53 List Of Meals For Dinner | Delicious Food Ideas For Your Tasty Life

Which foods you could eat for dinner? What should you make for dinner list? What family should eat for dinner tonight? What is the United States most popular food? What is the easiest food to make in dinner? Here is a list of meals for dinner. This makes your life very tasty and Yummy.

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60 List Of Meals For Dinner | Yummy Food Ideas For Your Tasty Life

1) Spaghetti in pesto sauce

Spaghetti in pesto sauce is an Italian dish that boasts of rich flavor that pesto sauce brings to the table. With fresh basil leaves in pesto and mint leaves in spaghetti, this pasta recipe is as fresh as it can get. Cooked in olive oil along with rich tomatoes and pesto sauce prepared in parmesan and walnuts, spaghetti in pesto is a perfect example of a healthy, fresh and sumptuous dinner bowl. Spaghetti in pesto sauce recipe food

2) Egg curry

Eggs are a universal food that can be prepared for any feast of the day. It can be served for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. It can be spiced, mildly spiced or not spiced according to one’s taste prepared with ingredients like garlic, onions, kasturi methi, fresh cream, yogurt and fresh coriander. It can be served along with pickle also. It can be eaten as side dishes for rice, pulao, chapatti, paratha, and biryani. Egg curry recipe foods

3) Prawn curry

Prawn curry is the tastiest dish prepared for prawns, onions, tomatoes, grated coconut, coriander seeds, ginger, chilli and some shallots & spice powders. It can be served along with pickle also. It can be eaten as side dishes for rice, pulao, and biryani. Prawn curry

4) Dal Makhani

It is one of the famous food for dinner often prepared in Indian homes and even in Nepalese homes now. It is also the attraction of many dinner parties. It is prepared using kidney beans and black whole urad dal along with onion, tomato, ginger and garlic. For its better taste and flavor, homemade cream is blended along with butter. It can be served with butter roti and naan. Dal Makhani Recipes

5) Paneer Kofta Curry

Generally kofta is prepared with grounded minced meat which is later fried till crisp. However, in different parts of the country, the koftas are usually vegetarian and are prepared with vegetables or paneer. The soft, moist and fresh paneer is highly recommended for paneer kofta curry with the addition of other ingredients like potato, cheese, gram flour, cashew, corn flour, yogurt, tomato, coriander powder, tej patta. Other ingredients can also be mixed for enhancing the flavor according to one’s like. paneer kofta curry recipe

6) Coconut Curry

A vegetarian, gluten free 30-minute curry that’s stacked with vegetables and swimming in a perfectly-spiced coconut milk broth. Coconut quinoa sends this over the top. Simple, healthy, fast and so delicious. The ingredients for this dish include coconut, small onion, garlic, broccoli, carrots, tomato, peas, curry powder, coconut oil and veggie broth. It can be made in one pot and is packed with delicious flavors. Coconut Curry chicken recipes

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7) Chicken Curry

It is one of the delicious and tastiest foods for non-vegetarians. A typical chicken curry usually contains chicken stewed in an onion- and tomato-based sauce. The other ingredients include ginger, garlic, tomato puree, chili peppers and a variety of spices, often including turmeric, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, cardamom and so on. In other countries, chicken curry is often made with a pre-made spice mixture known as curry powder. chicken curry recipe

8) Biryani

It is one of the evergreen classic and primary dishes in a meal. Ingredients may differ according to the type of meat used. Tehri, a vegetable biryani, is prepared by adding potatoes to the rice. Other ingredients include carrot, green peas, onions, ginger, mint and coriander leaves, tomato, cashews and lemons. Katchi biryani involves raw mutton pieces layered with raw rice before being cooked together. It is marinated in yogurt and spices. Pakki biryani involves cooked meat layered with half cooked rice before being cooked together. It is marinated in yogurt, onions and spices. Dry fruits, crunchy nuts and rose water and others may be added according to the one’s flavor and taste. chicken biryani with egg image

9) Garlic mashed potatoes

It is one of the popular vegetarian food that can be usually served for dinner. This dish is prepared by ingredients like garlic, potatoes, chives, milk (cream can also be used in place of butter) and butter. They are exceptionally tasty and deliciously buttery and creamy. The roasted garlic added in it takes the flavor of the dish into another level. Garlic mashed potatoes recipes

10) Tacos

Tacos are crunchy, messy and incredibly fun to eat. It can be prepared with a variety of fillings, including beef, pork, chicken, seafood, vegetables, and cheese. It is often eaten without utensils. It is usually topped with salsa, chili pepper, avocado, guacamole, cilantro (coriander), tomatoes, onions, and lettuce. Tacos recipes

11) Pizza

It is also loved by many individuals of Nepal. It is usually round and flat base topped with tomatoes, cheese, and various other ingredients (anchovies, olives, meat, etc.) baked at a high temperature, traditionally in a wood-fired oven. Pizzas are available in various varieties like mushroom pizza, cheese pizza and chicken pizza. Pizaa Recipes

12) Ham Steaks with Roasted Cauliflower

Ham steaks are ideal for kids. They usually love them and they come pre-cooked. So much effort is not required for its preparation. It comes packed, thus heat them on a stove until the meat begins to brown a bit on the outside. It can be served with some cauliflower that’s been roasted in the oven with a little olive oil and salt. Ham Steaks with Roasted Cauliflower

13) Stuffed Baked Potatoes

This can be a great meatless option and perfect side dishes for dinner. A russet potato is cooked in the oven or microwave until tender. Then some butter is spread in between and fill with the favorite cooked veggies and/or leftover cooked meat if you have some to use up. It can be topped with the favorite cheese and broiling is done until cheese is melted. It can also be topped with broccoli along with the addition of other ingredients like onion, garlic, sour cream, milk and pepper. Stuffed Baked Potatoes Recipes

14) Oats

It is one of the healthiest and can be the ideal option for dinner as it has high water, high fiber and low-fat content. They are mainly eaten as porridge. It is made by boiling oats with water or milk according to the individual’s choice. It can also be prepared by mixing vegetables, onion, garlic and tomato for better flavor and taste. Oats recipes

15) Quinoa salad

This is one of the nutritious and delicious food that can be eaten for dinner. It is so easy to prepare, incredibly versatile, high in protein and fiber and can be served for just about any meal. The ingredients for this dish are quinoa itself along with parsley, mint, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions and lemon. Other ingredients like chickpeas, carrot, raisins, avocado and other fruits can also be added along with one’s taste. It serves great as a light snack for the dinner. Quinoa salad recipes

16) Spicy Corn Chowder

It is one of the ideal, simple, tastiest and healthiest soup/meal for starting of the dinner. The ingredients for this meal include corn, milk, vegetable broth, butter, onion, flour, cumin, curry powder, cheese and shallots. It can be made spicy or sweet depending on the individual’s choice. Spicy Corn Chowder REcipes

17) Fried rice

Fried rice is a dish of cooked rice that has been sautéed in a wok or a frying pan and is usually mixed with other ingredients such as eggs, vegetables (such as carrots, beans, peas, onion, tomato, cabbage), soya sauce, seafood, or meat. As a homemade dish, fried rice is normally made with ingredients leftover from different dishes. It can also be served with the pickle, chopped cucumber, chopped onion, chopped carrot and a slice of lemon.

18) Jambalaya

This dish is quick, simple and easy to make, full of spice and flavor and a great one-pot meal. It is filled with chicken, sausage, shrimp, and rice. The seasoning of this dish starts with finely diced onion, bell pepper, garlic, parsley, okra, carrots green onions, and crushed tomatoes.

19) Creamy lemon butter chicken

It is a perfect meal for dinner. The ingredients for this dish include chicken thighs, paprika, dried thyme, unsalted butter, garlic, heavy cream, Parmesan cheese, lemon, spinach and chicken broth. It is best served with steamed broccoli and cauliflower rice. The sauce is creamy and full of fat, with subtle flavors of lemon and cheese. The juices of the chicken thigh cutlets as its cooking also adds to the flavor of the sauce.

20) Vegetable soup

This dinner food consists of whole vegetables, which as a whole, are quite nutritious and healthy and help in losing weight also. The ingredients in the soup work independently in getting more fit. The ingredients for vegetable soup include potato, peas, carrots, sweet corn kernels, chopped cauliflower, chopped french beans, chopped capsicum, oregano and black pepper powder. For example, potatoes are full of fiber which keeps us full for a long time and help in avoid cravings. Capsicum has 0 g of fat and basic vitamins and minerals, and beans are stacked with protein, which helps in building muscles and burning fat. Different vegetables, for example, cauliflower, carrot and peas are low in calories and stacked with fiber, which is again helpful for weight reduction. Black pepper helps in eliminating the formation of new fat cells and increases metabolism.

21) Boiled vegetables

It is one of the best dinner food for weight reduction. We have heard that eating raw vegetables for weight reduction is more beneficial yet given me a chance to let you know, boiling and steaming them before consumption helps a ton. Firstly, steaming them can help from frying or grilling them, which in turn does not give a chance to consume oil and hence saves calories. This technique additionally helps in preserving all nutrients and increasing the antioxidants in the vegetables, which can quicken the weight reduction process.

22) Tomato Pasta

Researchers suggested that having a carbohydrate- rich diet can help in gaining energy and thus helps you exercise more, and burning calories. It is also quite satiating. But it is also stated that you should limit your serving size and not exceed it. The ingredients for this dish include whole wheat pasta, onions, carrots, celery or french beans, garlic cloves, chopped tomatoes and tomato puree.

23) Khichdi

This is the most popular Indian food and even prevalent in Nepal. Moong dal is the principal component of khichdi which is very nutritious, sound and healthy. It is stacked with protein and fiber which develops lean muscles and keeps you full for long. It also diminishes your longings and does not give you the chance to exceed the daily caloric value. And, one serving of khichdi is only 271 calories. The ingredients for this dish include moong dal, split yellow lentils, tomato, green chilies, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, brown rice, carrot, and dried mango powder, dried red chilies, curry leaves and olive oil.

24) Curried vegetable pot pie

It is one of the flakiest, healthiest, comfortable and most delicious pot pie. The list of veggies that can be added is really endless. The ones that goes along with the curry is potato, peas, cauliflower, broccoli, onion and carrots. The other vegetables can also be added to this dish. Ingredients like coconut oil, gluten free flour, unsweetened almond milk, curry powder and celery seed. Fresh parsley is used for garnishing this dish.

25) Palak Paneer

It is everyone’s favourite and one of the most popular dishes. It is a delicious blend of cottage cheese balls doused in thick and creamy spinach gravy that can be served with rice or chapati. Spinach is an immensely nutritious and versatile green leafy vegetable, which is low in carbs and fat content with a decent amount of fiber. You can easily prepare palak paneer at home with this delicious recipe.

26) Salmon with ginger dressing

Salmon is one of the best and healthy fish to eat. It’s fairly high in fat and essential omega-3 fatty acids, which may help endurance athletes in many ways, for example by reducing inflammation and boosting blood vessel function. The dressing is prepared first by mixing the ingredients like ginger, plain yogurt, lemon juice and honey along with salmon. Then Put the dressing in the fridge and let season it while making the rest of the meal. Cook the salmon in the oven or fry it in a pan. It can be served with mixed salad and rice or potatoes.

27) Palak ka Saag

It is a highly nutritious and delicious saag recipe prepared exactly the same we make sarso saag. It is mainly eaten in the winter season. Dark spinach leaves are cooked in Kashmiri style with cardamom, maize flour, chilies, ginger, fresh coriander leaves, green coriander, cumin seeds, butter, tomato purry and mustard oil. It can be served with hot chapattis, paratha or naan. It can be served with plain or jeera rice as well.

28) Nimona (fresh pea curry)

It is widely loved by the people of India and Nepal. It is usually soupy, spicy curry, delicious and healthy that can be made using different vegetables however pea is mainly used. The ingredients of this dish include peas, saute, potatoes, cumin seeds, tej patta, onion, tomatoes, green chilli, lemon juice ginger and garlic. The garnishing of this dish can be done by fresh coriander leaves. It can be served with steamed rice or paratha or roti.

29) Undhiyu

It is enjoyed during the winter season. It is made with a mix of vegetables such as brinjal, green beans, yam, potatoes, eggplants and raw bananas. The ingredients of this dish are turmeric, ginger, green chili, carom seeds, ground cumin and coriander, ground peanuts, and grated coconut. These ingredients add extraordinary depth and flavors to this dish.

30) Cream of celery soup

It is made with the goodness of celery and milk to make a perfect winter vegetarian recipe for dinner. All you need is chopped celery, butter or oil, sift flour, black pepper, milk, stock, salt, and cream for garnishing.

31) Sesame noodles

Sometimes simple is best, wonderful and tasty. Yes, that is sesame noodles. It is the ultimate choice of many people with fewer ingredients. It can be paired with delicious roasted beef tenderloin or even shredded chicken and also pork, shrimp and tofu. Other ingredients include red bell pepper, fresh cilantro, or cooked, chopped shrimp, garlic, soy sauce, vinegar, It is delicious served cold and can be topped with your choice of veggies like green onions, cabbage carrots.

32) Spaghetti meat balls

Spaghetti and meatballs or spaghetti with meatballs is an Italian-American dish comprising of spaghetti, tomato sauce and meatballs. It is one of the tasty and delicious food to eat. This dish includes the ingredients like whole wheat or soft sliced bread, lean ground beef, Italian sausage, freshly grated parmesan, garlic and marina sauce. The key to getting uber soft meatballs is bread while that of uber flavorful meatballs is in the blend of meats that are lean ground beef with sweet Italian sausage.

33) Meatball and tomato salad

For this dish, ground beef or bison is used. Bison is eco-friendly and has fewer calories and less sat fat than beef. Try these meatballs with spaghetti, or pile them on a whole-wheat hoagie for a wholesome take on the classic meatball sub.

34) Salmon Burgers

Salmon burgers are not only tasty but also healthy and nutritious. It is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids containing up to 2 grams in 4 oz. It is also a good source of Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and Selenium. The ingredients for preparing this dish include can salmon, lightly beaten large egg, bread crumbs, garlic, lemon, freshly chopped dill, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, red pepper flakes, black pepper. It can be served with mayonnaise, romaine, tomatoes, and onions and even Avocado garlic sauce.

35) Summer Corn and White Bean Soup

The ideal summer soup is light and loaded with quick-cooking, fresh, and tasty seasonal vegetables. This hearty dish features fiber-rich navy beans, spicy green chills, meaty ham, and crunchy sweet corn, and takes less than 10 minutes to prepare. Other summer produces like zucchini, tomatoes, and fresh herbs like cilantro or parsley would make astounding additions.

36) Chicken Kebabs with Creamy Pesto

It is delicious, fresh, simple to make and smell like summer. The ingredients for preparing this dish include grated lemon rind, fresh lemon juice, minced garlic, black pepper, yellow bell pepper, tomatoes, skinless and boneless chicken breasts, cut into 1-inch pieces, small red onion, plain low-fat yogurt, reduced-fat sour cream and commercial pesto. It can be served as an appetizer or for dinner, with a side of vegetables or a salad or a sauce.

37) Seared Tuna with Avocado Salsa

It is a super-simple summer dish that is elegant enough for entertaining, but quick enough for weeknight dinners. For this dish, the fresh tuna should be used. The ingredients for preparing this dish include fresh tuna steaks, coriander leaves, deseeded and finely sliced red chilli, shallot, Grated zest and juice, garlic, lemongrass stalk, kecap manis, avocado, spring onions, red and yellow cherry tomatoes and fresh coriander. It’s lucky that tuna and avocado taste so good together because avocado adds one of the few vital nutrients that tuna is lacking: fat. Other than that, tuna is extremely nutritious, and there’s no reason to be afraid of mercury, since the naturally occurring selenium in fish will protect you from mercury toxicity.

38) Kimchi

Kimchi is a fermented vegetable dish. There are hundreds of varieties available, but the one that is famous traditionally with is made from salted napa cabbage and spices. Kimchi is often mixed with other vegetables like radish, onion, and garlic. It makes for a great low-carb, vegan snack and can be prepared in countless ways. Some varieties are prepared with cucumber, and kimchi often has a spicy kick thanks to the red pepper flakes in it. Kimchi is significant for its health properties because of its primary ingredient, napa cabbage. This vegetable is rich in vitamins K, C, and B6. And because the vegetables are fermented, they have excellent probiotic qualities. Kimchi may help with conditions like inflammation, digestive issues, and overall gut health. Kimchi is also high in fiber, calcium, iron, and potassium.

39) Momo

Momo is a sort of steamed dumpling with some type of filling. Momos have become somehow like national food to Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, North Indian region of Ladakh. Traditionally, momo is made with ground/minced meat filling, yet in the course of the last a few years, this has changed and the fillings have turned out to be more elaborate. Now a days, momo is usually prepared from: • Vegetable: Vegetable such as cabbage, carrot, soy granules, cottage cheese (paneer), potato, flat bean (Lilva Kachori) or chayote (iskush) are used as fillings in India and Nepal. • Cheese: Usually fresh cheese (Paneer) or the soft chhurpi is used for the cheese momo. This variety is general in India and Eastern Nepal. • Khoa: Momo loaded up with milk solids blended with sugar are prevalent as a dessert in the Kathmandu valley. • Meat: Different types of meat fillings are famous in different areas. In Nepal, Tibet, Darjeeling district, Sikkim and Bhutan, pork, chicken, goat meat and buffalo meat are usually used. In some areas of India, lamb and yak meat are more general. Minced meat is combined with the following ingredients like onions/shallots, garlic, ginger and cilantro/coriander. Some people additionally include finely puréed tomatoes and soy sauce. Generally, there are commonly two kinds of momo, steamed and fried. Momo is generally presented with a dipping sauce (locally known as chutney/achhar), normally made with tomato as the base ingredient. Soup momo is a dish with steamed momo dipped in a meat broth. Sauted momo is also referred to as kothey momo. Steamed momo served in hot sauce is referred to as C-momo.

40) Salmon and potato foil packets

Basically a thinly sliced potato is placed in a mound on a sheet of foil, top with salmon, olive oil, the orange juice and a lemon juice, seal up the foil, and prepare. It’s a foolproof recipe as long as the potatoes are sliced very thin so they cook through in the same quantity of time it takes the salmon to cook. The salmon remains so delicious, moist, and tender because it’s fixed in foil and the blend of both orange and lemon works perfectly. The potatoes are soft, delicious, and packed with flavor because they benefit by being cooked underneath the juicy salmon and are preparing in an olive oil bath.

41) Tomato chickpea salad

It is a simple dish for the dinner yet it is healthy, nutritious, hearty and satisfying. It is low-fat and high in protein. The ingredients for preparing this dish include drained and rinsed garbanzo beans, Kosher salt, ground cumin, cherry tomatoes, lemon juice, little onion and fresh flat-leaf parsley leaves. For better texture and less sodium, hard chickpea are more preferable than canned chickpea.

42) Lemon Garlic kale

It is one of the healthiest and nutritious food that can be served at dinner. The simplicity of this dish makes it a perfect meal for dinner. It is supposed to have cancer fighting properties. It can also be served with steak, chicken and oriental meals. The ingredients for preparing this dish are kale, garlic cloves, red pepper flakes, almonds, lemon juice, freshly grated Parmesan, kosher salt and extra virgin olive oil.

43) Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

The chicken Alfredo recipe is really notable and extraordinary as it doesn’t use a thickening agent, and is very versatile! The ingredients for preparing this dish include extra-virgin olive oil, skinless chicken breasts, Kosher salt, Freshly ground black pepper, milk, low-sodium chicken broth, garlic, fetuccini (angel hair or spaghetti can also be used), heavy cream, freshly grated Parmesan. It is often garnished with freshly chopped parsley.

44) Baked Chicken fingers with honey mustard dipping sauce

It is one of the most loved delicious food by the people of different countries. The ingredients for preparing this dish include boneless skinless chicken cutlets, panko bread crumbs, lemon juice, fresh thyme leaves, freshly cracked black pepper, 2 large eggs, whole-grain Dijon mustard, honey, mixed greens and olive oil.

45) Salmon Avocado Poke Bowl

It is a super simple, light meal in which a fresh fish is served on top of rice and other toppings like avocado, radishes, cucumbers, thinly sliced scallions and Red pepper flakes. Fish used can be tuna, salmon and sashimi. The simple dressing can be done of soy sauce, rice vinegar, and sesame oil.

46) Roasted cucumbers with cream and Horseradish

Cucumbers are dressed up with butter and cream, then given a fast turn in the oven and finished with fresh horseradish, lemon zest, and dill during this elegant side dish. The ingredients for preparing this dish include cucumbers, freshly ground pepper, unsalted butter, heavy cream, fresh horseradish, finely grated lemon zest and dill sprigs. Cucumber helps fight body inflammation with its cooling properties.

47) Gyudon

Gyudon is a Japanese simmered beef and rice bowls. It is a bowl of steamed rice topped with beef and onions simmered in sake and soy sauce. A balance of sweet and savory ingredients complements its flavors. The ingredients for preparing this dish include small onion, homemade dashi, dry sake, soy sauce, and thinly shaved beef ribeye or chuck steak, grated fresh ginger. It is served with white rice along with poached eggs, sliced scallions, Beni-shoga and Toga rash.

48) Garlic butter shrimp with parsley

It is always questioned whether shrimp is healthy food or not. Shrimp has a fair amount of cholesterol in it, but its low carb and full of nutrients. For making it healthier, replace butter with the same amount of olive oil and Serve with brown rice and vegetables such as broccoli. It also goes well on top of toasted bread or baguette crostini. The ingredients for preparing this dish include butter, fresh parsley, garlic, uncooked medium shrimp, dry white wine, lemon juice and freshly ground black pepper to taste. The dish can be called successful if we get the perfect texture and we can get it by not overcooking them. 49) Succotash (Corn, Bean and Vegetable stew) Succotash is a dish of corn cooked with beans. Nowadays, vegetables are also added as long as the corn and beans remain prominent. The combination of at least two different types of beans creates a succotash with a more interesting range of flavors, colors, and textures. The ingredients for preparing this dish include Poblano peppers, thinly sliced bacon, unsalted butter, onion, garlic, fresh corn in the husk, red bell pepper, summer squash, fresh or dried beans and fresh basil leaves.

50) Steamed Mussels with Tomato and Chorizo Broth

Mussels are rich in nutrients and are believed to be the best seafood since they are farmed using environmentally-friendly methods. The ingredients for preparing this dish include dried Spanish chorizo, olive oil, garlic, fennel seeds, cherry tomatoes, white wine, freshly ground black pepper, mussels, bread and fresh tarragon or parsley.

51) Pork Lettuce Wraps

It is a healthy alternative to the usual heavy meat-based meal. It is also casual, flavorful and low in carbohydrates. This lettuce has exceptionally large, thick leaves that are simply essential for rolling, and will hold up well to the filling of meat. The ingredients for preparing this dish include white vinegar, carrots, onion, ground pork, fresh ginger root, garlic, sodium soy sauce, mirin (sweet rice wine) and pepper. It is assembled with lettuce leaves, cucumber, sweet red pepper, green onions, fresh basil, cilantro and mint, jalapeno pepper, peanuts, Hoisin sauce and Lime wedges.

52) Spring Rolls

Spring roll is perfect for both lunch and dinner. It is mostly loved by the children. The ingredients for preparing this dish contain thin rice noodles, butter lettuce, red or green cabbage, carrot, cucumber, Jalapeño, green onion, cilantro and mint. Even egg and meat can also be used for filling. The different varieties of spring roll are Veg spring roll, Salmon spring roll, Beef and herb rice paper roll, pork and peanut spring roll, Prawn and egg rice paper roll, chicken spring roll, prawn spring roll and so on.

53) Cheese stuffed peppers

It has been delicious and favorite food for the dinner. It is also one of the nutritious food as it contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A and fiber. The ingredients for preparing this dish include green peppers, ground beef, onion, cheese, tomatoes, marinara sauce, beef broth, balsamic vinegar, red pepper flakes, parsley, and cooked rice. It can be served with crunchy salad, green beans, pasta, fried potatoes and beverage.

54) Skillet Sweet Potatoes

It is one of the most delicious and easy dinners for vegetarians. The ingredients for preparing this dish include sweet potato, onion, garlic, coconut or avocado oil, red bell peppers, black beans, corn, tomatoes, cumin, taco seasoning, avocados, lime juice, cilantro and yogurt. This dish contains sweet potatoes with beans, corn and spices. Then topped with cheese until melted. Squeeze lime juice all over, sprinkle cilantro and green onion. However, some meat can be added for non-vegetarian lovers.

55) Penne with Broccoli

It’s affordable, quick, healthy and versatile. Penne pasta with broccoli, tomato sauce, garlic, onion and oil cooked in one pan and topped with cheese is one of the best healthy dinners. The ingredients for preparing this dish include onion, garlic cloves, tomato sauce, dried thyme, black pepper, whole wheat or gluten free penne pasta, broccoli florets, cheese and parsley/basil. Instead of broccoli, Cauliflower, carrots and snap peas can be used along with grape tomatoes, peas and corn.

56) Beef Stir Fry

It is also one of the delicious food that is usually enjoyed by non-vegetarians. It is tender slices of beef sautéed with a variety of colorful vegetables. Sirloin or flank steak is usually used for beef stir fry as it is tasty, affordable, and can be easily tenderized. The ingredients of this dish include vegetable oil, beef sirloin, fresh broccoli florets, red bell pepper, carrots, onion, garlic, sesame seeds and soy sauce. Best vegetables for this dish contain bell peppers, zucchini, peas, carrots, onions, broccoli, cabbage, asparagus, mushrooms and water chestnuts.

57) Soba Noodles and Peanut Chicken

It is healthy and tasty food. The dish becomes more flavored if noodles are not overcooked, all ingredients included and meat browned on high heat. All the ingredients are heated on the high heat for better taste. The ingredients of this dish include soba noodles, thinly sliced boneless & skinless chicken breasts, large bell peppers, kale, peanuts, green onion sprigs, red pepper flakes, sesame oil, cornstarch and soy sauce.

58) Mushroom stroganoff

It is a great alternative for traditional Russian beef stroganoff. It is rich and delicious as its meaty cousin. It is made with brown mushrooms, yogurt and brown rice pasta, this vegetable stroganoff is hearty and healthier than traditional heavy cream version. It is a food full of proteins even if the meat is not present. The ingredients of this dish include brown rice, pasta, onion, butter, brown mushroom, chicken broth, cornstarch, plain yogurt and finely chopped parsley. It can be served over egg noodles.

59) Buffalo Chicken Tacos

This dish is spicy, creamy and nutritious food for dinner. The ingredients of this dish are boneless & skinless chicken breasts, coconut or avocado oil, butter, cayenne pepper sauce, blue cheese, plain yogurt, Ground black pepper, Romaine or iceberg lettuce, carrots and corn tortillas.

60) Green Bean Casserole

It is a casserole consisting of green beans, cream of mushroom soup, and french fried onions. It is made from scratch with lightened-up ingredients, it’s fresh and creamy and crispy, and it is full of the absolute best flavors. Instead of soggy frozen green beans, fresh green beans should be used to preserve their crisp and fresh flavors. Rather than cream of mushroom soup, sauté fresh mushrooms can be used and fold them into a creamy, dreamy, lightened-up alfredo sauce. Furthermore rather than dry, packaged, cooked-in-palm-oil fried onions, a fresh red onion is sauted with panko breadcrumbs, which will then toast up to golden perfection as the casserole bakes. The three principal components of this dish include the green beans, mushroom sauce, and crispy onion topping. The ingredients of this dish include green beans, Onion, Panko breadcrumbs, Parmesan, Butter, mushrooms, Garlic, flour, stock, milk and pepper. Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on pinterest Pinterest Share on whatsapp WhatsApp Share on reddit Reddit


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