List of All Postal Codes in Nepal On The Basis of Districts & Cities

Postal codes in Nepal: – Does Nepal have postal codes? Does Nepal have a postal service? Yes, Nepal has postal codes. Nepal has a postal service. The postal code is a very important code.

With this, you can easily collect all the information about your area. When you tell your postal code to anyone, it means that you are giving him full information about your area. Nowadays the Postal code is losing its existence.

Name of Districts Starts From – Find The Actual Postal Code

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At this time, when the letters are being sent through e-mail, then who use the Postal code? Since the courier services have started using the Postal code, the Postal code has been back in proving its supremacy.

list of all postal codes in Nepal
list of all postal codes in Nepal

The postal code is a very special number on which depends the complete postal system. Here is the postal code of all the district of Nepal.

List of All Postal Codes in Nepal On The Basis of Districts

1. Achham:

Achham is a mountainous district in the far-western development area of Nepal. Achham spreading 1680 square kilometers is one of the poor districts of Nepal. There is no service available at the Sanfebagar Airport, which is a 8-hour walk from Mangalsen, the headquarter of Achham.

The district is known for its archaeological heritage. The historical background of the district has shown that the district was once ruled by various Kings. Therefore, the district has numerous archaeological development. In addition, it has also the wealth of water heritage and forest heritage. The postal code of this beautiful district Achham is:

Post office Postal code


Achham ⇒ 10700
Chairpati ⇒  10701
Srikot ⇒ 10702
Thanti ⇒ 10703
Mellekh ⇒ 10704
Bayalpata ⇒ 10705
Bhatakatiya ⇒ 10706
Jayagadh ⇒ 10707
Kalagaun ⇒ 10709
Kuchikot ⇒ 10710
Kamalbazar ⇒ 10711
Dhakari ⇒ 10712
Turmakhad ⇒ 10713

2. Arghakhanchi:

Arghakhanchi is a mountainous district in the Western development area of Lumbini Zone. Its headquarters is Sandhikhark. Paniini Tapovan (Panena), Sattale cave / Durwasheshwar cave, Malika Temple, Khidim, Alam supposed deurali, Chhatra Temple (Chhattisgarh), Nartanachal Mount (Narpani), Parsurameshwar, Historical Pawa (Bucket), Arghakot (Argha), goddess bhagwati at Pali panthitol are the main tourist destinations here.

Palpa in the east of Arghakhanchi district, Gulmi in the north, Pyuthan and dang in the west, Kapilvastu and Rupandehi in the south are the boundaries of the district Arghakhanchi. Road facilities are available at all municipality and rural municipality of Arghakhanchi district. The postal code of the district Arghakhanchi is:

Post office Postal code

Arghakhanchi ⇒ 32700
Balkot ⇒ 32701
Arghatosh ⇒ 32702
Khana ⇒ 32703
Wangla ⇒ 32704
Hamshapur ⇒ 32705
Thada ⇒ 32706
Khilji ⇒ 32708
Khidim ⇒ 32709
Pali ⇒ 32710
Dhikura ⇒ 32711
Argha ⇒ 32712
Subarnakhal ⇒ 32713

3. Baglung:

Baglung district is a mountainous district located in the western region of Dhaulagiri. This district has made another identity as the district of Jholunge Bridge. Baglung is known as Nepal inside Nepal. It is known for its natural beauty located in the western development region of the country. Bahun and Chhetri are the majority locals found in the district along with magar, newar, kami, zero sarki, Damai, Gurung and thakali.

In this district, there is 1 zonal hospital in Baglung market. In this district, 3 Primary Health Centers are located in Kushmishera, Harichaur, and Vurtiwang respectively. There are total 9 health posts in this district and there are 49 sub-health posts. In this district, there is 1 zonal level Ayurvedic drug (Baglung market), and 4 Ayurvedic dispensaries are in Damek, Panyupata, Vihun and Zaidi Velvagar respectively. The major diseases shown in this district are pneumonia, liver, tuberculosis, leprosy, etc. The postal code of baglung is:

Post office Postal code


Baglung ⇒ 33300
Pala ⇒ 33302
Bihukot ⇒ 33303
Harichaur ⇒ 33304
Balewa payupata ⇒ 33305
Jaidi belbagar ⇒ 33306
Bereng ⇒ 33307
Galkot ⇒ 33308
Panadavkhani ⇒ 33309
Arnakot ⇒ 33310
Khrwang ⇒ 33311
Bongadovan ⇒ 33312
Jhimpa ⇒ 33313
Kusmi shera ⇒ 33314

4. Baitadi:

Baitadi is located in the Mahakali anchal of Nepal. This district is in the hilly region of Nepal. Baitadi District has occupied the area of 1519 sq km. According to the census of 2068, the population was 2,50,898. It is the birthplace of immortal Martyr Dasharath Chand . During the rule of baishe and chaubishe kingdom, this district was under Doti.

Currently, 6 rural municipality and 4 municipalities are present in this district. The district is separated from India by the Mahakali river in the west where the Uttarakhand of India is situated. The district is made from small mountain and hills and is bordered in the east by bajhang and doti, dadeldhura in the South and darchula in the north. The postal code of Baitadi is :

Post office Postal code

Baitadi ⇒ 10200
Kesharpur ⇒ 10201
Patan ⇒ 10202
Khodpe ⇒ 10203
Mulkhatali ⇒ 10204
Gajari changgad ⇒ 10205
Dehimandau ⇒ 10207
Sharmali ⇒ 10209
Srikot ⇒ 10210
Dilasaini ⇒ 10211
Swopana Taladehi ⇒ 10212
Purchaudihat ⇒ 10213
Sitad ⇒ 10214
Dhungad ⇒ 10215

5. Bajhang:

Bajhang is a district in the Seti region of Far Eastern region of Nepal. There are 2 municipalities and 10 rural municipalities in this district. The Eastern border of this district is surrounded by bajura and humla, the western border by baitadi and darchula, the northern border by humla and Tibet and the southern part of the district is surrounded by baitadi and doti. The total area is 3422 square kilometers.

In this district, there is a total of 167026 population in the district and the total population is 5.8 per square km. The educational status of this district is it has primary School of 282 in numbers, secondary schools in 55 numbers, higher secondary schools in 39 numbers, campus 5, personal resources school 32 and English boarding school is 5. The literary rate of this district is 39 percent and the average per capita income is Rs. 930.

Post office Postal code

Bajhang ⇒ 10500
Talkot ⇒ 10501
Jamatola ⇒ 10502
Jaya Prithvi Nagar ⇒ 10505
Chhanna ⇒ 10506
Chaudhary ⇒ 10507
Rayal ⇒ 10508
Thalara ⇒ 10509
Bungal ⇒ 10510
Shayadi ⇒ 10511

6. Bajura:

Bajura district is a Himalayan district situated in the Seti zone of the remote western region of Nepal. It is connected to the district of Bajang district, Humla district, Mughu district, Kalkot district, and Achham district. Area of this district is 2188 sq km. It is administratively divided into 4 municipalities and 5 rural municipalities on the basis of recent modifications.

According to Census of the year 2058, the population of this district was 1,08,781 in which the woman population was 54, 947 and the male 53,834. This population is 0.47 percent of the total population of Nepal. Out of these the population of under 5 years children was 15,233. The population of 75 years and above was 1,108 above. The household number was 20,378 in the district, and the average family member was 5.34. The population density of this district was 50. The gender ratio of this district is 97.97. The postal code of this district is:

Post office Postal code

Bajura ⇒ 10600
Dandakot ⇒ 10602
Jukot ⇒ 10603
Faiti ⇒ 10604
Kolti ⇒ 10605
Manakot ⇒ 10606
Dogadi ⇒ 10607
Tate ⇒ 10608
Chhatara ⇒ 10609

7. Banke:

Banke is the most developed district of the Mid-Western Development Zone. It is in the Terai zone of Nepal. From the economic perspective, it can be considered as the backbone of the mid and remote region of Nepal. The largest city of this district is Nepalgunj which is connected to India in its border. The district has markedly developed in road, electricity, and industry. Kohalpur is another business center of the district located 16km from Nepalgunj. The postal code of this district is:

Post office Postal code

Banke ⇒ 21900
Suiya ⇒ 21901
Bhojbhagwanpur ⇒ 21902
Khaskusma ⇒ 21903
Kohalpur ⇒ 21904
Ramjha ⇒ 21905
Udayapur ⇒ 21907
Chisapani ⇒ 21910
Godhana ⇒ 21911
Jayaspur ⇒ 21912
Khajura ⇒ 21913
Chandranagar ⇒ 21914

8. Bara:

Bara is a district located in the southern Terai region of Narayani Zone, Mid Eastern Development Zone of Nepal. The Eastern border of this district is connected to Rautahat, the western border of this district is connected to parsa, the northern border of this district is connected to Makwanpur.

The southern border is connected to the Bihar state of India. The district headquarters of Bara district is Kalaiya. Bara has a famous temple of Gadhimai, which is about 7 miles [7 km] from Kalaiya. The postal code of this district is:

Post office Postal code

Bara ⇒ 44400
Nijgadh ⇒ 44401
Mahendra adarsha ⇒ 44402
Simraungadh ⇒ 44403
Umjan ⇒ 44404
Bariyarpur ⇒ 44405
Kabahigoth ⇒ 44406
Dumarwana ⇒ 44408
Pipradhigoth ⇒ 44410
Basantapur ⇒ 44411
Simara ⇒ 44412
Parsoni ⇒ 44413
Amalekhgunj ⇒ 44416
Jeetpur ⇒ 44417

9. Bardiya:

Bardiya district is situated in the south western part of the bheri zone of Southwestern Nepal. The district is also known as the grain store of the western region of Nepal. The eastern border of the district is connected to Banke, the western border is connected to Kailai, the northern border of the district is connected to surkhet and salyan. The southern border is connected to the Uttar Pradesh of India.

The total area of the district is 2025 square kilometers. The 68.76% of the land of the district is plain terrain and remaining 31.27% is covered by the Chure Hill. In the district, there is a large variety of tribal Tharu in the past, but now due to the migration from the rural districts, there is ethnic diversity. The postal code of the district is:

Post office Postal code

Bardiya ⇒ 21800
Jamuni ⇒ 21801
Mainapokhari ⇒ 21802
Motipur ⇒ 21803
Magaragadi ⇒ 21804
Baganaha ⇒ 21808
Bhurigaun ⇒ 21809
Rajapur ⇒ 21811
Pashupatinathnagar ⇒ 21813
Sanoshri ⇒ 21814

10. Bhaktapur:

Bhaktapur also was known as khwa pa or bhadgaun is a predominant city situated in the Bagmati zone of the Mid East region of Nepal. It lies in the eastern part of Kathmandu. This city lies in Bhaktapur Municipality under Bhaktapur district.

Due to the area Bhaktapur district is the smallest district of Nepal. There are 4 Municipalities in this district. Bhaktapur district is known famously for the Bhadgaonle topi and juju dhau. Bhaktapur has two well-known engineering college and university run by Bhaktapur Municipality. The postal code is:

Post office Postal code

Bhaktapur ⇒ 44800
Dubakot ⇒ 44802
Kharipati ⇒ 44804
Tathali ⇒ 44805
Jorpati ⇒ 44806
Gamcha ⇒ 44809
Dibyashwori ⇒ 44810
Thimi ⇒ 44811
Nagarkot ⇒ 44812

11. Bhojpur:

Bhojpur is a mountainous district situated in the Koshi Zone of the Eastern Development Zone of Nepal. It was known as number four of east and used to be the principal administrative functional area. Geographically it is the district of mountain and hills. The district has the most productive land in the country with geographical diversity.

Sankhuwasabha, Dhankuta, Udayapur, Khotang and Solukhumbu districts are its neighboring districts. Rai tribes have a remarkable settlement in this district, which is inhabited by a variety of other tribes. Other major castes include Chhetri, Brahmin, Magar, Newar, Tamang, Sherpa. The postal code of this district is:

Post office Postal code

Bhojpur ⇒ 57000
Kulung agrakhe ⇒ 57001
Dingla ⇒ 57002
Deurali ⇒ 57003
Pyauli ⇒ 57004
Yaku ⇒ 57005
Bastim ⇒ 57006
Timma ⇒ 57008
Dilpa Annapurna ⇒ 57009
Bhulke ⇒ 57010
Baikunthe ⇒ 57011
Ranibas ⇒ 57012
Walangkha ⇒ 57013
Tiwari bhanjyang ⇒ 57014
Dobhane ⇒ 57015

Name of Districts Starts From – Find The Actual Postal Code

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

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