Life of Nepalese In Foreign Land

Life of Nepalese In foreign Land

“So what do you want to do when you complete your studies?”, “I want to abroad and settle there.”

Now many of us might have heard about the above statement and might have even said so, but have we ever thought of the consequences that follow when we step on the foreign land? Forget about the consequences there, what about the problems you face here? The long queues and hustle among the people, the documents full of errors that need to be corrected every time you show it to the embassy, the money that is spent every single day , the energy you waste from the moment you wake up and the stress, of course . If I would get Rs. 100 for a minute of intense level stress, trust me I would have been the richest person on earth. But that does not happen. Planning and dreaming about foreign lands has never been a new topic for Nepalese anyway, has it?

Let me talk about the time when you enjoyed being here in Nepal. Our Friends, families, festivals were the best thing here. But let’s not forget about the problems we face here- basic infrastructures, justice, equality, equity, and list goes on and on. This causes the young people to get frustrated about our country and move to another. It basically has become like a cartoon, if you do not like it, you change it. But when you ask a friend who has recently gone abroad, they would suggest you stay back and enjoy life than working for hours and hours to pay rent and food. You don’t get much time in abroad and where would you spend the money you earned? Put it in a bank maybe? Send to your family? Don’t you think life would be like a hangover in the morning after a night where you got so drunk that you could not remember anything?

life of Nepalese in abroad countries foreign land

Starting from the bottom and starting all over again has never been easy. You have to start from the scratch and deal with the problems, ups, and downs all by yourself, ALONE. You have to give up everything you want to everyone you love and start fresh which takes a huge toll on you. You forget your way back when you are in your own country , imagine what happens when you have left alone in an unfamiliar land with unknown faces staring at you as if you have run away from a jail. For people to move from Nepal to foreign lands can be full of shocks and surprises. The differences we have to face are huge. Even with its rich cultural past, Nepal has been a nation that has struggled with poverty and differences. Democracy has been a recent event in the lives of Nepalese where people are just getting the taste of freedoms and rights. This democracy has been taken for granted by most people in foreign lands.

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The Nepalese people who migrate from their homeland to foreign land is only of small fractions of the millions and millions of people who migrate from all over the world. Even though people who have left Nepal to study abroad or work or to settle in the foreign land has grown over the years in number. It is still low enough for the country to qualify for special diversity lottery privileges that entitle Nepalese citizen to get a better chance at acquiring a permanent work visa. The problems that people who migrate face are the largely the same no matter which country they come from. The changes in culture, religion, economics and living standards and even dishes are things that most immigrants from developing nations have to cope with. When it comes our country, Nepal, a number of immigrants have to struggle with the education system and fundamental rights due to the very recent events of democracy. The problem that is faced by the immigrants is coming up with the languages barriers and the cultural differences. Even though the people have experience talking their heart out, I have faced many issues in using language as their strong weapons. The other problem that is faced by the immigrants is the job security. Even though the owners are Nepalese, they won’t help others because time is money. And this might sound rude but the truth is always bitter. Immigrants start to work in some companies and starts getting exploited without getting paid. With the pressure of paying rent and eating food, they face stress and difficulties.


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Living the foreign land comes with its financial difficulties. Well, until and unless you belong to a rich family background. People face the economic struggle to finance their tuition and live their basic lives. Students who live in city areas are compelled to work extra hours to sustain in the foreign lands. If you look at the Nepalese students living in America are compelled to work for extra-long hours at gas pumps, grocery stores, restaurants, and shops. Maintaining America living standards is not easy and foreign students are even restricted to work on certain areas. Long shifts and weekends exhaust the people mentally and physically and students, on the other hand, find it tough to maintain their GPAs. The immigrants and especially the students struggle themselves through the academics and financial pressures. Their family’s expectations are high and due to which they push their boundaries to keep their hopes alive.

Before you think to go abroad and settle, we should think about all the consequences. Life is not always like Sundays, you have to fight to be independent. And yes before planning to go abroad make sure we have the adequate university degree to at least compete for the right job. The youths that are going abroad are the future of our country who can bring ideas to realities. They should be kept in priority and should be given all the basic facilities so that they don’t dwell on other countries.

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Writer: Susaan Basel