend … so many are the definitions. So many poets have already decanted this way of loving. So important is friendship. The friend is everything. The friend is the shoulder friend who is always ready. It is the hill that is always near and above all is someone who listens to you even when you can not talk.

Friendships everyone has, but true friendships are now rare. A friend is the one who defends you when you are right, corrects you when you are wrong and above all is the one that is always with you for what you need. New friendships must be conquered and the old ones preserved and always remembered.

Best Friendship Day Messages For GirlFriend

We all care for friendships, those who help us, strengthen us, good friends and true friends.

A great friendship has to be like a butt: so united that no shit separates us.

Friendship is the indescribable comfort of feeling secure and safe with one person, without having to weigh what one thinks or measure what one says or thinks.

It’s a privilege when we have people as wonderful and graceful as you. I will never be able to thank you for the support and the hands you lend me, you offered me at a time when I needed so much.

True friends are those who appear and be with us in the most difficult times of our lives. I feel that you have emerged as an illuminating and beautiful angel to relieve me of such a heavy burden of life.

I want you to receive double what you gave me and I want you to know that I want your life to be blessed by vibrations of peace and love. I will never forget your comforting and happy words and know that you can always count on me for everything.

I learned the true meaning of friendship by realizing that friends really are angels to care for and protect us. To make us smile when we want to cry and even make cry when we need it. It is a love that goes beyond life, For angels are Eternal.

Select friendships … Not for being selfish, but for self-esteem. Select your friendships and discard what is not worth. And allow only the things of great relevance to remain in your life. Seek the company and friendship of people who can attune to your silence and harmony with your soul.

Best Friendship Day Messages For GirlFriend

Whoever removes the friendship of life seems to take the sun out of the world. For the immortal gods have not given us anything better or sweeter.

There are two types of friendships: the divine and the acquired. The first is the basis of everything because it is through it that you truly find the second. Some people have the first and second as the same thing and by choice.

Each new friend we gain and earn in the course of our lives perfects and enriches us. Not so much by what he gives us or support us, but by what he reveals to us of ourselves.

In a connection between two people, where friendship overlaps with all other feelings. Nothing pleads or nothing begged. There is no room for charges. This is one of many points of my concept of friendship.

If you are in doubt of someone’s friendship, compare this person to a dog.

There is no recipe for becoming friends with anyone. That is why becoming friends is still a challenge for the sciences, and for men.

A dating can end up another friendship, not by being careful when distancing yourself from your friends because of a boyfriend.

Friends are like shoes, some tighten, others wide, only those that fit our feet help us walk through life. Thank you for being my number.

Friends are forever, even if forever does not exist. For fate has made us friends but the heart made us sisters.

Best Friendship Day Messages For GirlFriend

The distance shortens when it comes to people who create and cultivate friends even while away.

True friends seek to know our history. And they help us to discern the purposes of God in our lives. This is a faithful friendship similar to that of Jonathan and David. We need friends who participate in our story.

The words of friendship and comfort may be short and succinct, but their echo is endless.

I will freak out if my friends die, for there is nothing more precious than a true friendship.

Knowledge can not replace friendship. I’d rather be a fool to have you lose.

Bad moments exist, but true friendship is not built of man-made bonds but of God-made covenant.

Friendship is the beginning of a long history when born from a true source there is no end. So I say friendship is the only one capable and has the power of immortality.

Beware: Betting on my friendship is the same as betting on the stock exchange. There will be risks, but also rewards.

Friendship has this power that drives away fears. Undo strings. It sustains the fatal blow. It supports the fall. Lightens the shadows of the soul. Replaces the faltering forces. And the end is beginning.

Best Friendship Day Messages For GirlFriend

Friendships are built over time. Do not expect to have conquered a great friendship in just a few days.

True friendship is like this, love without charging. Nor does it need to be reciprocal, friendship in its entirety. Just feel the want of it, always. You only love yourself, period! In fact … true friendship is another form disguised as love.

Keep as many friends as you can throughout your life. One day you will realize that it was not the friendships that made you better and happier. But rather what you learned while doing everything to not lose them. In the end, those who made no effort to stay were the real friends. Those who went away were merely learning.

I think it’s more dignified and pure to love people and friends without wanting to have something more intimate with them.

True friendship is one that time does not erase and destroy and distance can not separate.

There are photographs that have not been published because the cameras failed to capture them. They were recorded in the heart, in memory, and they made a big laugh. They will be flowers of our old age.

In each new friend turn this friendship into a personal mark. So that it conquers the heart of the friend to the point of never being forgotten independently of time and circumstances.

It is very important new friendships in our daily life that so it changes and adds our concepts of life.

Best Friendship Day Messages For GirlFriend

I perceived in your affection not just a friendship, but a friend, a sister. Friendship is chat, fill the bag, friend is fact is heart.

In life there is no point in taking refuge in a love not lost. But rather in a secure friendship that makes you well, and is not unfaithful to you.

When God opened the window of heaven and saw me, he asked. What is your wish for today? I said Sir, please take good care of the person reading this. Because she is my friend.

I hate people who do not value friendships and then cry in the corners saying that they have no friends and that no one likes them.

Smiles of joy, Smiles of happiness. Moments that vibrate, They are eternal friendships. Well-lived memories, Of those who are. Of those who are gone. Every minute is important. Those who never return.

If you awaken a friendship you do not arouse love. If you do not awaken the friendship you do not awaken a love. The best thing to wake up is the desire that opens the doors to love and then, in the end, everything becomes friendship.

When it comes to friendship, it’s worth getting hurt. If you’re going to hold onto who’s about to fall.

The best friendships do not happen by chance at the roadside, they are found by the wisdom of life.

Best Friendship Day Messages For GirlFriend

Although true love is rare and difficult to find, it is nevertheless rarer than true friendship.

When friendship is true and love is sincere, renunciation becomes more and more difficult.

The wind of true friendship never ceases, and distance is never a reason to weaken it.

Conquer a true friendship of someone by recognizing, and declaring, one or more of their qualities.

The humble know and recognize friends in the moment of pain, just as we recognize those who are not friends.

If the friendship is true, there is no one to take it from you. But do not cling to anyone, for with a speech, they can overthrow your trust your feelings. Watch what you walk, because one day you can say that you love and the other, turn away, pretend you do not exist. More certain friendships are the ones that leave your happiest days.

You are: Attention, affection, endless understanding. I thank God for my special friendships and for making me feel that I am someone you care about.

Sincere friendship is that true friendship that is with us for who we are, who is with us regardless of what happens and who is with us to the end.

True friendship can be based only on the union amd existence of similar ways of being.

From time to time we need to shake the tree of friends vigorously to fall off the rotten. These rot without our noticing because they are there for our benevolence. There will never be an avocado in a mango tree. Never forget that life is too short for us to have only homesickness as a companion. The false friend that can betray us and the shadow only accompany us when the sun shines.

Best Friendship Day Messages For GirlFriend

Maybe one day we’ll stop talking. But as long as there is friendship between us, We’ll make it up again.

Friend is the one who, when you are weak, transfuses energy to strengthen you.

The value of a friendship is felt only when we lose, so let’s go back until you get it back and so we can give it the value it deserves. We are not always reciprocated in the same way, perhaps because the word friendship is no longer correct.

Almost Everything in life has its price, even some friendships. But true friendship does not, you have to conquer, do for deserving.

Ah! How beautiful friendship is. Main fruit of happiness, Born as a child. Full of purity and firmness. And together we entered this dance. A simple consequence of nature. And so we danced to eternity. Between joy and longing, And suddenly, unintentionally, life casts Moments of pain and sadness. And we were only in the hope Far from charm and beauty. So choose your way well, Life changes every moment. Never, never walk alone. In doubt, stay tuned. Because in the face of so much danger I do not want to lose you, my friend.

There are no unknown people, there are friendships that we have not yet had the joy of knowing.

Friendship is to determine the absence of solitude. To fill the heart with affection. Those who have friends will never be alone.

Best Friendship Day Messages For GirlFriend

Friendships are very important in our lives, and only now have I known about this … When I met you.

Friendship is like a tree, No matter how tall you are, but how deep your roots are. And it does not take a special date to remember someone. But it is necessary that this person be special to never be forgotten just like you.
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