10 Things To Know Before Buying Levis Jeans For Men & Women – Shopping Ideas

Things you must before Buying Levi’s Jeans: –It seems like these days everyone is passionate about vintage Levi’s jeans. Why not! These jeans are very comfortable and go with every season.

More than that, it perfectly suits every type of body and makes everyone look even smarter. Not to mention, the brand name itself gives the classic feeling to one wearing it and to the people around you.

However, there are few things that one must consider while buying these vintage Levi;s denims. Buying these high end jeans can be daunting. These denims cost high and if you buy the wrong one, all the money goes waste.

So, the trick is to find the best denim that fits you. Unless it perfectly suits you it do not add to your personality. Considering this, we have come up with few points that you must consider while buying the classis Levi’s Jeans.

Make sure to use these points to find you a perfect Jeans that brushes up your personality even more.   

10 Things To Know Before Buying Levis Jeans For Men & Women

  • Know the measurements of your body

Before going to buy the jeans, you should always know your measurements. You should know the measurements of your waist, thigh, knee and length. Based upon your measurements you can ask store persons to take out only those jeans that fit your body.

Levis Jeans For Men
Levis Jeans For Men

However, if you do not know your measurements, you can always take the one pair of denim that fits you completely to the store. Comparing your old jeans with the new one can be helpful in finding the best jeans for you.

  • Find the authentic outlet

The first key to finding the best Levi’s Jeans is to find the authentic Levi’s store. Since the brand is quite huge itself, it should not be a problem hunting the branded store.

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  • Buying Levis Jeans in India

However, there are many stores that sell duplicate jeans in the name of Levi’s. Make sure the store you visit is the authentic store. You can Google to find the brand’s store as well.


All in all, the key is to get to the store of Levi’s itself rather than any other store. Do not fall prey for duplicate store and do not end up buying the duplicate brand.

  • Find the one that fits you the best perfectly

Out of thousands of the jeans in the store, it would be quite difficult to find the perfect jeans and you might feel overwhelmed with so many jeans to choose from. But, patience is the key.

Be patient and make sure you find the jeans that fits you perfectly in terms of size. The unfit jeans do not make anyone look smart. Find the jeans that fits you perfectly and makes you look smarter.

If you cannot find the right one, look for next tip.

  • Try as many as you can

Do not rush while buying a pair of Jeans. Try out all the jeans that you like and make the best choice. Also, do not always believe the storekeeper. They are marketers and can do anything to sell their product.

The final decision is up to you. Try as many jeans as possible and choose the best one that fits you completely and that is up to your expectations.

  • Remember that no two jeans fit you in similar way.

The most stylish characteristic of these vintage denim is that every pair of jeans is equally unique and make you look extremely different, obviously in good way. Do not expect to find two denims that looks exactly the same. All denims are unique, perfect and make you look good differently.  

  • You can tailor the denims according to your expectations and requirement

Normally the vintage Levi’s denims slip into you perfectly and embrace you right away.  In case you like the denim very much in terms of color, style, wash but does not fit you, we recommend you to look for a local tailor.

A few stitches and folding here and there is sure to make your preferred jeans a perfect fit in your body. Do not hesitate to go to the local tailor if you feel that the denim does not fit you.  

  • Remember to know the lifespan of a pair of Jeans

Usually denim lasts as long as you take very good care of it. To make it last longer, you should wear, wash and mend when required. However, while buying you should always consider the time period you need the jeans and buy accordingly.

If you are buying just for fashion, go for the one that is trendy now. If not, go for regular pair of jeans. This way, you can find the best denim.

  • Washing of the Denim does the trick

In case you get post purchase dissonance and start not linking the denims as you liked in the store, you can always wash the denim to make it look completely different.

Various types of washes can be done, like monkey wash, acid wash, sandblasting, stonewashing and many more. These washing of the denims are done in the laundry by the professionals and make your denim look good and new at the same time. Washing is the trick to make your jeans go accordingly to the style.

  • Remember that Denims Never go out of style

If we look at the history, Denims are in trend since the 19th century. Jeans was invented in 1873 by Jacob Davis and Levis Strauss. Since then, the jeans are always won in different context.

It does not go out of style and people will always wear jeans for comfort. So, if you buy the jeans once, you can wear it almost always as these vintage set of jeans never go out of style.

Hence, once you buy a denim, you can use it as much as you like because it never goes out of fashion. Be sure to buy the best denim that fits you properly and enhance your personality. Use our tricks and make the best choice when buying a pair of Levi’s Denim.


Good Luck!