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Last Day of Chhath Puja: – To give my personal opinion I think that Chhath puja is an historical festival usually celebrated by Hindus. This festival is dedicated to Lord Surya as well as Chhathi Maiya who is assumed to be the sister of Surya.

Chhath Puja is unique to the various places of our country Nepal. Chhath parba is the only one Vedic festival which is devoted to the God Sun. Sun is supposed to be the source of all kind of powers.

Sun is the god of energy, life as well as the light. Sun is mainly worshipped with the purpose of promoting well being, development and the prosperity of human beings. During this festival, almost every people plan to thank the Sun God in a period of four days.

Chhath Puja is one of the most popular festivals in Nepal as well as in India too. This festival also helps, teaches and supports us to clean our soul, mind and all the negativity, negative energy and helps to provide full dedication toward our work i.e. increases concentration power. Chhath puja is a Vedic festival which does not affect the environment in any way at all.

In the Hindu religion, Chhath Puja vidhi is the same for all men and women. In this year i.e. 2019 A.D., Chhath Puja will be celebrated from 31st October to 3rd of November.

The first puja on October 31st is also known as “Nahaay Khae”, the Second puja on November 1st is also known as “Kharna”, The Third puja on November 2nd is also known as “Evening Argh” and 4th and the last puja on November 3 is called “Morning Argh”.

In this way, Chhath Puja is celebrated in the same way everywhere.  Chhath Puja is a special festival in which Lord Sun worships from Shukla Paksha to the month of Kartik. Chhath Puja is the festival in which all family gathers and celebrates together with happiness, goodness, prosperity, as well as progress.


The last day of Chhath puja is also known as morning Argh. This is the final and concluding of four-day long Chhath Puja. Morning Argh i.e. last day of Chhath puja of 2019 A.D. will be celebrated on 3rd of November. The best time for morning Argh is approximately at 06: 34 A.M.

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Performing Argh Ritual

It is as same as the sunrise time. It is done on the 4th day of Chhath puja. Vrati and their family wake up in the early morning and take bath and then prepare Dalya for Morning Argh. Firstly clean the Dalya and keep the new fruits, Pakwan, and Prasad. Then they reach to the ghat before sunrise.

A large number of people gather on Ghats of various rivers and other water bodies since early morning. This festival is connected with purity, devotion to the Sun God, who is considered as the source of life on this earth and regarded as the deity who fulfils all wishes.


Arghya should be given to the rising sun Vrati and his family members. After this, all the people worship the Chhathi Maiya at the morning time of sunrise and return back to home with all the things and Open the fasting by eating Prasad. In this way, Chhath Puja ends.

As well know the fact that, on the last day of the Chhath Puja, devotees visit the river bank before the Sun rises and make offerings to the Sun. Devotees break their 36-hour long fast and then feast on the Prasad along with their family members as well as loved ones.

But the fact which most of we don’t know is that the food prepared during Chhath puja should be pure vegetarian and should be cooked without the use of vegetables such as table salt, ginger, onion, as well as garlic should be avoided too.

There are many stories back in traditional times for the origin of Chhath Puja. Regardless of considering the origin and history, people from several regions celebrate Chhath Puja with great enthusiasm. It is one such Hindu festival that has a strong belief in people.

Chhath Puja is an eldest and time of Vedic period puja which is mainly celebrated by the natives residing in Mithila region of Nepal as well as by the natives residing in India. Chhath Puja is dedicated to Suryadev and Chhathi Maiya with full of reverence, happiness, and honesty.

Chhath Puja is mainly dedicated to Suryadev and Chhathi Maiya to provide energy and power to do all the things. In this festival, Suryadev is worshiped to give the energy for well being, development of the human being.

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According to Science, this festival is more eco-friendly because at this festival we obtain vitamin d from the Surya Dev and there no use of any harmful substance which our environment.

The main worshiper is known as Parvaitin (from Sanskrit parba, meaning ‘occasion’ or ‘festival’), are usually women. But on the other hand, very large numbers of men even observe this festival too so Chhath puja is not a gender-specific festival.

The parvaitin pray for the well-being of their family, and for the prosperity of their offspring’s. When a single family member starts performing Chhath Puja, it is the very necessary duty as well as the responsibility of whole family to perform it every year as well as to continue it on to the next and upcoming future generations.

The festival can only be skipped if there happens to be a death of the member within the family that year. If the observer stops performing the ritual on any single specific year then it stops permanently and one cannot resume it again even in case of desire to do so.

To conclude, the last day of Chhath puja is also recognized as Usha Arghya by the Maithili peoples. This is the final as well as finishing day of four day long Chhath Puja.

In this year i.e. 2019 A.D., Usha Arghya will be celebrated on 3rd of November. The sunrise time on 3rd of November is exactly 06: 34 A.M.

By Saugat Jung Thapa


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