List of All Postal Codes in Nepal On The Basis of Districts & Cities

Name of Districts Starts From – Find The Actual Postal Code

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12. Chitwan:

Chitwan district is a district located in the western part of the Narayani Zone in the mid development zone of Nepal. Most of the districts are located at Chitwan Valley. The northern part of the district is situated by Mahabharata mountain ranges. Bharatpur is a major market of Nepal and Chitwan’s headquarters. Bharatpur is a commercial city of the Middle East region. There are large business and service organizations in this area.

Bharatpur is regarded as the focal point of higher education, trade and traffic for Nepali people living in the mid part of the region. Narayanaghat is another major market in Chitwan, situated on the banks of Narayani river. The area of Chitwan district is 2238.39 km. Out of the area Chitwan national park cover 908.79 sq km. The district is divided into 6 municipalities and 1 rural municipality. The municipalities are Ratnagar Municipality, Khairhani Municipality, Kalika Municipality, Rapti Municipality, Madi municipality and Bharatpur municipality. The rural municipality is Ichchhakamana. The postal code of the district is:

Post office Postal code

Chitwan ⇒ 44200
Ratnanagar ⇒ 44204
Mugling ⇒ 44206
Narayangadh ⇒ 44207
Rampur ⇒ 44209
Soshi Bazar ⇒ 44212
Harinagar ⇒ 44213
Madi ⇒ 44214
Bhandara ⇒ 44202
Khairahani ⇒ 44203
Jutpani ⇒ 44205
Phulbari ⇒ 44208
Meghauli ⇒ 44210
Paithani ⇒ 44211

13. Dadeldhura:

Dadeldhura is a mountainous district in the Mahakali zone of the Far-western Development region of Nepal. This district is connected to Doti in the east, Baitadi in the north and Kanchanpur in the south. The western border of the district is connected to the Uttarakhand of India. Before Nepal was divided into 75 districts, the administrative control of dadeldhura was controlled by Doti district. The postal code of the district is:


Post office Postal code

Dadeldhura ⇒ 10300
Ugratara ⇒ 10302
Dandaban ⇒ 10303
Ganeshpur ⇒ 10304
Gaira Ganesh ⇒ 10305
Jogbudha ⇒ 10306
Lamikande ⇒ 10307
Chipur ⇒ 10308
Ajayameru ⇒ 10309

14. Dailekh:

Dailekh district is situated in the bheri anchal of the Mid-Western Development Zone of Nepal. The district dailekh is divided into 4 Municipalities and 7 rural municipalities. This district is the smallest district in the bheri zone. Dailekh district is connected to the east by jajarkot, north by kalikot, west by Achham.

It is a delightful mid-hill district of Nepal. The magnificent availability of natural panorama views and natural resources with various monasteries, temples and various rivers are the basis of this district’s tourism potential. In the district, the roads, bridge, monastery, temple, hotels, lodge and business centers are constructed in the past. The postal code is:

Post office Postal code


Dailekh ⇒ 21600
Gaidabaj ⇒ 21602
Naumule ⇒ 21603
Byastada ⇒ 21604
Dhungeshwor ⇒ 21605
Malika ⇒ 21607
Dullu ⇒ 21608
Jambu kandha ⇒ 21609
Rakam Karnali ⇒ 21610

15. Dang:

Dang Deukuri district is the most convenient and developed district of the Rapti anchal in the Mid western development zone of Nepal. In the south of this district, Uttar Pradesh of India is situated. In the east, it is connected to pyuthan, arghakhanchi, and kapilvastu.

In the north, it is connected to salyan, pyuthan, and rolpa. And in the west, it is connected to Banke and surkhet. This district, surrounded by different geographical structures, started from the sea surface from 213 meters to 2058 meters high. The total area of this district is 2955 sq km. The postal code is:

Post office Postal code

Dang ⇒ 22400
Hapur ⇒ 22402
Jumlepani ⇒ 22403
Bhaluwang ⇒ 22404
Koilabas ⇒ 22405
Jangrahawa ⇒ 22406
Rampur ⇒ 22407
Urahari ⇒ 22408
Hekuli ⇒ 22409
Panchkule ⇒ 22410
Shantinagar ⇒ 22411
Tulsipur ⇒ 22412
Manpur ⇒ 22413
Lamahi ⇒ 22414
Ghoraha ⇒ 22415

16. Darchula:

Darchula is a beautiful district of Nepal. This district is located in the Himalayan range of Nepal. The highest elevated place here in this district is API mountain with the height of 7132 m, Nampa Himalaya with the height of 6755 m and Trishul Himalaya.

The northern border of the district is connected to Tibet, the Southern border to baitadi, the western border to Uttarakhand and the Eastern border of connected to bajhang and baitadi. The postal code of the district is:

Post office Postal code

Darchula ⇒ 10100
Rapla ⇒ 10101
Duhuti ⇒ 10102
Malikarjun ⇒ 10104
Joljibri ⇒ 10105
Dandakot ⇒ 10106
Ritha chaupata ⇒ 10107
Gokule ⇒ 10108
Sitola ⇒ 10109
Marmalatinath ⇒ 10110
Sipti ⇒ 10111

17. Dhading:

Dhading is the central hilly district located in the province number 3 of Nepal. The district is known as the only district spread from north Himalayan mountains to the Mahabharata Mountains in the South. The famous Ganesh located in the district.

As per the specialty of this district, the national king Prithvi Narayan Shah is associated with the context of places such as Madidot, Salyankot, and Kanakot. Even so, the famous nationalist Prime Minister Bhimsen Thapa had built the gardens, temples, which are still present in the form of ruins. Trishuli and Budhigandaki are the main rivers that flow through this area. The postal code of the district is:

Post office Postal code

Dhading ⇒ 45100
Lapa ⇒ 45101
Sertung ⇒ 45102
Phulkharka ⇒ 45103
Tripureshwor ⇒ 45104
Katunje ⇒ 45105
Sunkhani ⇒ 45106
Sunaulabazar ⇒ 45108
Maidi ⇒ 45109
Khanikhola ⇒ 45110
Bhumisthan ⇒ 45111
Gajuri ⇒ 45112
Malekhu ⇒ 45113

18. Dhankuta:

Dhankuta district is a mountainous district situated in Koshi Zone of Nepal’s eastern development zone. The District is divided into 3 municipalities and 4 rural municipalities. Before 2019 B.S. Dhankuta worked as the administrative unit of the country under various names.

In the year 2019 B. S. Baisakh 1 king Mahendra named this district as dhankuta. Even though the district is surrounded by other districts, but has been separated by rivers. The postal code of the district is:

Post office Postal code

Dhankuta ⇒ 56800
Mudhebash ⇒ 56801
Rajarani ⇒ 56802
Dandabazar ⇒ 56803
Bhedetar ⇒ 56804
Ankhisalla ⇒ 56805
Hile ⇒ 56806
Muga ⇒ 56807
Teliya ⇒ 56808
Pakhribash ⇒ 56809
Leguwa ⇒ 56810
Mare katahare ⇒ 56811
Arkhaule ⇒ 56812
Chungmang ⇒ 56813

19. Dhanusha:

Dhanusha is the productive district located in janakpur anchal of central developmental zone of the nation. It is connected to the Indian border on the southern part of the central eastern region of the district. The district completely falls in the terrain region of the country. The district has occupied 0.80% of the total area of Nepal’s area.

The population of the district has occupied 2.9 percent of the total population of the country. It is identified by the geographical, social and cultural diversity in the country. The only railway of Nepal, which connect the mation to the Jainagar of India has also increased the importance of this district. The postal code.of this district is:

Post office Postal code

Dhanusha ⇒ 45600
Khajuri ⇒ 45601
Tinkoriya ⇒ 45602
Yadukuha ⇒ 45603
Duhabi ⇒ 45604
Chakkar ⇒ 45605
Raghunathpur ⇒ 45606
Godar chisapani ⇒ 45607
Dhanushadham ⇒ 45608
Bagachauda ⇒ 45610
Jatahi ⇒ 45611
Phulgama ⇒ 45612
Sankhuwa mahendranagar ⇒ 45616
Dhalkebar ⇒ 45617

20. Dolakha:

Dolakha is a hilly district located in the northern part of Janakpur anchal under the central Development Zone of Nepal. The total area of the district is 2191 sq km. The eastern side of the district is connected to solukhumbu and ramechhap, the western part is connected to sindhupalchok.

The northern part is connected to Tibet and the southern part is connected to ramechhap. The Gaurishankar Himal has been the basis for determining the authentic time of Nepal. The postal code of the district is:

Post office Postal code

Dolakha ⇒ 45500
Khahare ⇒ 45501
Namdu ⇒ 45502
Jiri ⇒ 45503
Japhekalapani ⇒ 45505
Melung ⇒ 45506
Bhusapheda ⇒ 45507
Sunkhani ⇒ 45509
Khopachangu ⇒ 45510
Lamabagar ⇒ 45511
Chitre ⇒ 45512

21. Dolpa:

Dolpa is one of the five districts in the Karnali Zone of the central western Development Zone of Nepal. Dolpa district has been spread in the area of 7,889 square kilometers with Dunai as the administrative headquarter of the district. According to statistics in 2001, the population if the district was 29, 454.

According to the area, Dolpa district, which is considered the largest district of the nation has occupied 5.36% of the total country’s area. It is located from the surface of the sea to the height of 1,525 to 7,625 meters. The major tourist attraction of this district is the Fokshundo lake. The postal code of the district is:

Post office Postal code

Dolpa ⇒ 21400
Juphal ⇒ 21401
Tripurakot ⇒ 21402
Liku ⇒ 21403
Sarmi ⇒ 21404
Kaigaun ⇒ 21405
Foksundo ⇒ 21406
Namdo ⇒ 21407

22. Doti:

Doti District is located in the Seti anchal of Far Western Development area of Nepal. According to the vast knowledge of Gyaneshwar Bhattarai, the area near the river doti used to be called doti. So later the whole district was named as Doti.

The eastern border of the district is connected to Achham and Surkhet. The western border is connected to dadeldhura and baitadi. The northern border of the district is connected to bajhang and the southern border is connected to kailali and kanchanpur. The postal code of the district is:

Post office Postal code

Doti ⇒ 10800
Silgadhi ⇒ 10801
Sanagaun ⇒ 10802
Daund ⇒ 10803
Mauwa nagardaha ⇒ 10804
Bane dungrasen ⇒ 10805
Jorayal ⇒ 10806
Gadhshera ⇒ 10807
Lanakedareswor ⇒ 10808
Boktan ⇒ 10809
Byal ⇒ 108110
Mudbhara ⇒ 10811

Name of Districts Starts From – Find The Actual Postal Code

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


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