List of All Postal Codes in Nepal On The Basis of Districts & Cities

Name of Districts Starts From – Find The Actual Postal Code

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38. Lalitpur:

Lalitpur is a historical and archaeological district of three districts of Kathmandu valley in the Bagmati zone under the Central Development Zone of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. In Nepal map, Lalitpur district has introduced its glorious reputation among 75 districts.

Lalitpur is known for its monasteries, temples, palaces, and pillars, including famous Krishna Temple, Ashok Column, Mahabaudhha, Patan Darwar area. This district has its own historical significance, the diversity of this district’s geographical structure, diversity of forest and river drainage and lakes, livelihoods of different tribes, and other species are the significance of Lalitpur. The postal code of this district is:

Post office Postal code

Lalitpur ⇒ 44700
Dhapakhel ⇒ 44703
Imadol ⇒ 44705
Darbartole ⇒ 44707
Lubhu ⇒ 44708
Godawari ⇒ 44709
Chapagaun ⇒ 44710
Gotikhel ⇒ 44711
Bhattedanda ⇒ 44712
Pyutar ⇒ 44713


39. Lamjung:

The lamjung district is one of 11 districts of Gandaki providence which is the seventh state of Nepal. The Lamjung district is geographically spread from the central hilly area to the northern Himalayas. The district is Rich with biological diversity which has the area of 1692 sq km.

This district is the dominant area of Gurung caste. It is the place of historical, religious and cultural importance. The culture of folk dual which has made Nepal famous in the world is the origin of this district. The postal code of this district is:
Post office Postal code
Lamjung ⇒ 33600
Maling ⇒ 33602
Sundar bazar ⇒ 33603
Sotipasal ⇒ 33604
Kunchha ⇒ 33605
Gilung ⇒ 33606
Khudi ⇒ 33607
Phaliyasanghu ⇒ 33608
Bharate ⇒ 33609
Gaunda ⇒ 33610
Tarkughat ⇒ 33611

40. Mahottari:

Mahottri is a district located in the Janakpur Zone of the central development region of Nepal. This district has estimated about 2.39% of the total population of Nepal and it occupies 0.68% of the total area of Nepal. According to population density, Mahottari district is in fifth place.

There is a large number of Hindu and Muslim people living in the district with over diversity of 92 casts. The main source of livelihoods in this district is agriculture profession. The postal code of the district is:

Post office Postal code


Mahottari ⇒ 45700
Bardibash ⇒ 45701
Bhangaha ⇒ 45702
Loharpatti ⇒ 45703
Pipara ⇒ 45704
Matihani ⇒ 45705
Ramgopalpur ⇒ 45707
Balawa ⇒ 45708
Laxminiya ⇒ 45710
Gaushala ⇒ 45711
Shreepur ⇒ 45712
Samsi ⇒ 45713
Manara ⇒ 45714

41. Makwanpur:

This district was sometimes used as a link to Mechi-Mahakali with the capital, but now because of the Prithvi rajmarga the district has been in extinction to some extent.

The district is situated at the lap of mahabharat which is 66km long in the north and the Chure range which is 92 km in the south. side of the theay construction of the highway has gone to some extent. It is known as the main path for capital entry, which is bound to district capital Kathmandu and historic district Lalitpur. The postal code of the district is:

Post office Postal code

Hatiya ⇒ 44103
Aambhanjyang ⇒ 44104
Manahari ⇒ 44106
Basamadi ⇒ 44108
Markhu ⇒ 44113
Makwanpur ⇒ 44100
Phaparbari ⇒ 44101
Ritha chhatisban ⇒ 44102
Hetauda ⇒ 44107
Palung ⇒ 44110
Bhainse ⇒ 44111
Bhimphedi ⇒ 44112

42 Manang:

Manang is a beautiful Himalayan district of the Gandaki Zone of Western Development region Nepal. According to the criteria of the Government of Nepal, the district has been categorized under A group for its remoteness.

The district is known for Himalayan beauty, greenery panoramic view and is surrounded by Manaslu in the east, Damodar in the west, Annapurna and lamjung Himalaya in the south and Peri of Tibet in North. The postal code of the district is:

Post office Postal code

Manang ⇒ 33500
Pisang ⇒ 33502
Bhakra ⇒ 33503
Mathilo Manang ⇒ 33504
Nar ⇒ 33507
Dharapani ⇒ 33509

43. Morang:

Morang is the industrial district located in state number one of the eastern developmental zone of Nepal. Morang district, which is the historical pride of the region, is known as the second largest district from the industrial and population point of view.

The district has purwanchal University with 695 public and private schools in this district and 30 high secondary schools, 13 campuses, 1 university and 10 technical and vocational schools. The postal code of the district is:

Post office Postal code

Morang ⇒ 56600
Chunimari ⇒ 56601
Rangeli ⇒ 56602
Sanischare ⇒ 56603
Urlabari ⇒ 56604
Madhumalla ⇒ 56605
Bayarban ⇒ 56606
Sorabhag ⇒ 56607
Dadarberiya ⇒ 56608
Letang ⇒ 56609
Kerabari ⇒ 56610
Haraincha ⇒ 56611
Bhaudaha ⇒ 56612
Biratnagar bazar ⇒ 56613
Rani sikiyahi ⇒ 56614
Jhorahat ⇒ 56615
Banigama ⇒ 56616
Bansbari ⇒ 56617

44. Mugu:

Mughu is located in the northern part of Karnali anchal of central western development region of Nepal. It is the remotest backward district known famously for mugu Karnali and humla Karnali river. and many more waterfalls and rivers. The biggest lake rara is also located in this district. Rara national park is also located in this district.

Moreover, the district is known for the national bird lophophorous, kalij and Kasturi. The main economic activities of this district, which are extremely backward by the view of economic and social development, are the chief farming, livestock, domestic industries, and herbs. People of Mughu who are far behind social education and health education are facing irregular and expensive food and medicines due to the lack of transportation.

According to the legend, there are various reports, but one of the main reason being the village mugu located in the northern part of the district. Therefore the district was named after the village. The postal code of the district is:

Post office Postal code

Mugu ⇒ 21100
Rowa ⇒ 21102
Pulu ⇒ 21103
Sorubarma ⇒ 21105
Rara ⇒ 21106
Sukhadik ⇒ 21107
Gumtha ⇒ 21109
Dhainkot ⇒ 21110

45. Mustang:

Mustang is the district in the north of the Dhaulagiri anchal of Western Development Zone. The district lies in the lap of Dhaulagiri and Nilgiri Himalaya. Approximately 3000 years ago, archaeological excavations have shown that the district used to be the business mainstream of the Nepalese and Tibet countries. The district is divided into 5 rural municipalities with the current political status. It has no municipality.

The district is connected to the east to manang, in the west to dolpa, in the south to myagdi and in the north to Tibet. The Kali Gandaki river flows in the middle of the district. The river in the local native language is known as thank Khola. Its north-south length is about 80 km and width is 45 km. Because this district is in the north of the Annapurna Himalayan series, there is very little rainfall here. Most of the areas of the district lie near the bank of the river. The postal code of the district is:

Post office Postal code

Mustang ⇒ 33100
Marpha ⇒ 33102
Kagbeni ⇒ 33103
Charang ⇒ 33104
Mustang ⇒ 33105
Chhoser ⇒ 33106
Muktinath ⇒ 33107
Lete ⇒ 33108
Thak tuluche ⇒ 33109

46. Myagdi:

Myagdi district is one of the beautiful districts that lies in the Dhaulagiri anchal of the western development zone of Nepal. The eastern border of the district is surrounded by Kaski and parvat. The western border of the district is surrounded by baglung, dolpa and rukum.

The northern border of the district is surrounded by Mustang and dolpa. The southern border of the district is surrounded by baglung. The name of the district is named after the river myagdi which flows from the western northern part of Dhaulagiri Himalaya. The postal code of the district is:

Post office ⇒ Postal code

Myagdi ⇒ 33200
Xyamarukot ⇒ 33202
Galeswor ⇒ 33203
Rakhu Bhagwati ⇒ 33204
Sikha ⇒ 33205
Dana ⇒ 33206
Babiyachaur ⇒ 33207
Darbang ⇒ 33208
Pakhapani ⇒ 33209
Takam ⇒ 33210
Lulang ⇒ 33211

47. Nawalparasi:

Nawalparasi is one of the districts of Nepal. The Nawal of the eastern part and the parasi of the western part were merged into one district and is named as nawalparasi in 2018 B.S. Before it was recognized as the palhi majhkhanda of rupandehi. Navalparasi district is in the Lumbini zone. This is a district of Western Development Zone Nepal.

The district headquarters is Parasi market. The main business centers include Parasi, Bhumahi Sunwal, Kawasoti, Gaidakot etc. The main income source is agriculture, industry, trade, tourism etc. Here, there are people living in many places from Nepal. But the number of people migrating from districts such as Syangja, Palpa, Arghakhanchi, Tanahun, Gulmi, Pyuthan is comparatively more. Nawalparasi is divided into three parts the hilly area, the inner Madhes and Madesh.

Its inner Madhes area is called Nawawalpur. There is a large forest of Nawalparasi in Chitwan National Park. The Tiger Top here is an entertaining place to see the tiger and bear. The district is politically divided into 7 municipalities and 8 rural Municipalities. The postal code of the district is:

Post office ⇒ Postal code

Nawalparasi ⇒ 33000
Rakuwa ⇒ 33001
Bulingtar ⇒ 33002
Gaindakot ⇒ 33003
Dumkauli ⇒ 33004
Shergunj ⇒ 33005
Naya belhani ⇒ 33006
Tribeni ⇒ 33007
Semari ⇒ 33008
Guthi persauni ⇒ 33009
Bhujahawa ⇒ 33010
Makar ⇒ 33011
Tikapur ⇒ 33012
Maheshpur ⇒ 33013
Sunawal ⇒ 33015
Pithauli ⇒ 33016

48. Nuwakot:

Nuwakot district is a district of the central part of province number 3. The district carries a historical background which is located in the northwest direction of the capital Kathmandu. The only district which doesn’t connect to any anchal or international border is shaped like half moon.

The district consists of 2 municipalities and 10 rural municipalities on an administrative basis. The district is not too far from Kathmandu valley and important from the agricultural point of view. The postal code of the district is:

Post office ⇒ Postal code

Nuwakot ⇒ 44900
Thansingh ⇒ 44902
Ranipauwa ⇒ 44903
Taruka ⇒ 44905
Kahule ⇒ 44907
Nuwakot ⇒ 44908
Chokade ⇒ 44909
Kharanitar ⇒ 44910
Bhadratar ⇒ 44911
Ramabati ⇒ 44912
Rautbesi ⇒ 44913
Pokharichapadanda ⇒ 44914
Devighat ⇒ 44915

49. Okhaldhunga:

Okhaldhunga was the village development committee in the district headquarters of the Sagarmatha Zone of Okhalhunga district of Nepal’s Eastern Development Zone. This district from the administrative point of view has been divided into 1 municipality and 7 rural municipalities. The district widens out from East to the west and is separated by three Rivers from another district.

The northern part of the district is connected to Solukhumbu, the southern part of the district is connected to Udayapur and sindhuli. The eastern part of the district is connected to khotang and the western part is connected to ramechhap. The district comes in the 59th place according to the population density and 68th place on the basis of the area it occupies of the nation. The postal code of the district is:

Post office ⇒ Postal code

Okhaldhunga ⇒ 56100
Khanibhanjyang ⇒ 56101
Rumjatar ⇒ 56102
Rampur ⇒ 56104
Bigutar ⇒ 56105
Khiji phalate ⇒ 56106
Gamangtar ⇒ 56107
Ghorakhori ⇒ 56108
Chyanam ⇒ 56109
Manebhanjyang ⇒ 56110
Moli ⇒ 56111
Ragani ⇒ 56112

Name of Districts Starts From – Find The Actual Postal Code

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


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