List of All Postal Codes in Nepal On The Basis of Districts & Cities

Name of Districts Starts From – Find The Actual Postal Code

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23. Gorkha:

Gorkha is a district located in Gandaki anchal of Nepal. The headquarters of the Gorkha district is Gorkha Bazaar, which is located in Prithavarnarayana Municipality. Another feature of this place is the silvery Himalayan sequel surrounding north of the district.

The fifth highest mountain of the world Manaslu is also located in the district. From here, the attractive view of Dhaulagiri and Ganesh Himal can be seen. Anyone who comes here gets struck by the beauty of the dense jungle and green hills, rivers, and lakes of the district. The postal code of the district is:

Post office Postal code

Gorkha ⇒ 34000
Bungkot ⇒ 34002
Manakamana ⇒ 34003
Batase ⇒ 34004
Luintel ⇒ 34005
Anapipal ⇒ 34006
Jaubari ⇒ 34007
Bhachchek ⇒ 34008
Saurpani ⇒ 34009
Ghyampesal ⇒ 34010
Aarughat ⇒ 34011
Gumda ⇒ 34012
Sirdibash ⇒ 34013


24. Gulmi:

Gulmi district is amongst the six districts of Lumbini anchal where the pioneer of peace Gautam Buddha was born. The east-west of this district is 40 km long. And the north-south length of the district is 30 km. According to the 2058 census of the district, the population is 296,6654. The district is divided into 2 municipalities and 10 rural Municipalities.

This district is making efforts to minimalize poverty in this area by implementing the concept of rural tourism. Since Gulmi district is a mountainous district, there is a possibility of commercial farming. Gulmi, which is a glorious history of producing for the first time the organic coffee is also one of the largest organic coffee exporters in the district. The postal code of the district is:

Post office Postal code

Gulmi ⇒ 32600
Purtighat ⇒ 32601
Bharse ⇒ 32602
Chandrakot ⇒ 32603
Majuwa ⇒ 32604
Ridi ⇒ 32605
Sringa ⇒ 32606
Birabas ⇒ 32607
Wami ⇒ 32609
Ismadohali ⇒ 31610
Dhukot ⇒ 32611
Purkotadha ⇒ 32612
Arje ⇒ 32613
Manabhak ⇒ 32614
Pipaldanda ⇒ 32615

25. Humla:

Humla is one of the remote districts amongst the five districts in the Karnali Zone of Midwest region of Nepal. According to a geographical area, this district is the second largest district of the nation but by the population density, it falls under the lowest populated district.


According to the Human Development Summit, the HDI value with 0.432, it is in the 74th position. Yet, it has not been linked to the national network by roads. Therefore, it can be said that the development of this district has not yet been opened. The resources available in the district have not been effectively utilized. The postal code of the district is :

Post office Postal code

Humla ⇒ 21000
Muchu ⇒ 21003
Lali ⇒ 21004
Sarkegadh ⇒ 21005
Darma ⇒ 21007
Srinagar ⇒ 21008

26. Ilam:

According to the last political partition of the country, Illam is one of the four districts in the state number one. The district cover 1703 square kilometers of land. It is connected to panchthar in the north, Jhapa in the south, Darjeeling in the East and panchthar and morang in the west. Illam is famous for tea in Nepal. Tea bagan located in the western part of the Illam market is the first organized agricultural industry of Nepal.

The tea factory here is Nepal’s oldest industrial factory. Extremely attractive and charming natural beauty, Illam is the best tourist destination of Nepal. The ancient monastery temple and the roots are cultural heritage in the area where there is a large number of people living in the area. The postal code of the district is:

Post office Postal code

Illam ⇒ 57300
Nayabazar ⇒ 57302
Pashupatinagar ⇒ 57303
Aaitabare ⇒ 57304
Harkatebazar ⇒ 57305
Gajurmukhi ⇒ 57306
Mangalbare ⇒ 57307
Nepaltar ⇒ 57308
Jamuna ⇒ 57309
Gitpur ⇒ 57310
Cheesa Pani Panchami ⇒ 57311
Phikal ⇒ 57312

27. Jajarkot:

Jajarkot is one of 77 districts of Nepal located in the Karnali state. From.the historical perspective, it used to be one of the 22 kingdoms of Nepal. The bhairi is the highest Hill of the district. In the hill, there is a variety of mountains and precious metals.

From the hill, Kailali, Achham, Surkhet, Dailekh, Kailali, Jumla, Salyan, Rolpa, Dolpa, and other Himalayan can also be seen. The hiuchuli is the highest mountain in jajarkot with the height of 5460 meters. Politically this district is divided into three municipalities and four rural municipalities. The postal code of the district is:

Post office Postal code

Jajarkot ⇒ 21500
Dhime ⇒ 21503
Dalli ⇒ 21504
Ragda ⇒ 21505
Rokaya gaun ⇒ 21506
Dashera ⇒ 21508
Thalaraikar ⇒ 21509
Garkhakot ⇒ 21510
Karkigaun ⇒ 21511

28. Jhapa:

Jhapa is one of the most fertile and densely populated in the Eastern development region of the nation. Its northern part is surrounded by mountain ranges, and the entire area is terrain. According to the Census 2068 year, the population is 81,2650.

Area of this district 1606 sq km. The Mechi River in the east of this district has set the border with West Bengal of India and Bihar of India is in the south of this district. In the north, the district is connected to illam, in the west, the district is connected to morang. This district has been divided into 8 municipalities and 7 rural Municipalities. The postal code of the district is:

Post office Postal code

Jhapa ⇒ 57200
Baniyani ⇒ 57201
Goldhap ⇒ 57202
Chandragadhi ⇒ 57203
Birtamod ⇒ 57204
Sanishchare ⇒ 57205
Budhbare ⇒ 57206
Dhulabari ⇒ 57207
Kankarbhitta ⇒ 57208
Rajgadh ⇒ 57209
Durgapur ⇒ 57210
Jhapa ⇒ 57211
Dudhe ⇒ 57212
Shivagunj ⇒ 57213
Topagachhi ⇒ 57214
Gaurigunj ⇒ 57215
Gauradaha ⇒ 57216
Damak ⇒ 57217

29. Jumla:

Jumla district is located in Karnali Zone. The Khalanga market is the headquarters of Karnali Zone as well as the district headquarters of Jumla and also the education, health and business center of this region.

Tila, Himalaya and just are the main lakes of the district. Vishnu lake, Hudke lake, Jogini lake, Shankha daha, Thakurjyu daha, gidi daha are the major lakes of the district. The postal code of the district is:

Post office Postal code

Jumla ⇒ 21200
Dillichaur ⇒ 21202
Tatopani ⇒ 21204
Malikathata ⇒ 21205
Kalikakhetu ⇒ 21206
Narakot ⇒ 21207
Hatsinja ⇒ 21208
Chautha ⇒ 21209

30. Kailali:

Kailali is a plain terrain and mountainous district located in the Seti zone of Nepal’s far western development area. The area of this district is 3,235 square kilometers and the population (2068) is 7,75,709.

The district is divided into 7 municipalities and 6 rural Municipalities. “Tikapur’s Great Garden” is the largest human-made garden in Nepal. The Ghodaghodi lake is listed in the World Heritage list. The postal code of the district is:

Post office Postal code

Munuwa ⇒ 10902
Kailali ⇒ 10900
Tikapur ⇒ 10901
Dododhara ⇒ 10903
Lamki ⇒ 10904
Masuriya ⇒ 10905
Pahalmanpur ⇒ 10906
Hasuliya ⇒ 10907
Bhajani ⇒ 10908
Joshipur ⇒ 10909
Phulbari ⇒ 10910
Atariya ⇒ 10911
Chaumala ⇒ 10912
Phaltude ⇒ 10914

31. Kalikot:

Kalikot is a district of central-western development zone Nepal. This district is located in Karnali Zone. The main profession here is agriculture. The average age here is 40 years old. This district has been nominated as Kalikot on 2032/08/26. Earlier, this district was called Tibrikot.

Therefore, this district is called the youngest district of Nepal. It seems that farming has also been cultivated in the hilly land of the mountainous region of Kalikot district. Due to the tendency of cultivating the hilly land and deforestation for the purpose, there is a lot of landslides in the area. The postal code of the district is:

Post office Postal code

Kalikot ⇒ 21300
Sanniraskot ⇒ 21303
Mehalmudi ⇒ 21304
Kotbada ⇒ 21305
Kalikot ⇒ 21306
Padamghat ⇒ 21307
Jubitha ⇒ 21308
Thirpu ⇒ 21309

32. Kanchanpur:

Kanchanpur is a district located in the Far-western Development Zone of Mahakali Zone. This district is in the Terai region of Nepal. The main economic and commercial area of Kanchanpur district is Mahendra Nagar.

On the basis of political divisions, the district has been divided into 7 municipalities and 2 rural municipalities. The postal code of the district is:

Post office Postal code

Kanchanpur ⇒ 10400
Krishnapur ⇒ 10401
Kalika ⇒ 10402
Punarbas ⇒ 10403
Beldadi ⇒ 10404
Pipaladi ⇒ 10405
Kanchanpur ⇒ 10406
Chandani ⇒ 10407
Airport ⇒ 10409
Suda ⇒ 10410
Jhalari ⇒ 10411

33. Kapilvastu:

Kapilvastu is a district in the Lumbini zone of the western region of Nepal. The administrative headquarter of the district is Taulihawa. Area of Kapilvastu district is 1738 square kilometers.

According to Nepalese National Census 2058, the population of the district was 4,81,976 but according to the census 2068 B. S., There were 91321 houses, 285599 men, 286337 women, and the total population was 571936. Kapilavastu is culturally rich. The postal code of the district is:

Post office Postal code

Kapilavastu ⇒ 32800
Pipara ⇒ 32801
Patariya ⇒ 32802
Pakadi ⇒ 32804
Kopawa ⇒ 32805
Gotihawa ⇒ 32808
Pattharkot ⇒ 32810
Thuniya ⇒ 32811
Maharajgunj ⇒ 32812
Ganeshpur ⇒ 32813
Chanauta ⇒ 32814
Krishnanagar ⇒ 32815
Shiv Raj ⇒ 32816

34. Kaski:

Kaski District is a tourist district located in the Gandaki Zone of Western Development Zone of Nepal. This district is located in the lap of Annapurna and machhapuchhre Himalayan mountains.

Pokhara is the headquarter of Kaski district. This district is located in the west of Kathmandu, about 200 miles away. The shape of this district is circular and is spread at a distance of 70km east-west and north-south. The postal code of the district is:

Post office Postal code

Kaski ⇒ 33700
Rupakot ⇒ 33701
Gagan gaunda ⇒ 33702
Makaikhola ⇒ 33703
Majhathana ⇒ 33704
Sildujure ⇒ 33705
Nirmalpokhari ⇒ 33706
Pardibandh ⇒ 33707
Bhalam ⇒ 33708
Chapakot ⇒ 33709
Birethanti ⇒ 33710
Naudanda ⇒ 33711
Ghachok ⇒ 33712
Purunchaur ⇒ 33713

35. Kathmandu:

Kathmandu District is Nepal’s capital district. Kathmandu is one of the 3 districts in the Kathmandu valley, which is in the central hilly region of Nepal. Kathmandu is situated in the east of Sanga Bhanjyang, Wad Bhanjyang in the west, panchmane bhanjyang in the north and farping in the south.

In the east of this district, Bhaktapur and Kavreplonchok are connected. In the west, it is connected to Dhading and Nuwakot. In the north, it is connected to Nuwakot and Sindhupalchok. In the aoith it is connected to Lalitpur and Makwanpur districts. The postal code of the district is:

Post office Postal code

Kathmandu ⇒ 44600
Sankhu ⇒ 44601
Chabhil ⇒ 44602
Sundarijal ⇒ 44603
Gaucharan ⇒ 44604
Dillibazar ⇒ 44605
Bansbari ⇒ 44606
Tokha ⇒ 44608
Sachibalaya ⇒ 44609
Manmaiju ⇒ 44610
Balaju ⇒ 44611
Tribhuwan University ⇒ 44613
Kalimati ⇒ 44614
Pharping ⇒ 44615
Baluwatar ⇒ 44616
Sarbochha Adalat ⇒ 44617
Kirtipur ⇒ 44618
Thankot ⇒ 44619
Swayambhu ⇒ 44620
Pashupatinath ⇒ 44621
Budhanilkantha ⇒ 44622

36. Kavrepalanchok:

Before Nepal Unification, kavrepalanchok included the areas like Banepa, Panauti, Dhulikhel, Panchakhal, Khopasi, Nala, Sanga and palanchok, naldum, Dapcha, Chaukkot. The district is politically divided into 6 municipalities and 7 rural municipalities.

These places are important from the religious archaeological political commercial or industrial perspective. Banepa, Dhulikhel, Palanchok, Dolalghat, Bhakunde bensi, Dhandakhola, lamidanda, Kunta beshi, Dapcha, Mangaltar, Khopasi, Katikay Deurali, and Nagarkot are among the important commercial places in this district. Dhulikhel is the administrative headquarter of the district. It’s postal code is:

Post office Postal code

Pokharinarayansthan ⇒ 45203
Gumati bhanjyang ⇒ 45204
Mahadevsthan ⇒ 45213
Khopasi ⇒ 45216
Kavrepalanchok ⇒ 46200
Ghartichhap ⇒ 45201
Mangaltar ⇒ 45202
Dapcha ⇒ 45205
Panauti ⇒ 45209
Banepa ⇒ 45210
Panchkhal ⇒ 45212
Phalante ⇒ 45214
Dolalghat ⇒ 45215

37. Khotang:

Khotang is the mountainous district located in the Providence number one of Nepal. Diktel is the headquarter of Khotang district. The district is politically divided into 2 municipalities and 8 rural municipalities according to the current political constituency.

The district is surrounded by bhojpur in the east, okhaldhunga in the west, solukhumbu in the north and Udayapur in the south. The postal code of the district is:

Post office Postal code

Khotang ⇒ 56200
Wakshila ⇒ 56201
Aiselukharka ⇒ 56202
Jalpa ⇒ 56204
Lamidanda ⇒ 56205
Halesi mahadevsthan ⇒ 56206
Buipa ⇒ 56208
Manebhanjyang ⇒ 56209
Sapteshwari chhitapokhari ⇒ 56210
Khotang ⇒ 56211
Chisapani ⇒ 56212
Simpani ⇒ 57214

Name of Districts Starts From – Find The Actual Postal Code

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


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