How to Perform Laxmi Puja in Diwali | Tihar Festival – Step by Step Instructions to Do Lakshmi Pooja

How to Perform Laxmi Puja in Diwali | Tihar Festival of Hindu- Step by Step Instructions to Do Lakshmi Pooja

How to perform Laxmi puja during Tihar: – In step with Hindu Holy epics, goddess Laxmi is the daughter of Rishi Bhrigu. When gods were sent to exile by way of the demons she took refuge inside the ocean of milk.

She was found at some stage in “Samundra Manthan”. Goddess Laxmi is assumed to be the goddess of suitable fortune, wealth, splendor, and mild.  It’s far stated the blessing of Laxmi is always with people who do difficult paintings.

Goddess Laxmi loves cleanliness and purity. Consequently, it’s very vital to keep your own home smooth and pure at some point of Laxmi puja (or even always as possible). It is believed that goddess Laxmi visits those homes, which can be very smooth and pure shining with burning lights.

We mainly easy and mop the residence with cow dung & red soil to make it natural and clean. We take bathtub and put on smooth cloths. We then offer flower, in particular, cooked meals (naibedya), culmination, Turmeric (haledo), purple color powder (abir) and sandal paste (keshari) to goddess Laxmi and worship her at the night time of Laxmi puja.

Then we lit up our residence inner and out so one can mild up the path goddess Laxmi comes to our house.

Sincerely 5 forms of gods and goddesses are worshiped in Laxmi Puja. Lord Ganesh is worshipped within the beginning puja. In view that Lord Ganesh is “bighnaharta”, it is believed he takes away all the mishaps that might in all likelihood show up. Then three forms goddess Laxmi’s, Mahalaxmi, Maha Saraswati, and Mahakali is worshipped. Then lord Kuber is worshipped.

The season has changed; the lights have been lit—grin and spruce up on the grounds that the celebration of lights is thumping on your entryway. On this happy day, be set up to satisfy the Hindu goddess of riches, success, fortune, and extravagance—Lakshmi. Diwali is synonymous with desserts, fireworks, and endowments and card-playing.


Other than these exercises, one of the first ceremonies, which are performed in practically every Indian family, is the customary ‘Lakshmi Puja’, to fulfill the goddess.

We will disclose to you how to play out the Lakshmi Puja this Diwali, with the goal that the goddess showers her affection on you as success and fortune. Inundate your psyche, body, and soul to give the perfect vitality a chance to gesundheit!

What are the merits of performing Laxmi Puja?

Actually, I am also diehard fan and devotee of goddess Laxmi. I even worship her in Tihar as well as in other regular days but I don’t think I have got any benefits. It is believed that the merits of performing Laxmi puja are:-

  1. The devotee never faces economic trouble in his/her existence.
  2. If money has been given stuck somewhere, it will get released.
  3. The cash begins to store if you have now not been locating yourself able to keep the money.
  4. When you have invested someplace, you’ll get a big gain.

The way to carry out Laxmi Puja:-

First set up the Kalash. Kalash is any vessel (commonly the vessel is created from copper, but a few wealthy human beings placed gold or silver vessel too) full of water and mango leaves, people leaves, Panchakanya, few flora on top and few cash dipped into the water.

Sprinkle some sandal wooden powder, flower and a Tulsi leaf (holy basil leaf) inside the Kalash. Vicinity whole coconut on the mouth of Kalash, and recite this mantra.

कलस्या मुखाये विष्णु: कण्ठाये रुद्र:समासृताहमुलये तत्र स्थिथो ब्रह्मा मद्धेय मात्रगण:स्मृता:

Now get one more Kalash or any pot and vicinity a plate on the top.  Put a few rice grains on the plate. Take some turmeric powder and draw a photo of lotus on top of rice grains.

An idol or picture of goddess Laxmi is located on the rice grain. Put a huge diyo packed with ghee and white cotton cloth made in the shape of batti on the rice grain. Diyo represents the solar and goddess Laxmi and diyo represent Mahalaxmi as a whole.

Take one crimson material and unfold a few rice grains on it and on top of rice grains put 8 diyas filled with ghee and white cotton cloth made in the shape of batti.

Now put an idol of lord Ganesh on the right side of Kalash. Worship Lord Ganesh by way of lighting fixtures the diyo and doing puja presenting abir, keshari, flora and naibedya.

Now we perform shodasmatrika puja. Shodasmatrika puja is worshipping sixteen sorts of goddess Laxmi. To perform shodasmatrika puja make small heaps of rice and a nutmeg on pinnacle

Now begin Mahalaxmi puja through recite the mantra

ॐ श्री लक्ष्मी देव्याय नम:

ॐ स्रीम ह्रीम स्रीम कमले कमलाल प्रसीद स्रीम ह्रीम स्रीम ॐ महालक्ष्मी नम:

Take unbroken flower or not damaged rice grain for your palms and chant or meditate this mantra

या सा पाद्याम सणस्था विपुला कटी पाद्याम पत्रायट अकसी गम भिरा वर्तणा बिष्टणा भरणा मिटा सुभ्रा वास्त्रोतरिय

या लक्ष्मिर दिव्या रुपा इर्माणी गणा ख किटैह स्ण पिताहेमा कुम्भ यैह स नित्यम पद्मा हस्त ममा वसतु गृहे सर्व मंगल्यायुक्त स्वाहा

Drop the flower or rice inside the ft of goddess Laxmi.


Doing the aavahan (inviting goddess Laxmi)

You welcome goddess Laxmi as you invite each other guest in your house. Then recite the mantras

ॐ सर्व लोकस्य जन निम सुला हस्तम त्रीलो च नामसर्वदे वमा यिमी सम देवी मवा हय म्य अहम देवीम अवहायमी स्वहाँ

Now doing the Laxmi panchamrit Snan:

In a plate or a bowl area the idol of goddess Laxmi and wash the idol with water, yogurt, ghee, sugar, honey respectively. Once more wash the idol with water containing a gold ornament or pearl. Wipe the idol and region it on the plate on the pinnacle of Kalash.

Offer seat to the idol reciting the chant (ॐ इदम आसानम श्री लक्ष्मी माता समर्पयामी स्वह् 🙂

Contact the feet of the idol and recite 🙁 ॐ पादयोहा पाद्याम श्री लक्ष्मी माता समर्पयामी स्वह् 🙂

Provide few drops of water reciting: (ॐ हस्तयोर्अर्घायाम)

Purify the area across the idol with water through reciting: (ॐ मुखे आच्मन्-यम श्री लक्ष्मी माता समर्पयामी स्वह् 🙂

Provide a cloth (usually silk cloth): (ॐ वस्त्रम श्री लक्ष्मी माता समर्पयामी स्वह् 🙂

Now offer kaacho dhago or Janai: (ॐ यज्नो-पवित्रम श्री लक्ष्मी माता समर्पयामी स्वह्)

Offering attar (fragrance): (ॐ गन्धम श्री लक्ष्मी मस्तस समर्पयामी स्वह् 🙂

Chandan: ॐ चन्दनम श्री गृहताम श्री लक्ष्मी मस्तस समर्पयामी स्वह्:

Sindur: ॐ सिन्दूरम श्री लक्ष्मी माता समर्पयामी स्वह्

Turmeric: ॐ हल्दीयम श्री लक्ष्मी माता समर्पयामी स्वह्:

Incense Stick (to do aarathy): ॐ धूपमाघ्रापयामी श्री लक्ष्मी माता समर्पयामी स्वह्:

Akshata (rice grain) – ॐ अक्षतय श्री लक्ष्मी माता समर्पयामी स्वह्:

Now recite 108 names of goddess Laxmi. However first recite maha Laxmi strotram.

“नमस्तेस्तु महामाए श्रीपीते सुरपुजिते

शङ्ख: चक्र गधा हस्ते महालक्ष्मी नमोस्तुते“

The Method to play out the conventional puja:

Right off the bat, before beginning the puja procedure, a circumspect cleaning drive begins. You should minutely clean where Mata Lakshmi’s ‘aasan’ (hoisted put for resting the goddess) will be made. You can utilize ‘Ganga Jal’ too to refine the territory, once cleaning is finished.

Furthermore, what takes after is the setting-up of a raised stage. When you have chosen where to put the goddess, you should simply make a raised stage and on it put a red-shaded fabric. In the focal point of the material, painstakingly put a modest bunch of grains.

After the holy place for Maa Lakshmi is influenced, you’re following stage to can’t avoid being to set up a ‘Kalash’ (pot), which will be put on the raised stage. Consequently, begin with filling the ‘Kalash’ with water, one supari, a marigold bloom, coin, and rice.

You likewise need to keep five mango leaves, which will be utilized as a part of the ‘Kalash’ (and put inside it, into a mold that they emerge).

Once the nuts and bolts are done, you would now be able, to begin with, the following round of arrangements, after which goddess Lakshmi and master Ganesha will be set on the ‘Kalash’.

Presently, after the mango leaves are set inside the ‘Kalash’, the subsequent stage is to set up a customary ‘puja ki thali’, including rice grains, which should be put in a stack (not very high).

At that point, with the assistance of turmeric powder (otherwise called ‘haldi’), draw a lotus blossom over it. Once you’re drawing is finished, effortlessly put your excellent Lakshmi symbol over it.

As is known to all, goddess Lakshmi is our incomparable wellspring of occupation, generously put a few coins previously the symbol (Maa will feel cheerful).

As indicated by Hindu folklore, ruler Ganesha is summoned before any god or goddess when playing out a puja or havan. In this way, you will likewise need to put a Ganpati symbol on the correct side of the ‘Kalash’ (ensuring that it is the South-West heading).

According to ceremonies in our Hindu religion, welcome the ruler with putting a haldi-kumkum tilak on the temple. Offer some rice grains to the Ganpati symbol.

Once the Lakshmi-Ganesha symbols are deliberately put, you can likewise look for the favors of the god and goddess by keeping your books, pen or any such individual having a place (you feel is identified with your calling). With this done, right now is an ideal opportunity to light the light.


Light a unique Diwali Diya, and put it on the ‘puja ki thali’. Additionally, with it put some more rice grains kumkum and blossoms. You will likewise need to make sure to keep aside a glass of water which will be utilized amid the puja. Presently, as you continue to play out the puja—begin with putting a ’tilak’ on the ‘Kalash’, additionally apply it on a glass of water which you kept it aside for puja.

Offer a few blooms too. Many people prefer to use a different type of patakas with the purpose of having fun. This is quite simple in India but this is a dangerous work to follow.

This patakas may give you pleasure but if they are used unnecessarily then it may bring different damage and problems, so people especially children’s should be aware of the harm is done by such kind of pataksa and use of such dangerous things should be banned.

Presently begins the way toward conjuring the goddess. On the off chance that you know how to accurately serenade the Vedic mantras of Lakshmi Maa—sing it, in the event that you can’t—stress not.

Take a few blossoms and rice grains in your grasp, close your eyes with full dedication bow your head down before the goddess and serenade her blessed name. A short time later, offer the blooms and rice in your grasp to the goddess.

Once the goddess is summoned, take the Lakshmi icon and put on a plate, while washing it with water. Put the ‘panchamrit’, and clean the icon again with unadulterated water. Presently, deliberately clean the symbol, wipe out the water and place it on the ‘Kalash’.

Presently is your swing to apply haldi-kumkum tilak to the mother goddess, and yes bear in mind the rice grains. Welcome the goddess with a newly made festoon of blooms. You can likewise offer some marigold and Bel. To get that fragrant feel, illuminate some incense sticks before the goddess.

You will then need to satisfy the goddess offering her a few desserts, as it is the celebration of brilliant mithais. Place the coconut before the goddess. You will likewise need to put the supari on a supari leaf—again enhancing it with some haldi-kumkum and rice grains.

Likewise include some puffed rice, coriander seeds, and cumin seeds. What takes after is, putting forth the Mother goddess your most loved Diwali mithai, organic products, cash, or any valuable adornments thing.

Finally, the whole puja finishes with a Lakshmi aarti, where everybody participates in the celebratory inclination and goes to the Mother goddess together. With collapsed hands, we drench ourselves before the goddess Lakshmi and in our legitimate asking — petition God for thriving and prosperity.

Furthermore, info regarding steps to try and do Laxmi puja is delineated below:

Preparation for Hindu deity pooja on Diwali:

  1. Clean your whole house fine. Clean the cobwebs, mud the windows and piece of furniture well. Discard something that you’re not planning to use. Leaving behind of any rubbish accumulated within the house. This can clean the blocked energy and you’ll build area and make causative energy in your home for god Hindu deity to arrive. She likes order and cleanness within the house. In some communities, the broom is additionally worshiped.
  2. Many of us do a white wash of their house simply before Diwali.
  3. You’ll sprinkle some Ganges River water (or gomutra) in your house in addition.
  1. Clean the area wherever you’re planning to do the Hindu deity pooja. If you’ve got little temple area in your house and you would like to perform the pooja there, then clean the temple area well. Clean all the idols with Ganges River water or with essence (Gulab Jal).
  2. Buy sweets, flowers, coconut, dry cereal and kulhars. You’ll conjointly obtain flower flowers and bel patra.
  3. Obtain ideas (preferably twenty-one or fifty-one in number). Conjointly obtain one huge diya. It’s best to shop for material diyas because it can facilitate heap of potters and poor those who build them. Their Diwali will be sensible. You must conjointly obtain incense or dhoop.

7. The material diyas may be soaked in water for few hours and so dry them before use. In order that they don’t absorb an excessive amount of oil.

  1. Take bath early in the morning and wear a recent set of garments. One who can do the most pooja ought to wear shudh or recent garments before the pooja. Quite physical cleanliness the mental cleanliness is additionally vital. One ought to keep in mind god Hindu deity throughout the day. One mustn’t watch cinema or TV and so suddenly return for Hindu deity pooja.
  1. Respect the Hindu deity (your wife) of the house. Your girl and girl in law are living Hindu deity in your home. Thus on at the present time don’t insult the female energy. In some families, new garments area unit bought for girls within the house. The money that involves you must not be pay on wrong things. Thus respect the money, in addition, your girl, girl in law and your adult female. God Hindu deity doesn’t keep long with the one who is lazy, unclean or solely respect her for the sake of cash.
  2. You’ll conjointly do havan in your home. Some folks decision pandit for doing havan or for Diwali pooja in addition.
  3. Some folks conjointly build rangoli ahead of their house. You’ll conjointly build sathiya towards the door entrance on either side.

How to perform Hindu deity pooja on Diwali:

(Make positive all the members of the family area unit gift. The decision the kids, if they’re out or burning haywire.)

  1. Decide the place wherever you would like to try and do pooja. Keep a little picket bench or stool (or use any raised platform for pooja).
  2. Place one recent piece of fabric. Red color textile would be best however not essential.
  3. On the fabric, build a bed of rice. Keep a Kalash (pot or pitcher made of gold, silver, copper or terracotta) on high of rice. Fill 3 fourth of the Kalash with water.
  4. Place an areca nut (supari), flower (preferably marigold), a clean coin (you may place silver or gold coins also) and a few rice within the Kalash.
  5. Organize 5 mango leaves in circular style at the gap or neck of the Kalash. These mango leaves ought to stand out. Place a little plate (thali) on the Kalash and fill it with rice grains.
  6. It’s thought-about auspicious to draw a lotus with turmeric powder (Haldi) over the rice grains. Use annualry of hand for applying tilak or doing any auspicious work. Currently, place the god Hindu deity idol over the rice grains. (This is completed symbolically as a result of god Hindu deity sits on lotus flower).

Also place some coins ahead of the idol. In some families silver or gold coins area unit purchased and used just for pooja. Once the pooja the coins area unit unbroken back within the locker or safe. You’ll conjointly place some gold jewelry.

  1. Place the lord Hindu deity idol ahead of the Kalash, on the correct facet (south-west direction). In several north Indian families, the kulris (small material pots) area unit stuffed with kheel (puffed rice), batashas and toys created out candy (Khand ke khilone). Some currency notes are unbroken within the kulris and unbroken on the platform. These kulris and cash are given to the kids once the pooja.
  1. Its customary to worship lord Hindu deity 1st in any pooja. Hindu deity removes all obstacles and it’s thought-about auspicious to worship lord Hindu deity and god Hindu deity along. Because it brings each knowledge (from lord Ganesha) and wealth (from god Lakshmi). Some families conjointly keep pen, ink, and books relating to their business or occupation ahead of lord Hindu deity idol because it is taken into account that doing this can bring knowledge and data. Business families conjointly do pooja in their retailers and offices.

So apply haldi-kumkum tilak on the forehead of Hindu deity sculpture with annualry. Supply some rice grains to the Hindu deity idol.

  1. You’ll conjointly sprinkle some water (preferably ganges) on the pooja things to purify them. Burn a mustard oil diya (or lamp). Conjointly burn incense or dhoop. supply haldi, kumkum, role, rice, wood paste, rice grains and flowers to the Hindu deity ma (and conjointly to the other idol you’ve got placed on the platform). Flowers especially flower, leaves of a bel (wood apple) area unit thought-about favorite of god Hindu deity. Conjointly apply tilak to the Kalash.
  1. Shut your eyes and take some rice grains in your hand. Keep in mind the god Hindu deity deeply for a few times. You’ll chant mantras to invoke her. Maintain a peaceful and peaceful atmosphere. You’ll conjointly chant Om mantra to become additional peaceful from within. On at the present time, you’ll simply invoke god Hindu deity if you keep in mind her deeply from the depth of your heart. Once this supply these rice grains to the god Hindu deity. This can be done to invoke the god Hindu deity.
  1. Once invoking god Hindu deity, keep the Hindu deity idol in an exceedingly plate and bathe it with water, panchamrit ( a mixture of milk, ghee, curd [clarified butter], sugar and honey) and so once more with water containing a gold ornament or a pearl. Wipe the idol with a soft textile and so place it back on the Kalash.
  1. currently build offerings to the god corresponding to shoe paste, saffron paste, a garland of cotton beads, ittar (perfume), turmeric, kumkum, abir, and gulal. Flowers, corresponding to flower flowers, and leaves of bel (wood apple tree) are offered. You conjointly burn incense stick or dhoop and supply it to the deities. Giving of sweets, coconut, fruits, and tambul are formed later. Dry cereal and batasha (kind of Indian sweets) area unit placed close to the idol. Dry cereal, batasha, cumin seeds and coriander seeds area unit poured over the idol.

Burning Diya or lamp:

After the pooja, burn mustard oil diya and keep it below the faucet and few diyas within the entrance of your home. Keep diyas in any respect corner and rooms of your home in order that no place is left darkly. Some folks conjointly keep diyas on crossroads (but it’s not essential).

Lookout whereas crossing the cross roads as a heap of black art is completed on at the present time. Don’t step over any weird item unbroken on the crossroad. Diwali is a period of candlelight, tinsel enhancement, and bubbly shaded desserts, and all the more frequently this celebration is additionally known by the name `Festival of Lights’.

It is most likely the best celebration of all because of its short occasion period yet pressed with much energy, not at all like other Indian celebrations!

On badi Diwali, you’ll burn as several diyas as you’ll. But on ninth November, burn just one diya at the doorway of your home and next day keep that Diya beneath peepal tree. On chotti Diwali (1oth November 2015) burn eleven diyas. Keep your house lit on Diwali night.

As god Hindu deity likes the house that area unit well lit. As she will be able to realize the trail simply in lighted house. Some folks conjointly keep the doors open (till they’re awake in a night) for Hindu deity ma to come back. Don’t drink alcohol in your room.

Be satvic and maintain cleanliness. We have a tendency to hope this Diwali bring prosperity and wealth to your home. Desire happy Diwali to all or any the readers.

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