Rationale of Family Life Education in Nepalese Life Style


Family life education is that process of education which helps in the overall development of qualities and attitudes on which successful life of the family members like physical, social, psychological, moral dimensions and emotional development.

Family life education is the formal and informal way of developing in boys’ and girls’ knowledge, attitude and skills to improve on their qualitative life and preparing them towards a responsible parenthood in the future. There are majority of joint family in Nepal.

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a perfect family

Family life education not only consults with the physiology of reproduction, automatic change, human sexual development and sexual behavior but also focuses on assisting people in developing the ability to understand themselves and the society in which they live to learn and think individually. The rationales of family life education in Nepalese life style are:


  1. Family life education helps the young people to solve the family problems.
  2. Family life education helps in making the family happy and prosperous.
  3. Family life education enables newly married couple and parents to fulfill the responsibility successfully and effectively.
  4. Family life education provides the young people and adult’s awareness.
  5. Family life education helps to face normally the bodily changes at the growing age such as mental, physical and emotional changes.
  6. Family life education gives knowledge about available services and communication with service.
  7. Family life education helps them to inform about skills that will help individuals and groups to be aware.
  8. Family life education helps boys and girls to understand about relationship between boys and girls.
  9. Family life education helps them to know and feel secondary sex characteristics.
  10. Family life education helps them to know about growth and development, menstruation, night emission, reproduction, ovulation, fertilization, conception, choosing partners career advice, etc.


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