Long distance friendship messages for a girlfriend from boyfriend:- Often, we have to move to places and be separated from our friends for short time.or even forever. But the true friendship can never die with the long distance.

But it can be dimmed with no contacts between friends. The friendship can be maintained and sweetened with time to time friendship messages sent to the friend through the SMS or any other social apps.

Here are some sweet messages that you can send to your girlfriend who has gone far physically but not emotionally. Beautiful words are easy to say and good things are easy to choose. But good people are hard to find. But I am lucky enough to find you.

500 Long Distance Friendship Messages, Status, Quotes For Girlfriend From Boyfriend

Friendship is a star, love is a candle. A candle may be extinguished but a star will remain forever.

Friendship is a rare flower. To keep her beautiful and growing, she needs to be watered. By sending you this text I water that which unites us.

Thinking every day is a difficult exercise. But to achieve it is a sign of attention, friendship, fraternity and love.


Anyone can make you smile. Many can make you cry. You really need a special person to make you smile with tears in your eyes.

Friends are like stars in the sky, we may not always see them. But we know they are there in our hearts.

Friendship Text Messages For GirlFriend

Friendship is like the rainbow. These are not 7 colors, but 7 pure feelings: honesty, sharing, affection, complicity, solidarity, sincerity and understanding.

A friend. Nothing is more common than the name in the world, nothing is rarer than the thing.

We dream of eternal friendship, then we realize that she is fragile and rare are sincere friends. One thing is sure, when you meet, our existence is changed forever.

I send you a smile, on a moonbeam. A smile so moved, that you will have to squint to see it.

Childhood passes, youth replaces her. Old age takes her place, deaths pick them up. But only memories of good friends stay at their places.


Friends are like the stars, not always light, but always present.

I do not have the world at my feet. But at least I have the best by my side.

There are people whose eyes improves you. It’s very rare, but when we meet them, we must not let them go.

Friendship Text Messages For GirlFriend

If all my friends had to jump off a bridge. I would not jump with them. I would be down to catch them.

A friend, it is a being that never doubts you, who does not ask you anything and that is ready to all give you. It is a big heart who forgets and forgives. A friend is a pearl on the bottom of the seas.

It’s when we see friends crying that we know they are really friends. And that they like them more than everyone in the world. It is this pain that we feel at the deepest self. The one that would do us cry with them, who tells us that they like them.

The days may pass … In my heart you will remain engraved. You are a friend like those you want to have for life. Do not change especially.

Friendship is fragile as an egg. When you find a real friend, keep it with jealousy because it forms a part of you.

Thinking each day a person is a difficult exercise but to do this is a sign of recognition and friendship.

Friends are like stars, not always sighted, but always present.

Friends are the angels who lift us when our wings can not remember how to fly.

Friendship connects three great qualities; trust, complicity and bullshit.

It’s hard to be just friends with someone we’re in love with.

Friends are like glasses, it looks smart. But it is easily scratched and then it tired. Fortunately, sometimes we come across really cool glasses.

Friendship Text Messages For GirlFriend

Go to the window. Look at the sky, you see 2 stars. That shine and who see you with great love. It is my eyes that look after you.

The ideal of friendship is to feel as one and stay as two.

A friend is just a friend who is as precious as a life.

A friend like you is like a sea lighthouse. You will always help me find the right path in my life.

A friend is like a cell phone. We always have it close to us whatever happens. We never leave it except to take a shower. It helps us find the best possible outcomes and gives us valuable advice. And above all, it is always listening. Thank you for my friend .

Friendship is unknown, but sometimes it succeeds where love ends.

I send you all the pearls of the sky to light your heart and your life. All the flowers of the earth to color and fragrant your life. All the songs to tell you that you are an angel of my life.

Friendship is not a game or a simple word. It does not start in January and ends in April. Friendship is yesterday, today, tomorrow. It’s a feeling everyday.

Friendship Text Messages For GirlFriend

Friendship is not just about seeing the same people regularly. It’s a commitment, a promise, trust. It’s being able to rejoice in the happiness of others.

A friend is the person who loved you the way you were when you first met. She loves what you have become and will accept what you will become. Thank you for always being with me as you have always done. It was a little message of friendship from your oldest friend.

If you cry, if the night frightens you in the depths of your heart. If you look for a confidant. Think of me I would never be far from you.

You see, in friendship we do not go in front of the mayor. So there is no real anniversary date. But it can still last a lifetime since we chose each other.

Nothing is more beautiful to the eyes, bigger in the heart, deeper than an ocean than a sincere and deep relationship.

A true friend is not the one who wipes your tears but the one that prevents you from sinking.

A single and irreplaceable person, my super friend. We crossed moments together and I hope it will continue. If I had a day that I will have had such a Brundle I would not have thought.

You are my best friend, you are for me more than a sister.

You are the sister that I chose to have.

You are a unique and irreplaceable person, my super friend.

Friendship Text Messages For GirlFriend

Look at the right side of things. You have a good job and friends that courts you.

Friendship can be silences, sometimes reduced to a mere presence. This is the most beautiful moment. The one where you have nothing to prove.

If you want to make a friend, start by experiencing it and do not hasten to confide in him.

Friendship is not to forget, nor to tire of saying nice little words and encouragement.

Life without friends is death without a witness.

Friendship is more often a way out than a gateway to love.

Friendship Text Messages For GirlFriend

One of the greatest joys, desire, and delight of this life is friendship. And one of the joys of friendship is to have to confide a secret.


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