6 Most Popular Labtops in Nepal With Price and Features

Popular Laptops in Nepal with a price: Laptops has become presently the fashion and matter of pride. The person who carries the laptops is treated and respected with great value. And in the 21st century, it is also the necessity to complete and perform our task with easy means. It is the matter of making the performance of the work better and effort able along with effective.

Laptops or computer both have similar meaning and function but one great difference lies between this is carrying. Due to small in size and it’s lighter in weight is easy to carry and move from one place to another. Laptops of Nepal are not manufactured within the country rather it is imported from outside of the country.

There are many laptops company who launched their new verification and latest installed technology with a gap of time or mostly in any special occasion like in DASHAIN, TIHAR ETC.


Many people almost 60% of people mostly the personnel or student have laptops to perform their task in easiness and it has many functions which make their work more convenient and comfortable. Laptops in Nepal are prices from low range to high range due to the existence of people from low class to high class.

Mostly the people of Nepal want to buy the laptops in middle range that can even give the better performance along with maintenance can be also confessed and revitalized. Meanwhile, there are many popular laptops brand which makes the person or holder too popular.

Nowadays we have accepted one, as the every tiny to great works are done and processed by the computer that is laptop due to accuracy and reliability. As the laptop is the automatic machine, it gives you reliable and faith worthy result to makes your production measures and performances can be appraised. There are many people who untouched by technology who are obliged to live the life of ancient times, it’s not their wish but it’s their obligation.


As we know that laptops are furnished in designable and modern technology which have something high price that cannot be affordable by every people. So it has not reached in every hand. The person mostly are passionate to use and taste the new items that launch in the market but the economic play the pivotal role to make it true only the dream. The worlds are buy in gaining the extravagant income and taking the new taste.

Laptops have made every office, education network and hospitality and hospital convenient and stainable to perform their works in a series manner, input the real and factual material makes outcome the real and fact with reliability.

In the context of Nepal, there are various brands and the various company that is providing the laptops in various modal and providing the satisfaction in every style. The man who is not interested to buy the local brands is motivated by confronting the international and fameful product.

With great intention, there are very few people who deal and wants to purchase the high qualitative laptops having the intention of passion and carrying the branded product even to impress other and showy nature.

Let’s talk about the popular laptop of Nepal with prices which have become able to pay their remuneration in the sector of Nepalese choice by their novelty in product and have made the customer more satisfied from their products.

Many popular laptops have made many Nepalese satisfied and they are even consuming and using it as with glad face and glad backlash toward its performance. Following brands and features will also raise your choice of selection to buy furnished below with price:

Popular Laptops in Nepal with price

1. Dell:

It is the one of the largest occupied and achieved satisfied laptops of Nepal which can be seen in every user. Mostly the people of Nepal kept their eyes on this product due to it’s special and latest features and available and affordable for every class of people. People who are not in the fields of laptop using are not considering and also don’t pay their attention toward this sector. Although they are interested to know about its features and publicity.

There are many users are almost the student level is carried this dell for making their works and task better. It is available in Nepal from the price of RS. 30000 to Rs. 90000. As the company have launched and produces the varieties of product to win the customer mentality and win their choice. There is a various model too launched in varies function.

The company has given its name as the affordable laptops by everyone. The price  of Rs. 30000 thousand basically are in I3 models having 500 HD, and 16’’ inch screen in HD display. Present the dell have started the laptops in a various function like ultra-book. The ultra-book are furnished in slim variation to conquer its features and specialty. The company has produced the model in low function from I3 to i7.

2. Acer:

It makes the customer wow after seeing it’s outer look. The company is re-known for their specific launch and latest equipped technology to impress the customer. The company has firstly launched the laptop on the touchscreen to make and attract the customer to its brand.

The laptops of this company are furnished in various impressing design and model having the very amaze features.   Mostly the company produces the laptops in slim and ultra-book to by reducing the weight and installing the modern features. In the context of the Nepalese market, there also exist many people who are capable of purchasing the new model even at a high price due to their connection and devotion on laptops.

Customer seeks the product mostly the affordable that can even make their needs fulfilled and the status also more increment.  The company has made the product for all groups but it will be better if you buy the product from middle range. In the Nepalese market, its price starts from 45000 to 120000. The touchscreen and folding and moveable models make everyone impress but the price makes the face shrink.


Touchscreen laptops have very high dimension but it has very short features because it posses the high risk of operating and keeping. Safety and preventive measures can only make the customer satisfied with it’s uses.

3. Sony:

It is one of the greatest and reputed brand of Nepal because it has gained their feedback and had established their name as the qualitative taglines. Due to their publicity, it has also stood in the list of popularity. It is the product which mostly deals with qualitative, not with quantitative.

Although, it has gained the name in the qualitative product list, have a little high price in comparison to others.  The qualitative product has a higher price which is known by all. Thus this brand is mostly used by the middle class and high-class people. High-class people are also connected with it due to better performance. Its price in Nepal starts from 50000 to 120000.


This is the high price treated for the Nepalese although the needs do n’t listen to the pocket sadness.  It is one of the reputational product which has made the customer more satisfied and was able to make its position in the mind of the customer. It is mostly present in I5models having HD screen led to display the picture and any presentation in heavy mode and clear way.

Customer seeks the services of first grade if they have pays you the money of first grade. Its parts are difficult to find anywhere as people or user speaks out but the company has made available in the market but it’s a long time to make and revive it.

4. Lenovo:

It is also the popular laptops of Nepal launched recently but having the features of praises. It has also made the customer satisfies with its services and function and system of performance. The customer is very much buy-in working and maintain or completing the works in the item to make the achievement in time. Time is very much important for workers.

So, the people want to ends or terminate their works in item and for better result and fast completion, they mostly use laptops. As we have listened to the name of all the above in the worlds of the laptop. Similarly, Lenovo is also the highly functioned and highly modified brand are launched and m produced by the Microsoft. The company have gained and have established their positioning the customer with positive stamps.

Nepalese are also very much connected to laptop use. Thus the company has serviced the laptop accordingly its price in Nepal starts from Rs.  40000 to Rs.  95000. It is the also the qualitative product available in a various model with various function and various design and color.  Microsoft is own-self the reputed and thus it’s output cannot imagine the bad. The identity has also many things and is also treated as the great assets of the company.

Therefore, the Lenovo has also made the customer popular and have also self-popular by proving the customer actual and un-stoppage performance.

5. Apple:

It is highly expensive good due to its reputation outstanding. It is treated as one of the prestigious product and the highly desired precuts.  It is the product of America and it has made their identity as the new, unique and latest figures with high and long-lasting products. Apple has made their stamp in the customer body parts. It is the brand and symbol which denoted and dedicate the person can buy and use the product with any suspicion.

A person is very much concentrative and asks while buying the laptops because it is not the buying of the lollipop. The high product is purchased once with high consideration and concentration. In Nepal, it is mostly consumed and used by high-class people especially the great businessman actors and director.

Nepalese market has made its position from last in purchasing competition. But the major things to know is, there are many people with high thinking and high fashioned. They even buy it has a high price to express their real status in public. It holds the price tag of starting 95000 to 225000., in various designs an models. Apple company mostly produces the laptop in the name of Mac-book in ultra mode.

Its price is high but the product self-express their real value by seeing its external and internal function. It is available in 16’’ and having minimum 250GB Hard disk and many moirés according to its capacity and load. The product is supplied by its position and effect of its quality in the market.

6. Asus:

It is also the great brand and one of most chosen laptops of Nepal. There are various popular laptops in Nepal with a price. It is not easy to receive the all the price list of the laptop that is sold in the Nepalese market.  Popular means common and have been listened to by everyone. The customer is not believing in the new launch product due to its absence of credibility. Credibility play an important role to make the customer interaction and connected.

One who tastes the fruits is sour of this tree, then he or she will not again break or pick up the fruits and want to taste it. It’s the truth that to make the customer satisfaction and their product or laptops popular, there should be the quality and promotional popularity.

However, Asus has made the customer trustworthy due to its extreme shining and stunning product.  It has also various design and features having the latest and qualitative features installed inside it. It is also treated as one of the normal and highly liked laptops who has become a success to grab the popularity in a very short period of time.

It is the brand of laptop that has made the customer fully connected with its features. It is furnished and presented in the market with its own modern shape and features. It has the high and slim body to impress any customer and having the outstanding and faithful features that reduce their maintenance and produce the effective performance without any disturbance.  In Nepal, it’s price starts from Rs. 48000 toRs.  85000 in various modality and various features.