10 Things To Know Before Buying Led Camping Lights – Shopping Ideas


Things to know before buying LED Camping Lantern: – Camping is one of the most exciting and thrilling experiences as you spend the night in the tent with no proper infrastructure around. However, having said that, camping in the stranded place can even get you overwhelmed at the time due to lack of proper food, electricity and even light.

Light is one of the luxuries that are not available in the campsite and the basic necessity for camping, the camping team should have their own camping lanterns.

So, if you are preparing for camping, one thing that you must have in your luggage- Camping Lantern. While there are many LED camping lanterns available in the market, there are few things you might want to consider before buying one.

In this article, we present you 10 things that you must consider before buying a camping lantern. Check out these points before heading out to buy the LED camping lanterns.

10 Things To Know Before Buying Led Camping Lights

  1. Brightness

The Lantern that you want to carry to the Camp, should have an excellent light output. Meaning, it should be very bright and durable. Wherever you use, inside or outside the camp, the lantern must give the illumination that is needed.

If you are new to buying lanterns, one way to determine the brightness of the lantern is to check all its specifications, especially lumens. Try to get the LED lantern that has higher Lumens. As high lumens means better brightness, always get lanterns with as many lumens as possible.

  1. Battery life

The second most important thing to consider while buying a lantern is its battery life. Almost all the LED camping lanterns use batteries for power. All you need to know is how long the battery lasts. While buying, check how long it takes before the battery completely drains and how long should it be charged to fully recharge the lantern. The LED lantern with longer battery life is definitely good.


  1. Portability

While choosing the lantern, the next thing to consider would be its weight and size. You never know how long you would be in the camp and how long would it take to you to reach the camping site.

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So, always pick up lighter and smaller camping lantern if you are backpacking. Also, consider the battery life as smaller lanterns have fewer batteries. Always remember to get the lantern of small size but with longer lasting batteries.

  1. Ease in use

LED camping lanterns should be easy to operate. As far as possible, never select lantern with lots of buttons as they might create confusions and complicate thing even more. Always pick up lanterns with fewer buttons, as they are simpler to operate.

Led Camping Lights
Led Camping Lights

Also, the lantern with multiple functions drains the battery in no time. So, it is also highly recommended to buy lantern which has minimal but required functions.


  1. Safety

The LED lantern that you intend to take with you to the campsite must be safe to be carried. It should not produce any unnecessary heat. Always look for the specifications and make sure heat is not produced, as more heat creates a higher risk of fire. In order to keep you and your tent protected from fire, the lantern with minimal heat illuminating should be chosen.

  1. Energy efficiency

The LED light that you choose must be energy efficient. It should not consume much battery power when it is on. It is synonymous to higher battery life and low heat illuminating. If you choose the lantern with long battery life and less heat illuminating, it is sure to be efficient. Also, be sure to check the packaging before you buy the lantern regarding energy efficiency.

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  1. Durability

Before buying any LED camping lantern, it is very important to ensure its longevity. Always look out for the one with less moving parts as this makes it less prone to getting broken. Also, it should be shocked resilient. If it has the property of shock resistant, it is not likely to shatter into small pieces even if it falls on the ground.

Similarly, for longer durability, look for the waterproof lanterns. Search for the one that works or functions properly even if it gets completely wet.

  1. Adjustability

It is highly recommended to look for the Lantern with multiple adjustable settings. This property allows the user to modify its functions based on the environment and need of the user. For example, the lantern should be brighter outside the tent rather than in a tent. If you find the lantern with auto adjusting property, it would be even better.

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  1. Budget and brand

Lastly, you must also consider your budget in hand and pick up the lantern of the brand you want. Remember, a higher price does not always mean better quality. So, before blindly trusting some hi-fi brands, look for the specifications of other brands as well and then make the decision on the budget constraints. However, if you are not short on cash, try to pick up lanterns with many batteries.

  1. Size of LED lights

Size of the LED lantern and LED lights should be considered when buying the lantern. While going for camping, you always need to carry your bags, so, making it lighter would be easier for you. In an attempt to make your bag lighter, you should always carry a small sized lantern with LED lights in it.

Hence, while camping, you must have enough source of light as it is the basic necessity. When there is light, you can enjoy and have fun while being safe. So, Lanterns are the most important things that you must carry with you.

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Choose your LED lantern carefully and always look for the specifications. Do not hesitate to stroll around a couple of stores before finally buying the lantern. Also, use the lantern once before buying it and learn about the specifications, uses from the storekeeper.

Lastly, always consider the above-mentioned points before actually buying the LED Camping Lantern. Have a Happy Camping Everyone!!!!


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