999 Long Distance Friendship Messages, Status, Quotes For Girlfriend (Her) From Boyfriend

You are always at my side with me for better and for worse. We are not married but we are just best friends for life till death.

What in three letters, is the thing that I find the funniest in the world and with whom I share all my secrets, wishes and dreams: YOU.

In the name of the time that brought us together. In the name of the destiny who chose. I promise you an unlimited friendship until the last minute of my life.

I see what is linked between us is only a love that has limits but has no border. That it’s nice to have a friend like you.

In our world, everything changes, but one thing remains certain. You will always remain my friend. Beyond words, beyond time and beyond distance.

True friends never forget that the strength of their friendship has helped them through the difficult times of their lives.

If you want to be happy for a day, choose a meeting. Happy for a week, chose a lover. Happy till the end of your days, keep me as a friend.

There are some dear people whose memory remains engraved in the head or in a small corner of the memory. And of which it is always a great pleasure to tell them to you.

Friendship Text Messages For GirlFriend

A life without love would be loneliness. A life without tenderness would be cruel. A life without trust would be empty but without a friend, it would not be a life.

Even the most beautiful lily one day loses its beauty and fragrance. But a faithful friendship lasts forever.

A true friend is the one who supports you while everyone else lets you down.

Everyone will be able to tell you how many goats and sheep they have, but not how many friends there is.

Friends are those who not only are sorry for our accidents but also those who do not envy us with happiness.

Meet with friends, but do not make deals with them.

You can tell me all the secrets, the love, and the pain. And the fallen dream and when you are sad and when your heart hurts. Know that your friend always with you.


When you need someone’s shoulder to cry, I’m here. When you want to talk to somebody, remember me. And when your life breaks and you can not go any further. Remember that our friendship lasts forever.

Friendship is the most wonderful note in the sad symphony, music and rhythm of life.

Friendship Text Messages For GirlFriend

Life is a pain, it has weird paths. But do not give others to break you, to look at you. And when you’re happy and when you lose, you know you always have me.

Friendship is something that lasts forever, it lacks the gift it does not give. Friendship is deserved as you deserve, and you know that in luck and in pain there is someone who likes you.

When they say life I remember God. When they say, love, I remember you already know who. And when for the friendship they ask me, I smile and I remember you.

I send you three types of flowers: the first is for our friendship. The second for fidelity and the third full of bees that will sting you if you ever think of forgetting me.

Friendship is a form of equality and unity comparable to justice. Each gives back to the other benefits similar to those she has received.

Each friendship is different, we do not see it the same way with everyone. But when the friendship is solid, it passes through many bad weather.

We are simply the best girlfriends in the world. Nobody has even as powerful as our. BBF for Ever.

No doubt; it is not difficult to die for a friend as it is hard to find a friend who deserves to die for him.

To friends, we easily forgive mistakes that do not hurt us.

For me the most sacred thing is friendship. It is an unbreakable thread, to which we can not detach.

Friendship is like a book. It takes years to complete a book. But it only takes a few seconds of your life to burn.

Good hearts are always good friends. Near or far, you will always engrave in my heart, you are a friend and you will always be.

Friendship Text Messages For GirlFriend

If I had to keep only one girlfriend for life. It would be you without hesitation. You are the only one with whom I spent such good times and share memories. Best friend forever.

It’s been 6 years now that I’m supporting you my friend. I hope we will remain friends for life.

In life, we do not choose brothers. We choose not our sisters, nor our parents but we choose our friends. And honestly I think that I chose well.

There is another day, another path, another hope, another tear, another fear, another smile, another adventure. But never another person dearer than you, please always remain my friend.

Friendship can be silences, sometimes reduced to a mere presence. This is the most beautiful moment. The one where you have nothing to prove yourself.

True friends never forget that the strength of their friendship has helped them through the difficult times of their lives.

Life without friends is death without a witness.

If your life breaks down and your heart suffers in sorrow. I will help you find the debt after the rain. I’ll wipe tears from your face because you’re my best friend.

Thank you for happiness, joy and laughter. Thank you for every hidden sin. Thanks for the word that tears are deleted because such a friend is no longer there.

Health, love and friends are the greatest wealth in life.

Friendship is the unity of the soul and love the unity of the heart.

Friendship of men and women often enters into love but love never in friendship.

And a friend must always tell the truth in the face.

A man without a friend is a book no one reads.

Your best friend can only hurt you once … when she dies.

Being with a friend is never a waste of time than enjoyment.

Friendship Text Messages For GirlFriend

Your friend always accepts you as you are.

Life is easier when a friend moves past you.

Friendship and love are not chosen they happen.

Without friendship and love there is no real happiness.

Your tears are worthy of only the one you will never cause.

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