LokSewa Aayog Exam Preparation Tips in Nepali and English लोकसेवाका परीक्षार्थीहरुले ध्यान दिनुपर्ने 20+12 कुराहरु

20+12 Things to remember while in the exam hall of Lok Sewa Aayog

Lok sewa examination is an important exam if you want to have a career being a government officer. Lok sewa exam is very difficult and can take several hours preparing for it. It takes a lot of dedication, time and energy to prepare for this exam. The exam is conducted by public service commission of Nepal in order to fill the various vacant positions that the government of Nepal requires. The seats are filled as per the candidate’s qualifications. Here are the twenty useful tips that you shall need if you want to successfully pass the lok sewa exam with your hard work.

तपाई लोकसेवा आयोग को तयारी (preparation) गर्दै हुनुहुन्छ वा तपाईको घरमा कसैले लोकसेवाको आयोगको खरिदार (kharidar), नायब सुब्बा (nayab subba), अधिकृत (officers), सहसचिव इत्यादको कोही तयारी गरिरहेको छ भने यो जानकारी एकदम फाइदाजनक हुनेछ । जानकारी हासिल गरी आफू पनि जानौं र अरुलाई सिकाऔं ।

Lok Sewa Aayog लोकसेवा आयोगद्धारा तय गरिएको पाठयक्रम (syllabus) को परिधिभित्र रही तयारी गर्ने र परीषा दिने विद्यार्थी वा साथीभाई दिदीबहिनीहरुको लागि यो जानकारी एकदम लाभप्रद हुनेछ । Lok Sewa Aayog Result ma ramro hunechha.

This post is about Lok Sewa Aayog Nepal. This is tips for the participants who are preparing lok sewa’s exam. There are many things to remember to take an exam of lok sewa. We have enlisted here some of the tips in Nepali for lok sewa examinees. So, let’s have closer looks at the Lok Sewa tips in the Nepali language. How to attempt in Low Sewa Aayog’s Exam. Lok Sewa Aayog exam tips in Nepali.

लोकसेवा आयोगका परीक्षार्थीहरुले ध्यान  दिनुपर्ने 12 कुराहरु

लोक सेवा आयोगका परीक्षाहरुमा सोधिने प्रश्नहरु (questions) को बारेमा पनि अलिकति बुझने हो की? लोक सेवा आयोग Lok Sewa Aayog को परीक्षाहरुमा सोधिने प्रश्नहरु (questions) प्राय गरेर यसप्रकारका हुन्छन् । केही नमुनाहरु (models) हामीले यहाँ थप सेवा दिन चाहन्छौं ।

these are the sample questions of Lok Sewa Aayog Nepal. These are like lok sewa aayo exam preparations questions and answers. Lok sewa aayog exam preparation questions and answers are like that…

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20 Tips / Things to remember while in the exam hall of Lok Sewa Aayog

  1. The students who are preparing for this exam must be very much hardworking and patient at the same time. The students need to have dedication towards the study and always read their course in a pattern that they shall find easy to understand.
  1. The students need to actually know and acknowledge their weakness in any subject and they need to themselves pin point their mistakes, faults and weakness. By doing so, you need to look at what you are weak in and put your hard work into it accordingly. You need to put extra effort into your weaknesses.
  1. You need to have adequate knowledge of each and every subject equally. There is no chance of passing this exam if you have good knowledge in one subject and you have no good knowledge of the other subject. Learn all the subject and every topic in such manner that you shall be confident to pass.
  1. The general knowledge is a must part to memorize by heart if you want to pass the lok sewa examination.
  1. The answers must be given in point wise manner for students who are preparing for the “kharidar and subba”. The students need to make sure that the answers they are giving are according to their knowledge and what they have learned.
  1. The students need to have a great IQ because the IQ level of individuals will show their level of intelligence. Thus, this aspect is also quite very necessary.
  1. The students need to clearly understand what they have learned. The students need to have a clear picture in their minds on the subjects that they have learned otherwise whatever they have learned and the time they have spent on that matter will go to waste. If the students are finding it difficult, then it clearly means that there is much hard work required for that matter.
  1. The simple and easy calculations of add, subtract, divide and multiply must be known to all. Simple calculations must be easy to all the students.
  1. Reading only is not enough to prepare for your exams. Read and write at the same time if you want to score better marks for your lok sewa examination. Read and write every single day and only then your hard work shall be fruitful.
  1. The words you use in your exam paper is very much important. Use correct words for the related subject. Always follow a pattern that is easy to understand and write too. This is very much useful to read as well as memorize.
  1. The students have to first understand the question and understand what the question requires. Then the students must proceed to answer in a suitable manner. The answer must have to mean and should carry and fulfill what the question is asking for.
  1. The lok sewa exam is quite like a beauty pageant. You need to present your answers in such a way that the paper checker is mesmerized by you and will be tempted to give you some extra points. Make your answers as if you want to really impress the paper checker. The students also make sure of the fact that their handwriting, use of grammar is also very much impressive. If the students have their answers written in the best handwriting in their paper, then the paper checker will definitely be compelled to give some extra points for your good handwriting. The students also have to make sure that they do not make their papers dirty by cutting out words often. Write carefully in clean handwriting. This is one of the smallest secrets for good scores in the lok sewa examination or basically any type of examination.
  1. If you have always been a good student, then one month may be enough for you to pass the lok sewa exam, but if you have always been weak in studies, make sure you give yourself a few months to prepare for the lok sewa exam. Read every day for a few hours and you shall definitely pass the exams. The students will find it fruitful to make notes of what they study. If they study and do not make notes of what they studied, then they might not memorize the parts that they studied. So it is very much important that they make notes of whatever lessons they have learned. They can either make rough notes in papers or have them typed in their computer for future use. The students just have to make sure that the things that they have made note of are kept in a much-compiled manner so that they will have easy access to in the future. In the future, if they want to revise certain chapters, they can just to these notes that they had made earlier. This will make their learning capacity stronger and very much quicker.
  1. The students must never take stress because of exams. If you believe you worked very hard and that you needed to pass, then all you can do to pass is change your way of writing. Take some advice and practice writing in a different manner. This is definitely fruitful. This is important because taking stress is very much harmful to both the minds and the bodies of students. The minds of students will never be able to grasp knowledge with ease if they constantly keep on taking stress and feeling anxiety at all times. The students can also adopt a good habit of taking meditation classes or just relaxing their minds through meditation in their homes for ten to twenty minutes daily. This will make the minds of students fresh and ready to grasp new knowledge.
  1. Always make yourself updated with the news. Always know the ongoings around you in your country and also worldwide. Reading newspapers is a very good habit. Always read the newspapers daily and keep yourself updated with various information.
  1. The students can also keep themselves updated with the news on television. Visual information can also be a very powerful impact on your memorizing capacity.
  1. The answers of the students must not reflect their weakness. The students must show their confidence in each and every answer in their paper. The students must always focus on being very knowledgeable with a little bit of creativity in their answers. This will be very much fruitful for their lok sewa exam. A great tip is that the students have to be able to first extract the answer required by the question and then elaborate what is required. First find out what is needed, then emphasize on that topic as much as possible. The students also have to have a good play of words in their answers for better scores.
  1. There is never a definite way to success in case of lok sewa exam. All the students will require a good level of IQ; that is for sure. All students need to work very hard because that is the only way one can achieve success in every aspect of their lives.
  1. Reading only books will never be enough for students to pass the lok sewa exam. You need to have good knowledge of everything around you. Creativity is very much important in this aspect. You need to get creative with your intelligence. But if reading is the strongest points that the student possesses, then the student can explore reading various novels, journals and various contents of several topics from where they can get inspired from. Reading may not be enough but grasping new knowledge and experiences through the power of reading is what that counts the most. So the students are required to grasp as much knowledge from various sources; it can be novels, journals, newspapers and many more.
  1. The students who want to pass the lok sewa exam need to deliberately showcase their dedication and must definitely be very much patient in order to succeed. The lok sewa examination definitely requires a lot of patience so the students are required to be very much patient to be able to succeed with good scores. Patience is a virtue and the students must learn the value of this virtue early if they want success in their lives.

Test Your Minds चेसका गोटीहरुलाई सम्बन्धित कोठाहरुमा राख्न सक्नुहुन्छ ? सक्नुहुन्छ भने प्रयास गर्नुहोस् .


Lok Sewa Aayog exam tips in Nepali

Lok Sewa Aayog exam questions in Nepali.
  1. अन्तर्राष्टिय पर्वतारोहण संघद्धारा अन्तराष्ट्रिय पर्वतारोहण उद्यान कहाँ निर्माण गरिएको छ ? -नुवाकोटको ककनी
  2. महिला बालबालिका तथा समाज कल्याण मन्त्रालयले बि.सं. २०६३ देखि राष्ट्रिय बालदिवस कहिले मनाउने निर्ण् य गरयो ? – भाद्र २९
  3. नेपालको अन्तरिम संविधान २०६३ अनुसार सर्वोच्च अदालतमा प्रधानन्याधिशका अतिरिक्त बढीमा कतिजना अन्य न्यायधीश रहने व्यवस्था छ ? – १४
  4. नेपालको कुन जिल्लामा उच्च पर्वतारोहण तालिम advance mountaineering training संचालन गरिदै आएको छ ? – मनाङ
  5. लालीगुराँसको वैज्ञानिक नाम के हो ? – rhododendron arborium
  6. विश्व राष्ट्रिय निकुन्ज सम्मेलन कति वर्षो अन्तरमा आयोजना गरिन्छ ? – प्रत्येक १० वर्षा
  7. श्री ५ त्रिभुवनको कहिले नारायणहिटी राजदरबार (Narayanhiti Royal Palace) छाडी सपरिवार भारतीय राजदुतावास (Indian Embassy) मा शरण लिन पुगेका थिए ? – बि.सं. २००७ कार्तिक २१ गते
  8. ठकुरीवंशको अन्तिमराजा को हुन ? – शंकरदेव
  9. दामोदर पाण्डे कहाँ काटिएका थिए ? – लुमडीस्थान
  10. नेपाल संवत (Nepal Samvat) लाई हर्टाई बि.सं. १९६० देखि बिक्रम संवत पुनः प्रचलनमा ल्याउने व्यक्ति को हुन ? – चन्द्र शमसेर
  11. बाबुलाई कैदगरी आफू राजा हुने व्यक्ति को हुन ? – प्रताप मल्ल
  12. जनआन्दोलन २ को सफलतास्वरुप पुनर्स्थापित प्रतिनिधीसभाको पहिलो बैठक कहिले बसेको थियो ? -बि.सं. २०६३ वैशाख १५
  13. Buddha Jananti बुद्ध जयन्तीलाई लुम्बिनी दिवसको रुपमा मनाउने निर्ण्र्ाा कहिले भएको हो ?- बि.सं. २०५५ वैसाख १७
  14. Madan Prize मदन पुरस्कारको स्थापना कहिले भएको हो ? -बि.सं.२०१२
  15. विदेशी नागरिकलाई प्रदान गरिने सबैभन्दा ठूलो मानपदवी कुन हो ? -महाउज्जवल राष्ट्रदीप
  16. राष्ट्रिय मानव अधिकार अयोगमा अध्यक्षका अतिरक्ति कति जना सदस्य रहने व्यवस्था छ ? -चार जना
  17. संकटकालिन अवस्था (Emergency period) को घोषणा गर्ने वा आदेश दिने अधिकार कसमा हुनेछ ? – नेपाल सरकार, मन्त्रिपरिषदको सिफारिसमा राष्टपतिमा

Lok Sewa Aayog’s Exams लोक सेवा आयोगका परीक्षाहरुमा यसप्रकार केही सामान्य प्रश्नहरु पनि सोधिने गरेको छ । जस्तो कि

student girl female married woman reading books

A student is reading book

Lok sewa Aayog Exam subjective Questions in Nepali

corruption भ्रष्टाचार भन्नाले के बुझिन्छ ? corruption भ्रष्टाचारलाई किन सामाजिक समस्या (social evil) को रुपमा लिइएको छ?

भ्रष्टाचार शब्द दुइ भिन्दाभिन्दै शब्दहरु भ्रष्ट र आचार मिलेर बनेको छ । भ्रष्टाचार भन्नाले सामान्य अथृमा आर्थिक श्रोतसाधनको दुरुपयोग भनेर बुझिए पनि व्यापक अर्थमा यसले कसैले आफनो पदीय मर्यादाविपरीत गर्ने सबै किसिमका गैरकानुनी र अनैतिक क्रियाकलापलाई जनाउँछ । उदाहरणका लागि सरकारी कर्मचारीका नाताले घुस खाने मात्र नभई कुनै गलत सिफारित दिने वा सरकारी सवारी आफनो निजी प्रयोगमा गर्नुसम्मलाई भ्रष्टाचार corruption भन्न सकिन्छ ।

खासगरी विकासोन्मुख रअविकसित देशहरुमा भ्रष्टाचार एक राजनैतिक र सामाजिक कुरितीका रुपमा विकसित भएको छ । कर्मचारीतन्त्र भ्रष्टाचारी भइदिदा सरकारी बजेट, सेवा सुविधाकोठूलो दुरुपयोग भइरहेको छ । भ्रष्टाचार corruption बाट समाजमा गम्भीर असर परेको छ । सरकारी ओेहोदामा भएका मानिसहरुले सजिलै आर्थिक उन्नति गर्न र समाजमा सम्पत्तिको धाक देखाउने प्रवृत्ति बढेको छ । उनीहरुको जीवन विलासी बन्ने र छिमेकीहरुलाई आधारभूत आवश्यकता पुरा गर्न पनि धौधौ पर्ने अवस्थामा वर्ग छुटिन गई सामाजिक असन्तुलन बढेको छ । यी सबै कारणहरुले गर्दा भ्रष्टाचारलाई एक प्रमुख सामाजिक समस्याका रुपमा लिइएको छ ।

12 Things to remember while in the exam hall of Lok Sewa Aayog

लोकसेवा आयोगका परीक्षार्थीहरुले ध्यान  दिनुपर्ने 12 कुराहरु

  1. लोकसेवा आयोग Lok Sewa Aayog Nepal ले तर्जुमा गरेको वाषिर्क कार्यतालिका लिई सोही अनुसार तयारी ready अघि बढाउने
  2. विश्वसनीय, भरपर्दो र उपयुक्त पाठ्यसामग्री संकलन गरी नियमित रुपमा अध्ययन study गर्ने र महत्वपूण लागेका कुराहरुलाई सिलसिलेवार रुपमा टिपोट note गर्ने ।
  3. पाठयक्रम (syllabus) र परीक्षा (exam) मा सोधिने प्रश्नको ढाँचा गहन अध्ययन गरी परीक्षामुखी अभ्यासमा जोड दिने ।
  4. लोकसेवा आयोग Lok Sewa Aayog को परीक्षासँग सम्बन्धित विभिन्न पत्रपत्रिकाहरु (newspaper & magazine) का साथै अन्य सर्न्दर्भ सामग्रीको अध्ययनलाई व्यवस्थित बनाउने
  5. यथासमयमा परीक्षा हल (exam hall) मा पुगी शान्त र संयमित भई उत्तर लेखन सुरु गर्ने ।
  6. परीक्षा हल (exam hall) मा उत्तर लेख्न सुरु गर्नुभन्दा पहिले प्रश्नपत्रहरु (question papers) पुरा भए नभएको यकिन गर्ने ।
  7. वस्तुगत प्रश्नको उत्तर दिदा क, ख, ग, घ (a, b, c, d) मध्ये जुन सही लाग्छ, त्यही की लाई मिल्दो महलमा लेख्ने । अन्य चिन्ह वा संकेत (signs or symbols) को प्रयोग, असम्बन्धित कोठामा लेखिएका उत्तर केरमेट गरी सच्चाइएका उत्तर र सिसाकलम (pencil) प्रयोग गरी लेखिएका उत्तरहरु अमान्य हुने हुँदा यसमा विशेष ध्यान पुरयाउने ।
  8. वस्तुगत बहुउत्तर परीषा प्रणालीमा गल्ती गरेको उत्तर (answer) लाई २० प्रतिशत अंक कटी गरिने हुँदा अन्धाधुन्ध उत्तर नलेखी सजगता अपनाउने ।
  9. छोटा विषयगत प्रश्न (subjective questions) को उत्तर दिदा समयको परिधिभित्र रही प्रश्नले अपेक्षा गरेको उत्तरमा प्रष्ट भई बुँदागत रुपमा सटिक जवाफ लेख्ने र लामो विषयगत प्रश्नको उत्तर दिदा भने प्रश्नको गाम्भिर्यता हेरी भूमिकासहित तथ्यगत जवाफ र निष्कर्षमते लेख्नु राम्रो हुने ।
  10. मौलिक, सृजनात्मक (creative) एवम तर्कयुक्त जवाफ लेख्ने प्रभावमा छुटयाइ लेख्ने
  11. कुनै विषयको प्रभावका बारेमा लेख्नुपर्दा सकारात्मक (positive) र नकारात्मक प्रभावमा (positive and negative effect) छुटयाई लेख्ने ।
  12. विषयगत प्रश्नको उत्तर लेख्दा सकभर केरमेट नगर्ने साथै लेखेको कुरा काटनुपर्ने भएमा तेस्रो धर्कोले काटी थप्नुपर्ने कुरा बुझिने गरी लेख्ने ।

उपरोक्त तथ्यहरुलाई हृदयगम गरी दृढ विश्वासका साथ अध्ययन, मनन, छलफल र अभ्यासलाई निरन्तरता दिएमा अवश्य नै सफलता हात पार्न सकिनेछ ।

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This post is about Lok Sewa Aayog Nepal. This is tips for the participants who are preparing lok Sewa’s exam. There are many things to remember to take an exam of lok sewa. We have enlisted here some of the tips in Nepali for lok sewa examinees. So, let’s have closer looks at the Lok Sewa tips in the Nepali language. How to attempt in Low Sewa Aayog’s Exam. Lok Sewa Aayog exam tips in Nepali.

20+12 Things to remember while in the exam hall of Lok Sewa Aayog

    1. Suman karn
    2. Suman karn
      • ImNepal.com
    3. binod pandit
    4. Raju
    5. Anjan shrestha
    6. Gopi krishna
      • Jitendra Sahayogee
    7. aryan
    8. SP Tamatta Achham Hattikot 7
    9. dilli adhikari
    10. sanam pariyar
    11. tej kawar
    12. Rahahmtullah
    13. Usha Thami
    14. Kashi Ram Rana
    15. shunil bhattarai
    16. hurmat shahi
    17. Bikash sah
      • Jitendra Sahayogee
    18. yubraj tiwri
    19. Saleena Magar
    20. Ashish
    21. dpen maha
    22. Rabindra
    24. Bishal
    25. Kanhaiy yadav
    26. Rajendra Mahato
    27. Sonu Mani Tripathi

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