10 Things to Do and Place to Visit in Langtang National Park in Nepal – Park of Unique Flora and Fauna

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7. Langtang Tilman pass

Langtang Tilman pass trekking is one in every of the difficult trekking in Langtang. Tilman passes trekking desire you one in every of the very best and troublesome pass in Langtang region. Langtang Tilman pass trek provides best Himalayan views of Langtang region, Ganesh Himal region; Rolwaling Himalayan range. Langtang Tilman pass trek takes the core of the Langtang Himalayan trails. Langtang Tilman pass trekking reference to 2 totally different Himalaya region as well as the Langtang and Panch pokhari (Five holy lake) wherever you’ll get pleasure from and see broad Himalayan views of Langtang Lirung, Langtang Himal, Naya Khanga, Yala peak, Ganesh Himal , Langshisa, Gaurishanker,Dorjelakpa etc conjointly inexperienced forest with Rhodendrendon flowers, coniferous tree + wild animals /birds comparable to Moutain Thars, Bears, Leopard, Jackle, Monkeys, wild boar, pheasant, peacock and holy 5 lake. Tilman pass trek is nonpopular trekking path in Langtang region.

Langtang Tilman pass trekking begins at Syabru Bensi once 7-8 hours drive from Kathmandu. Himalaya Journey Trekking guide LED through stunning natural depression of Bambo Lama building, Langtang village Kyanjin Gompa, Langsisha Khara, moraine, Tilman pass base camp, Tinpokhari and eventually reach Panch pokhari. Normally, fall & spring season is the best time for Langtang Tilman pass trekking, however, we tend to Himalaya Journey Trekking prepare per trekkers want and vacation schedule. Smart fitness and minimum 3 weeks holidays needed for Tilman pass trekking tour. Langtang Tilman passes trekking starting from Asian country in style trekking path Langtang region and finish at Chautara closed to the Bhotekoshi watercourse


8. Langtang Jugal Himal trekking

It is less popular trekking in Langtang region.  Jugal Himal trekking provides stunning Himalayan views of Dorje Lakpa, Gaurishanker, Dorje Lakpa, Madiya and Phurbi Chhyachu. Jugal, stunning landscape, mixed culture, Tibetan monasteries etc. Jugal Himal trek takes you a heart of the Langtang, Gaurishanker; Rolwaling Himalayan range. Jugal Himal lies to the north east of Katmandu. Jugal Himalaya space has high crossing passes, excellent mountain read, picturesque village, deep forests with stunning Panch Pokhari and Bhairab Kunda lake, a spectacular show of untamed flower, AN abundance of untamed life and after all friendly native individuals. Jugal Himal is that the nearest mountain to the northeast from Katmandu. Jugal Himal trekking is a marvelous trek through remote ancient Tamang villages and luxuriant forests.

Langtang Jugal Himal trekking begins at Melamchi Afghan monetary unit bazaar once 4-5 hours drive from Katmandu. Himalaya Journey Trekking guide LED through the attractive natural depression Kakani Sermathang Yangri Khola panch pokhari Bherikhara Hile Orkin then fight to Katmandu. Then we tend to ascend a series terraced and wooded ridges. The trek towards the holy lakes named, “Panch Pokhari” (five lakes), set at 14,000 ft., is it’s another exciting attraction. get pleasure from the tranquility of trails that supply excellent mountain views, inexperienced Himalayan ranges, and running rivers with waterfalls.

Solely many habitation trekkers visit here, as a result of the lodge or alternative shelter facilities aren’t accessible. Jugal Himal Trekking is special for trekkers WHO would like to not meet several alternative tourists or pay time in jammed villages. Each ventured up the Langtang high depression and ice mass, yearning for routes into the Asian nation. Langtang nowadays is that the third in style trekking space in Nepal once Annapurna and mountain peak region. Langtang Lirung The climb is technical includes ice and ice climbing in most of the places until to the summit prime, providing grandeur read of close peaks and shut read of the Tibetan highland, as this very lies on the rim of Tibetan border line.

Langtang National Park is a park of unique Flora and Fauna. Flora of Langtang National Park is unique. flora and fauna of Langtang national park are informed you in detail.

9. flora of Langtang National Park Nepal

Langtang was designated as the first Himalayan National Park in 1970-1971 AD. But the park was established in 2032 B.S. (1975 AD.). The main reason to design the park is to preserve the natural environment; to protect resources and the unique flora and fauna of the region. The complex topography and geology together with the varied climatic patterns of this park provide a wide spectrum of vegetation types.

Langtang encompasses a various landscape wherever a complete of eighteen totally different eco-systems is determined, starting from the Sal and Pine forests within the lowland, to the rough and rocky alpine landscape at high altitude. The flora consists of 1043 species of vascular plants of that thirteen species admire the shrub Cownianum, R. Lowndesii and gymnosperm genus Nepalensis area unit endemic. An oversized population of those plants grows within the varied large high meadows contact the park. Tree species within the park embody the shrub, Laurel, Blue Pine, Sal, and genus Castanopsis Indica. At intervals this wealthy flora, several animals have found their home.

116 mammals are found within the Langtang park. Mammals to be found area unit the Ailurus fulgens, cat, Clouded Leopard, deer, and mountain range Tahr. Additionally, thirty species of fish live at intervals the park boundaries also as seventy species of butterflies and 345 species of birds admire the Impeyan Pheasant, Ibis Bill, White-Winged Redstart and therefore the Snow Patridge. Sub-tropical vegetation characterized by Sal (Shorea robusta) forest within the southern section of the park is bitten by bit confiscate by hill forest (2000-2600m) consisting of Chirpine, shrub, and Nepalese alder. The climatic zone (2600-3000m) is roofed chiefly by oak forest weakening to the forest of true fir, hemlock, and larch within the lower sub-alpine zone (3000-3600m). The Nepalese larch (larixnepalensis), the sole deciduous coniferous tree within the region, is found during this park and few places elsewhere.

Throughout these zones, totally different species of shrub admire R. arboretum, R. barbatum, R. campanulatum, and R. lepidotum (scrubs) to call a couple of, kind a colorful below story. Tree species admire birch, silver fir, genus Sorbus microphyla and twisted Rhododendroncampanulatum area unit found close to the timber line. It’s here at 4000m Juniper and shrub shrubs (R. anthopogon) slowly dissolve into an expansive alpine parcel of land meadows. Langtang’s expansive high meadows offer summer surround for varied ungulate species admire deer and mountain range tahr. The park is additionally documented for its populations of Ailurus fulgens, mountain range black bear, cat, wild dog, ghoral, goat-antelope and quite 250 species of birds.

Chirping, Bluepine, Oak, Fir, Hemlock, maple, Spruce are important vegetable species of this park. The forests of Sal, Khotesalla, Louth Salla, Langtang Salla, Gobresalla, Kharsu, rhododendron etc. are found here. The park is famous for the habitat of Red Panda. The park provide habitat for a wide range of animals and other important mammals of the pare including musk deer, wild dog, Himalayan black bear, rhesus monkey, common langur, red panda, musk deer, serow, Himalayan tahr, leopard, pika, muntjac, red panda, Himalayan Thar, ghoral, red monkey etc.

The park has helped to conserve different sites of cultural significance. The park is also famous for its cultural richness. There are many cultural sites such as the ‘Bon Po’ doctrine of Tibet and religious place Goshaikunda. This park is situated in the remote area although it is very near to Kathmandu. This park is also very famous among tourists for trekking.

Langtang National Park Nepal:: Park of Unique Flora and Fauna

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